This story is of an OC character of mine that I had for a while. This story will follow the TV show but from my OC's view. He will have a connection to some of the main characters and some extra scenes that tie in with the TV show.


9 months… It had been almost 9 months since the world went to shit. I survived but does that even matter anymore. Why I am I still here. What did I do to get me to where I am today.

I laid there on the couch just looking up at the ceiling of the prison break room. My SW99 tucked in my holster with the safety off lying across the table. A S & W Model 637 also lay on the table with a few .38 specials next to it. My bags sat on the floor still packed. The door was bolted shut but I doubt it will matter. It's hard to believe that after everything that has happened that I am still alive after the world went to hell. I lost a few people that I was close to and more I had met and yet I'm still able to go on. I sat up and looked out the barred windows of the prison I worked at.

"RHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" the walkers screamed in the prison yard

"SHUT UP!" I screamed out the barred window

I hardly believe my screaming will cause problems, they know were in here. There were dozens of walkers on the other side of the fences but couldn't get through I looked down at the revolver that sat so perfectly still. I pick it and hold it in my hand.

"I could just end it all here and move on to the afterlife," I said talking to myself again.

"I wander if the others our doing ok and are still alive. I got out but couldn't find them where we first broke down so after a while we came here to my old stomping grounds, The West Georgia Prison".

I had no idea what my next move will be and what I am to do. What did this have to happen to me?

"I bet you are wondering what is going on and who I am. My name is David Basset, corrections officer for the Georgia Department of Corrections and the dead now walk among us"

This is just the Prologue to my story, I will have the next chapter up next week with so much going on right now.