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Lyra- 13

Lance- 23

Song- Oomph!- Such Mich, Find Mich.

That man had brought her out of a sense of time as if stood still or never even existed. She lost herself to him in every sense of the word. Lyra didn't care though because what she needed, she found in him.

His very essence fascinated her and stimulated an interest that she could not shake. No could ever understand her better than Lance did. Everything that she had eternally yearned for he was.

Lance kept Lyra going. He looked for her, held her, and would never let her go. Thoughts of him taunting her made Lyra continue on when she just wanted to give up.

She wanted more from this man! She wanted to possess all he had, all he could give her. The world for this girl only turned for him because he kept her going.

They danced in a never ending cycle of whirl wind feelings that couldn't be tamed. If she fled from him, Lance would hunt her down because he would never let his love go away. Never could he bear to let her go.

Lyra wanted to see him lead the dance. To lead her through this complex life. If this dance failed they would surely bleed and would never be able to get back up.

Passion for their dance made them both keep going. This rhythm was fast paced while the longed and searched for one another in the mixed crowd of ordinary people. But it was a rhythm that never stopped for either of them.

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