It began as a normal day.

Doesn't it always?

My name is Rin. Now, I'd like to say that I'm just a regular middle schooler going to class, yelling to her brother to hurry up. But, sadly, I can't exactly say that.

You see, my brother and I are Vocaloids. We may look like humans, and act like humans, but in our electronic brains we know we aren't. We are creations born to sing, to rule the stage. But, you see, it would be pretty suspicious for some amazing (obviously) singers to turn up, but not be in school, right? Especially since I'm 13. So our creator decided to send us to this thing called school, this useless gathering of learning. Why not just give everyone the brain of a super computer like me?

"Kagamine-san, are you listening?" my "teacher" called, and both my brother and I snapped our heads toward her. I snuck a glance at my brother. He had a nonchalant look on his pale face, and his blonde hair shifted slightly as he turned. I, on the other hand, was furious. I'd like to teach her some things!

"Yes, Kitori-sensei?" Len and I asked sweetly, in tune. Oh; Len's my brother. It would be weird to keep calling him "my brother" this whole story.

"Do I need to call you two troublemakers by your first names?" my teacher snarled. "I hate twins!"

"And I hate teachers," I mumbled as a retort, and Len chuckled softly at my pouting face. His eyes closed for a moment, glowed a faint yellow, and then opened again, the glow subsiding. He winked at me, his turquoise eyes glistening with amusement.

"Email being received- Email received. Commencing opening of Email." My mind whirred as it processed the data to send to me. I sat impatiently, tapping my foot. What was so important that he had to send it during class? I glanced at him again, and whirled around in shock. Len's usually calm face was tense, and he was clenching his jaw. His gaze flickered around the room, his eyes serious, more serious than they had been in a while. "Email open. Read now?" my mind asked me.

"Yes," I whispered, closing my eyes and eagerly awaiting my brother's message.

From: Len Kagamine

To: Rin Kagamine

Hey, Rin! Somehow, I don't think we're the only ones! Look at… her! And her! And that guy!

Unfamiliar images popped up in my head, and I gazed cautiously around the class. Sure enough, the people I had just been sent a picture of were there. I couldn't recall their names now. That girl with two teal ponytails, tied up with a strangely floating cube of pink rubber. Her blue yes twinkled brightly, and a faint smile danced across her face. The girl who always underdressed, with silvery hair draping down to her shoulders. She had violet eyes and blocky black glasses, and sure enough, she wore the traditional Vocaloid uniform. I winced slightly, thanking my creator that my outfit was lessrevealing. Then I glanced at the blue haired boy, and I could feel my 'surprise' program start to hum. He wore a long white coat with a blue rim; well, his uniform was probably under it.

Chat activated:

Len: Hey, Rin? You okay?

I smiled to myself. That was just like my brother, watching out for me.

Rin: I'm fine. I'm just surprised that there are so many. We didn't even find them all yet! That guy in the corner looks like a dark you!

Len blinks in surprise and stares at the boy, who gives him a malicious stare back.

Len: Oh, my… pal. That's Rei. He won't hurt anyone, on one condition.

Rin: Which is…?

Len: To leave his sister Rui alone. Rui, you know? That girl who looks like a dark you?

Rin: Excuse me? Am I supposed to remember the names of my pathetic human classmates?

Len: They're our fellow Vocaloids, Rin. They're not humans.

I was about to reply when a slight ringing sound started in my head. I winced, and as it increased, I let out a sharp cry. "Rin-san?" my teacher asked coldly, staring at me. "Is there a problem?"

"Server… overloading…" I choked out before feeling darkness overcome my senses. The last thing I remember was hitting the floor.

"Let's see… so you're Rin Kagamine… the right mirror sound." A voice broke through the barrier of my foggy mind, and my computer hastily began restarting itself.

"Rebooting… Restoring memories from the last hour… complete." As long as the memory backup was up, even if I did shut down, I could still remember what had happened before.

"You're up," smirked the voice from before. "Good, 'cause I have some questions to ask you. By the way," it added as I stirred, my back sore. "You're in the nurse's office, so don't freak… hey, why this? What's your email?"

"RLL ..." I mutter, dazed. I raise my eyes to where the voice was coming from and started to cough, choking on what I guessed was our equivalent of "saliva". "Hey, you're that girl… Teal-hair, what do you want?" I asked bluntly, sitting up. My dizziness hadn't left me yet, so I leaned against the cold white wall behind me, my hair falling into my eyes as I did. I closed them, ignoring the tickling feeling on my nose.

"First of all," "Teal-hair" said waspishly, "That's not my name. I'm Hatsune Miku." Her icy eyes scorched into mine, and we locked eyes, a glaring challenge hidden in the depths. As I was about to strike, a voice distracted me. Just the voice I wanted to hear!

"Miku-san, calm down." Len said shortly, nudging her aside before sitting beside me. He unconsciously reached out his hand towards my face, to brush away the lock of blonde that had hidden it before. "Are you okay, Rin?" he asked soothingly, moving more hair out of my face.

"Yeah, I- I- I'm f-fine, t-thanks, L-Len," I gasped back, dizziness threatening to blacken my vision once more.

He gave me a quick glance before feeling my forehead. "Well, it's warm- Rin, what exactly happened to your hard drive- I mean, you?" he squeaked out, glancing frantically at Miku.

"It's fine," Miku sighed, a sneer dancing across her face. "You guessed it yourself already, Len-kun." I bristled, about to lunge. How dare she call my brother that, as if they knew each other? "I'm a Vocaloid, just like you two, and Kaito."

"Kaito…?" I asked blankly, my dizziness finally beginning to fade.

"Yeah. Blue-haired, ice-cream-loving, white jacket-wearing idiot." I had to stifle a giggle as I listened to Miku's rant about him. So he was that boy that wasn't wearing the uniform. "…And that time, he even dived into the ocean to retrieve it! Honestly, that guy…" Miku babbled on, her teal-colored ponytails swishing by her feet. I sneezed.

…And that's when I realized what had just occurred.

I thought we were unique? Turns out, there's a whole bunch of us. Why…

Why'd our creator lie?