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I walk out the door listening to the screaming fans. I close my eyes briefly, then open them and put on my winning smile. I seriously need to get some sound restricting ear plugs.

"Oh my God, there he is!" I hear from several places to my left and right.

"Oh my God, here he comes!" I hear after a few more feet forward.

"Seth, I'm such a big fan of yours!" I hear as I sign a few autographs.

"Oh my God, please sign mine too!" I hear the others still yelling.

"Oh my God, I touched Seth's arm!" I look to a girl who looks as if she is about to pass out. I quickly sign her photo and move away to the next one.

"Here's my number, Seth. If you get lonely on your tour, give me a call and I will give you the time of your life."

I don't even look at the girl's face for fear that she'll think I like what she said. Jesus H. Christ, I've been in the public eye for a few years now, and I have never been and never will be with a fan—well, not one that comes onto me with a line like that.

I keep moving and sign the photos that are shoved in my face.

I look down and see an autograph book in my hands. The top of the page says: 'My favorite musical artist ever!'

"Thanks, sweetheart. I'm honored you want me to sign this page. Who do I make it out to?" I ask as I take the book from the girl's hand.

"Corin. Or you could just write to My Serenity."

I stop, immediately knowing the sweet voice; I look into the eyes of my best friend and grin. "Fuck, Serenity. Babygirl, what are you doing here?" Before she can say another word, I pull her toward me and over the barrier. I feel her tighten her grip on me, and I squeeze her in a tight embrace. When I pull back, I look into her clear blue eyes.

"I'm sorta on holiday. You know, see some of the USA before I go off to college? I thought I would meet up with you as a surprise. Surprise!" she says tossing her hands in the air slightly.

I chuckle at her while shaking my head. "Are your friends here?"

I watch as she shakes her head.

"No, they're in Las Vegas. I really didn't want to end up married to some shady dude and I'm not old enough to gamble, so I came here. I'll meet up with them next week, but only if it's all right to spend some time with you between now and then?"

I nod my head at her and pull her into my chest, hugging her again as I lay a kiss on the top of her head.

"Seth, the fan-girl needs to go! The press is taking pictures of this." I turn my head to look at Maria and glare. Maria knows exactly who this is. She also knows that when it comes to my family and Corin, I don't give a fuck about the press.

"This isn't some fan-girl, this is Corin, as you well know, and she is coming with me regardless of what press is or isn't here to see it." I grip Corin's hand and pull her along with me as I make my way to the bus.

"Seth, can't the girl come when the press isn't around you? I mean, you don't want them to say you two are together, do you? A large part of your sales are based on you being single."

I stop and look at Maria as if she has lost all her common sense. "I really don't give a rat's ass if I lose any sales because I am with someone. If my status makes someone stop enjoying my music or buying it, then they weren't really my fans in the first place."

"Fine, but if you need to have a girlfriend, at least find one that is good to look at and up to the social ..."

I turn to her and glare, daring her to complete the shit she is about to say.

"Maria, Corin is one of four people on my list of the most beautiful in the world. My mom and sisters are the other three, so what does that tell you? As far as her social graces go, she is far better than the likes of you, and I have to be seen with you all the time."

Maria mutters something too low for me to hear, and I walk over to the rest of the band. Clearly, I'll need to replace Maria soon if she can't get her head out of her ass.

"Hey, Corin's here!" I hear Tony shout from inside the bus. "How you doing, doll?" he asks before we can even board the damn thing.

I roll my eyes at Tony while pushing Corin into the waiting bus.

"Where are you staying, Corin?" I ask.

After Corin tells me her hotel name, I tell the driver to take us there. We arrive moments later while Corin is still saying hello to all the guys. She huffs when I take her room key and instruct her to stay where she is while I get her bags.

I raise my eyebrow at her. "Serenity, I get a week with you—just a week—so you'll stay with me in my room. This is nothing new; you know how I am, and we do this every time I see you, so suck it up!"

I walk away, chuckling at the look she gives me when I told her the way it was going to be. Serenity means a lot to me. She is pretty much the single reason why I've stayed away from Seattle this whole year. The last time I saw her was when I came home at Christmas, and boy had she changed from a girl into a woman. I spent the holiday the same way I always did, mostly with her. Our friendship has grown over the years, and we've always been extremely close. But at Christmas, I found myself sexually attracted to her for the first time.

Then the most embarrassing thing happened to me on Christmas morning. For years, we have all camped out at one house so we could be together for the holiday. Each year we go and stay at another family member's house. This past year, it was my mom and dad's house. I had shared my room with three other people. Uncle Emmett's kids slept on a rollaway in my room, and Corin slept in my bed with me.

While sleeping next to Corin, I had a dream about her and woke up when I loudly moaned her name. I found one hand up her top and another edging its way to her pussy. I was relieved that everyone, including Corin, was still asleep, and no one was a witness to my groping her or moaning her name.

After that, I stayed away from her in hopes it would help cure my perverted thoughts of her. It was a nice thought, but it didn't work. I found myself missing our talks over Skype, and the silly text messages we always shared. Seeing her tonight brought everything I feel for her right to the surface. I cannot and will not allow her to be away from me while she's here.

I quickly grab her things, settle her bill, and make my way back to the bus. I see her sitting with my bandmates, laughing and having a good time with them. Since my mind has been so twisted up with thoughts about her, I'm jealous that she is having a good time with them. My possessive side gets the best of me, so after putting her bags in my small room, I quickly make my way to her. I pull her up from her seat and then sit down, pulling her onto my lap.

The guys in the band already saw me do this before, so none of them are surprised by my behavior, which I am thankful for. I really don't know how they will react to the way I feel about her or, more to the point, how Corin will react.

"Sorry I couldn't make your graduation, Serenity." She shrugs her shoulders, but I know for a fact she was upset that couldn't be there.

"I got the gift you sent me; it's beautiful. Thank you."

I watch her pull out the necklace that I had sent to my mom to give to her. She looks at it for a minute before laying her head on my chest.

"Beeward ..."

I interrupt her with my chuckle at her use of the name Leah and I came up with for Mom and Dad. I smile, thinking back to then. At that point, they were only Bella and Edward.

"… want you home soon. Auntie B said you're not too big for her to kiss you, and she will do so in front of everyone if you don't get your butt home soon."

I nod my head, knowing that my mom would do that in a heartbeat. I start to feel bad about staying away for so long. Not just because of Serenity, but because of my mom, too. It's hard on Mom when she doesn't get to talk to me every day. Leah has been the good daughter, choosing to stay close to home. She even lives near Mom and Dad. I've been the only one to travel and be gone for extended lengths of time.

It takes us an hour to get to where we are going. I look down at Corin, noticing that she's fast asleep.

The guys grab my bag and hers for me as we make our way into the hotel. I'm lucky enough that there is another room I can get for Corin and me. I carry her up and place her in the middle of the bed. I take off her shoes and jeans, leaving her in my band's T-shirt and her panties. I really love the fact that she so openly shares her love for my band. She is always wearing our band shirts. I get changed myself and crawl into bed, pulling her to me so that I can hold her. With my arms around her small frame, I feel like I'm finally home.


It's been three days—three short, yet long days with Corin. Short because she'll be leaving me soon to meet up with her friends, and long because my feelings have only deepened for her with every touch and spoken word between us. I watch her as she watches a movie on TV. Her head is on my lap and I run my fingers through her hair. She jumps up when my cell buzzes, and I look to see that my mom is calling.

I chuckle as I answer the call. "Hey, Mom, I sure am missing you."

I look to see Corin making faces at me. I stick my tongue out at her and get up to move to the other side of the room.

"You're in big trouble young man! What is this about you pulling some teenaged fan-girl out of the crowd and kidnapping her?"

I chuckle out loud. "Is that what they printed?"

I hear her giggle at my question. "Yep," she says, popping the 'p'. Sobering from her laughter, she continues. "Is she all right? Are you making sure she's having a good time?"

I sigh into the phone. "Yeah, Mom, she's having a great time. I've really missed her, and you guys, too. I can't wait until Remy's wedding—even if I'm not in it."

She lets out another chuckle. "I think she was scared that you wouldn't show up or that you would bring the paparazzi with you."

I roll my eyes. Remy, Corin, and Mom are so much alike; they all hate having a lot of fuss around them. "I would never miss her wedding. She should know that. My family always comes first. I've really missed you guys, and I've been thinking about taking a break soon. I'm just not sure ..." I trail off at the end.

"Seth, talk to me. What's wrong? If you don't say anything, I'll be on the first plane over there, mark my words. Spill ... now."

I smile at my mother's words. It's amazing how she knows me so well even after all this time apart. "I've met someone, and I really, really fucking like her, but shit, it's complicated. I have no idea how she feels about me, and I am too afraid to say anything to her in case she doesn't feel the way I do. I don't want to lose her; she means too much to me, so I think I should shut up and not say anything. She's just so fucking beautiful inside and out. I know that if she meets or dates someone else, it will kill me. If anyone looks at her any other way than in a friendly manner, I want to kill them. I feel so protective over her, but more than in a good friend kind of way." I hold my breath, waiting for her to respond.

"Seth, you're like your father—exactly like him, I may add. Sweetie, you're a kind, sweet, loving man, and any girl would be lucky to have you. If she's a good person like you say, she'll still be in your life no matter what you tell her. Look at your dad and I and what we have overcome to be together. I've never heard you like this before. I think that you should take a day or two to think it over. Once you do, if you really, really care for her, then go for it. At least you'd know then, because if it is meant to be, it is meant to be."

I close my eyes, letting out the breath I was holding. I sigh and wonder if she would still say that if she knew who I was talking about?

"Seth, I know it's Corin you're in love with."

My eyes widen. Not only did I speak aloud, but she knows!

"Really, how stupid do you think I am? I saw how you looked at her at Christmas. It's the same way your father looks at me. And I say this because you're like him in so many ways. I know that if you're with her, you will always make sure she is loved and happy. I also know that no one, not even me, will come before her, and that is the way it should be—until you have a baby, that is."

"Thank you, Mom. I'll let you know what happens. Talk to you soon. I love you."

I hear her say 'love you' back to me, and I hang up my cell before making my way back to Corin. As I walk to her, she grins at me and sits up a little to allow me to sit back down before curling herself back on my lap. I lean down and kiss her head, and then start playing with her hair again.

It takes a little time for Corin to fall asleep, but she does. While she naps, I sit and think back to what Mom said about the things she and Dad had to overcome. I know just how much, because I was there for most of it. I even saw and remember what it was like before Dad came into our lives.


The tall blonde lady that is here with us sometimes is just taking me out today.

"Get that boy ready for me to take out. Shit, is it still in diapers?"

I watch as fear crosses Bell's face, but yet she still smiles at me and gives me a little wink before picking me up to put on my pants.

"Just great! It better not need changing before I get him there, or he'll be in the hole. This is one of the reasons he has to leave. It's entirely your fault. If you did a better job—if you were a better sister—he could stay, but you are nothing. Maybe it's time to have Uncle Harry discipline you just like the last time. Maybe another spanking will do you good."

"Seth, I need you to be good for Mommy, okay? Please be good. I swear if she doesn't bring you back, I will find you. I promise I will. Remember that I love you and I'm sorry that I failed you." I feel Bell kiss my check before the blonde lady yanks me away.

We're in a car. I've never been in a car before. They're scary. Bell is scared of them, which makes me afraid. The blonde lady doesn't talk to me, just mutters strange words to herself. We pull up to a house, and the blonde lady grips my arm tight; too tight. It hurts really bad. I try to be Bell's brave boy, but I can't because she won't let go. She only tightens her grip, and I sniffle out loud because it hurts.

"You better not cry, boy! You hear me? You will not cry. You will sit there and behave like the good boy you should have been all along. You will only speak when you are being asked a question, and you will not say my name or address me at any time. If they ask you who I am, tell them that I am your mommy. You got that, boy?"

I look at her, unsure of what I'm supposed to do.

"Great, another stupid fucking kid. Can you even talk?"

"Yes." I nod my head at her, and she pinches my sore arm.

"No talking! Damn, you really are stupid. You think just like that stupid slave."

She walks up to a man and woman. I try to stay hidden because big people are mean. Bell doesn't like them close to us. I feel myself shake as I look for Bell and Leah. The woman smiles at me and touches my face. No one but Bell and Leah touch me! This time, I can't stop the wail of fear that comes out of me.

"Bell. I want Bell!"

The blonde lady picks me up and pats my back a little too hard and it's painful.

"Boy, I swear you will go into the hole if you don't stop now," she sneers in my ear. I know what the hole is. Bell goes there sometimes, and it's always a long time before we see her again. When she's in there, the blonde lady doesn't give us nice things to eat and drink, and her food always smells funny. Most of the time, we get really sore bottoms, too.

"Bell, Bell, Bell!" I try not to ask for Bell, but I can't stop myself. She always makes me better when I'm sad.

The blonde lady speaks quickly to the woman and man before picking me up and walking out with me. She throws me into the back seat and drives her car again. She is driving much faster than last time. Very soon, it turns dark and my eyes close.

When I wake up again, I'm home with Leah. The blonde lady isn't here, but Bell is gone, too. Bell never leaves us by ourselves. I walk over to Leah and sit with her at the door of the hole, and I can hear Bell's voice talking. I now know where she is.

A few days go by and Bell is back out of the hole. The blonde lady is walking around the place, grabbing different things.

"You'll need to get a job, and I want them out of those diapers soon. Uncle Harry will check up on you, so you better have this place spotless and find a way to keep paying the rent. The woman you give the money to lives just next door. I'm sure even you can manage that.

"There are some things you need to remember. You are nothing but a stupid slave; this is your life, and always will be. Even if I am not here, that doesn't mean that I don't know what you're up to. If you're bad, remember what I said last week. Once they're old enough to share your punishment, I will punish them, too. So, if you break my rules, they, too, will get punished. That goes for any of the rules I've ever given you. You will say you're eighteen, and don't forget to add a year to your age on your birthday, whenever that is. Get a job to pay for things. If you don't, or if anyone finds out that you are younger than eighteen, they will be taken away from you and sent to live with Uncle Harry while you are sent to jail. Jail is just like the hole, but much, much worse. If you think that would be bad, imagine their life. You know how much Uncle Harry likes his punishments. Just think about how shitty life will be for them with you in jail and him to punish them for your stupidity. Think about how much you would've failed them. You wanted to keep them, so this is how it has to be—deal with it. Goodbye, and don't forget, I'll be watching you!"

I watched the blonde lady walk out, leaving just the three of us. The first few months were the hardest. Bell got a job and we had to stay with the strange lady next door. She was nice to us and gave us warm milk and cookies. Bell was always working and was so tired when she came home, but she would make sure she spent time with us and never shouted at us. Slowly, we fell into a new routine, which changed when we got a little older.

We walk up to the building and I grip Bella's hand tighter. I look around at Leah, who's just as scared as I am. Bella slowly bends down to us.

"Right, these are your lunches. There are sandwiches, apples, yogurts, two small muffins, and juices. You each have your backpacks full of school supplies that Zafrina gave to you?"

Leah and I nod our heads at her.

"I'll be here, right here, at three o'clock, and you can tell me all about your day. I love you both."

We all look at the building as a loud bell rings. Bella hugs us and kisses our heads before we head in.

The day was better than I thought it would be. I met some other boys and girls. Miss Drew, our teacher, was nice. She asked us to draw our moms and dads. I looked at Leah, and she shrugged her shoulders at me. Jonny put his hand up and asked could he draw his baby sister, too. Miss Drew said he could draw anyone in his family. So I smiled at Leah and began drawing Bella, Leah, Jake, and myself. It was great. I gave Bella a big smile, because even when she's sad, she always smiles at Leah and me.

The months flew by after the first day of school. Soon, everyone knew that where they had moms and dads, we had Bella instead. I tried to think if I could remember our mom, but couldn't. I just remember the mean blonde lady that would be there sometimes and always made Bella sad. Sometimes I would pretend to sleep, and I would hear Bella cry and pray for someone to help us. She always said that she'd be better and do better. She was always so worried about being good, so Leah and I always tried to be good for her, too.

I would say my childhood was happy. People may think it's strange, but for me, and I am sure for Leah, too, it was happy. Bella always listened to us when we would talk about our day. She was always quick to praise us when we did something good, and she always took the time to talk things out with us when we were bad. We may not have had the best of clothes or toys, but Bella always got us stuff when she could. She would paint our favorite things on our bedroom wall for us. Our meals were always great, and Bella never gave us something if we didn't like it after tasting it.

Bella worked hard for everything that we had, it wasn't until I was in first grade that I saw just how hard she worked and how different she was.

We are at the park and it begins to rain. Bella picks up our stuff and we run for cover. As we get to the road, there is a cab. Bella looks at it and goes over to talk to the driver, but when she opens the door, she begins shaking. The driver starts to yell at her, and I watch her eyes go wide as she starts shaking more.

"I'm sorry, really sorry, I'll be good."

The man's face changes and his eyes look at Bella before he gets out. "How good can you be?" he speaks as he steps forward. Now he is way closer to Bella than she normally allows. She steps back, and the man grabs her arm, pulling her toward him.

"Show me what a good girl you can be." I hear a sob and look to Leah, scared about what is happening. Bella jumps when Leah cries out and swings her arms, hitting the man. Bella picks us up quickly and takes off running for our home as fast as she could.

"You little bitch! You better run," the man shouts after us.

Bella doesn't stop until she's at the shop just down the street from our home. "Are you both okay?"

Leah and I nod our heads at Bella.

"Good—good, please don't tell anyone that I was bad. I promise not to be bad again." Bella looks at us, biting her lip. I try to figure out how she was bad, but nothing comes to mind. That man was mean and unkind, grabbing her for no reason. I know she wasn't bad and I tell her so, and so does Leah.

"We won't tell, but you didn't do anything wrong; you saved us."

I feel Bella kiss my check before she kisses Leah's. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you both so much."

Leah and I are both in school, but now in our second year. Both of us are doing well. We have a few friends, but not many. Johnny doesn't like us, and we overheard his mom saying mean things about Bella. We got out five minutes early, and we are standing at the gate, waiting for Bella to come. It's the only time we've been out of class before Bella got there.

"I tell you, Liz, they're her kids and she should be ashamed. Rightly so, and I'm sure that's why they call her Bella. I mean, who really calls themselves beautiful, when clearly she is not! It's plain to see she doesn't take care of herself, and she honestly thinks she is beautiful?"

"Mary, I know what you mean! Honestly, have you noticed those clothes she wears? With all the government handouts these people get, she must waste her funding on alcohol and drugs. And those kids—I bet they're not that bright and should be in a special school."

"Hm ... Liz—oh wait, here she comes now. Just look at her!"

I look at them, frowning as they giggle and cover their mouths.

"Bella, you're here!" Leah shouts and we both run up to her, hugging her tight. I look back at the two women as they continue to whisper while looking our way.

Bella must have heard them, too, because she seems a little off during dinner. She had gone back out to work and came home looking a little better. She helped us change for bed and told us about a story that she had heard. During the night, I wake up needing to go potty. When I go into the bathroom, I can hear Bella speaking. I thought maybe she called my name, so I move closer to the door to her little room.

"Please, God, I swear I'll do whatever you need me to. I'll do better, but please show me how to help them. Please? I don't want people being mean to them. They're too important for that. They're such good children, really they are. They shouldn't be punished because I'm failing. I need help, and I don't know where to look for it. I'm so scared. I really love them. Please, God, show me where I can go—who will help me. Show me the way to make sure they are happy and loved. Even if it means I can't be with them, as long as they're happy, safe, and loved. I don't care about me. I will take whatever, and do what I have to. I don't care what happens to me; I'd rather spend the rest of my life in the hole then have them suffer. I would give everything for them, including my own life. Please show me the way, Lord. Amen."

God did answer that prayer. It took six months, but he did. God gave Edward to Bella and us. Finding Edward brought Leah and I the gift of a full family. The first time we saw him, he was ill and was taken to hospital by the EMTs. The next time was when we were shopping for school clothes.

I remember coming out of the boy's bathroom and seeing Bella standing next to him. He was very close to her, and he was a lot taller than Bella. Bella looked like a small child standing with her dad. Both of their heads turned to me, and I noticed Leah standing next to me. Edward looked at us and then took a step back from Bella; it made me happier when he wasn't so close to her. I mean, he can't hurt her now that he's moved away.

Bella introduces us and we talk about the new teacher's name, which makes him swear. I chuckle more because big people are not meant to swear around little kids. That's what Bella always teaches us.

We get the rest of the things we need for school and head for the bus. Bella takes us home and makes our dinner.

"Bella, I liked Mr. Masen. Will we get to see him again?" I look at Leah and then at Bella, nodding my head in agreement to Leah's question.

"Yeah, Bells, can we? He's funny."

Bella smiles sadly at us. "I'm not sure; remember he's my boss, so he may not be able to spend any time with us. But he says that since I work in his restaurant, I get a big discount. Maybe for a treat when I save enough, we can all go there and have something to eat? I'm sure he'll talk to you both then."

Leah and I both nod our heads, smiling. "Do they serve food like you do?"

Bella chuckles a little. "I'm sure the food will be much better than mine is, Seth."

I watch as Leah bites her lip and looks down. "If we do go, will you eat, too?"

I feel a little sad because Bella never eats when we eat out. So, I know that even if she says yes right now, she won't when the time comes.

"I'm not sure. If I'm hungry, then yes, I will."

I don't say anything because I know she won't; she's never hungry when we go out. Sometimes I can even hear her tummy growling because she is hungry, but she still says she isn't.

We eat dinner, and Leah and I have some toast with jelly before Bella drops us off at Zafrina's house.

"All right, my lovely little darlings, what shall we do tonight? Watch more videos of my horrible boys as children? Or we can eat some popcorn and watch a nice movie. Or should we make something?"

I look at Leah and chuckle. The last video we watched was done at Halloween. Aro was Peter Pan, Amun, who was Aro's oldest brother, was Captain Hook, and his other big brother, Andy, was Tinker Bell. Zafrina laughed as we watched it and said 'that figures', and then says she should've known then that he was a big fairy.

We end up deciding to watch a movie, and she puts on one of my favorites: "Beauty and the Beast." It always reminds me of my Bella. We snuggle close to Zafrina, me on one side, Leah on the other, and have a big bowl of popcorn and milk shakes.

"All right, Bella will be here in fifteen minutes. Let's clean everything up before she gets here." We smile and help tidy up, and then Zafrina sits us down and reads us a short story.

Both Leah and I were glad that Bella began to enjoy working for Mr. Masen. She seemed so much happier—even more so when she had her first reading lesson. Then another change came. We were going to see a new doctor, the same one who Bella had to see. When we got off the bus, Mr. Masen was there and told us that we could call him Edward.

He sat with us during our visit and only left to make a call. Then he came with us to dinner, and for the first time ever, Bella had something to eat when we were out. I think Edward made her. I wish I knew what he said to her to have her cave the way she did. I knew then that he was going to help us; he was our gift from God.

We waved goodbye to Bella, and Edward took us to Zafrina's house. I think he knew Bella didn't like the car so he didn't make her get in the car.

"Seth, are you enjoying school?"

I nod my head at him. "Yes, I love it most of the time."

He gives me a smile that I can see in his mirror. "What about you, Leah, do you like school?"

Leah's eyes light up. "I love it, it's all great. Well, except Johnny; he's smelly."

Edward chuckles and glances back in his mirror. "Boys are really smelly. Well, except for me and Seth, that is. What do you like doing in school the most, Leah?"

Leah thinks for a moment. "Spelling—I love spelling, and I'm getting really good at it."

I roll my eyes when she says she is getting good at it. I don't think I've come across a word she can't spell.

"And you, Seth?"

I smile at him. "Music. I love learning about music."

He gives me a surprised nod. Edward talks to us the rest of the way. He takes turns asking us questions, and sometimes tells us a little about himself. He got us up to Zafrina's and talked to her before leaving. I was sad when he left and I know the Leah was, too.

It was a short while later when he dropped clothes off for Bella and he came with us to the park.

"Can I be on Edward's team, Bella? Can we do boys against girls?" I grin at Leah, who rolls her eyes at me, but she and Bella both nod their heads.

"Well, now that the teams are set up, all we need to do is a coin toss." Edward throws a coin in the air, catches it, and then puts it on his hand with his other hand covering it. He then looks at Bella. "You call it, head or tails?"

Bella bites her lip while looking up at Edward. "Tails?"

Edward looks at her with a silly smile. "Are you asking if it's tails, or is that what you think it is?"

Bella shakes her head at him. "Tails, I thinks it's tails."

Edward pulls his hand away, shaking his head. "Sorry, Bella Baby, it's heads." He shows it to Bella and she rolls her eyes.

"So, partner, shall we bat first or second?" Edward turns and looks at me, grinning.

I smile back at him. "First. We should bat first."

The game is good, and Bella even manages to hit the ball—something she's never done before. Before long, Bella has me pinned down and is tickling me—something she does a lot. She stops for a few seconds when we hear Leah's calls for help. We both look over to see Edward chasing her and tickling her. Soon, Bella jumps up to help her and then Edward chases Bella and tickles her. Both Leah and I watch in awe, because this is the only time Bella's ever been tickled, and for the first time that I can remember, she looks really, really happy.

Edward invites us to lunch, and again Bella surprises us by agreeing and allowing Edward to hold her hand. Leah and I hold hands, and we both smile at the knowledge that Edward is not just Bella's boss, but also her friend.

"Bella, is this where you work?" Leah asks as we arrive at Midnight Sun.

"Yes, I clean in here, and Edward owns it." I turn to look at him.

"I thought you said you were a professor. Don't they work at a college?"

He nods his head at me while chuckling.

"Then why do you own a restaurant and not a college?"

He chuckles at my question that even sounds silly to my own ears. "Well, Seth, I enjoyed coming here when I was Leah's and your age, so when I heard it was for sale, I bought it."

I look at Leah, thinking a restaurant is a strange thing for a professor to have, but she shrugs her shoulders as we walk in.

"Afternoon, sir, Bella, and who are these two? If I were to guess, I would say you must be Seth and Leah."

We nod our heads and watch as he reaches out his hand to me. "Well hello, Leah."

I look at him strangely, thinking he must be crazy. "No, I'm a boy. I'm Seth."

The man slaps his head. "Well, silly me, sorry," he says while shaking his head. "I better put on my glasses, huh?" He pulls them out from his pocket and puts them on. Both Leah and I chuckle when we see that they are joke glasses, where the eyeballs bounce up and down on springs. I look at Bella and Edward, who are both rolling their eyes and giggling at the man.

"Hello, Seth," he says, shaking my hand. "And hello, Leah," he greets, shaking Leah's hand. "My name is Taylor and I work with your amazing big sister, Bella. You can call me Tay. Now, please be aware I only allow really special people to call me Tay. Not even my big boss man is allowed to call me that, so let's keep this our secret, okay?"

I smile up at Tay, and then at Edward, who again rolls his eyes at him.

"Have you all come in for lunch?"

Edward nods his head. "Yes, we have. A table for four, and please tell Eric we have two very special guests in the house."

Tay nods his head and walks in front of us to a table.

Before he walks away, he leaves some menus on the table.

"What would you guys like to eat?"

Leah and I pick something, and I frown when Bella says she's not hungry. Tay comes back to the table.

"Can we have two ham and cheese sandwiches and two cups of vegetable soup for Seth and Leah. I think the chicken salad sandwich with two cups of vegetable soup for Bella and me. Then afterward, can we all have the fudge cake. Bring chocolate milkshakes for Seth and Leah, too. Water and orange juice for Bella and I. Thank you, Taylor."

Leah and I look at Edward, and then at Bella who is frowning at him.

"Don't give me that look, Bella Baby. I told you I was taking you all out for lunch. It would make me really happy, and Seth and Leah happy too, if you would eat along with us."

Leah and I nod our heads as Bella looks between all of us and then nods her head too and whispers out 'fine'.

Bella changed after that, a little more every day, but she started to look healthier, and we always had more in our cupboards then before. Edward began spending some time with us, too. Things really changed on Halloween when we met up with him after we went to see Aro. We all had a great night, and after that, Edward would spend at least one night a week with us.

It was just after Halloween when we had our first big scare.

"How about hot dogs and French fries for dinner?"

Leah and I look at each other and then at Bella.

"Do we need to eat carrots?" I stick out my tongue.

"Or the yucky peas?" Leah adds.

We hear Bella sigh loudly. "Yes, you need to eat the yucky carrots and peas, or there will be no ice cream and chocolate sauce."

I stick out my bottom lip, looking sadly at Bella, but she laughs and shakes her head. "That face doesn't work on me, you ..." She stops talking and pulls me and Leah behind her, looking at our front door. I look around her to see that it looks funny.

"I need you to stay here—right here. Please don't move." Bella goes to walk in the apartment, but then looks at us and quickly hugs and kisses both of us first. "If you hear me call for help, I want you to call Edward, but first you run outside and hide, okay? I'll be okay, so don't wait for me. Tell Edward we need help and that you are alone, okay?" She hands me her cell phone, and I'm so glad Bella has already shown both Leah and I how to work it. I nod my head at her and pull Leah toward me. I know that I need to be a big boy for Leah.

Bella walks in and I hold my breath. I feel myself shaking and don't really understand why. It's not until I hear Leah sob that I look to find that it's her shaking me. I kiss her head and hold her as tight as I can.

"It's going to be all right, Leah; we'll be fine. Edward will save us. He'll be our very own Batman."

Leah lets out a small chuckle. "We could call him Wardman or Edman. What sounds more like a superhero?"

I chuckle at her. "Yeah, I—we can get Bella to draw his costume for him, and his mom is pretty cool, so I'm sure she could make it for him."

Leah chuckles again. "Bella is my hero."

I nod my head because Bella really is my hero. When I look up, I see Bella coming back out.

"It's safe, but I need to take you to your bedroom. There's lots of broken glass, so I'm going to have to take you in one at a time. Leah first?"

I nod my head at her, so she picks Leah up and then walks back inside. I watch Bella the whole time. She comes back and looks at me as she picks me up; I give her a hug and a kiss. "I love you, Bella, but maybe we should call Edward anyway. He will know what to do."

She looks at me and nods her head. As we walk in, I look at all our destroyed stuff. I feel sad—not sad because we don't have these things anymore, but sad because Bella worked so hard to get us this stuff and someone just smashed it.

We stay in our room like Bella asks, and after a little while, we hear Edward's voice. Bella walks in our room with Edward standing behind her. He gives me and Leah a quick smile before leaving Bella with us. She wraps us up in her arms and I hear her whispering a prayer.

Edward comes back after a few minutes, and then he and Bella leave Leah and I in the bedroom while they go tidy up. After everything is cleaned up, we go to Edward's house where he has the best piano ever. It's even greater because I get to play it.

The next few days passed, and it was time for Leah and I to go camping with the church.

"Seth, you awake?" I turn to face Leah, who is looking at me.

"Yeah, I am awake. Are you missing Bella?" Leah looks at me shyly, but bites her lip as she nods her head. I see a tear running down her face, so I pull her closer to me.

"She'll be all alone without us there. I mean, who will she have dinner with?"

I hear Leah sniffle and I hate it. Leah's always the strong one, and she always stands up for both of us. She never lets anyone pick on me.

I shake my head and try to put on one of the voices Edward uses to make Bella feel safe.

"Leah, she has Edward. She'll stay with him, remember? He'll make sure she's all right; you know he will. I think he really likes her."

I feel Leah nodding her head. "I really like him, too; I hope he stays."

I smile at her, hoping the same thing, but for Bella, not me. I hug Leah and we soon fall asleep. The next morning when we wake up, Sally lets us call Bella and Edward.

Both Leah and I missed Bella a lot more than we let on because we didn't want Bella to feel bad. We even missed Edward. Things changed again, and Edward and Bella started to do yucky kissing. I was worried at first because Bella looked really sad and I heard her crying. The next day when she left, she took the painting she made for Edward. She looked so sad, but when she came home from working at the college, Edward was with her and she looked happy; really happy. Whatever happened, she and Edward had worked it out and I was glad.

We would spend the weekends at Edward's, and it was during one of these times we found out something about Edward—something that made Leah and I really sad. Leah and I were up earlier than we usually were, and we heard Bella and Edward talking. We had stopped to let them finish their talk.

"My talk with Peter went well, but I still miss him so much. I often wonder what kind of dad I would've been to him."

I look at Leah and she looks at me. We're both surprised.

"You would have been a great dad to little Edward. I know you would have been. I see how you are with Seth and Leah; you're amazing with them."

I nod my head, agreeing with what Bella just said.

"I wish I could help you see that. I wish I could have met Tanya. I would've told her what a great dad you would've been, and what a great guy she lost out on. I wish you could've been the dad you were meant to be for little Edward. You should've had that chance; he shouldn't have died."

Leah and I look at each other and head back upstairs.

"He has a boy?" Leah looks at me, shaking her head. "Had a boy. He must be in heaven now, along with our dad."

"I think Edward would be a great dad. I mean, he seems much better than what ours sounds like."

Leah nods her head at me. "Yeah, he would be the best dad to have, and Bella is the best mom. When they have babies, they're gonna be so lucky to have them."

I nod my head and try to smile. I want Bella to be happy, but if she has her own baby with Edward, I wonder if they will have any time for me and Leah still.

The days flew by and Christmas was right around the corner. Bella had a bad fall and had to stay in the hospital for a little bit. Leah and I stayed with Edward, and while we missed Bella a lot, we also had a great time with him. Bella soon came home, and Edward made her stay with us at his house. We became more and more like a family. I can't say we were like the ones on TV, though, because to me and Leah, our family was so much better.

It was a sad when, for the second time, we moved back home. Edward went away with Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle for a weekend. We had gone to the park and then to the library after dinner. Once we were home, Bella wanted us to have a bath and get changed for bed. We went back into the living room to watch a movie before bed, but it was dark—really dark. I found that odd because Bella left the light on when we went to take our bath.

Bella switches on the light just as we hear a man's voice. "So, little pet, what have you been doing to get all of this?" As the man stands up, I move to stand in front of Bella, but she pulls me behind her.

"Uncle Harry, I didn't know you were coming over. I'll go and put the kids to bed and make you something to eat."

I look from Bella back to the man. I can hear that she's afraid. She pushes us back toward our room, and I feel her pass me her phone.

"Soon as you're in your room, put the bed against the door and call Edward. Tell him Uncle Harry's here, and to come as quick as he can." She says it quickly in both Leah's and my ear. Just as we get to the bedroom door, Bella's hand leaves my shoulder. I turn to see that Uncle Harry has a hold of her hair and has picked her up off the ground and slammed her against the wall.

"You've been a dirty, little pet. Maybe I should try you out, too. After all, you're no longer pure, and that's the only reason I haven't been fucking you all along. Tell me, slave, has he fucked you hard? It doesn't matter if he has or not, or if it has been good for you or not. When I fuck you, you'll get nothing—nothing out of it at all. I will enjoy tearing up that slave snatch of yours. That's how it should've always been anyway."

I silently pass the phone to Leah, and she grabs my hand and pulls me back.

"WHERE. ARE. MY. PAPERS? I. WANT. THEM. NOW!" he screams. With each word, he bangs her head against the wall. I feel so angry that I charge at him and jump on his back. He turns and drops Bella to the ground.

"Seth! Bella!" I can hear Leah screaming.

Then I hear Bella shouting. "Leah, run! Run to our favorite memory and call Edward. Go!"

Uncle Harry is swinging me around, but I see Leah shaking her head at Bella.

"RUN NOW, LEAH, I MEAN IT!" Bella screams and jumps on Harry as he squeezes my wrist. I feel a shooting pain as he grins at me.

Bella is still hitting him everywhere she can. "Let him go, let him go! I will not let you hurt him!"

Harry laughs as he pushes Bella away and then pins her to the ground.

"ARRG!" Uncle Harry screams out. I look to see that Jake bit him and is still attached to his hand. Bella smashes him in the face and he let's go of her. I see him throw Jake away and start to move after Bella.

"Run, Seth! Go find Leah. Run, Seth!" I look at her. "I'll be right behind you." I jump up and run. It only takes me a few minutes to catch Leah, and when I get to her, she's crying on the phone to Edward.

A few seconds later, we hear running footsteps, and I'm afraid that it's Uncle Harry. I turn to see Bella as she takes the cell from Leah. The pain in my wrist starts to get worse, and I try hard to not cry, but the pain is bad and seeing both my sisters crying makes it harder.

Bella takes us to the wishing well fountain and sits in front of me. The pain in my wrist makes it hard for me to hear what she's saying. I watch her take off her top and put it in the water. Before I can say anything, she puts it on my wrist. It's cold, but doesn't make it feel much better. It's really hurting badly now. I can hear someone crying and Bella is looking at me sadly.

"I'm sorry. I am so sorry," Bella says.

I can feel Leah rubbing my back and finally realize it's me who's crying. I try to stop, but the pain makes it hard. Soon, the police arrive and Bella hangs up the cell phone.

"Miss Swan?" Bella nods her head. The police officer looks at the three of us before focusing on Bella, and then takes his jacket off and wraps it around her. After Bella has her arms in the jacket, I watch her sit down. Before I know it, she pulls me onto her lap and then does the same with Leah.

"I need to ask, did the man that broke in to your apartment follow you here?" an officer asks.

"No, I don't think so." The police officer nods and bends down, looking us over.

"Do you know who it was?"

Again, Bella nods her head. "It was our Uncle Harry."

"Does he have a last name?"

Again, she nods her head. "Clearwater."

The police officer frowns. "I think maybe we should do this later. I'm taking all of you to get checked out."

Bella begins to shake her head. "NO! No—no, Edward is coming with Carlisle; he's a doctor. I can't go yet, he'll help. Carlisle is—Carlisle knows us; he's our doctor."

The police officer frowns even more and I can feel Bella's heart beating harder than ever.

I hear a shout and we turn to see Edward standing with the other police officer.

"Is that Edward?"

Bella nods her head. "Yes. Please, I—we need him."

I watch as the officer nods and then Edward runs up to us. I can clearly see the worry on his face. He also looks a little angry, too. Hopefully he's not mad at me. I really did try to protect Bella the best I could.

Carlisle comes and we go to the hospital. Bella needs to get checked out, too, and Edward goes with her. Emmett and Jasper take Leah to get something to eat, and Carlisle stays with me. As the door opens, I see Esme walk in and come straight to me to give me a big hug.

"Oh, my dear boy, how are you?"

I feel myself start to cry again. "I'm okay," I sniffle. "Carlisle says that it's broken and I need a cast on for a few weeks. I wanted to pick pink because it's Bella and Leah's favorite color, but he said that I'll have to wear it for a while. So I was thinking he could make it blue, and then maybe put a little pink at the top and bottom for Bella and Leah. See how it turned out?"

Esme smiles at me. "That looks really nice, sweetheart."

"Is Bella okay?"

She looks at me and nods. "She's okay. They're just cleaning her up a little. She sure is missing you and Leah, but don't worry, she'll be back in here soon. Edward was asking about you, too, young man."

I look down to the floor. "Is he mad at me?"

Esme looks to Carlisle then back to me. "Why would he be mad at you, my sweet boy?"

I let out a sigh or a 'huff' as Bella calls them. "I didn't protect Bella very well. It's a man's job to protect his family, and she got hurt." I feel a tear sliding down my check.

"Seth, I am not mad at you about this, and I never will be."

I turn to see Edward standing at the door.

"What you did makes me so proud of you. Bella only said a little, but she did say that you got hurt trying to help her. You did something very brave and I am proud of you for trying. You and Leah did great. Both of you tried to help your sister out. I love you; you are my Little Man, and I am so thankful you're all right." I feel him pull me to him and he kisses my head.

"Bella's out in the hall with Leah, Emmie, and Jazz. Come on, Little Man, let's go and get the rest of our family and go home." I nod at him and walk out, holding his hand. When I see Bella and Leah, I run to them and hug them both as tight as I can with this stupid cast.

After that, we moved into Edward's house and I was so happy.

It seems as if this was our time for changes, though, because it wasn't long before another change happened. Edward had been acting strange, and I kept catching him looking at Leah and me strangely. Sometimes he'd look sad, and other times he would look really happy. I couldn't seem to keep up with his moods, but just like Bella, he tried to hide it.

It was only a few days later when Emmett picked us up from school. When we got home, they all said Bella was sick, and that she had a really bad headache. When I saw her, I knew that wasn't true. I could tell she had been crying. I wasn't too worried about her, though, because Edward was staying with her, and I knew he was sad too. I could see that Edward had been crying, as well. I trust Edward, but both Leah and I still had a sleepless night.

The next day, we were all sitting in the kitchen. I knew we were about to find out what was going on. That's when we found out that Edward was our father. After that day, our lives changed for the better.

As they talked to us, though, I felt myself go into shock. At first, I thought that I had another brother, and then I was happy because they said that Edward was Leah's and my dad. It was only seconds later that I realized it meant that Bella was not my sister, and I needed her to be something to me; she had to be my family.

I look at Leah and she nods her head. We've always been able to almost read each other's thoughts.

"Can we talk to Bella for a few minutes?" Edward—I mean Dad— looked hurt and worried, but got up anyway, saying he'd be in the kitchen.

"Hey, I want to tell you that I love you both and I'm really happy for you. Edward—your dad is a great guy and you know that he loves you so much already."

I smile at Bella the best I can. I look back at Leah to see that she has the same question in her head that I do. She is braver and asks, "Do you think you would be alright if we call him Dad?"

Bella nods her head at us.

I look to the floor and then to Bella. "I still choose you."

Bella frowns at me and shakes her head.

"No, Bella, I want you to always be a part of my life. I love Edward and I'm glad he's our dad, but you're more important to me. I really want to call him Dad, but I want you and Edw ... Dad to know what you mean to me—to Leah and me. I mean, can we still say that you're our sister?"

Bella cries and pulls us both into her arms. "You are both my family. I don't care what anyone says; I love you both and would fight for you no matter what."

I kiss her cheek and hug her back, and Leah does the same. This is new and it scares me, but from what I can see, it was Bella that brought him into our lives so we could get close. Somehow, I just know that he would never walk away or push Bella away. Besides, Dad or not, he can't—I won't let him.

It was strange how quickly Leah and I got used to calling Edward 'Dad'. He didn't change too much. Leah and I felt that was because he had already taken on the role of our father a long time ago. That also got us thinking about Bella and her role in our lives. We knew she was always more than just a sister to us, but we weren't sure what she was.

Even after Sue, Bella's stepmom, showed up, we still carried on as a family. We were in school when one of the teachers pulled us out of class and said we had to go with the lady that had come. I looked at her and she reminded me of something, and Leah and I both got scared. I held her hand, knowing that Lucy was close by and we'd be safe. The lady gripped Leah's and my arms, pulling us apart and dragging us down the hallway.

"So where are your babysitters? Hmm, I can tell you where they are. Gone! Just like that sister of yours! Well, I take it you know already that she isn't really your sister. No matter; she and your daddy dearest are gonna have a new baby, and they don't want you around anymore, so they gave you back to me."

I look at Leah as she looks back at me. I know that she doesn't believe a word this woman is saying. Bella would never give us up. Never.

"Get in the car and be quiet!"

She pushes me hard as I hear Lucy calling us. I turn to look at her while the woman pushes Leah into the car.

"Get in or I will kill her!"

I jump in and pull Leah to me when the woman gets in and starts to drive away.

"So, I should tell you I am your real mommy. Aren't you both so glad to have me back?" she chuckles. "Oh, right on cue!"

I look out the front windshield to see a car pull up in front of us. The car we're in moves backward suddenly and stops. I turn to see another car behind us. As I look out my window, I see Lucy coming for us.

"Lucy's coming. We're gonna be all right, Leah."

I hear a chuckle and look to see the woman watching us.

"We? I will be just fine, but you two … you may not be so fortunate. Oh well, not a big deal if I lose you two. Collateral damage, because I have to show that I mean what I say. If you die, you die—I can't say that I care. They had the chance, but they think money is more important than you, just keep that in mind. It's really them that caused all of this; they're the ones who are bad. Okay, sit back now; it's show time." She gets out of the car and laughs loudly, even winking at us.

"Now, now, Lucy, you are nothing more than an idiot. Don't be stupid, you pussy. You wouldn't want me to burn them, would you?"

Leah and I watch as she lights a rag on fire that's stuffed inside a bottle.

"Now, children, you must remember to never play with matches."

She turns and looks back at Lucy. "How fast can you run? Shall we see?" The woman throws the bottle that's still burning into the car and shuts the door.

"Seth?" I start trying to open my door but I can't. Two of the guys that have been watching us while we're at school came up to the car.

"Seth …" cough, "I'm …" cough, "scared."

I pull Leah to me, unsure of what to do.

"Seth, Leah, cover your faces and lean into the middle of the seat facing each other."

Both Leah and I do what we're told and I hear breaking glass before I'm pulled away from Leah. I push the person who grabbed me and run to Leah so I can hold her. Lucy comes up and sits with us, hugging us in her arms.

"Bella is on her way. She'll be here soon, and so will your dad."

I don't hear anything else until I feel Bella's arms wrap around me. Dad turns up just after her. I'm so glad when they say we don't need to come back to this school. I really don't feel like we're safe here. After this and the people who talk bad about Bella, I hate the place.

It felt like forever before the police caught Sue, the lady who tried to take us. They said she was our birth mom, but she doesn't feel like that in any way, shape or form. Both Leah and I hate her, and neither of us feels like she has ever been a mother to us. I just hate her so much. I know Bella will be sad to hear me say that, but I do. I don't just hate her for what she did to Leah, but because she tried to say that Bella and our dad didn't love us. Not to mention that she is also the one who hurt Bella again and tried to take her away.

Then came our biggest fear, well Leah's and mine anyway. It was a scary moment in our lives when we were told that Bella was gonna have a baby. I know she said she would always love us the same. I guess I was just scared in case she didn't.

Then Dad asked us if he could marry Bella. We wanted her happy, and he made her happy, so we said yes. That was followed by a happy moment in Leah's and my life, because we got to change our names. Well, only our middle and last names, but I was glad that I had Carlisle's name as my middle name and my dad's as my last name. When Dad asked Bella to be his wife, of course she said yes.

Then we were a family. When Remy came, I watched how Bella was with her, but it was the same way she was with Leah and me. Nothing changed, and that was when I knew what Bella was to us. In my life, in Leah's life, she was and had always been our best friend, our sister, but most importantly, our mom.

"Leah, you awake?"

There is a faint 'yeah' coming from inside her room, so I open the door and move to her bed. Leah moves over, allowing me to climb in like we've done so many times.

"I was thinking about Remy and Mo ... Bella."

Leah looks at me and I can see her smile at my slip.

"She's our mom, Leah. She's always been our mom."

Leah nods her head, agreeing with me. "Do think we can call her that? I've been wanting to for a long time now."

I shrug my shoulders. "I hope she'll let us; we need to tell her how we feel. Maybe Dad could help?"

Leah smiles at me while nodding her head. "You going to sleep here with me tonight?"

I look at Leah and nod my head as we snuggle close.

The next day, we went to Dad and explained what we were feeling. He was so glad, and agreed that Bella has always been our mom. He also explained that a true mother doesn't treat her children any different and that it wouldn't matter if she gave birth to them or not. The next morning, we all got up early to make Bella breakfast in bed. We gave her a true Mom's day, and Leah and I were so happy that she said that we could call her Mom.

Life moved on from there. The first nine years of our lives were hard—most of it was good, but there was bad, as well. The two years from age seven to nine were the scariest, as well as the years that had the most changes in them. Still, all three of us came out the other side. Things calmed down, and Dad, Mom, Leah, Remy and I all became a family. We also welcomed AJ into our lives. AJ was great, and I loved having a little brother a lot more than I thought I would.

Things weren't always smooth sailing, and just like every other family, we had our arguments—like when Leah had that boyfriend, Paul. I told her he was no good, but she never listened and ended up with a broken heart. I didn't really mean to say I told you so, but it came out—which sent her into a crying jag that lasted a few days.

Then came the time some little asshole was picking on Remy. I may have been a little hard on him. I mean, I never hit him, but he did cry. His parents were not happy and came to our house, shouting at Mom. They, of course, came when Dad was still working, which I think was their plan.

So here they are, shouting about how their son—who was eleven—was attacked by her eighteen year old hooligan. The father of the kid gets into my mom's face, poking his finger against her shoulder while yelling at her. "It's sluts like you who give the country a bad name."

I jump down the stairs and push him away from her.

"What were you, thirteen or fourteen when you had him? You're disgusting," the man continues.

I leap toward him.

"Seth, don't!"

I look at Mom. "No, Mom, he's not going to keep calling you a slut. Plus, his little shit of a son, who is eleven, hit and pushed Remy. Remy is a little girl and is only nine," I say, turning to the people accosting my mother. When I turn back to Mom, I hold my hand up to stop her from saying anything yet. "He pushed her to the ground. You saw the cuts on her knee. I never laid a hand on the kid, but I definitely told him what I would do if he touched my sister again."

Mom looks at me, trying to calm me, but it's not going to work.

"I really don't think she can keep her legs shut. It's no wonder her kids are running amuck," the guy says to his wife.

I look behind me at the guy, who is looking at me and smirking. "So you think you're a big boy? Well, come on, big man, give me your best shot!"

Mom stands in front of me, glaring at him. "Do not threaten my son in my home. Who do you think you are coming here and saying this stuff about me? You don't know me or my family. First of all, Seth is eighteen and I am twenty-nine. That is eleven years between us—eleven! Do you think I got pregnant that young? He is my son in every way except by birth. Second, I really do not have to explain myself to you. Third, he was sticking up for his little sister—the girl your son has been picking on, and which you were made aware of a few weeks ago, yet it continued." The man moves toward her.

"I'm calling the police and having him arrested!" he yells, pointing at me. "He hurt a minor. Although, you could always spread your legs fo …"

I hit him hard before he can say another word. When he falls to the floor, I pull him up and toward the front door. As I throw him out on his ass, I see Dad and Jane walking toward us.

"You're gonna pay for that, boy, or your mama will," he says, turning around. As he turns, his face moves right to the perfect place, and my dad hits him right where I did.

Dad and Mom were both upset and proud of me, but it seemed like I had more and more of Dad in me every day. I don't like people getting picked on. No matter what, though, Mom and Dad have always stood by me. I, however, didn't get into any trouble from that altercation. Seems like the guy decided against pressing charges. Funnier yet, the little boy stopped going to the same school as Remy so we never had any more issues with him.


Mom and Dad even stood by me when I decided that I wanted to be a singer and songwriter. My first song was a mushy love song, and was, ironically, written for my mom and my family.

My life is perfect or, rather, it was perfect for the most part until last summer. I started to feel alone, but no one I saw or went out on dates with led anywhere. While some of them did strike enough interest to end up in my bed, it was never serious. I was starting to believe that there wasn't a perfect girl for me.

I was surprised at Christmas when the feelings hit me out of nowhere for my best friend. Not only was she my best friend, but a friend of the family—a girl who is nine years younger than me. I swear I tried to push those feelings away, but nothing worked. Now, having her here with me in my bed is something I have dreamt about many times, yet in reality, it feels so different.

My mom often says love isn't enough, and that scares me because I remember well everything she has said about it. "It's not enough just to say you love someone, because where love comes easy, it does not stay that way. Love is something you have to show and give willingly to someone. If you love someone, you have to be prepared to fight for them and hold onto them. There will always be someone or something who wants to break that love. So fight and always be true to yourself and to them. Always fight together, whatever comes your way, and you will achieve a love worth fighting for forever."

I never truly understood what she meant until now. I know if I'm gonna be with Corin, then I will—we will need to fight a lot of battles; her dad, for one, the media, and the public are just some of the many things that could and have broken up some great loves before.

I ask myself one last question—a question my mom always says to ask myself.

"When you find a love worth fighting for, ask yourself: Is she worth it? Is she worth all the heartache, and all the loss that may come with her? If the answer is yes, then go for it, because it sounds as if you have a lot to gain and nothing important to lose."

I walk back over to the bed and see my girl lying there. I change and climb into bed beside her before pulling her toward me so she is as close as I can have her.

"Seth," she breathes out my name.

I kiss her head. "I'm here, sweetheart."

I see her smile.

"What is that cute smile for?"

I watch her lick her lips. "I like it when you call me that."

I chuckle. Corin is the only person I know who can have a full conversation in her sleep.

"Sweetheart?" I say questioningly.

I watch her nod her head. "Yeah, that and Serenity, but my favorite is when you call me your baby girl."

I put my nose in her hair and take in her sweet scent. Calling her my baby girl is something I only started at Christmas after my feelings for her changed.

I look at her and notice that she's frowning.

"What's wrong, baby girl?"

I see a small smile cross her face, followed by a slight pout. "I'm a bad person."

I sit up a little and look down at her sleeping form. "Why would you say that?"

I see her getting sad and it about kills me. "I lied to you about why I'm here. Jason and I had a fight."

I rub her hair gently, trying not to get upset. Jason is a friend of hers; he took her to her school prom. She asked me, but I said no. I hated to upset her, but I knew I wouldn't be able to control myself if I took her.

"What happened? Tell me, please?"

She moves toward me and puts her head on my arm. I know she's still sound asleep, so I rub her head, asking her again to tell me.

"He wanted us to date, but I told him I only love him as a friend and he got mad at me. Then I found him reading my diary, and he said I was sick and dirty, and he was going to tell everyone."

I feel anger build again. Not only did he upset her and read her diary, but the fucker asked her out.

"You're not sick, baby, I know you're not."

I watch a tear run down her face and I quickly wipe it away. I watch her for few minutes, ensuring that she wasn't waking up.

"I love you, Serenity, every part of you. You're not sick or dirty."

"You wouldn't say that if you knew how I really felt about you."

My eyes widen as I look at her. I stroke her face, knowing that what I am about to do is wrong, but needing to hear it regardless.

"How do you feel about me?"

She smiles again, letting out a soft sigh with her breath. "I love you. I've been in love with you for over a year now. I thought it was just a crush at first, but my feelings for you have only deepened."

I kiss her head and smile, happiness and euphoria pumping through my veins.

"Jason said it was wrong to feel this way. He said that you're too old, and that you'll never see anything other than a stupid little girl when you look at me. He also said that it was like incest, and it was disgusting. I told him that we weren't related, but he said you saw me growing up, so it was still wrong. I tried to tell him that you've been away most of the time, and we've just been pen pals. He cut me off by kissing me, so I kneed him in his private parts. After that, he told me to leave. That's why I came to you. I didn't want to go home."

I will fucking kill him, I swear I will. I feel Corin move again, and she stops once she puts her head on my chest.

"I love you, too, Corin, really I do. It's not wrong, it can't be wrong."

Corin stays quiet and I know that she's fallen into a deeper sleep. I kiss her head again and snuggle us both down under the blankets.

"I will make this right, I swear I will," I whisper in her ear. It feels like forever before I'm able to sleep. My mind is so busy going over all the words she had to say.

I wake up to Corin's fingers running through my hair. I look down and see her blush.

"Hey, how's my baby girl this morning?"

I watch as her face fills with her blush and she glances down.

"I'm good, thanks, Seth."

I push my face into her hair and whisper in her ear. "You and I had an interesting talk last night."

I move back enough and watch her roll her eyes. She and I having conversations while she's asleep is nothing new for her.

"Oh, yeah?" she asks.

I nod my head. "Yep, and I will tell you now that I am gonna kick Jason's ass!"

She looks at me wide-eyed and opens her mouth, but no sound comes out.

"He hurt you and that is unacceptable. No one hurts my girl."

She hides her face in my chest and I hear her muffled question. "Did I say anything else?"

I pull her face up so I can look into her eyes. "You told me you love me."

Her eyes close fully and her face gets even redder. This will not do; I need to see her eyes.

"Open your eyes, Serenity. I want to see them when I tell you how I answered."

Slowly, her eyes open again and she looks into mine.

"I told you that I am in love with you, too."

Her eyes fill with tears as she bounces against me, pressing her lips to mine. I freeze, completely surprised by what she just did, and she pulls away because of my lack of response. Before she can get the wrong idea, I roll on top of her and start kissing her. I feel her kiss me back, and I am suddenly overcome with the realization that this is everything I have been missing. I smile into the kiss as I deepen it.

"I love you," I say as I look at her, pressing my forehead against hers.

"I love you, too, superstar."

I chuckle because I love when she calls me that. She's the only one allowed to call me superstar. Not even Mom gets to call me that. I start kissing her again, and her response is to kiss me back instantaneously.

We kiss and cuddle for what seems like no time at all, but when I glance at the clock, after my stomach grumbles, I see that it's now one in the afternoon. I smile at Corin and notice how swollen her lips are. Running my thumb over them, she opens her mouth in response to my touch. Watching her with her head back and mouth open reminds me of how her body reacted to the many light touches we just shared.

"Baby girl, we have to get something to eat. I also think it may be best for your virtue for us to get out of this bed."

"My virtue, as you say, is worth nothing without you. You are my life, Seth, and I love you. I have saved myself for you, and taking me now, later or in ten years will not change that. For the record, though, I'm okay with now or later, but not so much with the whole ten years thing."

We spent the rest of the day together, mainly alone in my room. We only left the room long enough to enjoy the wonderful Jacuzzi while the maid service cleaned our room. Serenity also had to go to the small store down the road, but made me stay at the hotel to keep the crowds from seeing me. I love her so much and am so thankful that she gets the life I live.

After dinner, I take a shower, putting on my favorite black pajama pants once I'm done. They're so soft, and the feel of them is like silk on my skin, yet they're not really a silk material at all. Going back into the main room of our suite, I see that Corin is on her laptop, sending an email to her mom. I smile and kiss the back of her head before walking to the balcony door to look out over the street and city lights.

"I'm going to shower. I'll be out in a little bit," she says to me as she wraps her arms around my middle.

I turn and kiss her deeply while hugging her close to me. "I'll be waiting for you."

She smiles at me coyly and makes her way into the bedroom. After a short time, I hear the bathroom door close. We haven't really talked about going all the way, but I know that I have never wanted any other woman the way that I want her. It's a forever kind of want, and I don't think I will ever get beyond that feeling.

I go into the bedroom and I'm almost shocked because there are several candles lit around the room. The smell of the candles gives the room an erotic, almost sensual, feel. I smile as I look around the room, taking in all the things she's done to set the atmosphere.

I sit on the edge of the bed where she turned down the sheets, and wait for her to finish in the bathroom. I heard the water go off about five minutes ago, and I'm beginning to think she's too nervous to come out. I get up and walk toward the bathroom door, but when I'm less than three feet away, it opens.

My breath is expelled from my chest and I am rendered speechless. Standing before me in a small, white lace baby-doll is Corin. I blink, rub my eyes, and open and close my mouth several times. I don't seem to have the ability to form any words. I look into her eyes and know this is my home. I now understand what everyone who is married in my family has been saying to me all along.

"Marry me?" I ask and watch her eyes light up.

She looks back at me, unsure if I really said what I did.

I know I just let it slip out, but I meant it. I really want the whole thing with her. "My sweet, baby girl, my Serenity, I love you. You are and always have been my best friend, and I'm so lucky to have you." I drop to my knees before her. "Knowing you for so long and then to fall in love with you—I must be the luckiest guy in the whole wide world. I know I will be if you say yes. So, will you marry me?"

I watch as tears start to run down her cheeks, and when she opens her mouth, a sob comes out. "Yeeeess!"

I stand and kiss her deeply. I hold her in my arms as she sobs quietly, whispering words of my love and devotion to her. I pick her up and carry her to the bed, placing her in the middle of the cool, white sheets. As I cover her body with mine, I hear her sweet sigh.

"Seth, make love to me," she says, looking in my eyes.

I see nothing but complete love and trust in her eyes, and I know without a doubt that this will be the only woman I will be with like this again in my life. I kiss her and slide my hands up her sides. My right hand moves to the center of her chest and I pull on the white ribbon that holds the front of the baby-doll closed. As the string pulls loose from the bow, the sides fall open.

"Baby girl, you are, by far, the most exquisite woman I've ever seen before in my life. Nothing can or will ever compare to you. You are my life now and forever."

Knowing she is pure makes me take more time than I would normally ever take. I have never been a guy to rush a girl into my bed and get what I want, but I have had my share of flings. Nothing and no one has ever made me feel like this, though; there is no comparison.

With every sigh and moan, I take in more of her body. We are both completely bare and still just merely petting each other. I kiss my way down her sleek body and back up. I avoid going to the obvious places because I want her to know this is not just about a release—this is about my total devotion to her and worship of her.

Without words, I know when she wants more, and I open my mouth and start sucking her skin lightly as I trail back down her body again. I stop and pay extra attention to her pebbled nipples. The moan that rips from her mouth as I suck her right nipple into my mouth while pinching her left makes me growl with desire. The lust is pumping through us fast, and before long, I have my face buried in her wet heat.

Her taste is divine, and she is pulling me into her warmth more and more. Her fingers are threaded into my hair, and she is lifting her hips to press harder against my mouth. No words are spoken; it's as if we have done this dance many times before. Her body reads mine just as well as my body reads hers. The give and take between us is emotional overload.

After she cries out my name a second time, I slowly crawl up her body. I kiss, lick and nibble my way to her mouth while continuing to help her slowly ride out her climax with my hand. I know that going further with her will cause her pain. As much as I don't want to hurt her, knowing that no other man has ever been—or will ever be—inside her, gives me a warm feeling inside.

"I'm ready, Seth. I know it won't be easy, but I trust you and I love you. Make me yours completely," she says huskily while pulling the condom from my hand and tossing it aside.

"You've always been mine, baby girl. You were made just for me. I've never been with anyone without a condom, and I promise I'm clean."

"I wouldn't want you any other way than skin on skin, Seth. I've been on birth control since I was thirteen because of cramping."

"Will we be able to have babies in the future?" I ask, unsure of why I even voice the question.

"As many as we want. Now make love to me," she replies.

I rub her clit several times with the head of my cock, spreading her juices around. Once I have her hips rocking to the movements, I move lower, and in one fell swoop, I fully seat myself inside her. I felt the slight resistance, but knew it would be better to push past it quickly. I still my hips and bite my cheek to hold my senses together. Our eyes have been locked the entire time, and thought I could see the slight pain in her eyes; the smile on her face tells me that she has no regrets. She finally nods her head at me as she moves her bottom slightly.

"I love you, baby girl, and I always will. Forever," I say as I slowly start to rock in and out of my Serenity.

I know she won't gain much pleasure from this first time, but I do my best to be sure she's getting something from it. I rub her clit with my thumb while I suck on her nipples and neck, and whisper sweet words of love and want in her ears. I can't hold my release any longer, and as I spiral through my climax, she scrapes her nails up and down my back, telling me she loves me.

We're on the bed and cuddle for quite some time. I get up and head to the bathroom, where I fill the huge infinity tub and put in some of the soothing bath salts. After the tub's full, I move back to the bedroom. I scoop Corin up in my arms and kiss her as I carry her to the bath. We soak in the soothing water until it grows cold, and then we spray off together in the shower before I cuddle her still-naked body the rest of the night in our bed.

After that day, Corin has been at my side. For the rest of the tour, she was my constant sidekick. The whole band is happy for us. They all told us how they saw a change in me after Christmas, and were now happy to see that I found my happiness. Maria was a pain in my backside, but she still has six months left on her contract. I'm already in talks with Jane to help me get rid of her, the sooner the better. Who would have thought that Jane would be the best manager? Mom insisted a long time ago, though, that I use someone that we could trust. Besides my actual family, I would trust Jane with everyone close to me. The band is glad that Jane is working on relieving Maria of her contract, as well, and finding us a new road manager. Maria apparently pisses them off, too.


Today, I'm a little scared. We are about to tell our parents what has been going on. Well, really, we only have to tell Dad and Jasper. They're the only ones who don't know. Mom and Aunt Alice already know, and Corin and I told Remy and Leah. Everyone was pretty shocked—everyone except my mom—but they're all happy for us.

"Seth, swear to me that we'll be okay and that you won't let him scare you off."

I look at her and then toward my house. "I love you, and he's your father, so you know he loves you, too. I know he's going to be upset, but that's what makes him a good dad, Serenity. He will just have to find a way to cope with it."

She nods her head at me and we walk through the door, hand in hand, ready to face whatever lies in front of us together.


The last three months have really flown by. Corin and I are still going strong. So far, only the band and our family know about us. Corin wanted to keep our relationship private for just a bit longer. The band was happy with me taking a six month break, and that break started two days ago. I'll miss the guys, but we will still get together and jam—we always do.

Here we are at Remy's wedding. I pull Corin close to me and kiss her neck while whispering words about someday soon when we are the bride and groom. I watch as my father passes by with a smile that changes a little. I frown, wondering why he looks so worried.

"Can you stop sucking my daughter's neck? I mean, really, I know I said that I was all right with this, but this is too much—far, far too much."

I turn to see Jasper standing there with an angry and worried look on his face. He is practically glaring daggers at me, and I hate that, but I refuse to regret the reason he is angry with me.

I hold up my hands. "Sorry, Uncle Jasper. I swear I'll try and limit the amount of PDA we share when you're around."

Jasper glances between me and Corin and looks ashamed. "You look beautiful, baby," he says to her.

I look to her as she smiles at her father. Jasper leans down and kisses her head.

"I love you. Your mom and I miss you. Come for dinner sometime soon, all right?"

She nods her head, and I feel guilty that I've taken up so much of her time lately.

"Dad, we'll be there, just name the day and time."

I watch as he frowns a little, and I know that he wants to spend time with just her.

"Corin, my love, why don't you spend time with your dad on Monday? If you do, then I can catch up with my mom, and have some Mom and Seth time with her. I'll take her for lunch—just me and her—while Dad's at work. I haven't done that in a long time, and I'm sure she'd love it as much as your dad would love to spend some time with just you."

Corin looks to me and smiles while nodding her head.

"How does that sound, Dad?"

I look at him and he gives me a grateful smile. "That sounds like just what I need. How about I pick you up around eleven on Monday? I'll take you out to lunch, and then we can go to the Seattle Museum of Art. There's a new display of paintings I bet you'd love."

"That sounds like a great day, Daddy. I love you."

He kisses her head again and pats my back. Maybe there is some hope for him to find happiness for me and Corin, after all.

The rest of the night goes by really fast. I dance with my mom, Remy, Leah, Alice and Corin. The only strange thing that happens is when Jane punches Jasper on the chin. Corin and I walked over to find out that he told her that AJ, my brother, was dating Jane's daughter, Emily. I smile happily for AJ; he had called Corin earlier this year, asking what he should do. Corin had told me on the flight home all about it.

I pull Corin away and back to the dance floor.

"Wow! Never a dull moment in our families, is there?" I watch a blush come over her face.

"I think things are gonna be far from dull for a long time. I think it's a good thing that I get one last day to go out on a date with my dad on Monday."

I frown at her and she smiles shyly at me. "Why would it be your last day to go on a date with your dad?"

"I found something out this morning, and I was going to wait until we got home to tell you, but ..."

I pull her closer to me. "Tell me what, baby girl?"

She bites her lip, looking around the room and then into my eyes. "The doctor called me about why I've been feeling rundown a lot recently."

I stop moving, getting myself worked up with worry that something is really wrong. Then I notice that she doesn't look sad. As a matter of a fact, she is smiling at me.

"Yeah, it turns out that you have super sperm. It seems that you knocked me up even though I'm on the pill."

I look at her frowning. "The doctor said that … that I have super sperm?"

I see her shoulders move as she chuckles at my reaction.

I really don't get what's so funny about having super sperm that got her knocked up! I mean—whoa, she's knocked up? Oh, holy hell, I got her pregnant! My girl—my sweet girl is pregnant with my baby.

"There you go, so ..."

Before she can finish, I pull her toward me, kissing her head and letting her go enough to rub her tummy.

"I can't wait! This is the best news ever."

She nods her head. "I'm only six weeks along, so can we wait to tell people. I would like to spend some time with my dad before I send him to an early grave."

I nod my head at her. "We'll tell them whenever you're ready." I stop and think about Uncle Jasper. "You know he's really gonna kill me now, don't you?"

Corin shakes her head at me. "I won't let him. Besides, he won't because he knows that I want forever with you."

I kiss her deeply and then pull back to look her in the eyes. "Forever, baby. With you and me, it is destined to always be forever."

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