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Chapter 6

As Kari and Erica spent the day shopping, they ran across Sarah and Kate in one of the local shops. Caleb had already told Sarah that the whole date dinner idea was off and that it was strictly a night for friends. She unhappily told Kate of their failed attempt at hooking Tyler and Kari up once again. The girls decided to let it go this time but they were sure to think of something else- and fast at that.

All four of the girls hung out that Saturday shopping and enjoying their time. Kari was a bit tensed at first. She felt as if the girls were plotting something for tomorrow but eventually she let go of her reserved thoughts and chopped it all up as suspicion. She didn't really know that the whole get-together was supposed to really be a real 'get-together'. Tyler didn't tell her from the beginning what the plans were so the operation would be postponed for a later date.

Since she technically didn't know what to expect, she asked Sarah and Kate about how she should dress and they told her that everybody was just coming over to hang out. Now that she understood that everyone was just hanging out at Caleb's house and nothing more, she was able to enjoy her day and have fun. She didn't realize how much fun she could have with hanging out around the girls.

They each bought various outfits. One of which, Kari knew in the back of her head that she would never wear. The day was pleasant and Erica even surprised Kari. She was on her best behavior and for a moment she even forgot about the built up animosity she had towards her sister. When they all reached the dorms, Sarah and Kate invited Erica over to hang out with them the next day but she declined. She had a date with Aaron that night as well. The four-some broke down into two as they went down their respective halls toward their own dorms.

"So, thanks for coming with me today" Kari said as she started to put her things up in the closet.

While playing with her new clothes, Erica took a glance at her from the body mirror she was standing in front of. "Don't mention it. I had to make up for the bad some kind of way right?" she said with a small smile.

"Is this supposed to be your way of apologizing somehow?"

"Maybe…." Erica said slowly and continued, "Ok, perhaps yes? Is it working?"

Kari laughed slightly. No matter how mad her sister made her, no matter how much she wish she could disown her, perhaps never talk to her again, no matter how much her sister hurt her and deserved to be left alone- Kari just couldn't bring herself to do any of the things she wanted to in order to make Erica feel what she felt. Erica was her sister and her only one at that.

She sighed and said, "hmm, maybe... Perhaps- yes." She quoted her sister identically.

"Aww!" Erica threw her new clothes over her bed and literally ran into Kari giving her a hug. They both tumbled to the floor.

"Cant. Breathe. Need. More. Air."

The laugh that flowed through Erica lips actually sounded genuine. 'Did it really matter that much to her?' Kari thought to herself.

"Ok, let's start fresh. I think after everything we have been through that we should be at least the people we each can count own. We need to stick together little sis. I really am sorry and I mean about everything. I know I'm not the best older sibling, especially when you think about the eldest of us all, but I really am going to try. I will try and understand and be there. You're my sister and I love you. You are all I have." Tears started to brim Erica's eyes.

Kari had never seen her like this. Was she thinking about the family? I know she isn't our brother but we never really had a relationship besides me being the babysitter or her being the bully. Kari looked puzzled but thought quickly.

"You always make the same speech Erica and then turn around to do the same things. How am I supposed to be able to trust you in the fact that you won't do it again?" As she stood up and paced the floor she continued, "I love you too hun but you need to make a choice. Be either what you want- a sister- or be what you are- and that's kind of a bitch."

Erica's mouth dropped. "Excuse me?"

"What? I mean, were being honest. Do you want me to sugar coat it for you?" Kari replied with a slick smile

"Yes! I do as a matter of fact."

Kari just stared at her. Erica's face started to fall between upset and sad at the same time. Here she was apologizing and yet KK was still calling her out. "I just don't want you going back and forth Erica. It hurts worse each time and it's just not fair to me."

"Ok, well I will prove to you this time that I am really going to try and change."

"Fine and I will try and keep an open mind."

"The minute we stop sticking to our promise we have to remind each other of today." Erica got up and walked over to the huge white board that was over the work desk they both shared. She began to write at the top and by the time she finished it said

I, Erica Vanessa, willing swear to be the best big sister any one could ask for. I'm not saying that I will be a kiss ass but I am saying that I vow to be honest and truthful at all times. I will be loyal without question and will always have my sister's back without a shadow of doubt. I will always be here for her when she needs me to be and I will never turn her away. I love her and she will always be my loving little sister no matter what.

- E.V.C.

She handed the marker then over to Kari and motioned for her with her hands as if it was her turn next. Kari reluctantly went up to the board and began writing her own promise.

I, Karilynn Isabella, willing swear to keep an open mind to my sister at all times. I will not judge her based off of her past actions but from this day forward walk with her on a new path.


"Well that looks pretty short." Erica stated sourly after reading Kari's promise.

"Well, it's not like I did as much as you." KK defended.

"Yeah yeah. I'm not picking on you. I am just saying. Yours just looks a little weak compared to mines that's all."

All Kari could do at this point was sigh and laugh. Erica was Erica after all- she only said she would change her ways as a sister not as a person. She had to remember this. "So, basically, whenever we slip up all we have to do is take a look at this and remember were human."

"I like to think of it as like our binding contract to one another little sister."

"So you're going to start calling me sis now huh

"No, it just helped my case earlier that's all." Erica said and smiled. "But our signature proves that we are starting off fresh."

"So what if something happens to the words or I accidentally erased the contract when I meant to erase something else underneath it? Would it be null and void then?" Kari said with a sly smile

"Ugh, Kari!"

"What? I'm just trying to get all the possibilities out in the open." She tried to play

"No, you're just trying to be difficult. Now, nothing happens to this board. Got it?" Erica stated in her demanding voice.

"Fine. Geesh! Don't have a cow."

"Whatever." Erica replied and laughed as she rolled her eyes. She reached for a couple pairs of new clothes. "I have to get ready. I have a date tonight."

"Don't have too much fun!" KK yelled as Erica walked into their shared bathroom to change and get ready.

Kari was exhausted from the whole day and decided to get ready to go to bed early. It was kind of an emotional rollercoaster when she thought about it. First, it was the memory of her brother, then the whole debate with Reid over anything and everything, and lastly the nervousness thing from taking with Tyler. It mellowed out a bit with the shopping but after the whole heart to heart with Erica, Kari just new this was the beginning. She could feel it in her bones that something was going to happen, she just didn't know what. Erica was walking out the door as she was getting in the bed.

"Alright, I said I'm coming! Why can't you be a gentlemen and come get me at my door." Erica said through the phone.

Kari heard some noise but couldn't make out what was being said. She assumed it was Aaron on the other line. "I bet Caleb would have done it for Sarah." Erica mumbled under her breathe.

'Burnnnn!' Kari laughed internally

Erica almost instantly replied back with "nothing! Meet you outside. Bye!" She was standing with the door open as she slammed her phone shut.

'I guess Aaron heard that' Kari thought to herself. "Bye Erica."

"Bye sweets. I'll be back later tonight." She said as she was closing the door.

"I'll be sleep but ok. See you later."

"Bye." Not too long after Erica locked up and left did sleep begin to overtake Kari.

As she laid down, she could feel everything change. The atmosphere became eerie as the temperature change from cold to freezing. The deeper she went into unconsciousness the more she felt. Her dreams were becoming different, they were changing- her dreams were as if they were realistic.

~ … ~

When Erica got into the car she figured that Aaron would have made a comment about what she said earlier. He didn't comment to her surprise and she figured that he didn't hear it.

Aaron and Erica went to the movies and were supposed to go to dinner but instead grabbed a bite from Nicky's. She wasn't in the mood for anything fancy and really craved a good burger and fries.

She noticed a few people in the bar. She waved to Sarah and Kate from her table spotting them with their group. Although she didn't hang out with the boys, because of Aaron, that didn't particularly mean that she couldn't hang out with the girls. She had gotten to know them earlier and they seemed pretty cool.

As Aaron was walking back with the food, he noticed the direction of her wave and instantly became jealous. He didn't see Sarah or Kate because his vision instantly focused in on Caleb's face. "I bet Caleb would come to the door if he was picking me up" instantly ran through Aarons head again. He calmed himself down the first time but this time there was nothing he could do to ignore what he thought he saw.

Erica wasn't aware of the brooding male until after they were leaving. Erica hoped in the car and then reached over to give Aaron a kiss but he moved his head out of the way. His nose looked disgusting but she would never say that out loud. It was blue and purple from the punch Reid threw the other day. She thought it was broken the night before but she was proven wrong. It was just seriously bruised but luckily for him it was healing.

"Ok. I guess." She started, a little thrown off from his reaction. "Thank you for taking me out today. Where we headed?" she asked while smiling up at him.

"Whatever. So what was it that you said on the phone again? I bet Caleb can suck my dick?" Aaron spat out sarcastically.

"Ouch. Someone has a temper. I don't get a 'you're welcome, I hope you enjoyed yourself today Erica. I did.'? What about the answer to my question? I need something here." she said as he sped out of Nicky's parking lot in his convertible Porsche. He had the top up since it was cold out and the heat blasting.

"Maybe if you weren't being such a bitch." He commented

"Whoa whoa whoa. Hold it there. Excuse me?" Erica couldn't believe this was happening.

"You heard me. You're such a whore and were going back to my place. I need some sexual stimulation after tonight."

"What?! Stop the car. Stop the car right now! I'm getting out." She screamed as she hit the dashboard with her fist.

"Hey stop fucking up my car!" He screamed and slightly swerved.

"How dare you! I can't believe you!" She screamed and then slapped him.

Aaron stopped the car as abruptly as he could from going fast to slow. He backhanded her in return and said, "What? I'm the one with the ugly nose and then you go mouthing off on how you would rather be with prince charming over there. What do you expect?"

Erica held her cheek with her hand and kept her face down. They side of her face was getting hot. She replied in a low voice, "Granted I could have been a little bit more affectionate since you are hurt but that doesn't give you the right to call me out of my name or hit me Aaron." Erica began to cry through each of her words. "I can't believe that you would do such a thing. I, I, I…" Erica was at a loss of words. She had got out of the car and started walking.

Almost instantly, he regretted what he had just done. He wasn't thinking clearly and his anger had controlled his movements. "Erica, I'm sorry baby. Come on, get in the car." Aaron said through the window while driving the car slowly to stay at a steady pace beside her.

He didn't like the idea of her walking through town. It was really cold and anything could happen to a woman walking the streets. There was still another 3 miles before she would have reached the dorms at Spencer's and that was after she was out of the area where all of the shops were at.

Nothing ever happens in this town though. Aaron thought. What are you thinking! You can't just let her walk you idiot! He reminded himself immediately.

Just as he was pulling over to park in order to convince her to go with him, a black hummer rolled up beside her.

'Great just my luck. I wonder if KK would mind if I pretended that I didn't see her walking.' Reid thought as he was pulling up to Erica. "Hey you need a ride?"

Erica sniffed then looked at the hummer. Her vision wasn't all that great at night but she knew that the car looked familiar. She instantly knew it was Reid once she saw the blondish looking hair through the unlit night. "No thank you. I prefer to walk."

"You sure about that?" Reid asked with more concern after noticing that she was crying.

"Look man, keep going! You heard her!" Aaron yelled as he was jogging on the opposite side of the hummer. He was going to go around the front in order to stop Erica who was on the passenger's side of the car.

Erica looked back and saw Aaron making his way and that he was on the opposite side of the car. She didn't really want to talk to him right then. He had really hurt her feelings- not to mention her face as well. "On second thought. I'll take your offer."

She decided to hop in the back seat of the car against her better judgment but she knew that going with Aaron would have been worse. Once she was in, Reid took the opportune time to tell his date for the night that was in the front seat to get lost.

Shocked of his behavior, Erica said hesitantly," I can go if you don't want this many people here in the car. You don't have to kick her out. She was here first."

"Nope. Aaron can take her to the dorms. I want you all to myself." He said with his smirky grin.

Aaron, who was walking by the driver's side of the hummer, spoke up then. "The hell I am! Erica come on baby please come here. I'm sorry. Let's just talk about this."

Erica just looked back between Aaron and Reid while she sat in the back seat. Reid told the girl who was in the front one word- "out" and she hoped out to leave, obviously very upset at this point, while the car was still moving slowly.

Erica climbed up to the front and looked at Aaron through Reid's window that was down. She sniffed and put a hand to the check that was now forming a light bluish purple colored bruise. "Goodbye Aaron" was the last thing she said before Reid took off while rolling his window up.

As soon as he took off, she began to cry. As he was approaching Spenser's, she asked him if there was any other place that they could go. She knew that if she would have went to the dorms that Aaron would just bother her all night by banging on the door. She really didn't want to wake Kari up with all of this drama. She wanted to start fresh and really didn't want her little sister to be put in the middle of all this mess.

Reid obliged and drove through the woods until he came upon a clearing. It was the Marblehead cliffs. He parked up a ways back so she could look at the sky if she was to ever stop crying.

He didn't really know what to do at this moment. When it came to the guys, no one really broke down like this so the being there for your brothers wasn't anything like being there for a girl. This was something that Pogue and Caleb dealt with on the usual. They were the ones with girlfriends. His relationships were more on the meet and greet side- except somewhere in between those words sex was usually in it as well.

He gave her silence for about 20 minutes. He couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed her by the shoulders and gave her a tight hug and said roughly- "look, whatever it is, he's not worth it. Aaron Abbott is a douche. Don't let him get to you." He pulled back and looked at her face.

She paused when he hugged her. Her breathe was practically caught in her throat. Erica sniffed and just looked at him with a confused look once he released her. The tears became heavy again after a few seconds of silence and she barely chocked out her sentence. "Bu-bu-but, he hit-hit-hit me."

The crying came harder than before and Reid held her in a hug once more. This time it only lasted about five more minutes and then she asked to be taken back to her dorm. Nothing was said on the drive to the school or in the hallway as he walked her to her dorm room.

Reid was evidently furious with intense anger after what she said. He usually could care less about girls and their problems but whenever it came to domestic violence he couldn't just sit there and pretend that nothing happened. He would get Aaron back for this. By some way or another, he would pay for this.

As she reached to unlock her dorm room with her key, Reid spoke up. "So, tomorrow were all hanging out? Want to come?"

Stunned by the untimely manner of his question, she froze and became tensed.

"Don't get your panties in a knot. It's not a date. We're all just hanging out. You know- me, Tyler and the guys, your sister, Kate, Sarah..." Reid explained

"Oh, yeah. That dinner thing." She said slowly

Reid snorted. "Usually we all just end up ordering food or something and playing games or watching movies. Now that it's more girls around though we'll probably be watching movies or whatever y'all like to do."

"Why?" she asked

"I don't know because girls are girls. Plus Caleb and Pogue are whip-"

"No. Why are you inviting me?" she corrected him

"Well, giving the circumstances. You need a little wholesome fun." Rid attempted at smiling but even he knew it was weak.

Now it was Erica who snorted. "When has the word wholesome ever been associated with you?" she asked.

"Whenever I'm talking about myself. Cracking jokes as I'm inviting you out? I must admit it, you sisters are bold ones at the most unexpected times "he chuckled out.

"You should expect the unexpected- especially when it comes to us." She shook her head to decline the offer but he insisted by ignore her non-verbal communication.

"I think I like the way that sounds." He said as he was backing away towards the direction of his dorm room. "I'll take that head shake as a yes so tell your sis me and Tyler will be ready by 8 tomorrow."

"Why so late? Isn't it a school night?" She yelled at first almost forgetting others could be sleep.

"So? We'll crash at Caleb's. See ya tomorrow crybaby!" Reid yelled through the halls.

'Hmph, what if I don't want to crash at Cal- Hold up? Did he just call me a cry baby? Ugh, only Reid Garwin' Erica thought as she shook her head and smiled to herself.

She told herself that it would be ok to go. At least if she went she would get her mind off from Aaron.

After she opened the door, she turned on the little desk light instead of the main light. By doing this, she wouldn't disturb her sister while she slept.

She looked over to make sure her sis was ok. The sight of what stood before her frightened her to the core.

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