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This is the sequel to 'Growing up in a war', which sadly has been put off for a while. But luckily for you, I'm almost done school and can get back to writing fan fictions!

So, reminder for anyone I haven't told yet, but this story will be about fifteen years in the future from Growing Up in a War. I will be a multi POV story between Sabrina and Ivy, maybe some Daphne in there as well, you never know. This won't be centered on Ivy, but it won't be centered on Sabrina either. Happy medium :) The person's name will be the header of the chapter for you to know whose POV its in.

This first chapter is a prologue of sorts, just a peek into the past when Ivy is a toddler, around four, meeting her new baby brother : )



Chapter 1

.: Ivy :.

Ivy Sophia Grimm was officially a big girl. For a while now, mommy and daddy had been saying how big I had to be now because of the large, weird shape in mommy's tummy. They told me it was a baby, but I couldn't care if it was a dinosaur. It just meant I could sit up late with mommy, grandma, and auntie Daphne instead of going to bed.

When the bump was ready to leave mommy's tummy though, everyone was running around, and I wasn't picked up once! No one paid any attention to me, even when I 'accidently' threw my cup full of juice at grandpa. Usually he would have gotten a red face, and daddy would laugh at me. Neither incident happened. Being a big girl sucked. Whatever what going to come out of mommy's tummy would definitely feel the wrath of the Trickster's princess! Plans were already forming, just like daddy had taught me, the entire way to visit mommy and the bump. Visions of puke and daddy's monkeys were running around, until daddy brought me into the funny smelling building. Everything was so clean. People ran around, some were lying down and some were sleeping. Very confusing, but I still couldn't see mommy.

The last room we turned into had mommy lying down in a big bent bed, smiling at the clump of blankets in her arms, just like my aunt Daphne was doing over her shoulder.

"Momma?" Her head moved over to look at me and daddy as we walked in. I quickly climbed up her, avoiding the blankets like they were unimportant. "Where's the bump?" Her tummy was flater. Nothing hard met my little hands when I pressed down. Mommy just smiled at me, and moved some of the blankets to reveal a horrible monster.

My new baby brother.

"Ivy, this is your new brother Ian Jacob Grimm." Daddy whispered behind me.

Being a big girl was not what I wanted anymore.


This is just a small look into when baby Ian Jacob was born! Now, this is the first time I've said (written) his name, and I think I like it. Anymore takers? The rest of the story will be thirteen years later, making Ivy sixteen just turning seventeen and Ian thirteen.