Softly, Gwen fingered delicate golden embroidery on Pendragon Red velvet. Jane's designs on her feast gown were delicate and exquisite. It was a beautiful gown. Smiling, Gwen stood before Arthur as he ruffled his blonde hair, slightly damp from his bath. A toweling cloth around his trim waist. Gwen ignored naughty thoughts forming in her head. Her sweet brown eyes swept towards his designated clothing for the feast.


'Yes, Guinevere."

Gwen lowered her eyes shyly. Arthur's blue eyes grew concern over the return of Guinevere's shyness.

"Is it the Noble women of Court?"

Gwen shook her head as she struggled to form her words in a polite manner.

"I have a request."

Arthur rushed over to grab her trembling cold hands. "Anything," he responded earnestly. "I will deny you nothing."

Gwen rested a cool hand on his hard cheek, stroking lightly. Gazing into his perfect blue eyes, "Can you wear something besides…. your chainmail… to the feast. Anything except the chainmail to the feast."

Arthur stared dumbfound at his wife.

A/n: Get that boy out of the chainmail! He had such nice clothes during Series 1 and 2. Does anyone know a reasonably priced EBook cover artist?