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Chapter 1

Everyone seemed pretty ok after hearing that one of our fellow classmates died in a fire. Apparently, he and two others were goofing around late at night when they should not have and I guess things got out of control. Either way, I am almost positive everyone doesn't care because we all got two and a half days off for 'grieving' purposes. People barely even knew the kid but I guess it was out of respect to those who did. I didn't but I won't complain. If people want to keep the group nameless then that is how it shall remain in my mind as well. It doesn't matter- still got two days off. Who wouldn't want to be out of school? I wish the provost was cooler though. He kept on dragging off about how the teachers won't slack in their work. Apparently, the real world wouldn't care so it's the staff's responsibility to prepare us. That's why, instead of class, we just have two days' worth of homework that really amount up to about four, along with tons of projects and reports. So much for my break. I hate it when they give you more work to take home if you miss a day, than what you really would have covered if you were there in class. It's so ridiculous. I hate school- it's such a bore.

The bell rang and interrupted Kari's thoughts and she quickly ran out of the classroom. She was headed straight to her dorm so that she could attack the massive mob of work that was given to her.

"KARI! KARI! Wait a second will you?" Erica yells while trying at her best attempt to keep her stuff from slipping out her hands.

Kari was stopped from heading down the hallway because of her screaming sister.

Sighing and a little embarrassed by her loud sister, Kari reluctantly turned around. "Can you get any louder? What is it?"

"Well if you didn't bolt when class was over and waited for me then I wouldn't have had to yell."

"Excuse me for not being able to read your mind" Kari said.

Erica rolled her eyes in return. "You're such a loser. You're supposed to socialize anyways. We have almost a five day break and your heading to your dorm. How are you supposed to figure out what's going on this weekend if you don't talk to anyone?"

"Thanks for the compliment sis but that's why I have you. You can fill me in and drag me to places that I don't want to go too." I don't understand why this girl can never chill. We just transferred. Couldn't she take a month to get adjusted? Leave it to Erica to get herself involved in something. I mean, of all the times in the world...

Kari's thoughts came to a stop when she bumped into an unwanted but familiar figure. She fell to the floor along with the rest of her things. It was Aaron Abbott that blocked her way but in Erica's eyes all she could see was the "supposed" love of her life. Both sisters had been in transit, moving to Ipswich, for the past two weeks. Aaron had been around when they first arrived and now had decided to date Erica. She was a hopeless romantic and fell in love easily.

I know she wants a relationship and all but does it really have to be from this piece of shit? Can she really not see he's a jerk? I hate this douche bag.

"Watch it loser!" Aaron yelled.

"Hey! Don't be mean baby, she didn't see you coming" Erica stated while placing a kiss on his cheek.

This is disgusting. I need to get out of here and fast.

As Kari rushed to grab her things, her assailant couldn't help but make a bigger than necessary problem of the issue. "Well if she would watch it like I said then we wouldn't be having this discussion"

"Tell me something Aaron" she said as she stopped to look up at him. "Since you're clearly not going to help me get the things you made me drop. If YOU saw me then why did you deliberately keep walking when you knew I wasn't looking you? Are you that bored with your life that you can't find anything better to do besides walking into people? I didn't know Spencer let moronic assholes into the school."

"You little bitch" Aaron sneered.

"Still picking on people smaller than you Abbott? I guess I would target wimps too if I could never handle anyone that was actually my size." Some blonde head said while overlooking the scene.

Did he just call me a wimp? Can't I deal with one problem at a time? I don't even know these people like that.

"Shut it Garwin! This has nothing to do with you so just back off!"

"Come on baby. Let's just go." Erica tried to pull her boyfriend away and it seemed to work.

"Whatever" Abbott replied.

"I'll catch up with you later KK, ok?" Erica said while trying to send her sister a look of apologies. Erica knew however that if she didn't take Aaron away then that tensions would probably go even higher and a fight would probably break out.

"Here you go" a dark haired male said as he handed her the last of her papers.

"Thank you. You're literally the only gentlemen that has helped despite it being such a public display". I am not even going to think about that weirdo blonde kid behind you. Here I am thinking he was going to be the one to help me but no, I turn out to be insulted instead. I am not a wimp. What's wrong with these people.

"No problem." He said slightly embarrassed. "My name is Tyler and this here is-"

"Reid." the blonde interrupted. "It's a pleasure to meet you. No need to thank me for sending dick face away. KK right?"

"If my name is coming from you- Reid is it? Then I would prefer to be called Kari and don't mention it. It's not like you insulted me in the process. I believe your words were, 'I would pick on a wimp too'? You're seriously no bigger of pain than Aaron is with the name calling if you ask me."

"What!?" Reid was shocked but Kari could tell that Tyler was amused. He was practically turning red.

"Excuse me boys." She said to both and then turned her attention to Tyler, "Thanks for helping me get my books. My sarcasm is usually saved for the ones committing the crime-" With this she nodded her head in Reid's direction, "not the victims that happen to be the stand-byers."

"It's BYSTANDERS Miss Ungrateful" Reid pointed out.

"I do believe I was talking to Tyler, Mr. Rudeness." she said directly to Reid once again. Why am I wasting my attention on him? After sighing, she looked at Tyler, "You on the other hand can call me KK."

Tyler couldn't help himself. Laughing hysterically, he managed to chuckle out "If I didn't know any better, I would assume you two could have already known one another. You both seem very comfortable around each other."

Kari looked him over at that comment. Reid was fairly tall but on the skinnier side of muscular with bleach blonde hair but gorgeous blue eyes. Not bad but definitely not her type and with the unwanted comments and smug look he completely dropped himself off her 'good looking men' radar. Tyler though seemed a lot more promising. He seemed like he had a more normal and relaxed aura about him. "No, I just instantly know when I won't get along with someone. So why bother with the formality of being cordial. Just be real."

"And I wouldn't have it any other way." Reid replied.

Tyler could see the steady eye contact between the two and spoke up. "Ok, guys. You can chill with the glare contest Reid and you're welcome KK. It was OUR pleasure. Please excuse Reid- he can't help himself. His rudeness is..." He leaned in closer "…unstoppable. Trust me- I've tried".

Kari giggled and blushed. She could feel his breath on her neck. "Is he flirting?" she thought to herself.

"I heard that and whose side are you own anyway?" Reid glared

Now into a full laugh at the two Kari couldn't contain herself. The boys started laughing as well- she was sure it was because of her. Her laugh was not as cute as her giggle. Try thinking of a kid who couldn't breathe and was gasping for air. That's what she sounded like- just plain weird.

"What's going on here? I want in on the joke." Someone said from behind her.

Kari was startled so she squealed and jumped in between Reid and Tyler to face who came up on them.

"Sorry, we didn't mean to frighten you." The older looking one said while swinging his arm over a slim blondes shoulder.

"Hi I'm Sarah, Caleb's girlfriend" she said while motioning her hands towards the older boy. He was a very muscular with short dark hair and dark brown eyes.

"And I'm Kate. This is Pogue- my boyfriend" the mocha skinned girl said as she was wrapped around the waist by her 'boyfriend' who was definitely a hottie but with longer, dirty blonde hair, and hazel eyes.

The cutest ones are always taken. Kari thought to herself solemnly with light downward tug at her lips

"Hi, I'm Kari. I've kind of been back and forth for about a week and half now. I just started here at Spencer this past Monday. I guess I'm just in time for the break huh." She said with a smile but everyone's face had changed to soft and thoughtful looks.

"Um, did I say something wrong?"

Reid spoke first. "No, it's just the circumstances of the break."

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Now realizing that they probably knew the student that passed, she rambled from embarrassment. "I didn't even cross my mind to think about if you all knew that kid that died. Oh my goodness! I didn't mean to seem rude… or… mean… or um... you know… it's just that death really isn't one of my things. Plus, I still don't even know who the boy was so that kind of explains my comments… hopefully? Sometimes I forget how to have manners and act... out of character?... no wrong words... um, Sorry again?... You know what. I'm just going to walk away before I put my foot in my mouth and say something else that's stupid."

Frustrated, she slowly excused herself from the group and started walking away. Really Kari? What an idiot…

"Wait!" Caleb said and grabbed her arm. "It's cool. We all have had time to deal." Caleb said with a small smile.

"Oh, ok. Sorry anyways though. At least now I won't feel so awkward. Maybe I'll see you all around sometime." She said while walking backwards. She waived, smiles, and turned to walk away.

"Cool!" Tyler yelled after her.

"A little late now don't you think baby boy." Pogue joked.

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