As Adam turned the corner he caught a glimpse of Sally limping down the street with Watch, who was trying to help her, but she kept pushing him away. "Seriously stop." She choked as she attempted to limp faster as if to get away from him. Adam ran over with an unwelcome eye roll, "Morning." He spoke trying to sound cheery; Watch gave a relieved smile "I'm glad to see you, maybe she will listen to you."

"Not likely" a distant sally said as she continued down the street, Watch and Adam took a few extra steps and caught up to her, "I cannot believe you left me in there. What if they did some experiments on me? "She grumbled, Watch counteracted with "We have known Dr. Paine for six years, he hasn't before I don't think that he would start now." She stop, wavered for a second as she turned to give her signature glare, the one that made you think every now and then that she could in fact kill you with it. "You know how much I hate it there and you still took me."

"You would have died if we hadn't." except for the pure anger that reflected through her eyes, Sally looked as if she would fall over at any moment, " maybe I should have" she whispered as she turned to continue on her way home. Watch just shook his head; he clearly didn't get any sleep and was too tired to even try to be patient with his oldest friend.

"Sally, you are hurt, "Adam began, "you were dying, for all we know you still could be, the doctor doesn't think you should leave for a reason, "Adam offered as he placed his arm gently around her waist until she flinched in pain, and then replaced it to her back. Her heart was working too hard and her breathing felt a bit wheezy, "besides what would we do if something happened to you?" she looked up at him with those doll like brown eyes, it had been two years since his massive growth spurt, but it was still exciting that Sally, who was once his height now fit right under his chin.

"I know what you're doing Adam, Watch already tried that." She attempted to smile, it wasn't as if Sally had never been hurt before, they couldn't go a week without getting a good scrape, and she always had a high tolerance for it. Now, she couldn't cover it, which worried him. Sally looked over to Watch who had his hands in his pockets and kept his attention to the sidewalk as if it wouldn't move if he wasn't watching. "I'm fine," she whispered, Adam wasn't sure if she was trying to convince them or herself.

"Why don't Watch and I get you home, then you can rest." Watch looked up to see how she would answer, his eyes wide behind those large spectacles, Sally nodded and began to walk with the aid of Adam and moments later Watch too.

When they reached her house Sally collapsed into Adam's arms and they rushed her to her bed, her green shirt crunched up from her stomach that revealed the bandages. Curiosity getting the better of him he lifted them slightly to reveal black and purple skin. Watch came up and checked her eyes and breathing "She is so stupid" he growled listening to her chest, it was very rare to see rage spark from his usually introverted quiet friend. "Maybe Sally feels better than she looks." Adam offered praying silently that this were true, Watch looked at him revealing that yes he was being naïve, Sally was dying right in front of his eyes and there was nothing that he could do about it.