Fossil Fighters Champions Fanfic!

Rupert x Jennifer (everybody looves Rupert)


As you probably know, I'm new to writing fossil fighter fanfics (at least here I am. I've written a few personal ones that weren't that good, but here I've decided to a try a bit harder, do a bit better, and write a bit more) but I'm really excited to get started. So! General overview – I will be using characters from BOTH FOSSIL FIGHTERS. From the first, I will be using Duna, Raptin, my main male character, Alex, and on occasion Rosie. From the second fossil fighters I will be using most characters, including but not limited to Todd, Rupert, Pauleen, my main female character, Jennifer, and others. I also use outside characters, and the characters may be used in various settings.

Quick assessment of my characters! I know, I'm taking forever to get started, but you've got to be patient with the newbies!


Age: 14 (along with most of the other main characters, such as Rupert, Pauleen, and Todd)

Gender: Female (in case it wasn't 100% obvious )

Background: Jennifer (Jen, or Jeni if it's Todd talking to her) is for the most part kind, a little shy but very proud. Her mother was killed by a rogue Coatlus – hence her hatred for and fear of air types and refusal to use them – and her father disappeared when she was a baby, so she was basically raised by her older sister Jessica (who also died tragically), so Jennifer has little family left in the world. But she's happy, nonetheless, and loves her vivosaurs and using them in battle. She is not at all quick to trust and the memories of her mother and sister's deaths are hazy, and return to her occasionally in sudden nightmares – not always at night. She adores her mostly-water element team and is hoping for a fresh start at CIA (Cranial Isle Academy).

Team –

Starts with two AZ and one SZ.

AZ: Tophis (Gold-Fossil Level 20), Tricera (Silver Fossil Level 20)

SZ: Equinas (Super-evolve Toba, Level 20)

And here is an OC.


Age: 14

Gender: female (I'm sure that one wasn't obvious)

Background: Very pretty, very intelligent, and a very good fighter, Leah is the girl Rupert's father basically picked out for him and though technically she is dating him, Rupert isn't really in love with her, though he always claims to be. She commands a full air element team – much to Jennifer's dismay – and almost never loses. Her parents are rich and invest heavily in FossilDig.


Okay, enough with the intros, the character profiles, etc. Let's get started!

Chapter 1: Cranial Isle Academy (CIA)

I gazed out the window, looking over Cranial Isle for what seemed like an eternity. Don't get me wrong – I'd seen it from the air a few million times, having been here, to the other islands, and back countless times – but it still dazzled me, all of it: the crystalline blue waters surrounding it, the sun-baked crimson earth and the bustling city.

Evening was beginning to fall over the islands – it was almost nine, so I should've been tired. But the soft whir of the helicopter blades, and the floating sensation of being far above the ground, had lulled me to sleep for a few hours, and I was bright, energized, and quite honestly, a bit hyper to be back on Cranial Isle after spending the summer away from it. It looked the same as ever. The skull-shaped Island still looked like the busy capital it was.

"Here she comes!"

I heard a joyful yell from the ground below as the helicopter spiraled down for a landing. A figure the size of ant, decked all in green with a beige hat sitting crookedly on his mousy brown hair, waved like a maniac to me. Todd, I thought, smiling at my best friend's name. He'd convinced me to come here, to Cranial Isle, for school. Boarding school. It was not an idea I was fond of, but I still went. Anything – anything at all – was better than suffering another autumn at the public school I typically attended.

Like the best friend he was, he'd agreed to wait for me at the heliport. Also like my best friend, he'd kept his promise.

The helicopter clattered noisily to a stop, jolting me in my seat, but I didn't care. I unclasped my seatbelt and flung myself out of the aircraft, sighing as my feet struck ground – real ground – and taking a deep, well-deserved breath. The pilot tossed my stuff out of the back, bid me farewell, and took off again, but I hadn't been listening.

"Jennifer!" Todd cried, crushing me with a hug. "You came!"

I grinned. "Like I had a choice! How's it been going?"

"Fantastic," he gushed. "Absolutely great! My friends are here already, and dorms are going to be assigned really soon! We can keep our vivosaurs in our rooms, if they're quiet, or keep them as medals in our pockets or in our lockers, though we can't activate them during class unless it's for 'school purposes,'" he exclaimed, disgusted.

Probably because they don't want V-Raptors and Maias running rampant through the school, I thought. But I didn't say it.

WE wouldn't run rampant through the school, huffed a familiar voice in my head.

Sure you wouldn't, Equinas, I answered silently. You'd be too busy wrecking it or setting up pranks to run.

Hey, a vivosaur's got to do what a vivosaur's got to do. Then Equinas' voice was replaced by another. Come on, Jen, please let us loose?

In your dreams, Tricera. Where's Tophis?

Napping. Lazy snake.

Don't call him lazy. He's saved you from knockout more times than you could ever repay him for.

Sure he has. Whatever you say.

Just shut up.

Equinas and Tricera grumbled replies, and luckily, fell silent. I returned to my conversation with Todd, who had launched into a vivid description of the dorm rooms and had no intention of stopping as he led me toward the dorm halls, helping me lug my bags along, me ignoring the incessant buzzing of the medals in my pocket – or at least two of them, anyway. Tophis was catching up on some Zs.

We barged through the polished glass doors, straight into what seemed like a very serious meeting. Kids – all our age – milled around, muttering, listening to the jabber of what looked like teachers at the front of the room. I tried to size up a few of them. There was one girl, with bright fuchsia hair and shining eyes, that had a friendly look to her. She was tall and slender, dressed in a tank top and shorts like it was July instead of the early September. I made a mental note to talk with her later.

The only other two that really attracted my attention stood in a solitary corner of the room, talking in low tones – a boy and a girl. The girl was breathtakingly beautiful – soft black hair, thick and glossy, tumbled in ebony waves past her shoulders, and her eyes were startling cobalt. She was slim in figure, somewhat petite, but had a commanding air to her – something that told me if you didn't listen to her, about anything, you'd be sorry. Very sorry. Her eyes were colder than a winter frost and her lips were pressed together in a straight, hard line. She rubbed an air-element medal between two expertly manicured fingers – a Coatlus, I realized – and I fought to calm my heartbeat, which had dashed off the charts at the sight of the little green medal. I tried not to tip off Todd – which was almost impossible – and tried to keep my breaths slow and easy.

And then there was the boy. He was a little taller than the girl, a red coat swaying around him, silver hair cropped at his shoulders, his eyes – a mysterious, dusty shade of gold – glinting with what could've been a wide range of emotions. Frustration. Boredom. Impatience. I wasn't sure, even after observing him for several minutes, which one he was experiencing. He clasped the girl's hand loosely, and she leaned against him ever so slightly, her expression mirroring his.

Something about the pair – the boy, mostly – struck me as fascinating. What was it? (He's cute, Equinas commented. Very cute. Do shut up, Equinas.)

"They're announcing dorm pairs," Todd hissed. "Let's listen."

One of the teachers – a small-statured woman, probably in her early fifties – was announcing names in pairs. "Todd," she called. "You will be sharing a room with Rupert. Please step forward to retrieve your room keys." Todd grinned at me and strode to the front. To my surprise, the second kid, Rupert, was the boy with the golden eyes. He glanced at his companion – I assumed she was his girlfriend (You're SO jealous, Jennifer, Equinas taunted. I was not. Shut up) – released her hand, and went to the front. The look on his face as he greeted Todd was as hard to read as ever.

I would've kept watching Rupert if the teacher hadn't called my name next. "Jennifer. You'll be sharing a three-bedroom with Pauleen…" the pink-haired girl stepped forward, much to my relief. "…and Leah." Rupert's girlfriend sighed, walked imperiously to the front, and snatched her key, her frigid blue eyes turning a few degrees colder. I hadn't known that was possible.

I went beside Pauleen to get my key. "Don't worry about Leah," she murmured. "She's a snob to everyone."

I liked this girl already.

"Thanks," I whispered back. "Give me background on her later?"

She winked. "Definitely."

We smiled at each other and returned to our places.

The teacher rattled off a few more names, all kids I didn't recognize, before she finished, exasperated and out of breath.

"You may go to your dorms and unpack," she announced. "Classes begin tomorrow at 8 am sharp; your books and schedules are in your dorm rooms. Please do not be late."

We all chorused a variety of responses – okays, all rights, fines, maybes and a handful of as ifs. A few even thanked the teachers. Then we all scurried off in search of our rooms.

I found Pauleen among the mob so I could walk with her. Her hair – tied up in a pair of pink puffs – bobbed as she walked, and her eyes were warm and friendly. She talked as we went.

"So, the rooms are super nice," she said, waving eccentrically with her hands as she spoke. "Great bedrooms, computers with free internet, printers, a kitchen with a mini-fridge and cabinets, a microwave, everything. And I've heard triples are amazing – they have a living room area with a supposed flatscreen and DVD player, two couches and a coffee table. So at least we'll be suffering sharing a room with Leah in style."

I laughed. "What is with that girl?"

Pauleen paused. "Before I tell you about Leah, what do you know about Rupert?"

A flush rose to my cheeks. "Nothing." Stop it, I told myself. He's a snob.

"Oh, wow," Pauleen said in awe, actual shock in her voice. "He's a world famous fossil fighter, he's never been beaten. He's got, like, a million fangirls, and his dad is the CEO of FossilDig, Inc. He's kind of standoffish but apparently amazing. According to the fangirls. He's been going here forever and the paparazzi and the girls never back off, and you've got to have locks on his dorm room windows and a deadbolt on the door so nobody sneaks in. Todd's in for more than he bargained for, I'm sure."

"Wow," I said. Major wow, Equinas corrected me. I told him to shut up –again- and turned my attention back to Pauleen. "So tell me about Leah."

"Well," Pauleen began, "She and Rupert are dating, obviously, but Rupert's dad kind of hooked them up. Leah's parents are really rich, and they do a lot for Rupert's dad's company – he probably just thought, hey, why not? I guess they hit it off. Leah's a world-class snob – in case you haven't noticed – and she gets super jealous when anyone of the female gender goes near Rupert. As if she'd lose him. The girl could charm a snake."

Again, I giggled. "Seriously?"

"Seriously," Pauleen said, poker-faced.

It took about fifteen seconds for both of us to crack, bursting out in hysterical giggles, doubling over and laughing until our stomachs hurts.

Suddenly, someone swished past us. "Imbeciles," Leah muttered, rolling her eyes, a look that really didn't work for her. Her eyelids were brushed with silvery shadow, and her lashes were lush with dark mascara. Up close she looked like a human Barbie doll – artificial, overly made-up and too perfect to be true. She found her room – our room, I thought, almost gagging – and turned the key in the lock, slipping inside and letting it slam shut without bothering to see if we were coming.

Pauleen and I approached the dorm room, her getting out her own key before I could fumble in my pockets for mine. "Imbeciles," she whispered, giggling, pursing her lips and tipping her chin up in a pretty fair imitation of our lovely lady Leah. "Such imbeciles that holding the door for a mere instant would be a major inconvenience to royalty such as myself. I think I shall use the energy I could've used holding the door to slam it in their faces."

She opened the door and we grinned at each other.

Nicely done, I mouthed, aware that Leah could see us now.

Pauleen waved her hand with a flourish, taking a deep bow. As always!

We stepped inside, resuming normal chatter as if teasing Leah had never crossed our minds. "Hey, where's all your stuff, Jen? You did pack right? Because boarding school typically implies you need to bring your own stuff."

"Crap!" I exclaimed, earning another eye-roll from Leah across the room. "Todd still has it."

"Should you go get it?" Pauleen asked anxiously.

"Nope," I answered. "Knowing Todd, he'll be on our doorstep with everything in three… two… one…"

Three sharp raps on the door confirmed my prediction. I swung it wide to see Todd, panting, sweaty, his face flushed scarlet and my bags in hand. "Forgot…" he gasped, "To give… you… these…"

"Thanks, Todd," I said cheerfully. "See you tonight in the cafeteria for dinner!"

He nodded breathlessly. "See… you." He turned to run back down the hall.

"And Todd?"


"Try walking back. It's easier on your lungs."

He narrowed his eyes, gave me an I'll get you for that expression, and – wow, he took my advice! – walked down the hallway toward his room.

"Speaking of dinner," Pauleen said slowly, "We should probably get ready for that. Now that you have your things, want to go to our rooms, unpack our stuff, and change?"

I nodded.

We quickly discovered that Leah, ever the snob, had taken first pick of rooms, the one in the corner, leaving the other two – conveniently side by side – for Pauleen and me, which was just fine by us. We closed the doors behind us.

I checked my reflection in the mirror. My golden brown hair was a bit ruffled from the helicopter ride, and I grabbed my brush from my suitcase, running it through my thick, usually unmanageable mane until it was smooth and glossy. Then I withdrew a more dinner-worthy outfit – skinny jeans and a navy v-neck, accompanied by a heather gray zip cardigan. I tugged it all on, slid into a pair of boots, and surveyed my reflection.

Yay, Equinas cheered. Now you look ready to see Rupert!

Todd, I corrected.




Shut your face, I retorted, slapping my pocket.

"Everything okay in there, Jen?" Pauleen called from the next room. Whoops. I realized for the first time I'd been talking aloud.

"Just perfect," I called back. "Just having a little disagreement with my vivosaurs."

"Let them out," Pauleen advised. "I'm sure they need to get out and move around, especially since you said you got here by helicopter."

I dreaded the idea, but I thanked her anyway. "All right, guys," I murmured. I slid a hand into my pocket, withdrew a pair of buzzing medals – Equinas and Tricera – and laid them on the floor. Tophis was still and silent, so I assumed he was still sleeping.

In flashes of vibrant blue light, the medals activated, and my two water-type vivosaurs sprang into existence, luckily in their minimized forms. Equinas ran to me immediately. My main vivosaur was a sight to see – smooth skin glowing white, eyes gleaming blue, long, whiplike tail lashing back and forth, the golden horn between his eyes sparkling. He reared back and leaned his front feet against me like a puppy.

Took you long enough!

You seriously don't deserve this.

Sure we do!
Tricera scampered over, giving me a friendly headbutt – being careful not to jab me with any horns. You let us out, he purred.

Go thank Pauleen for that. She's next door.

The two dashed away, feet skidding on the hardwood floors, Tricera going at a more lumbering gait and Equinas sprinting, his blistering speed letting him gallop out of sight in seconds. I smiled and shook my head. My vivosaurs were certainly something.

"Hey!" Pauleen exclaimed from next door. "Aren't you guys cute!"

I guessed my vivosaurs were getting a thorough petting, judging by the purrs of ecstasy, as I emerged from my bedroom. I didn't feel like unpacking anything else; I wasn't tired, but there was just too much going on.

I knocked on Pauleen's doorframe as I entered her room. She was bent over, scratching Equinas on his back, neck, and shoulder as the super-evolved vivosaur lay sprawled over the floorboards, eyes closed blissfully. Tricera was running in random circles, yelling my turn! My turn!

"Come on, guys," I called. Back into my room. Tricera ambled over, murmuring Awww… I didn't get my turn… And Equinas ignored me, rooted to the floor.

"You asked for it," I muttered, running over, hoisting him up, and shuffling as best I could into our room before I let him loose. "You two," I said firmly, "Stay put."

Okay. Tricera would listen.

No promises. Equinas probably would not.

"You better not get into trouble," I warned. I closed the door behind me and found Pauleen waiting by the front door.

"You coming, Leah?" Pauleen called, making a face as she said Rupert's girlfriend's name.

"I'd rather not, but I suppose so."

She came out of her room with one hand perched on her hip.

Pauleen and I stared at each other, then back at Leah, and then at each other. Leah was wearing jeans and a rich red silk shirt – a casual outfit – but still managed to look dazzling. Her wavy hair was neatly brushed and her eyes glinted, daring us to comment.

"That looks nice," Pauleen said curtly.

Leah gave us a look that said of course it does as she went to the door, opened it and went out – ignoring the fact we were even there.

"Imbecile," Pauleen said under her breath, and I laughed.

"Come on," I said. "We don't want to be late.

"Nope," Pauleen agreed.

We opened the door and headed out into the hall.

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