Moonlight Magic

MagicConan14 here~! I was thinking about the penname I had given myself and I realised it suited ending 38 (Mischievous Magic on a Moonlit Night) very well. Here's the story behind ending 38.

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Takagi and Sato have taken over Megure's job in the alternate dimension the fanfic starts in. In the same dimension, Megure is able to travel through dimensions, but has chosen not to grant wishes. Megure was in the police for some time before he decided to switch jobs though.

Chapter 1~Gone

Conan Edogawa was no ordinary kid. He had a golden aura, which normally wasn't the case with kids his age. He lived in a rundown detective agency with an ignorant uncle, who had a grey aura and a penchant for complaining about his "freeloader". There was also Conan's sister, who had a purple aura, and Shinichi, a neighbour of theirs with a gold aura who was also Ran's boyfriend.

"What? Ran hasn't come home yet? It's been a day since she left with that interfering golden aura boy to do that wish granting job she received," Kogoro moaned. "Freeloader, make some dinner. I don't want to go hungry tonight..."

"Oji-san, don't you want to file a disappearance report at the police station?"

"I'm not bothered to."

"I'll go with Heiji-niichan to do that then." Heiji was a high school detective with a silver, sometimes red, aura who lived only a few streets from the police station.

"What about dinner?" Kogoro whined as Conan dashed out of the dilapidated agency.

Chapter 2~Setting Off

Takagi-keibu was at his wit's end. Just when Sato had accepted his invitation for a date yesterday, the disappearance reports had started. Megure, Ran, Shinichi, and most recently Kazuha had disappeared travelling dimensions.

"Shinichi-niichan was a golden aura, right?" Conan asked.

"Right, kiddo," Heiji affirmed.

"That means I can travel dimensions and find Ran-neechan! Heiji-niichan, you're coming with me."

Takagi-keibu handed them a scroll. "If he's actually thinking of doing what he said, he'll need to say what's on the scroll."

Conan held on to Heiji as he read from the scroll, "Scroll of the almighty gods, let us be transported to the other dimensions!" There was a gold flash and the two disappeared.

Conan and Heiji found themselves on a beach when Ran and another Conan arrived. Heiji quickly ruffled Conan (the one nearest to him)'s hair and hoped that this Ran wouldn't notice the similarity of the two. "Heiji-niichan!" Conan (the one beside Ran) called out in greeting.

"What are you doing here?" Ran enquired.

"Help me here!" Heiji hissed to the Conan next to him.

"Can't, she asked you," Conan hissed back.

Heiji paused for a bit, then finally responded with, "Just on a break 'ere…without Kazuha."

"Without her? That doesn't seem like you at all."

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