Okay so the main OCs for now are

Jake Austin Moon

Age 15

Type of Monster Vampire/Normie

Family Ally Dawson and Austion Moon

Histroy: He was born in Miami but his parents moved to Salem. His birthday is June 7th. He has two sisters Ariana and Alice

Personality: Hes shy, down to earth and he laughs to much. He has a bad temper so dont mess with him

Sexuality: Straight

Hair Short spiked dirty blonde hair

Skin type Pale

Eyes Light brown

Killer style Bright purple T-shirt, Black jeans and purple conerse

Favorite color: Purple and Electric blue

Favorite food: Pizza

Likes: Music and Cupcakes

Relationship Choice/Chrush: Draculaura

Name:Arleen Quin



Type Of Monster: Harlequin

Family:Her father Aaron Quiin her mother left them when she was born

History:She was born and her mother thought she was a disgrace she try to kill her but her father stop her then she got this weird power that whatever emotions she feel they show in her face as makeup and she can't quit her make up it's part of her skin now.

Personality:She bipolar but most of time happy,but she acts like a rude girls but whit her friends she's lovely


Abilities:She can camouflage like a chameleon and turn into everyone she wants boys or girls

Hair:green and purple

Skin type:of all colors


Killer Style: she wears weird clothes like harlequin style but whit a mini skirt and a tank top

Freaky Flaw:Her emotions showing up all time

Favorite Color:all of them

Favorite Food:Tacos!

Pet Peeves:Frankie she can't support her she all like "I want to help" all the damn time

Likes:To be hang out whit her BGF

Classes:Favorite? Oh history

Relationship Choice/ Crush: Holt Hyde

Things you want me to know:She's BGF whit Draculaura and a good friend of Clawd,Howleen,Oppereta,Clawdeen,Cleo,Deuce and Holt

Anything you want to happen:That she kisses Clawd to make Holt jealous and Lala sees and this broke her heart and they try to fix it

Name:Melody Night



Type of Monster:Vampire


History:She was bitten by a vampire and her real parents were fine with it but she felt like a outcast and found the Night's her old name was Melody Nunez


Sexuality:Melody is Straight

Abilities:Super Fast

Hair:Midnight Blue hair down to neck with bangs covering 1 eye

Skin Type:Palish skin


Killer Style:a dark blue corset top with a black bow in the middle with a black leather jacket over it with black shorts and black fishnets with black and white boots

Freaky Flaw:Is a bit of a Stubborn Rude Person

Favorite Color:Midnight Blue

Favorite Food:Red Things

Pet Peeves:Girls who thin their all that


Classes:Home Ick,History of the Undead

Relationship Choice/Crush:A vampire boy named Nathaniel but her parents are like Royal Vampires so shes engaged to some dude named Matt

Here's Matt and Nathaniel

Name:Nathaniel Shadow



Type Of Monster:Vampire


History:Is just a regular Vampire nothing else lookin 4 one speacial girl til he met Melody

Personality:Sweet,caring,genourus,over protective


Abilities:Speed and Strength

Hair:Silver hair parted ti the side

Skin Type:Pale SKin

Eyes:Ice Blue

Killer Style:a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket,black skinnies and black sneakers

Freaky Flaw:Once in a Competition uis VERY DETERNMINESD TO WIN!

Favorite color:Black

Favorite Food:Burgers

Pet Peeves:When guys just take advantage of Girls

LIkes:Casketball and Baseball

Classes:Home Ick and Art

Relationship Choice/Crush:Crush on Melody

Here's Matt




Type of Monster:Vampire

Family:King Alexander,Queen Lillianna; Princess Rose

History:Is the Prince of the Eastern Vampire Population over there and is known for his cruelty




Hair:Shaggy Brown hair

Skin Type:Pale

Eyes:Ruby Red

Killer Style:a black t-shirt with black and red jeans 1 side bklack other side red and checkered with leather shoes and a diamond necklace

Freaky Flaw:Is a Brat

Favorite Color:Red

Favorite Food:Blood Duh

Pet Peeves:When he dont get what he wants

Likes:No Sports

Classes:History of The Undead,Mad Science and Clawculus

Relationship Choice:Melody