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The Forests outside Knothole…

Finding the robots had not taken long, as they were moving quite clumsily through the forest, knocking over a number of trees and crushed rocks as they did so. The group hid behind a fallen tree to divide up who got which robot.

"I'll get those three, Tails and T-Pup can get those two, Knuckles those three, and Dakota the two over there. Does that work for everyone?" Sonic whispered to the others and received nods as a reply.

They quietly stalked forward with Knuckles being the first to attack. With a battle cry, he took down his first two in a flurry of punches. Sonic was the next to attack with his spin dash, destroying the first and knocking over the second. Tails and T-Pup worked as a duo against the two robots. Tails used his, well, tails to knock them off balance, T-Pup then shocking them. Dakota lashed out her hands to release lightning, which would, of course, electrocute Eggman's robots and short-circuit , to Dakota's, and everyone's surprise, a large surge of electricity leapt from her fingertips.

"Eheh… I guess I'll need to practice my powers more…" She looked over her hand sheepishly.

Her ears perked as she heard a banging noise behind her. She hardly had time to turn around when she was sent face first into a tree. Knuckles growled and released his wrath on the robot.

"This is propaganda!" The white tiger quickly stood up and shouted to the forest around her, then blinked when she realized all of the robots were destroyed.

She looked around at the looks everyone was giving her and rubbed the back of her head. "Uh… It's just a saying from my school… Moving on…" She quickly took off, kicking up dust as she did so.

"I guess she really misses her friends…" Tails stated sadly, his tails drooping with T-Pup whining quietly beside him.

The Catacombs in Soumerca…

Not long after leaving behind the tunnel of arrows, the trio of agents came to yet another pit. Unlike the other, however, this one had blades and balls covered in spikes swinging back and forth on the ceiling of the cave.

"What ever happened to a good ol' fashioned pit of spikes?"Silver said half-heartedly.

"The balls have spikes." Shard stated as his red orbs scanned over the obstacle before them.

"Yeah… But the ones in the pit didn't move. How is anyone supposed to get past that?!" Larry quickly stated while motioning to the swinging blades and spikes of death.

"They're not, unless they have skills like Naugus. But my powers can hold them all in place, so we can-" Silver couldn't finish his sentence when Shard bolted in front of him and held out his cannon arm.

"Hold that thought. Superior technology coming through." Shard confidently stated and shot three laser beams, all hitting each of the chains and ropes. He then grabbed Larry and took off from the ledge.

Silver followed suit by using his powers to levitate both him and Cora. The silver hedgehog and the robot then continued to bicker back and forth, this time it ended rather quickly. Unknown to all three of them, a mist silently hovered to the ledge and began to take form of the skunk, Geoffrey.

After coming to a corridor, then finding no one was there, the trio entered to find a pillar with ancient symbols on it.

"That looks like writing. Can you make out what it says?" Larry looked over the writing in slight confusion, while Shard stepped forward and looked at them closely.

"Seems like a dead language. Running a cross-reference. Okay, I think it says: This is the crypt of Ixis Vale, one of Ixis Mogul's four elite." Silver looked over to a statue of a mammoth in a cloak worriedly.

"Ixis… Mogul? Are you sure?" Shard then turned his head and nodded.

"Pretty sure, yeah. Why?" Shard gave Silver a questioning look, with Silver simply turning away from the others.

"Uh… No reason." He lowered his head nervously while the others, except for Shard, who looked at him with disbelief, looked at him with a confused expression.

"Sure. No reason." Shard replied, sarcasm and disbelief evident in his tone.

"If this is a crypt, where are the remains? This is just a room." Shard then nodded and pointed to the statue of Ixis Vale, the statue's hands together as if it was holding something.

"It says Vale's remains are supposed to be right here." Silver looked around as though they were surrounded. "Which means Geoffrey was already here! He must be hiding! I knew he would hear us coming!" Shard then shook his head as he scanned the floor.

"He's not hiding… He's already gone! I got fresh tracks! I've got him." Shard sprang forward and took off, a determined look in his red orbs. Larry tried to stop him before he took off, but of course, he was too late.

Silver began muttering to himself while tracing the maze of tunnels in the air. He then gained a confident expression, then held out his hand, which was then glowing blue, towards a wall. The section glowing blue broke apart revealing a surprised Shard, who then smirked and gave a thumbs up. "Show off."

"You're just jealous. . Can you see if he's caught in that mess?" Silver said with a smirk appearing on his muzzle.

"Not immediately, but I saw him fall. He should be immobile, right?" Silver began to answer, but was cut off when Geoffrey jumped from the bundle of debris. Shard gave chase, but froze when he saw an arrow with a burning stick of dynamite fly towards him. In the chamber, the others were thrown back by an explosion. After finding Shard and removing the boulders from atop of him, shard shakily stood up with the metal of his body dented in most places.

"Have I ever mentioned how much I hate being buried alive?" Silver sprang forward, though jumped back when the tunnel and the chamber began to collapse. He quickly used his psychokinesis to hold up the soil and stone.

"Urgh… You got that, Ace?" Shard's dents suddenly began to undo themselves and he was returning to normal.

"Y-Yeah… I've got it for now." Shard nodded quickly and regained his composure.

"Good. 'Cause I dunno if I mentioned before, but I really hate being buried. Once is enough." Larry looked over Shard nervously. "What about you? You really got smashed up."

Shard could now stand up without his legs shaking, as well as most of his dents disappearing. "Auto-repair is kicking in. Just can't push my power core right now. And don't jinx anything right now, okay? Just… sit there and think non-jinxy thoughts." Larry slowly nodded and sat down by Cora. Shard then turned to Silver. "If I start digging a tunnel out, is that going to destabilize things too much for you to handle?"

Silver winced from the strain this was causing him. "N-No… Go for it." The robot nodded and spin dashed the stone.

"At least we got the tracker on the air board. I hope the other team is doing better…" Cora glanced at him, concern flickering in her hazel eyes. Hopefully, that wouldn't jinx anything.

"Hey Cora, I noticed you weren't talking that much. Is something the matter?" Cora turned to him and smiled slightly.

"I didn't have much reason too. Besides, most of the conversations were arguments." Larry managed to smile the very slightest. "I guess so… What happened to your arm?"

Cora looked to her arm to see a slash in the material and a red liquid, already beginning to harden. "I suppose this happened when the chamber collapsed. It doesn't look severe. Though hopefully, Silver will not find out, if he does, he'll probably kill me…" Larry quickly nodded in agreement, then watched Shard tunneling through the rock. This will take a while.