Grazie all of your for adding this to your alerts and commenting. However, it is with great sadness I say that this story is complete. Wanna see more Vampire!Italy from this story? Well keep watching me because I'm planning a sequel! I've been planning it for awhile now so please be patient! It won't be from Feli or Ludwig's view anymore, but it takes place right after this one. Literally. RIGHT. AFTER.


Ludwig gently brushed the Italian's hair out of his face.

They had left Francis's house and returned to Gilbert's. Everyone was downstairs talking but Ludwig and Feliciano were upstairs in his room. The little vampire had been feel terribly guilty ever since the kidnapping. He had nearly drained the hunter dry, but instead he killed Natalia.

Ludwig didn't blame him for what he did. If Feliciano hadn't drank her blood, he would have died. It was purely for survival. Yet the boy wouldn't look the hunter in the eye. Ludwig sighed and got up from the bed. There was no point in staying if all he wanted to do was mope around.

"Ve?" Feliciano reached out and grabbed Ludwig's hand. His eyes were wide and full of fear. The hunter sat back down and pulled him into a hug. He couldn't leave Feliciano alone or else the boy might think that he was mad about what happened. He decided to just be blunt.

"Feliciano, I don't blame you for what you did. I'd rather you than her."

"But it was still murder.."

"That didn't stop you before." Ludwig pointed out. "Liebe, you're a vampire queen. I don't see why this is bothering you now."

"Ve, because you think it's wrong."

"What if I didn't?"


The hunter got up and crouched down in front of him. He took Feliciano's hands in his and let a small smile creep onto his face. Feliciano truly was beautiful. Sitting at this angle, he got to see all of the vampire's features. Two soft amber eyes that were stained with tears looked down at him. Small white fangs peeked out from soft pink lips. Tears ran down paper white skin that was only changed under his eyes where there were thick shadows of grey.

"I've talked to Elizaveta und...I'm joining you."


Ludwig kissed his cold hand. "I can't leave you, Feliciano. You've wormed your way into my heart."

The little vampire jumped down into his arms and hugged him. However, he didn't seem happy about Ludwig's new plan.

"V-Ve! You can't do this! My life was destroyed when Roderich made me into the queen, but you can be spared! I don't want you to end up like me!"

"I won't end up like you." The hunter pulled him back so he could look him in the eye. "I'll be your king."

The room was silent as Feliciano continued to stare at Ludwig in surprise. His lips twitched and Ludwig couldn't tell if he was going to cry or laugh. Hot bitter tears ran down his cheeks, but his lips twitched up into a smile. He hugged the hunter again and cried.

Ludwig rubbed his back and just hugged him in return. He would always be there for him. They were the perfect pair after all. The hunter and the prey. Who would have thought that they'd fall in love? The hunter was suppose to kill the prey and gloat in his victory.

Yet this hunter was attracted to his prey. He loved him. This hunter fought all of hell for him. He turned against his own kind to protect the scourge of the earth. Feliciano was the prey of a different kind. He was not the prey that was to be slaughtered from a hunt, he was the prey that was to be loved after a serenade in the dark of night.

Ludwig knew already that if he did this, there would be no turning back. He would walk the earth forever until he was slayed or somehow killed himself. Vampire slayers would be out for not only Feliciano's but also Ludwig's head. They wouldn't stop until the duo was dead.

However, he was willing. Already he could feel a vampire's loyalty filling his human veins. There was no way he'd leave Feliciano after all that they had been through. Not now, not ever. The hunter pulled Feliciano back again and pressed their lips together. Cold and warm mixing into the perfect combination. Yin and Yang.

Ludwig ran a hand over the boy's folded wings. When they weren't unfurled, they were much smaller. He felt the place where the skin had ripped from the hook. It wasn't that bad of a rip. He had seen worse on a bird's wing during hunting season and the bird was still able to the fly. No doubt it would still scar if it ever healed.


"Ja, Liebe?"

Feliciano pecked his lips again and rested his forehead on Ludwig's.

"You've made me so happy that existing has a purpose now."

The beautiful night held them all in its still silence. The full moon was bright and illuminated the ground; bathing everything with white light. The red roses looked almost a light pinkish silver in this lighting. It was absolutely beautiful.

The best sight however, was Ludwig. He stood in front of him holding the vampire's cold hands. Feliciano would have never imagined this happened. Here he stood in the gazebo in the shadows of the ashes of the Catholic church. Standing next to them was Elizaveta and Lovino.

Lovino would say something, then Elizaveta would say something for the turning ceremony. None of the words registered on his ears however. He was lost in Ludwig's eyes. There was a gentle push on his shoulder and he snapped out of his trance.

The Hungarian was handing him the knife. Feliciano happily took it. He cut into the tip of his pointer finger and watched the boiling red liquid ooze out. Ludwig cut his finger as well and Elizaveta nodded to them. The hunter placed his finger on the vampire's lips. The prey drank the blood and offered Ludwig his finger. He drank as well and swallowed the burning liquid.

The turning began. The color began to drain from Ludwig's face and he seemed dizzy. Unlike his own turning, the hunter wouldn't faint. Feliciano had only fainted because his body couldn't handle it all at one time. He had been far too young to handle any of the changes.

Ludwig closed his eyes and stopped breathing. Feliciano wasn't worried. The hunter's eyes opened again and he looked around as if he had just woken up. Lovino smiled and closed his book. He laughed and Feliciano stared at him confused.

"I have no idea what comes next! I've never done a vampire wedding before! Ah hell, I'll go christan for this. Feliciano?"

"Si. I do."


"I do."

Lovino laughed again. "I now pronounce you king and queen! You can kiss the boy!"

Ludwig pulled Feliciano to him and their cold dead lips met. Elizaveta stared the cheering and soon the others joined in. (There were many proud calls of "Yeah Luddy! You finally got married!" from Gilbert as well.) They pulled away and Feli rested his hands on Ludwig's chest.

"Ve, I guess this fairy tale really does have a happy ending. "

Ludwig kissed his lips again.

"We got our happy ending because we made a happy ending."

Wings unfurled from his back and stretched out into the night air. Feliciano also allowed his to unfurl. His looked like shit compared to Ludwig's brand new pair. The duo then ran out of the gazebo laughing and holding hands. They were pelted with rice like a normal wedding. Once they made it to the end of the crowd, Feliciano jumped into the air and flew.

Ludwig joined him and soon the two of them were flying into the night air. The Italian flew over to him and laid on Ludwig's chest. Their fingers entwined together and the two found themselves spinning through the air together. Feliciano kissed his lips and chuckled.

Only a couple of weeks ago the man in front of him was trying to kill him. Now here they flew together in the air married. Their adventure appeared to be over. They had met, fought for their love, and won. It was all over right? They'd be together and live a happy life as vampires, right? Wrong.

This was only the beginning.