I apologize for the constant uploading and taking down of stories. You people just don't seem to like them. I'm not removing this one because I already really love it to pieces. My facts on vampires are from the shows Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer along with some other stuff I've read or thought of. This was inspired by Supernatural but there's not enough of the show in here so it's not a crossover.

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How the hell did he get into this one?

Ludwig stood with his back against the wall with a machete in his hands. In front of him was a boy that was much smaller than him, but still deadly. The Italian leaned against him and breathed in his scent. No doubt sweat and fear. This was his job, but he was still allowed to get scared.

"Your scent is so sweet. I bet your blood is sweeter."

The boy looked up at him with his soft honey brown eyes. His lips parted and revealed sharp fangs. Ludwig raised his hand that was holding onto the machete. He tried to bring his hand down and slice the boy's head off, but he couldn't bring himself to do it.

The boy wrapped his arms around the larger and began to sink his teeth into the larger's neck. He had to kill him now or he'd surely die. Yet, something was holding him back. An invisible force was keeping him from killing the boy in front of him and being done with it.

The Italian pulled away with a loving smile. Already Ludwig could see blood on his fangs.

"What's wrong, sweetie? Am I hurting you?"

"You're a vampire!"

"You're a hunter."

Ludwig growled. He wasn't understanding was he? Of course he was hurting him! How did sinking your fangs into someone's flesh not hurt? The boy pressed against him again and Ludwig felt something pulse through him. What was this feeling?

The vampire began to suck on his neck again and remove the vital red liquid from inside.


The blind on the window suddenly went up and sunlight poured in. The vampire hissed and backed away from Ludwig quickly. Sunlight wouldn't kill him, but it would hurt like hell. The silver haired teen quickly crossed the room to his brother. His red eyes spotted the bite and he advanced on the vampire.

"How dare you hurt my bruder!" He raised a wooden stake above his head, but Ludwig stopped him.

"Gilbert, don't. Give me the knife." The older's face questioned his brother's request, but he did it. Gilbert pulled out a blood stained knife from the bag he had and handed it to the blond.

"Why did you want dead man's blood on it?" Ludwig got closer to the trembling vampire.

"Dead man's blood is poison to him." The German lowered his voice so only the vampire could hear him. "I'm sorry about this, Feliciano."

Ludwig ran the knife across the boy's cheek cutting into it and the vampire collapsed.

The drive home was quiet. Gilbert seemed pissed and Ludwig was not going to speak to him. Finally, the older of the two broke the silence.

"So what the hell just happened back there?"


"Nein, you tell me Luddy. I'm a vampire slayer. I understand you're just a plain hunter and you know a few things more than me about vampires, but he should be dead, Luddy! That vampire you were getting cozy with was a vampire queen. He leads the entire clan! If you had let me killed him,"

"Bruder we are not killing him!"


Ludwig opened his mouth to reply but realized he couldn't answer that question. Why couldn't he kill Feliciano? Everything Gilbert said was true. He was the leader of the vampire clan that Gilbert had been fighting for years and he clearly wanted Ludwig dead.


"Gott Verdammt!" Gilbert cursed as he pulled the car over to the side of the road. He turned the car off and climbed out. "A flat tire! Just what we need!"

Ludwig also got out to see the flat and offer his older brother a hand. However, he had the feeling that he was being watched. A common feeling when being a hunter. He shrugged it off and helped Gilbert remove the tire and replace it with the spare that was stored in the trunk.

The brothers climbed back into the car and began driving once more. Luckily for Ludwig, the entire subject of Feliciano and his prevented death were dropped thanks to the flat tire. He still continued to think about him though. What had stopped him from killing him? Why did he keep thinking of those soft brown eyes; the feeling of his fangs sinking into his neck?

He thought of one possible answer, but he denied it before he could barely think about it. There was no way that was an option. Even if it was, Gilbert was a vampire hunter. It would never work. Gilbert looked over at his younger brother who was deep in thought.



"You alright?"


Again they stopped. The trip home wasn't a five minute trip. Instead it was a half an hour trip. Gilbert had stopped at a gas station to refuel the car and stretch his legs. Ludwig just went into the connivance store for a cup of coffee.

While waiting in line for the coffee machine, Ludwig felt like he was being watched again. He tried to shrug the feeling off like before, but it was getting harder. It wasn't paranoia. Ludwig knew when he was actually being watched and this was one of those times.

Perhaps it was Gilbert. Yeah that had to be it. Gilbert must have finished pumping the gas and began to watch his brother through the window. He was probably thinking about their history or about how Ludwig had reacted to the vampire.

With this thought, the blond was no longer fazed by the feeling of being watched. He got his coffee and then paid for it at the front counter. The feeling of being watched was present the entire time. He walked outside and back to the car where Gilbert was waiting.

"Hey bruder?"


"Were you watching me?"

Gilbert just stared at him.

"Nein. Why?"

"I had this feeling that someone was watching me. I just assumed it was you."

If Gilbert hadn't been watching him, then who was it? Had the whole thing really just have been in his head? Well it didn't matter. He needed to get home and begin his research or he wouldn't be able to get any sleep tonight. Although Ludwig doubted that he would even with his research.

His eyes scanned over the wiki page on his laptop. Most of this was total bull crap, but he wasn't going to point it out.

Ludwig still could not get the vampire from his mind so he began to study vampires more. Gilbert has offered his notes to the younger. No doubt he was thinking that Ludwig was learning how to kill them. Actually, he was trying to learn how people became vampires and if there was a way to make them human again.

Perhaps if Feliciano was a human...Ludwig shook the thought from his head. The boy was an evil vampire! Why the hell did he keep thinking of him? The blond looked out the window and noticed the sun was going down. The little vampire would be waking up soon for a night of feasting on innocent souls.

Gilbert got up from the couch and stretched.

"I'm going out for a drink. I know you haven't been here in years, but there's a bar in walking distance of mein house. Care to come?"

"Nein. I'll stay here."

Gilbert shrugged and left. The German went back to his studying and for a couple of minutes, there was nothing but silence. Then there was a knock on the door. He sighed and got up from his seat. Who could be at the door? Did Gilbert forget something or was it one of his buddies?

Ludwig opened the door and his eyes went wide at the sight he saw. Standing there was Feliciano. Ludwig left the door and ran to his brother's bag that was sitting on the kitchen table. He grabbed a cross from it and returned to the front door. He held it in front of him and the boy hissed backing up.

"Get away from this house! How'd you even know where I was?"

"I follow you! Now put that down! I can't enter until you invite me in!"

Ludwig lowered the cross and just stared at the smaller male in front of him. Everything seemed to click into place. When the car broke down, Feliciano was the one watching him. It had been the little vampire when he was at the gas station as well.

The hunter suddenly became a bit more irritated. Why was he following him? Was he planning on killing him?

"Why'd you follow me? If anyone is killing anyone, you'll be the one who ends up dead!"

Feliciano just chuckled. "I already am dead. Here's a little fun fact for you about vampires. Did you know we mate for life?"

Bruder probably knows that. Ludwig thought to himself. He shook his head and let the smaller continue.

"Vampires are so loyal that after they choose their mate, they won't pick anyone else. Even if the other dies, they still won't pick anyone else. You want to know why I'm here? I'll tell you. As your fratello says, I am indeed a vampire queen. But I'm without a mate. I haven't chosen. However, I just chose you~"

Ludwig blinked in surprise. He was lying. There was no way a vampire queen would choose a human for his mate! Yet the look in Feliciano's eyes made him think that this vampire wasn't lying.

This would be fun.