A/N: okay so I know I should probably be working on my other story (Peace) but this just sorta poped into my head because I just finished reading Rave Master and um yeah... well hope you like it :)

What a Strange Man

Scarlet was out exploring again. She had left her town, and was wandering the woods as per usual. She didn't know where she was going; she just let her feet guide her. She vaguely noticed her surroundings, her mind was blank. She loved it. The fact that she could walk and she would feel completely calm, detached from the world. She didn't have to think about the pain, the sadness of her town, and of her country. Reisha had died, it was tragic, but she felt calm as she walked calmly through the woods. Her feet started slowing; she looked around and noticed where she was. It was the grave of Reisha Valentine. Since the day the town had put up the small monument, no one had visited the grave.

There was a man there, a man with blue hair. He was sitting there, alone, in front of Reisha's grave. Scarlet stepped out of the woods into the field. The man looked up to see who it was. When Scarlet looked into his eyes they seemed so sad, even though the man looked young, he looked incredibly wise and filled with sorrow.

"Who are you?" the man asked.

"My name is Scarlet. I live in the nearby town. What I would like to ask is who are you and why are you sitting by Reisha's grave?" The girl demanded.

"My name is not important. I am simply here to protect Reisha's resting place."

Scarlet stared at the young man in front of her. He wanted to protect her resting place? What a strange thing to say. She thought.

"How do you know Reisha? Were you close to her?" Scarlet asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"I knew a girl that… well, no… I mean…" the man sighed "Yes, I knew Reisha. I was never very close to her, but I was close to a bot that was very dear to her. They both left so I am here to watch over Reisha's grave for the boy."

The girl stared at the man in wonder. What a strange man. She thought.

"Well would you like some company?"

The man stared at her in shock. "No, please. Don't stay here; you should go live your life. Please, don't keep me company and don't stay here." The man choked out, pain and sorrow evident in his voice.

"NO." The man just stared at her. "No. I will not leave you here alone to wallow in your own self-pity and anguish." She insisted as she sat down in front of him.

The blue haired man smiled at the spunky young girl in front of him. "Thank you for worrying about me, even if I am only a stranger. I am sorry to have to do this." He replied lifting a finger to her forehead. Scarlet's world faded to black.

When Scarlet woke up she was on a hill overlooking the town of Elie.

Huh? When did I end up here? I guess I fell asleep… What a strange dream I had… What a strange man…

A/N: So I hope you liked it :) just thought that if Sieg was left at Reisha's grave someone was bound to stumble upon it before the overdrive... And I just decided to name the girl Scarlet because if you've read Fairy Tail then well I think it would be obvious... And if you haven't read Fairy Tail... GO READ IT! it's another manga by Hiro Mashima =3
Well anyways... Hope you enjoyed reading this little one-shot :)

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