Lin was very excited. She was going to see that handsome airbender boy again! Mommy had told her that was her friend, Avatar Aang's son. Lin didn't know why she was feeling this way about some dumb boy. Boys are stupid after all she thought. "Lin lets go." Toph said. Lin walked towards her mother and grabbed her hand. They started walking it was a long one but it was worth it. Soon they stepped onto a boat to journey the rest of the way to Air Temple Island. Aang and Katara were standing outside waiting to greet them along with their three children Kya, Bumi, and Tenzin. Lin sighed, this was it. They hopped off the boat and Katara went to Toph and hugged her. "It's so great to see you Toph! You really do need to come around more often!" Katara exclaimed. "I live 20 minutes away you guys should come visit me sometimes!" They both laughed and walked inside. Aang picked up Lin and swung her around. Both of them shared a really good relationship since the moment they met. He put her down. "Hey Lin how have you been?" he asked with a smile on his face. "Good, mommy's been teaching me some earthbending! She says I'm going to be the next earth bending prodigy!" Lin said with confidence. "Oh I bet. Say, where did you brother and sister go Tenzin?" Tenzin shrugged still a little shy because Lin was around. "Well I'm gonna go find them there still in trouble for messing with the nurses!" He laughed and walked away. Oh great were alone now! Lin thought. "Hi." Lin said while twiddling her fingers. Tenzin was quiet for a bit then finally spoke. "Hello Lin." He said while blushing. She scratched her head for a second thinking of what to say. " Show me some airbending twinkletoes!" Lin shouted. Truth is Lin overheard her mom call Aang that once and he just went along with it so why wouldn't Tenzin. "Hey! My name isn't twinkle toes!" He yelled. "Well it is now!" Lin teased. Tenzin sighed. This is going to be embarrassing I can't even bend that well yet! He thought. "I'm not that good though." "I said show me what you got! You can do it, I believe in you!" She smiled with a bit of blush forming on her face patting his shoulder. "Alright but don't make fun of me." He replied. " No promises pal." Lin said. Tenzin began to bend. At first Lin had no idea what he was trying to do and then she saw. He was riding on an air scooter! She watched filled with awe. Tenzin smiled at her and jumped off. "Wow that was amazing!" Lin shouted. "Awe it wasn't that great." Tenzin replied putting his hand behind his head. "No, it really was!" She said encouragingly. They stood there in silence for a bit again. "I showed you some of my bending, now you have to show me yours!" Tenzin chuckled. Lin shrugged. "Mommy says I don't have to do things I don't want to." She said. Tenzin was confused for a bit she knew she was good so why wouldn't she show him. "Why don't you want to show me?" He asked. Lin was nervous about showing Tenzin her bending because she wasn't good under pressure. " Fine I'm doing something simple though." Lin started her bending and made a simple earth tent. "There." She stated. Lin crawled into the tent. "Well aren't you coming in?" Tenzin crawled in as well. They played the bending game where you had to choose an element and the stronger one would win and if you won you had to flick the other person's head. Lin won most of the rounds and got to flick him in which she enjoyed very much. Even when Tenzin won a few times he never flicked her. For one he had a little crush on her and he didn't even know that yet. And also his father told him it's not right to hurt anyone on purpose, especially girls. "Lin baby girl it's time to go!" Toph said. Aang, Katara, and Toph walked up to the small tent to find that Tenzin and Lin had fallen asleep. "Aww look at them!" Katara whispered. "That's my boy!" Aang chuckled. " Oh come on guy's there six, well no actually he's six and she's 5! Toph laughed. Toph put the tent down with her bending and picked Lin up. Tenzin woke up and rubbed his eyes. When he stood up he saw Toph in her mom's arms looking back at him. He waved to her with a small smile, and she waved back. Aang put his hand on Tenzin's shoulder and Katara smiled at him. "Let's go inside buddy." He said. The three of them walking when when their other two children ran up to them. They all walked back to their home together. Tenzin still had Lin on his mind. I wonder when I'll get to see her again?" He thought.

-To be continued.