Author's note :
Honestly, I think after this chapter I'll be on hiatus since campus started and I got many projects to be done. And I admittedly say that this story, the entire plot and the way it's written-is total beginner =_=;; I made it before I took some writing lesson and when I re-read them, I feel stabbed and "gosh, so many mistakes I made". I realized where the mistakes are, both with the writing style and the plot. Though the Idea has been planned ahead, I wonder if I should continue or to drop it-I am lacking time to rewrite the entire things. Worst case that I drop this, though, I am already able to write decent and might started with another new Flynn x Rita arc :D

Chapter 10

The Two Paths

The kingdom had finally returned to its previous state. People started to do their daily job. The gorgeous view of the glasses reflection of the entire city had been saved. The armies had returned and there was report of few had died, and some injured severely. However, it is considered lucky since it actually could get far more ugly.

King Ioder signed a document in their usual palace. He smiled as he slide the paper to Yuri's hand.

"I couldn't thank you enough. You had saved our Kingdom, my gratitude only won't do good. So, at least, I'll give you this" Ioder pointed to the paper. "With that, you could get permission when you have to meet people in authority without having to reveal your identity. It is the least I could do for you"

Yuri silenced for a moment. He then formed a smirk.

"You're having it wrong, I didn't even do a thing," he folded the paper and put it in his pocket. "But anyway, this might be useful, thanks. I'll take it"

Ioder smiled.

"Another, I have some information about something you asked yesterday. About the Black Hole like gate which appeared when the monster vanished" the King added.

Yuri tilted his head.

"It much sounds a lot like the gate used by the dimension wizard. If you never heard of him ,He is the famous and strongest wizard in this planet. He is able to open gate of dimension and summon beasts, teleport... even to transfer people from one place to another" he explained.

Yuri looked a lot more interested. Finally a figure that wasn't actually a monster. He could speak eye to eye and confront the culprit if he must. "Fascinating. Where is he now?"

Ioder shook his head. "No one ever know. He always appear and disappear as he liked and abstract. We also don't know if he is actually good, or evil...just saying, he might be involved behind this all—since he could summon beasts"

Yuri smirked. "Now that is an useful one. I just have to find him and everything will be clear. Or if he really is the culprit, I'll kick his ass for good" he fluently declared.

Ioder nodded. "Then I suggested you to go to Ceresvelum Empire. much like Esperion which mastered Illusion and Euvoree which mastered Water, Ceresvelum is well-known to be master in using beast and monster in battle. They might have some good information. However..they are currently at war I don't know if you can actually go there"

Yuri huffed with smile, was still looking easy-going. "Don't worry, we're not leaving now. I'll use the chance to look more info and find out if actually we could go there"

"Alright. I'll look for it too" Ioder said as he offered a hand-shake. Yuri shook his hand, and then the King bowed to him. Yuri was impulsive enough that he just turned back without a salute and went away. If he was not an important person, the guards will surely note him as a big jerk. Though, he is still a big jerk actually, despite of his position.

He got out from the hall, encountering his right hand eldress—Estelle and the bad mood looking brunette girl. Patty and the old man wasn't there. Probably they coasted over the sea together.

"Oh hey, you two cuties" as usual, he couldn't greet without having a tease inside it.

"Your flirt didn't work" Rita growled at him with crossed arm. Estelle though, replied him with her usual gentle smile.

"Any good news? You looked somehow satisfied" Estelle asked.

The Emperor nodded. He showed to them, an entry pass Ioder had given to him. "Yep. With this, we should have no problem anymore"

"That's really good" Estelle smiled in grateful. "Anyway, I have been waiting for you. Would you want to have breakfast together?" she offered.

"Not bad," Yuri terse replied. He then pointed to a certain brunette "You're coming along? How nice of you to wait for me, Rita" he grinned.

Rita shook her head quickly with redden face. "Who the heck wants to waste her thirty minute just for a snorty dumb Emperor!" she denied.

"Because the infirmary isn't opened yet, we waited here together. It was a coincidence" Estelle happily cleared the condition.

"Oh," Yuri replied short. He scratched his cheek "I get it. Alright then, say my hi to your charming Prince" Yuri flicked goodbye to Rita, who once again yelled in denial.

"You're day dreaming, drowsy Emperor!"

Estelle giggled. She patted the brunette's back before she finally walked behind Yuri, following him.

"Good luck then, Rita!" she said as she waved. Rita surely didn't get what she meant by that, or else she just wanted to pretend that she actually didn't.

Flynn was trying really hard to even carry a bowl of porridge. Sweating up, he managed to bring the little bowl on his lap. The smell of the porridge somehow made him relaxed.

Ever since the battle with Octopus Phobos, he got injured really bad. for a night long he was in comma, making the group of him unrested. The entire of them took care of him thouroughly, and there was not any of them who was not worried. Even Yuri, the probably coldest one showed a bit of distressed emotion.

He had become a Hero for Euvoree. However, the people in the Kingdom thought that the last attack, the one divine light that pierced through the monster was a bless from a sea goddess, and it was miracle given to Euvoree. Thus, no one had been praising him nor Yuri and the group. They're not bothering that, though.

But the price he should pay was really a lot. He couldn't move his legs and he hardly moving his hands. He didn't really got it, but the medic that took care of him said that it was because of his muscles and bones were malfunctioning. Must be from the part when he struggled to release one of the damn dirty feeler.

Trembled, he lifted his spoon and gave a blow to it. The porridge was really salty. He had no choice. Better than the recent salty water he drank a lot back then in the life and death situation.

When he enjoyed himself, he heard a knock from the door. Before he managed to permit the person to enter, A little figure of brunette girl appeared. She seemed hesitating to enter, though.

"Ah, Rita. Nice to see you" he greeted with smile.

"..Ho, How is your condition?" the brunette spoken in a rather nervous tone. Either she was being shy or something.

Flynn noticed that. He had spent somehow a lot hours with her. He could read her attitute easily. He chuckled, "Come on in, it's alright. I got no companion after all" he said. slowly, the Brunette entered. She sat on the chair beside his bed. Looked awkward. Why was she the only one who visited him at first anyway? Were the other not worried of this one dense blond?

"Urm..Have you eaten?" Rita was trying to talk first. It was rather awkward when both of them found Flynn was with a bowl of porridge.

"Well, how is it look like?" Flynn chuckled, making the brunette drowned into embarassment.

"I—I asked whether you have eaten it or not," Rita defensed herself. However it was obviously fail. Flynn kept on chuckling.

"Stop that, corn haired head! I was concerning about you, idiot! Geez!" she growled as she put a cranky face.

"Alright, alright. Sorry. And thanks" he finally said, and Rita was put once more into an awkward silent. She obviously wanted to bring a topic like how he was actually managed to defeat the monster despite of his condition back then. But she self aware that she shouldn't squeeze that much from a person that was incapacitated and just awaken.

Flynn was going to have second spoon. When he lifted his spoon though, he felt his arm hurt, thus making him startled and lost the grip, the spoon fell to his lap.


Both of them were pretty surprised. Flynn just frowned a bit, then he sighed.

"This is the third time.." he mumbled.

"Third time? " Rita lifted her eyebrow.

The blond nodded and explained. "I couldn't move my arms freely, actually. And it sometimes gets hurt a lot when I try. I was having some hard time to even eating"

"Why you never told anyone or ask help, then? You just troubled yourself, stupid!" Rita scolded at him.

Flynn blinked.

"It's only a small matter so I wouldn't want to burden the other.." He said slowly.

His phrase had made Rita face palmed. He said the exact same things she said to him yesterday before the fight. She wondered whether he was a hypocrite or just remarkable air head and dense.

Rita snorted. She quickly took away the bowl of porridge and the spoon from him.

"I can't stand with your idiocy, corn haired head! Let me do a favor!" she said with a grumble as she took one spoon and moved it directly to his face. The blond was stoned in a blank face and he just blinked as he saw a spoon of porridge in front of his face. His body moved before his mind, he grabbed bit from her spoon and ate.

They stared at each other. Few seconds, before the two of them turned away from each other's face. Out of their knowledge, both of them has a slight blush at their cheek.

"Thanks.. a lot" Flynn said as he rubbed his nose. He finally turned to her again. " I appreciate it if you...would" he finally asked.

Rita's heart was pounded a little, but her high pride and ego defense was higher. "Of course, it's only a small matter anyway, you can ask anytime," she said. alas, the two of them continued the same scheme. Rita helped him to eat, as much amusing it was to be seen. Flynn looked like an innocent little child.

"Wrong method, miss. You should do it mouth to mouth"

Out of sudden, a voice heard. Rita shrieked, and Flyn was startled. When they saw the door, it got opened and the fancy old man entered.

"Since he had motoric problem, he probably can't chew properly, heheh" the old man continued as he walked into them. Rita almost throw the bowl of porridge into his face, if she was not with Flynn.

"Since when you're there?!" Rita roared.

The old man smirked. "A few minutes long. But you two were too busy with each other. Aww old man feel broken hearted"

Unknown to both of them, Flynn was actually a tad blushed when Raven said that. He was not the type that often got unaware of his surrounding except in some tense situation, as he is a quiet methodical man. But at some moment there, his attention, whether he realized or not was prime to Rita's. He wondered what might got wrong.

"You...jerk old man..up until when you're gonna ruin other's privacy?" Rita clenched her fist in anger.

"Oh, you're planning to do it in the morning at infirmary? Pretty much challenging—"

A pillow was thrown to his face, courtesy of Rita. It was good enough that she didn't do that with the bowl of porridge.

"I mean, you should have knock" Rita said in bold tone, as she calmed down and sat. She snorted.

Flynn watched them in amusement smile. If he often to got this kind of morning, he'd probably get healthy faster due a lot of laughing.

"I am sorry I am sorry" Raven said with a pouty face. He casted away the pillow which Rita had just thrown and walked to them. "I am worried about this said to be air-head blond too" Raven said as he easily pointed to Flynn.

"Thanks for your concern. I just feel so much pain to move any motoric parts at my body, but other than that, I have no problem," Flynn said politely.

"So I already see. That sucks. However, to think that you could manage to escape from the catasthrope was already great. How did you do that?" Raven asked curiously. He made Rita wanted to smack him again for good. She was holding back herself and avoid some ominous topic so Flynn won't feel distressed and this old man was so insensitive to bring it out. Flynn didn't really mind, though. He thought that it was the right time to tell them about everything.

"Well, you see" Flynn inhaled. He moved his hand slowly, his face indicated that he was enduring some pain, making the brunette worried. He then pulled out an object from his pocket. A Holy Stone. But this one is different in shape. "This was glowing inside the monster's body. It used this as its barrier. I merely torn its body and retrieve this stone, and then, the stone gave me power to do the last blast" he explained thouroughly. Both Rita and Raven looked extremely surprised as they saw that.

"Another one? So..the legend was real?" Rita lifted her eyebrow. "But wait, you said the monster used that as its barrier? How could something holy that said to be born from the light is being able to be used by such a darkness monster.." Rita tapped her feet as she thought.

"I thought the same," Flynn replied. "I was being a lot curious. What is this thing? Why am I and the dark creatures were the only ones able to use this? Was the legend true?" he asked a rethorical question as he put back—with struggle—the stone back to his care.

Rita and Raven was being put in silence. Though, suddenly the old man seemed to have some idea.

"How coincidence. I heard from the Eldress that Leviandhra will arrive at the top of western mountain. If we depart tomorrow we'll be able to catch them" Raven said with a mock wisdom.

None from Flynn and Rita got what he was actually saying. They stared at him with oblivious face.

"What? You don't know about Leviandhra? Oh well, ye aren't from this world anyway, huh..Okay I will explain. It is the name of an unseen floating island above the land of Vesperia. The people who lived there was claimed to be descendants from the old ancient people, and they utilize some skills and knowledge of this world more than any other countries people. They are very close to the legend. If we go there, we might know something, no?" he explained thouroughly. That was interesting. The description sounded a lot like Myorzo, in their world. A floating Island.

"Not bad, you can use your head properly," Rita commented cynically, but she was agree. "Then, why do we have to depart tomorrow? Judging from his condition.." she pertained straight to Flynn.

Raven scratched his hair. "As I said.. it was often being unseen..they're like isolating themselves from our world and play neutral, like a watcher. However there was some occasions where they would show themselves. An Elder or Eldress of any Kingdom or Empire would be able to read their incoming. And I was having a conversation with Euvoree's Eldress. She said that to me"

"Eldress? Who?" Rita tilted her head.

"That Patty," Raven shortly replied.

"What?!" She was shocked. "How could be? That kind of—"

"What is wrong? Every Kingdoms and Empires always have one ruler and their right hand—the Elder or the Eldress. It was up to the ruler to choose who is worthy, judging either by skill or knowledge" Raven replied.

"That was an interesting system," Flynn commented. "Anyway, So, want it or not, we'll have to depart tomorrow, right?"

Rita was a bit worried. Her face looked so unsure. "Are you alright? You can't even move. To have you walk in far distance is such reckless action!" she protested clearly.

"It's not that I never think of any solution" Raven suddenly smirked with a mysterious grin. Both of the blond and the brunette again looked at him with a confusion face.

Estelle stared at the long haired man who was eating his soup rather calmly, like an old grandpa. She felt amused that she couldn't help herself not to giggle. Yuri realized that. Out of is usual easygoing attitude, he felt rather awkward this time.

"What is it, Estelle? Something funny in my way eating?" he told.

Estelle shook her head. "Nope. I was thinking that the way you eat looked like a grandpa character in my storybook. Maybe I was inspired a lot from you" she confessed.

Yuri formed a stiff smile. "Out of any possibilities for me to be written as a story character..a grandpa, huh" he commented. "At least make him heroic,"

Estelle giggled again. Talking about storybook and heroic, made her remembered about the previous legend they were so enthusiastic about. She couldn't hold herself for not talking about it to Yuri.

"Yuri, I was thinking about something..that..maybe the legend was indeed true," Estelle sudenly said. Yuri stopped eating for a moment there, then he just raised his shoulder.

"Yesterday at the battle when you were at pinch and Flynn was gone. Rita's hand—the symbol in her hand glow. She didn't realize..but after that, a powerful light beam appeared. It was just very similar to many stories about the Knight and his Maiden I have read" she uttered.

"I never read, So I don't know" he answered plainly as he took his last spoon. "However, we'll soon find out. After we find the Dimension Wizard it is" Yuri continued. Estelle already heard about the informations Yuri got from Ioder. She'd just agree to him, since she'd believe in him primely before any legends.

"But those two, they're really something, aren't they?" Estelle muttered with a gentle smile. Yuri was amused with that statement, he just grinned.

"They're indeed something. Mostly at the part how they didn't realize the same thing that obviously both of them have toward each other —but considering them, I can't tell if they would finally or not" he chuckled. Estelle was a bit confused of what he was talking about.

Finally the night came and the group gathered at the palace's Infirmary. Usually, they would do a methodical planning about how they would continue the journey. The discussion was expected to be smooth, only until they realized that they actully got different destination from each other. The group was parted into two.

"Leviandhra? I certainly won't go to a place where I'd just getting told of fairy tales. I aimed to the beast Empire Ceresvelum" Yuri stated bold after Raven told him about his plan to go to the floating Island of Leviandhra.

"I know that the Legend didn't amuse you, but I certainly would like to hear their opinion about the Holy Stone," Flynn countered him. "Who knows we'll be able to solve the mystery that way.

"Ceresvelum is currently in their war state, it is ridiculously dangerous" Raven claimed to Yuri.

"I already found a way to get into the empire safely. You're pretty ridiculous to bring a sick person in a mountain journey too. The Western mountains was said to be dreadful" Yuri encountered the old man.

The three of them highly was being stubborn with their own ideals. And their debates won't eggs any solution but endless loop of the same statement. Rita was already got dizzy with their arguments.

"Stoooop it right now!" she shouted as she smacked a table. The three musketeers all calmed down and looked at her with a surprised face.

"Um...I guess it is okay for us to part our way, and then we'll gather back at a place we decide. Since we have so many clues and different way to solve the mystery, to get a divided job might be helpful. We share one destination after all" Estelle said in the middle of their silence. She was able to put a good sense into the debate. They were thinking about her suggestion.

"Dividing the job, eh? Sounds practical" Yuri commented.

"It's decided then. You'll gather information from the Ceresvelum Empire. And I will get it from Leviandhra people" Flynn concluded.

Yuri smirked at him, which got replied by an assured smile from Flynn. Rita stared at them and sighed with a smile. Those two, no matter in what world, they always shared different Ideal and different path which crossing each other, but one destination. It can't be helped. However special in this case, he'd follow the dense blond. She just felt she had to.

Another morning had come. At the beach, Patty was ready with some Lizaquas—the King lend them to Yuri. Since Ceresvelum was in state of war, they couldn't reach the Empire from the land route. But they could reach it from the sea route. Of course swimming all the way there was ridiculous, so they would use Lizaqua as their transportation. Yuri was ready on his Lizaqua. He could board anytime he wants, but he waited to part away with his minister Raven, Flynn and Rita.

"'ll leave noja? I started to admire you, you should stay longer," Patty said with a sad voice.

"Don't worry, we'll come often to enjoy your hot spring again," Estelle comforted her and patted her blond hair. Patty nodded happily.

Before Yuri finally had enough patience and board off instead, finally the group he waited have come. There was Raven walking with a yawn. Flynn was still incapacitated to move, he sat in a wheelchair who was being pushed by Rita all the way.

Yuri huffed as he saw them. Mostly at the part when he saw the blond was on the wheelchair.

"You're pushing too hard, aren't you?" Yuri lectured. "Watch out the slippery way,"

Flynn grinned stiff. "I thought that I might able to walk if I try, but Rita scolded me and insisted to do this much of help" he said as he pertained to his back.

"Are you still with that? You could die on the way and our effort would be nonsense!" Rita barked to him.

Estelle and Yuri both felt amused to see them that way.

"Well, if there is any danger, though. Old man you're in charge" Yuri commanded him.

"You don't say" Raven cynically replied. He totally knew his responsibility to take care of the not-so-useful-in-fight Rita and the incapacitated Flynn.

"Well then, we're off first!" Yuri slightly waved to them and snaped the rein. His lizaqua howled, and they started to move.

"Bye everyone! Take care! We shall meet again!" Estelle waved to them and yelled as their distances slowly get further. Her wave got replied. In some minutes, they coasted further and further, until they can't be seen anymore.

The four of them stood still at the beach, until Raven sighed, "Okay, we shall be going to, kids"" he said.

"You lead the way, idiot" Rita rudely commanded. The old man raised his shoulder and walked ahead them, leaving the blond and the brunette behind. Realizing that he already walked away, Rita quickly pushed the wheelchair and followed the old man.

"Bye, noja! And really, be careful!" Patty shouted to them.

Raven showed thumb to the little blond girl as they continued to walk away from the beach, aiming to the nearest forest there they could see from moments they have walked, and as predicted. When Rita and Raven mixed in one group, there is no way to avoid another ear piercing arguments.

"Walking all along the way hiking the mountain..still, come to think over it, are we really doing this?" Rita mumbled. She walked in the same pace as Raven as she pushed the wheelchair.

"What? Already give up?" Raven teased her as he walked.

Rita's temperament was being tickled. "Who ever said that? I was just wondering if we could manage that, somehow"

Flynn chuckled. "That's why, you don't have to do this, Rita. I mean, I think I can walk if I try" he insisted. But his intention was neglected bitterly by the temperament denial mage.

"You just shut up and sit like good child, Mister air-head! Or I'll turn into a bad mood" she warned him.

"And I thought you are already" Raven straightforwardly replied. He shut up when the little mage glanced at him. Flynn dropped a sweat and grinned in stiff.

"In that case, if you're tired you can shift with Raven" he suggested.

"I'll be more worried to entrust the pervy and careless old man to push the wheel chair," she boldly stated.

" I really that worse quality in your eyes? Geez, you meanie" Raven pouted. " And I was the one who helped with an Idea. Well, anyway, you don't have to worry about the walking all the time, because.." Raven fastened his pace as he wiped the bushes in the forrest. He almost left Rita behind, so the mage struggled to fasten her pace, although it was rather hard, with her having to push the wheelchair.

At the end of the bushes in the forest, though, there unexpectedly—at least to Flynn and Rita a large human path, leading ahead straight to the mountain area. From how it looked, it seemed that the road was often being used. And it was true, because in no time they had arrived, there came a horse-carriage. Raven lifted his hand as a sign for the carriage to stop. A brown haired man with few children—which seems to be his children, stopped his carriage.

"Excuse me, nice sir. We'd like to have a ride until we reach the peak western mountain. If you would" Raven winked.

The brown haired man looked unamused. "What?! What crazy idea you're telling me? There's no one will ride there even if they got paid! I am busy!" he shouted.

Raven somehow already saw this coming. He sighed as he flicked his finger. He was not to be underestimated, since he grown up in Esperion, he learned some useful illusion tricks-hypnotize. The same thing he had done to the guard back then in Euvoree. as he flicked his finger, the browned haired man looked drowsy.

" the western mountain peak, right?" he confirmed with an outgoing tone.

"Sure! Go on!" suddenly the man looked happy and permitted them to ride. Raven whistled in proud, he turned back to Flynn and Rita, who were gazing at him in wordless state. They both were surprised and amazed at the same time.

"See? I said I'd handle it" he said as they finally all aboard the carriage.

"Thank you, you are really awesome. Though it was kind of cheating, but it can't be helped" Flynn said, half guilty and half relieved, since he found his body was still unable to move, unlike what he had predicted.

"True. Now, any words to say, miss mage?" Raven turned to Rita and asked her in haughty tone. For just once, Rita could only bit her lips in anger, but accepting her defeat. She couldn't protest any. Her reaction made Raven burst into a winning laughter.

They headed straight to the mountain. While the Emperor with his Eldress, were on the way across the ocean. The path had been divided. Unknown whether who will get to know the entire mystery's solution first, or maybe in the end no one will get any after all, but the journey began again.