Casey's POV

Screaming. Blood-ripping screaming. I struggled in the iron grip of the Borg dragging me into a chamber. I screamed and screamed for help, but I could only cry when no answer was heard. I started to cry, knowing the painful death that would soon be at hand. I prayed to any deity listening that this would end quickly, and I would join them in another life.

As I was strapped onto a cold metal table, I cried, hoping that my parents would hear me. I heard their screams silence, only to be replaced by the droning buzz filling the cube-like ship.

"Just kill me and get it over with," I cried to the machines, my voce choked from blood and tears. They only looked at me blankly, artificial eyes glowing red. One of them raised an arm, which opened up to reveal a rotating saw. The other one held me to the table, and the blade lowered and lowered, until it was barely touching my forehead.

I screamed, hard.


Voices pierced my mind like a dagger, screaming at me, whispering in my ear. I could almost feel their haunting breath on my cheeks. I opened my eyes, everything tinted green. I raised my left hand into view to see it covered in a black suit, similar to the cyborgs that took me here. It was covered in tubes and wires. I tried to scream, but no sound could escape my throat. I felt a cold feeling seep into my body, shivering before I would remember no more.

We are Borg.