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Re-cap of the last chapter:

This should be amusing, Kari thought to herself. Kari looked between Aaron and Reid. Things looked like they were getting intense. She watched along with her sister as the both of the boys went back and forth. It was amusing watching the boys banter between the games. Reid won in the end but Aaron was surely pissed. It reminded her of her younger years.

"It's as if he relishes in the satisfactory of beating him isn't it?" Tyler asked….


The four played a series of three games. All of which ended with favor being in the teens court. In the end, the man known as Big Mike was furious. He swore that they were cheating. Kari's older brother didn't help the situation at all. He found it amusing that the man was getting so worked up. It was as if he relished in it.

Chapter 5


"Hello? Earth to Kari, we need you back here." Tyler said with a smile. "Did you hear me?"

"What? Oh, yes." Kari laughed slightly. "Yes, I heard you. I know right, that seems like the kind of behavior that's expected of him."

"Yeah but he isn't always like that."

"Hmm? Sorry about spacing out. HE just instantly reminded me of someone that's all."

"Let me guess, your brother right." Tyler guessed

"Hey! you're right, now that you mention it." Erica chimed in. Kari still had yet to acknowledge her sister. She just kept her eyes on Reid as he was basking in Aaron's frustration. "Well, it looks like someone has forgotten their manners. I'm Erica."

"I believe we have crossed paths before. I am Tyler and that is Reid."

Reid paused from his argument with Aaron to face Erica. "It is my sweetest pleasure to meet you Erica." Reid said while placing a kiss on her hand. If Aaron's face could have gotten any hotter, it would have exploded. He was furious at this point.

"Get your fucking hands off my girlfriend you bastard!" Aaron pulled Reid back and was about to whale him if Tyler didn't catch his arm at the last second. Unfortunately, this gave Reid the advantage and he socked Aaron in the nose so hard that it crackled and bled. Before a full-fledged fight could break out Pogue, Caleb, and Nicky got between all of them.

"Hey! Who wants me tonight?" Nicky said with his bat in hand. "I don't play nice. Get out of here you two and take it somewhere else!"

"Fuck man" Aaron said as he pulled and dragged Erica along with his friends out the front door. The boys pushed Reid out the back.

"What the hell is wrong with you man?" Caleb yelled in his authoritative voice.

"What? He started it. I don't have time for this bull shit." Reid tried to shove pass Caleb but Caleb pushed him back. "No you're going to talk. Now! It's time to grow up Reid."

"Stop acting like you're my fucking father!"

"Hey is everything alright out here?" Kari said softly as she stepped out from the back door.

"Yeah, peachy princes" Reid said sarcastically

"I hope you guys aren't giving Reid a hard time. As much as I would hate to admit it, Aaron was just beefed up over his loss more so than the hit played on Erica. I can promise you that much." she blatantly stated

"As least someone here has my side." Reid said

"Yeah, Caleb let's not go too hard on him tonight man. Plus, we don't want to do anything reckless in front of her you know." Pogue whispered in Caleb's ear.

"Hey babe. What's going on?" Sarah and Kate were outside now. Sarah walked over to Caleb and wrapped her arms around him and his followed suit in return around her waist.

"Yeah, what's taking so long baby? You want to get out of here?" Kate asked Pogue sweet and softly

"Yeah I think we're all cool. Hey guys me and Kate will catch you later." Pogue announced

"Don't wait up Kate. I'm following Caleb and staying with him tonight." Sarah said while smiling up at Caleb. "Oh really?" Caleb said lowly so only Sarah could here with a smile in his eyes as well.

"It's ok; I'm staying with Pogue too."

"Well, I guess we will all be on then right Reid? Right Tyler? " Kari asked

Tyler nodded and the group split into their own ways. As the trio rode home Reid thanked Kari for sticking up for him. Not that he had much help from his right hand man. Eventually she admitted that she liked Reid, not in the boyfriend kind of way but in the best friend kind of way. She couldn't just let him take the blame when she didn't see anything wrong with what he did. Plus, who were they to punish him. Boys will be boys and everyone gets in a little scuffle now and then. It was just simple child's play nothing serious.

~ … ~


All of the summer days weren't always nice like today. Surprisingly, the day wasn't too hot especially for it to be the end of July. School was soon to start and they were all in middle school now that Erica and Kari were old enough to go as well. He found her out back sitting in a corner by herself. He walked up towards her and she said "I'm scared."

"Over what?!" He never liked cowards. He always talked about those who looked weak but it wasn't like he was mean-spirited or anything.

"I don't want to go to middle school. Why can't I just stay at the school I am now?"

"Fear is what keeps people from doing something great. You think good things come easy? No my dear, if it wasn't worth struggling for then it's not worth getting."

Kari spat at his comment "You make a speech for going to middle school like going on an adventure."

"Well I've already been there haven't I?"

"You have gotten used to it and Erica gets along with almost everyone. I'm not as popular as her and not as strong as you."

"I don't want to hear it Kari." He grabbed her by her shoulders and looked dead into her eyes. "You are amazing and you're my baby sister. Stop it ok?! I'll be there the whole time. You never have anything to be scared of. I will always be with you. Stop being afraid; it will get you nowhere." Kari started forming tears in her eyes due to his sincerity. He hugged his little sister and began rubbing her hair. "Look, I just want you to know that it's going to be ok."

She sniffed. "Sorry. I didn't want to make you mad."

He chuckled slightly. "I'm not mad. I'm the one who should say sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you. I just want you to know that everything will be fine."

"You're one to talk. You're the one that got super mad and emotional over everything." She smiled.

"You two are losers." Both heads snapped up to see Erica standing off not too far from them. It was obvious that she heard the conversation.

The older brother whispered to Kari, "I don't remember inviting her to the party."

Laughter ruptured from the two and Erica became a little frustrated.

"What's so funny? What are y'all saying? You guys are always leaving me out." She said with her arms crossed.

"No were not. You just don't ever get us." Kari said innocently

"I don't care anyway. I just came out here to get you both. Mom sent him out here to get you but you know he can't ever do anything right. You two need to get up and come inside."

"Who the hell said you could tell me what to do and she is NOT our mother. She is just our foster parent."

"Brother! That wasn't nice. Don't curse at her and that's mean to say that. I think she likes it when we call her mom because it makes her feel a part of us."

"Sorry Kari but it's the truth. I mean look at them. None of us are their children. It's very obvious and we all know that you and Erica at least aren't their children."

"Come inside before I get in trouble you losers." Erica shouted

"Don't call me that Erica." Kari said a little hurt. "Why are you being so mean?" She said as she began to cry.

"Don't waste your tears on her Kari. She will get hers trust me on that. Let's just go." He helped his baby sister up and wiped her tears away. They walked hand in hand into the house with Erica not too far behind.

~ … ~

Kari couldn't sleep in to her dismay. She couldn't shake her dream. It was sad for her to think of him. He was the closest thing she had but now he's gone. Kari sighed. "I miss you. So much for never leaving me" she thought to herself. It was 630 and she had a long day ahead of her. Homework and projects was the agenda for the day. She looked over to see her sister still fast asleep. She didn't expect her to wake up until around 12 and she knew she wasn't going to do her work today. Erica was the more wait until the last-minute type. Kari went to take a shower so that she could get dressed. She decided to do her work in the library but by the time she got there it was already 10am. The peace and quietness of the library made her feel great. She smiled and went head first into her work.

After about four and a half hours later she finally gave up. She would have been done if it wasn't for her math. That was the hardest subject at least for her. As she headed back to the dorms she spotted Pogue and ducked down. It seemed as though he was driving off because she saw Kate walking up the steps and going inside.

Talk about late start of the day.

Once she figured that they both were out of eye shot she emerged once again.

"Hiding from someone?' a male voice said

Kari jumped and made a funny sound "awhaha!" She turned around and saw it was just Reid. He was dying from laughter. "That's not funny." She said sternly and slapped him in the arm.

"Hey" he managed to say while laughing.

"You almost scared me to death."

"Well you deserved it. You shouldn't be watching people anyways."

Ugh I so want to be mad at you. She thought and started giggling to herself. "Ok you may be right."

"I'm always right." He said slyly

"Whatever Reid."

"So why were you spying?" he asked

"I wasn't spying." She said a little embarrassed

"Then what do you call it?"

"If you must know what happened, I was studying at the library and then on my way over here I just happened to see them. I just stopped out of instinct."

"Instinct huh? So then you must be a perv."

"Wha- wha- what?" she said loudly. Her face was very red compared to her usual tan complexion. "Don't twist my words around. You heard what I said."

Reid burst into laughter once again. "You are not funny." She said and stormed off towards the dormitory building.

"Hey!" he yelled while catching up. "I was just playing. I couldn't help it. You're so gullible at times." He said and smiled at her.

"Oh no honey. Trust me when I say it's not over. I will be getting you back." Kari replied

"Ooo, sweet talk. I like it."

"Yet I'm the one that was called perverted. Rightttt"

"It is what it is sweetheart." Reid said

"I could ask you what you were doing watching me... Coming up behind me like that..."

"Oh baby I love coming from the back." Reid said and then continued to slap her on her but.

"aa!" she yelled from shock "Don't touch me."

He came up close to her against the doors to the building and said in her ear "You know you like it."

She blushed and denied it. "No I don't." She denied it even though her face said otherwise.

He backed away and opened the door. "Sure you don't."

She was embarrassed and unsure about how confident he was. As they walked towards her dorm room she asked" Do you know if anyone is good in math?"

"Depends on what kind you're taking."

"Calculus with Richardson."

"I have that class. What period?"


"Me too." Reid said sounding a little excited. Then he asked, "How come I nver noticed you before?"

"Well, I did just start this week. I like to make at least satisfactory grades but I haven't really been here that long. I'm trying to catch up but I'm so confused."

"If you want I could be your partner."

"Umm, thanks but no thanks. I can only handle but so much alone time with you Garwin" she said flatly.


"Because before I know it you'll pounce on me." She said with a smile.

"Hmm, well if you want it that bad I'm sure we can schedule it in somewhere."

"Rain check but I do need a tutor." She was getting really used to Reid and his antics. She only blushed from embarrassment when he got close to her or did something to surprise her. He just happened to get the best out of her earlier today.

"I may not be really good with all those other classes but besides sports and girls math is my next best thing." he said in confidence.

"And that's where I suck."

"Suck. Hmm, I could think-"


"What was that for?!" Reid yelled while rubbing the back of his head.

"I just wanted you to think twice about what you were going to say next. So are you going to help me out or what?"

"For someone who needs the help you sure have a funny way of asking for it."

"Well, playing it nice when it comes to you doesn't get anyone anywhere."

"What about tomorrow night?" Reid asked as they approached her dorm room.

"Can we do it earlier in the day? Maybe early afternoon?"

"I'm busy. It's not like you have plans anyway."

"Excuse me. You don't know what I do." She said a little bit too loud due to the offense taken from his comment.

"Come on Kari. Let's be real."

"Ugh, sorry to break it to you but I actually do have plans. I'm going out with someone tomorrow."

Reid was shocked internally but would never show it. He couldn't believe she had a date. She seemed more like the shy type if you didn't know her but because he had gotten to know her a little bit better he knew that wasn't the case once she opened up. "Really, with who?"

"Tyler if you must know." She was lying. She just really didn't want to be up, late at night, with no one other than Reid and just her. Who knew what could have been the ending to that story.

Reid was just staring at her. He just couldn't believe it especially since it was coming from the real shy baby boy. "Mhm, Ill text you tonight to see if I can make it."

"Alright. I'll see you later. I mean talk. Well, I will see you tomorrow but I meant text not talk. Ugh, bye." She was getting nervous and her hands were shaking slightly.

He knew it. He knew it couldn't be true. "Rambling and shaking. Now you wouldn't be lying to me KK would you?" He said with a grin. He could read her like a book.

"Aw shit. I can't lie to save the life of me. Dagon it." She thought to herself

"What would I have to lie about?"

"We'll see. Bye KK."

"Bye Reid."

Reid and she just seemed to click. The banter between the two never stopped but that was just them. To those two it was just fun. After the other night, once she stood up for him and caught a ride with both him and Tyler, they got a little bit closer. All of them talked and got to know each other more. He was even allowed to call her KK now.

Ok, first things first. Call Tyler.

Now, she thanked God that they all exchanged numbers. She starting biting her nails as the phone continued to ring. She was getting a little nervous because she had just lied to Reid. He picked up the phone but before he could say anything she talked first. "Hello?"

"Hey wazzup."

"Tyler?" She asked quickly.

"Is everything alright?" He could hear her quick breaths and was concerned.

Ok calm down. Relax. Don't scare the boy. Relaxxx…. She took a deep breath.

"Yes, thanks for asking. How are you?" she asked

Relieved she sounded a little normal again. "Oh I'm fine. I'm glad you called. I was actually going to call you."

"Oh you were? I needed to talk to you too?"

"About what?"

"Never mind that, you can go first." she said

"I wanted to know if you wanted to go out tomorrow afternoon?"

Well this was easier than I thought.

"What about tomorrow night. I'm kind of busy earlier." she needed this in order to make sure her plan was fool proof. She just couldnt let herself be alone with Reid, especially at night.

"Oh ok that's fine."

"Wait, hold up. Did you talk to Reid at all today? Did he put you up to this or tell you anything about me having a date?" she asked a little bit more aggressive than what she intended.

"N-No. Why?" He was a little shocked that she made that comment. "Is she seeing someone? I bet now she thinks we're just hanging out. Hmm, Maybe I should get to know her more. I wonder if she likes me like that?" Tyler questioned himself.

"Oh no reason. So is it ok if we hung out later?"

"Yeah." He said but knew in the back of his mind that he would have to call Caleb and figure out if it was ok to push the time back.

"Ok great." KK said with a smile.

Tyler grinned because he felt a little bit more confident. "So what did you want to ask me?"

"Oh nothing so what are we doing."

Thinking about her response earlier as to having a date he said, "It's just a little dinner party."

"Oh, well then-"

"What do you wear right? It doesn't matter. I'm sure with whatever you decide you will look fine. It will be fun."

"Ok." She said reluctantly. "You read my mind." She was a little nervous. She didn't know who was going to be there or what to expect. He said it was going to be small but she knew that the only thing people with big wallets knew about little was absolutely nothing.

"I'll pick you up around 730?" he asked

"Alright. See you tomorrow night then."

"Ok bye."

"Bye." She said softly.

"What are you doing tomorrow?" Erica asked.

Not realizing that her sister was awake, Kari could have killed herself for not checking before talking. Now her sister knew her plans. The goal was to keep her out of her life not in it. "I'm not doing nothing really." She tried to say nonchalantly.

"Yeah right. Come on. Please, tell me."

"I'm sorry. Did you just say please?" Kari joked but Erica rolled her eyes in response. Fine, "I'm going to some dinner thing with Tyler."

"Ooo, a date?"

"I don't think so" she said unsure because she didn't even know herself.

"Wait, is that one of those sons of Ipswich boys?"

"Well, that's a weird name to call them but sure I guess."

"Ooh, there hot buttttt you should be careful. I don't know if it's such a good idea for you to be hanging out with them. Aaron told me that they can be real jerks and to stay away. I think you should too."

"How ironic is that." KK said sarcastically as she changed her clothes fromm what she wore to the library.

"Is what?"

"That your boyfriend said they… never mind. Look, I'm going into town to get some clothes for this thing do you want to come?" She didn't want to ask her sister but she had to face the facts. Dressing for events was not where her specialties lied.

"Did my little sister just ask me for help? Oh my goodness. My head is spinning. I can't take it. Take me to the hospital." Erica said dramatically while Kari just stared at her blankly waiting for her to answer her question. "I guess I'm not getting a reaction." Erica gave up trying to entertain and agreed. "Let's just hurry up Kari because I have plans tonight."

"Trust me- I won't keep you longer than what I have too."

Catching the blatant meaning behind her little sisters words, Erica just sighed in response.

~ … ~


Thinking about her response earlier as to having a date he said, "It's just a little dinner party."

"Oh, well then-"

"What do you wear right? It doesn't matter. I'm sure with whatever you decide you will look fine. It will be fun."

"Ok." She said reluctantly. "You read my mind." She was a little nervous. She didn't know who was going to be there or what to expect. He said it was going to be small but she knew that the only thing people with big wallets knew about little was absolutely nothing.

"I'll pick you up around 730?" he asked

"Alright. See you tomorrow night then."

"Ok bye."

"Bye." She said softly.

Just as Tyler got off the phone Reid stomped in and slammed the door behind him.

"Ok now I just have to call Caleb" Tyler thought to himself. Focused on what he had to ask Caleb, Tyler ignored Reid's obvious display that cried for attention as he listened to the rings his phone emitted.

"Who was that?" Reid asked Tyler.

"Who was what?" Just then Caleb answered the phone. "Hey Caleb, can we change the plans? I can't make it until around 8?"

"Who the hell were you talking too Baby Boy? I have plans tomorrow night." Reid tried once again

While still ignoring Reid, Tyler listened to Caleb talk. "No problem. So what did she say?" he asked

"She said yes but she doesn't know that it was supposed to be more." TYler responded in a sigh

Caleb sighed as well. "Well, I'll tell Sarah were all just hanging out. I know she will just tell Kate. You got to step it up. I'm tired of hearing this girl talk operation stuff."

"Who are you telling? Thanks man and tell your mom I said thanks for cooking too. I'll tell Reid the time has changed."

"Did you not just hear what I said? I'm busy." Reid yelled

"I don't think he knew that this was to set you and KK up. All I said was that if he didn't want to look lonely then he should bring someone. He didn't even think to ask who you were bringing." Caleb could hear Reid's comments in the background but chose not to say anything about his behavior this time.

"O ok, well thanks for the info. I'll catch you later Caleb." Tyler said

"Alright Bye." Caleb replied. After he got off the phone, Tyler finally responded to his roommate. "I heard you man. Relax- you can do the 'forbidden-until-marriage' thing later. I'm sure whoever you had planned for the night would be more than happy to reschedule."

"Tyler I'm not changing my plans."

"Then don't." Tyler didnt care about what Reid wanted.. His focus was on making sure that KK would be able to hang out with them. Even though it wasn't a date, just being in the presence of her was refreshing enough for him.

"Who were you talking about anyway? Who were you going to bring over Caleb's house?" Reid interrogated

"Kari, I thought it would be cool if we could hang out but she couldn't make it any earlier." Tyler didn't want to tell Reid he was interested in her just yet because he wasn't too sure if she was interested in him.

"Dammit! I knew it was her. She's slicker than I thought." Reid mumbled to himself.

"What you say?" Tyler asked unsure if he heard his friend correctly.

"Nothing. Ok whatever man. So its 8 now?" Reid asked


As Reid was getting ready to walk out again, he grabbed Tyler's keys. "I'm going for a spin Baby Boy."

"But it's my car." Reid shut the door behind him cutting off Tyler from complaining. "If she wants to play this game then two can play it that way" Reid thought to himself.

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