Epilogue 3 years

"Papa, something is in my wardrobe, a monster."

Arthur opened his eyes to peer at Morgana standing next to his bed.

"Pet, it's probably one of your old friends. Trust me, it won't eat you."

"What? I'm not friends with monster."

"Not anymore."


"You're a warrior princess… go get rid of it."

"I'm only six. I'm not a warrior princess."

Arthur rubbed his eyes to help him think. It was hard to deal with his sister/daughter when he wasn't fully awake. Looking over his shoulder, he noticed Gwen was sounded asleep like a baby.

"Can I get in?"

Sighing, Arthur lifted Morgana into bed with them. She snuggled into the center resting her head on Gwen's shoulder.

"That's my spot."

"I'm scared; I need Mama."

"We have a treaty… you get Mama during the day. She's mine at night.

"Monster! I can't sleep."

"I've told you before night time visits. You don't have to wake me up, climb in."

Arthur settled back into his bed as Morgana placed her icy foot on his bare leg. Arthur swallowed a yelp as he drifted back to sleep in his warm covers. Impulsively, he turned over to kiss Guinevere's' forehead. He jumped back when he discovered Morgana staring at him, her small fingers touching Gwen's hair.

"Papa, can I have a baby sister?"

"No, you had a sister before it was a disaster."


Merlin's writhed hand touched Morgana's face as they stood before a primary school. His blue eyes checked for her book bag and lunch. Her face was clean from dirt spots, and she selected weather appropriate attire.

"I have a request, Morgana."


"Please, behave today at school. I'm an old man, and I can't deal with modern parent –teacher meetings. I don't care about your progress. It's been a long life with you. You never fooled me with your little girl act. I should have spared myself this misery, and threw you into a lake as a little girl."

"Such means words from my kind uncle."

"Whatever, where's your assignments?

"Why do I have to go to school? I know everything."

"Because, I'm not going to jail because I didn't enroll you in school. How about starting the aging process again!"

"No, I'm happy as a little girl. If I turned into an adult. You would have torn me away from my mama. Gwen loved me and she forgave me. Arthur grew to love me as his daughter. Hell, even the knights forgave me. Uncle Elyan was still a bit afraid of meowed were happy in Camelot when I came back as a child. Until, you allowed Morded to kill my papa."

"You killed your papa. Don't bring up Morded!"

"No, I didn't it. One day we will have to find new Morded, and pay him a visit."

"Uther? Little girls aren't blood thirsty!"

"I delivered justice. Besides, upon his death Arthur was crowned king."

"You tricky little vixen. I'm going to start sleeping with one eye open!

"You're immortal like me. I can't kill you."

"I'll never be freed from you. Please strike me down. I've suffered long enough."

"Uncle Merlin, I don't have a clue about your funny words."

"Just be good."

"When will Papa and Mama return?"

"Why we aren't moving into a castle."

"I love my parents."

"Really, you tried to murder Arthur and Gwen numerous times."

"Gwen and Arthur, my parents, showered me with love. When are they coming back? I want to listen to Mama sing. Even though, let's kill her was your favorite words."

"What do you mean was?"

"So, mean!" Morgana looked around for an audience. "I want my Mummy."

"Shut up, you worthless little ding bat. I knew you faked it. So do I! I don't know. Soon, I can't spend another 1, 000 years with you. No, I'm not going to purchase anything that resembles a Barbie. Gwen better be with Arthur," Merlin mumbled. "You can't die. You haven't aged. Demon high priestess. The exorcist was based on you.

"You need to take a draught for your mad ramblings. I promise to be good."

Merlin waved goodbye to Morgana as he stumbled away using a cane to aid his walking.

Morgana waved happily until Bobby tugged her braid hard. Her eyes glowed amber as she stalked off to fight her foe.

"Maybe, I won't be good today."

A/N: Kids are born with a clean slate. Adults ruin children. Morgana made better choices when she was given a second chance and showered with love.