I am deeply sorry,that I've haven't been uploading for 3 months.

Truthfully I almost lost inspiration into writing this.

But I kept reminding myself that I HAD TO DO THIS! FOR THE WORLD!

So I decided to tell you all. That u wont upload till October 31st!

And here's the beauty of it!

I'LL BE WRITING 2 NEW CHAPTERS! XD just for you! ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO'S been reading the 1st book and the 2nd one.

Also, if anyone knows about THIS BRILLIANT comic online called "Homestuck"

(check it if you don't know bout it!)

This is for all my Gamzee fan girls (who idk might be reading PPGZ stories)

I'm thinking about writing a fanfic. Since this writer name lacewing who owns 'Relearning To Breathe' and 'Still Breathing' INSPIRED ME TO DO SO! (check her out! She's amazing and also on , her Fanfiction name is just like her Deviant one)

OH. AND ANOTHER THING! (hope I ain't boring you XP)

I might upload one of the 2 chapters that is said I would upload on HALLOWEEN!

What are you gonna be for Halloween? LOL

I might upload one of the chapters early! JUST A HEADS UP!

Hugs and Rainbows,