Adam woke up to the light knocking coming from his bedroom door, when he glanced over he found his mother smiling widely at him. "You have a phone call." Adam glanced at his cell phone in front of him, ten o'clock am and no missed calls, "it's on the land line."
"Do you know who it is?" growled his vocal cords as he hauled himself out of his perfectly comfortable bed, only 6 hours did he get a chance to immerse himself in his sheets, the thought of the night before made him cringe, he hope Sally was ok.
"It's Sammy." His mother squeaked with excitement, which made Adam smile, his mother always liked Sammy, he was her favorite of his friends from Kansas. There were times when he thought that maybe his mom missed him more than he did; then again he was very much a part of the family, ever since his mom was killed eight years ago.
Adam picked up his silent house phone he kept on the floor next to his bed.
"Hello?" his voice still growling low.
"ADAM!" a female squeal came from the background, "how are you?"
"Calm down Denise." Sammy urged as he came closer to the receiver, "hey dude, you sound like your dying."
"Nah just woke up. Hey Denise." Adam coughed, his lungs were not willing to work properly, had to be from all the running and the screaming, again his mind wandered to Sally, her unconscious body and blood soaked hair.
"...what do you think?" Sammy said finishing a sentence.
"About what?"
"Ha, thought you might not be listening. Mike, Denise and I wanted to come and see you in Springville for your birthday. We only haven't seen you in..." Sammy was cut off by Denise "A MILLION YEARS!"
Adam's heart leapt, " Of course! that would be amazing. " Adam answered quickly, he had forgotten his birthday was coming up, so much had been going on that he hadn't thought much about things like that anymore, but he was happy that he did have a birthday coming to him and that he may actually survive to see it.
"Great, then me get to meet this great girl of yours." Denise gushed, he could picture exactly what she was doing on the other side of the phone, she was perched right next Sammy with that cute smile making his friend crazy, which caused Adam to lie about having a girlfriend so that Denise would stop calling him hopefully give Sammy a chance to make a move, which he has yet to do.
"Yeah, sure." Adam said trying to think of a way to get him out of this, when his cell phone buzzed, Watch was calling, maybe it was about Sally. "Guys can i call you back i have another call i really have to take."
"Sure thing. "
"Awesome thanks."
"by..." He hung up and answered his cell. "Is she OK?"
"Well, I would like to say yes."
"Is that what you're saying?"
"No." His stomach fell, they dropped her off at the emergency room yesterday afternoon, "What did Dr. Paine say?"
"She has 4 bruised ribs; she lost about a pint of blood and a sprained neck, other than that she is OK."
"How long is she going to be unconscious?"
"She's not, she woke up about fifteen minutes ago."
"That's fantastic." Adam boomed, his voice was becoming spry again, Sally was going to be alright, she was not severely hurt and she was awake.
"I wouldn't go that far." Watch continued, "she is leaving the hospital."
"He's already releasing her?"

"Nope." Adam could picture it, Sally waking up in the hospital, a place that she detests more than any other location in town, angry that they had put her there.
"I'm on my way." Adam said hanging up and jumping slowly out of bed, his body was not willing to keep up with his mind; he grabbed a white t-shirt from his drawer. He hesitated rethinking it...white was not the best thing to wear in this town, it was terrible to try to hide in, but then again he should wear layers, layers are always good, so he grabbed a blue sweater from his closet and walked out of his room.

Mrs. Freeman met him in the kitchen, "So how is Sammy?" she questioned excitedly as he grabbed a bagel from the bread basket. Smiling Adam turned and hugged her "We are going to have some visitors for my birthday." she gave a little squeal "That is great Adam! I bet your excited."

"Not as much as you I think"

"That is not true...where are you off to?" It was never easy to answer that question, what would he say? Well mom we got attacked last night by something we couldn't see and Sally is in the hospital, but she woke up and is leaving when she shouldn't so i have to go make sure she doesn't die. "Well Mom, Watch needs my help."

"Oh, everything ok?" her eyes were full of a sweet concern, not at all anticipating the truth he had concealed from her his father and sister for years, "It will be I'm sure, you know drama."

"Well, be careful."

"Sure thing mom." He kissed her on the head, took a bite of bagel and walked out the door, this was going to be a very difficult morning.