The everlasting sounds of the night skies is what always stayed with her. The silence, sounding so loud, as if it were trying to tell her something wasn't right. The carpet of stars, rolling out for miles above and around her. This was, the exact moment Aeris realised, that they were in trouble…


She had rushed, praying she wouldn't be too late. The vision she had had was haunting her, taunting her. The sector was filled with screams, as she stopped and watched three children being maimed by some misshapen monster. Tears struck her eyes as the monster flung their bodies aside like rag dolls. She rushed over, but could tell they were dead. Turning she saw the thing heading for the same part she was…to Sector seven's town…


'Shit, Barrett! I don't think you got yourself such a Fuckin' good idea!'

Barrett and Cid, once again getting into one of their many arguments. Cloud was paying no attention to this, as he stared into his half empty pitcher of beer, watching it listlessly…

'Penny for your thoughts, Cloud?'

He looked up into Tifa's warm smile and looked back down again.

'Why did she go?? I WANTED to help her…'

He pulled the note out of his breast pocket, reading it again, hoping to find some indication to where she had gone.



He leapt off the table and stalked over to the wall where his blade was resting, grabbing it, he turned to the others. Cid ad Barrett, were now staring at him questioningly. Tifa had put down the glass she had been cleaning, and Yuffie who had been quietly playing a computer game in the corner glared sharply.

'I don't care if she said she didn't need help, I'm going to find her'

He picked up his backpack that was resting on a table and left, leaving the rest staring after him.

'Wait, Cloud!'

Tifa rushed out from behind the counter to the door and looked out.

'He's gone…'

'Tif, I think maybe this is something he needs to do on his own…'

Barrett gently walked over to Tifa and hugged her softly.

'That damn kid will be ok, Tif…He always is, ain't he?'


Aeris panted as she ran through the debris off the destroyed city. She had avoided the monsters by jumping through the debris, and now she was a little ahead of them.

She ran quickly, trying to shut out the bodies, the injured, the children's screams of terror and horror.

She reached the area with the bar and stopped when she saw a monster spraying fire on the buildings. People ran out, screaming, fleeing from their deaths…but they weren't making it.

'Please God, let them be alright'

Aeris was caught off guard, however, when something knocked her from behind. She fell, but turned quickly and deflected a blow with her fairytale stick. Staring in horror at the…thing attacking her, she jumped up and ran for the bar, falling in the door.


She jumped off the floor, making sure her materia was equipped.

'Guys, We have to get out of here…Where's Cloud?'

At this exact moment, a deafening roar sounded, and the entire bar collapsed on the unsuspecting avalanche members.


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