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At a school on Earth, Stella is an exchange student from Alfea, and Brandon is an exchange student from Red Fountain. They go to the same school, and they both try to act normal. They both are from the magical realm, but they don't know that the other is also from Magix. When something happens, they both are forced to reveal their secrets and fight for their lives.


Stella was getting ready in her room when there was a knock on her door.

"Come in!" she yelled.

Bloom walks in and sits on Stella's bed.

"BLOOMMM!" Stella screams, giving her red headed best friend a hug.

"Hey Stell!" Bloom laughs, "Faragonda wants to see you in her office."

"Okay just let me finish up here." Stella says while swiping on some lip gloss and smacking her lips together. She then flipped her long golden hair over her shoulders. "Ready!"

"Bye Stell!" Bloom says.

"Bye dawling!" Stella says with a smile.

Stella walks up to Faragonda's office and knocks on the doors.

"Come in." Faragonda's grandmotherly voice calls.

"Hey Miss F.! I uh...love what you've done with the place." Stella says

"Yes thank you. Okay so let's talk about why I have called you to my office today." Miss Faragonda says.

Stella nods and stares at her intently.

"You understand that you possess great power. The powers of the Sun and the Moon are not to be taken lightly, so therefore, you will attend an Earth school to learn the balances of power. You must understand what it means to live in a world that has no recorded magic in centuries. That way, you can sympathize with those who do not possess magic. This will hopefully prevent you from becoming power hungry and instead become more humble."

Stella was shocked. Earth? With non-magical beings? All by myself?

Red Fountain

Brandon was in the middle of a sword fight with Marcus when Kodatorta told Brandon to come with him.

"Good fight." Brandon said to Marcus as he followed Kodatorta out of the field.

"You are to report to Professor Saladin immediately." Kodatorta told Brandon.

"Uh…okay." Brandon said while rubbing the back of his neck. What does Saladin want with me?

Brandon approached the heavy red and gold embossed double doors of the headmaster's office. He knocked tentatively.

"Come in." The serene voice of the headmaster called.

Brandon walked into Saladin's office his warm chocolate eyes bothered in confusion.

"I see you are confused as to why I called you here today." Saladin said.

"Yes sir. Did I do something wrong?" Brandon asked.

"No, no, no dear boy. I have simply called you into my office today to tell you about your individual test. You are to attend an Earth school for one semester to get a feel for what life is like for non-magical beings. This grade will account for your final grade in your Earth Studies class." Saladin explained.

"Okay. Am I going all by myself?" Brandon asked.

"Yes this is an individual test, so you will be doing it by yourself. Do try to mingle and interact with the non-magical humans. Join clubs, make friends, and play some sports. Make a name for yourself. Red Fountain wants you to experience the full high school experience on Earth. Try to get as involved as you can."

"Will do Professor Saladin. When do I leave?"

"You will leave this coming Monday. You are already enrolled in Oxford Academy in California in the United States. Like Red Fountain, it is a boarding school so you will be assigned your room when you get there. Have fun and when you get back, I expect a full report." Saladin said.

"Okay will do!" Brandon said goodbye to Saladin and left the office.

Man this is going to be pretty cool! I wonder how the guys are going to take it.


"Wh...wh…WHAT?" Stella managed out. "No disrespect Miss F., but I am not power hungry!"

"I know but this is a trip that will broaden how you view things in life. Think of this, you will be given a once in the lifetime opportunity to study at an Earth school! Think of what you will learn!" Miss Faragonda tried to convince Stella.

"Why can't I stay here? Alfea is like my home! Plus, all of my friends are here!" Stella wailed.

"You must attend this Earth school in order to pass your junior year Stella. It is a requirement that all Alfea fairies have to accomplish. Most fairies have already completed it. There are only five more fairies that have to take the test, you included. This is a test to balance out the egos of fairies and magical beings. This test is individual, so you must go alone. Your friends will get their chance to experience Earth as well, but at a later date for their own test." Miss Faragonda explains.

"Alright. When do I have to leave?" Stella asks.

"In 3 days, so this coming Monday." Miss Faragonda answers.

"How long will I have to stay at that Earth school?" Stella asks.

"You will attend Oxford Academy in California for one semester and then your testing will be complete." Miss Faragonda said.

"Okay. Let me go pack and say goodbye to the girls." Stella says dejectedly.

"Oh and another thing Stella."

"Yeah Miss F.?"

"Do not stand out. Try to fade in the background as much as you can at the Earth school. Please do not attract any attention to yourself like you do here at Alfea. I think a little bit of illusion magic is called for." Said Faragonda.

"But I'm a star and I shine! I will not ugly this pretty face up." laughed Stella

Faragonda chuckled. "Alright Stella. You do shine very much here but it is imperative that you, how would you say this, "ugly yourself up?"

Stella sighed. "Alright. I'll do it. But I won't like it. I am doing the world a disservice by denying them a look at my gorgeous face" laughed Stella. She then said goodbye to Faragonda and headed down the hall.

Three whole months? I have to be alone on Earth for three whole months. How will I do it? How will I say bye to the girls? I'm going to miss them so much. Stella thought as she walks into their dorm common room.

"Hey Stell! What did Miss Faragonda want?" Bloom asked. She was sitting on the sofa with the rest of the girls. (Musa, Flora, Tecna, and Layla)

"Hey girls." Stella said. She then explained why Faragonda wanted to see her.

"No way! There is no way that you are going by yourself for a semester on Earth!" Musa exclaimed. Her pigtails bounced in rage.

"There's no point in trying to reason with her Muse. She said that every fairy had to do it sooner or later. Bloom is the exception because she lived on Earth for basically her whole life. You, Flora, Tecna, Layla, and I are the only ones left to go." Stella told Musa.

"We're really going to miss you sweetie." Flora said with tears in her eyes.

"Stop, don't cry. If you cry then I'm going to cry." Stella said, tears already building up in her eyes.

"Please, now I'm going to cry!" Bloom said, tears brimming over and streaming down her cheeks.

Soon, all the girls had tears rolling down their cheeks as they said goodbye to their friend.

Red Fountain

Brandon walked into his room that he shared with Sky and Timmy.

"Hey guys guess what!" Brandon asked them.

"Judging by your expression, it's both exciting and frightening." said Timmy.

"Yeah it is. Saladin said that I had to attend an Earth school as an exchange student for my Earth Studies class." said Brandon.

Riven walked in as Brandon said that. "Dude that's awesome! Hittin' up the Earth ladies."

"This is a class assignment Riven. I think Brandon has to draw the attention away from his while he's on Earth." Timmy stated.

"Actually Tim-meister, it is the complete opposite. Saladin wants me to mix and mingle in with the earth students. He told me to join some clubs, sports, and even make a name for myself." said Brandon.

"With your lady's man reputation, I find that you will not have a problem fitting in." Sky laughed.

"Oh you know the ladies can't keep their hands off me!" Brandon chuckled.

"Ha ha ha. Take this seriously Brandon. This counts for a grade." Timmy said.

"Yeah and the point of the assignment is to get the most out of this trip. Saladin wants me to have the full high school experience." grinned Brandon.

Transportus Station

The three days flew by as the girls tried to spend as much time together as possible before Stella had to leave. The time finally came for Stella to leave to Earth, and all of her friends accompanied her to the station.

"I guess this is it," said Stella sadly. "I'm really going to miss you guys" A tear brimmed over her golden eyes.

"We'll magic message you as frequently as we can. Don't you worry." said Tecna. "This is not goodbye, so it is illogical to cry." Despite this, Tecna, too, had tears in her eyes.

As the girls bid their friend farewell, they slowly made their way back to Alfea. Just as they left, the specialists arrived to send Brandon off.

"So this is it." said Brandon. He and his friends stood in front of the portal entrances.

"We'll miss you man." said Sky.

"See you in three months." said Timmy.

"Don't try to miss us too much." joked Riven.

Brandon said one last goodbye and stepped into a portal pod. Instantly, he dematerialized and appeared again in Cypress, California. The sun beat down, and there was a pleasant breeze. Brandon could see the beach from where he was standing, as well as some of the California beach babes.

He smiled, "I could get used to this."

About a mile away, Stella was standing on a curb trying to find a bathroom. Since she is the fairy of the sun and the moon, the shining sun gave her strength as well as beauty. Sadly though, she would have to disguise herself, and hide away her true self. She looked over to across the street and found a public restroom. She made her way over and went in and stared at the mirror. Making sure that no one else was in the bathroom, she glanced at herself.

"I'm really going to miss you pretty face." she said sadly. She then pointed at herself, and her appearance started shifting. Her hair became shorter to about chest length; it got frizzier and more tangled. She then conjured up a pair of eyeglasses to hide her smoldering golden eyes. The glasses actually had some sort of prescription on them, so the glasses also altered her vision a little bit. She now had to squint to see specific things, and since she could not see well, she tended to be very clumsy.

At least no one will see who I really am she thought.

With one last glance at herself, she sighed and made her way out of the bathroom and over to what she will call school and home for the next three months.