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There are things to note about this fic. I will not go into too many specifics because that will be spoiling the entire story! Since I know that there will be a lot of people wondering who the romantic couple of this story is, I will say that it is GEO X SONIA

Summary: Geo Stelar is nothing more than a boy who has lost his father. He goes through social problems, pain, and tears every day. But he's going to have to get used to it, for the FM-ian invasion on Earth will begin. With the help of his new friends, Geo will find the one thing that he has always been looking for: himself; who he is, and why he lives on.

ALSO BIG UPDATE! I've made a huge plot change, and that change is in Geo and co.'s ages. Instead of being in 5th grade and 10 years old, they will be in 9th grade and around 14 years old. I know that my past updates have said otherwise, but this plot change is necessary. Reasons will be revealed as the story progresses. I know it is not making me look like a good writer in terms of commitment, but like I said, it's necessary.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Angst, Friendship, Romance

Rating: T (For Violence and Language

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Book I: It's Been Four Years

Chapter 1: Attendance


The loud beeping of an alarm clock resonated in a young boy's ears, waking him up. Tiredly, he reached for the Blue Pegasus Transer on his bedside table and, with the click of a few buttons, stopped the alarm from ringing. He grabbed the Transer and latched it onto his left wrist. Groaning, the young boy slowly rolled himself out of bed and made his way to the washroom.

After quickly brushing his teeth and washing his face, the boy took a moment to stare at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. Dark circles had formed under his chestnut brown eyes. His brown hair was spiky as it usually was; a bit messy at the front and standing up at the back (how his hair is naturally spiky remains a mystery to everyone).

He threw on his favourite red sweater and blue shorts. After a little scavenging around his room, the boy finally found his traditional necklace: a golden Star Pendant held by a simple wool string. He wore this necklace everyday for the past three years, and would probably continue to do so. He also found his special pair of glasses, which he also wore often. These green lenses were special, though nobody except him knew why.

As the boy exited his room, he closed the door behind him and went down the staircase and made his way to the kitchen. There he found his mother, Hope, helping herself to a bowl of cereal.

"Geo! It sure is a surprise to see you up this early," said Hope. "Mind if I ask why?"

"I'm going to school today, Mom," said Geo. He shrugged as he took a milk carton, box of cereal, and an empty bowl. "I've decided to give school another shot."

"Are you going to continue with school after today?" asked Hope.

"Don't know yet," mumbled Geo as he poured milk in his unfilled bowl.

"Please give it a thought, Son. You're in 9th grade after all. It's about time you've paid attention to your academics," said Hope. "By the way, remember to pour the milk after you pour in the cereal next time."

Geo raised an eyebrow, staring at his bowl filled with milk and without cereal. He sighed out an, "oh".

Hope pursed her lips. "Then again," she said, "take all the time you need. You don't need to rush things with school. Not at the moment at least."

"…Yeah…sure, whatever…"

After a rather rushed breakfast, Geo said goodbye to his mother and made his way to his school: Echo Ridge High School. It was the only school in the small town of Echo Ridge, and though the academic standards of the school weren't the highest in the country, Geo's mother wasn't planning to have him take a 2 hour bus ride to school, seeing that he barely goes to school anyway.

After the brisk 15 minute walk, Geo finally found himself in front of the school gates. A huge crowd of students – from Grade 1 to 7 – all stood in front of the huge metal bars, all waiting for the school to open. They were all talking with their friends. Geo recognized only a few students, all who simply stared at him for a while and gave him a small wave. He sighed. Geo definitely wasn't the most person in his grade, let alone his whole school.

Finally, a loud bell rang from the school as the gates swung open. The students all beamed and ran inside in a mad rush.

"Hey, hold up!" cried Geo, but nobody heard him, as all the students ran in before him. A big burly kid bumped into him, knocking down his bag of books. Before he knew it, Geo was the last person outside. Sighing, he picked up his bags and any of the books that fell out, and made his way inside the school.

When he entered the school, Geo grabbed the school map from the front desk (the school was very big, so it wasn't strange that the majority of the students had their own maps as well) and looked around for his classroom.

"216…216…where is that room…" Geo mumbled to himself as he walked down the long hallways. He took the elevator to the second floor and there he found it: Classroom 216: his homeroom. Through the small window in the door, he could see a bunch of kids running around (though trying not to break anything), talking, and having a good time. In the centre of the room was a girl with a notepad. The girl had long blonde hair, with two curly streaks from both the right side and left of her head. Her choice of fashion truly stood out, as she wore a blue blazer and a white dress shirt. Turquoise striped stockings covered her knees. Behind her were two boys. One boy was a large beefy boy with blue slightly spiked up hair. An orange headband covered his forehead. He was obviously a casual person, seeing that he was lazily eating a cheeseburger. The other boy was a short boy with brown spiky hair. He was very short, shorter than even the shortest 3rd grader, at the puny height of 3'8. Large blue glasses covered his eyes. He wore a dress shirt with a necktie and green shorts. The girl was storming around the classroom; questioning other students about late homework, tardiness, or any other aspect that would make the entire class look insignificant compared to others. The two boys followed her around like lackeys.

The second Geo opened the door, the blond girl's head swung around, eying at him suspiciously. The two boys did the same.

"You…" said the girl. "I don't believe I recognize you. Are you perhaps in the wrong classroom?"

"Uh, no," said Geo. "I'm Geo. I've been coming here for, well, a while, I guess?"

The three approached him, making Geo shudder a bit. The girl took out her notepad and began flipping through pages.

"Geo…Geo…" murmured the girl.

"Um, I'm sure the teacher would know who-" Geo began.

"Quiet!" hissed the girl. "I'm looking for your name! Can't you see I'm busy?"

"Yeah, leave Prez alone!" said the bigger boy.

"Ack! Sorry," groaned Geo.

After a while, the girl finally stopped at a page. Her glaring eyes met Geo's once again.

"Would you happen to be a 'Geo Stelar'?" asked the girl.

"Yeah, that'd be me," said Geo.

The girl closed her book and handed it to the smaller boy without looking to him, who took it and put it in his pouch.

"I'm sorry. I haven't properly introduced myself," said the girl. "My name is Luna Platz. Among the other students, they call me 'Prez'."

"Er, why 'Prez'?"

Luna smirked proudly as she looked at her fingernails cockily. " 'Cause I'm Grade Rep."

Geo groaned. He had no trouble believing that this cocky girl was Grade Representative.

"The name is Bud Bison! Please ta' meet ya!" the larger boy said as he punched Geo in the shoulder. "By the way, are you the kid that I had bumped into this morning?"

Geo's thought for a moment. "Uh, yeah. I think that was me…"

Bud laughed heartily. "Yeah, sorry 'bout that! That was entirely an accident!"

Geo rolled his eyes. Sure it was…

The smaller boy stepped up to Geo, offering his hand to shake. "My name is Zack Temple," said the boy. "It is truly a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"Uh, sure?" said Geo as he gave Zack's hand a small shake.

"Bud and Zack here are my assistants," said Luna. "Zack helps me with the very few aspects that I could not handle by myself, while Bud here ensures my physical protection."

" 'Physical protection'?" repeated Geo.

"She means that Bud is her bodyguard," said Zack.

"Yep! Anyone that want to mess with Prez has to go by me!" said Bud, pounding his large fists together.

"Anyways, I'd like to get to the point," said Luna, glaring at Bud and Zack. She shot her sharp eyes back at Geo. "According to my notepad here, you've been skipping a large amount of classes. Actually, a 'large amount' is an understatement. You've been missing the majority of the classes for the past three years. Could you please explain why?"

Geo winced. "Why" was the exact question he had wanted to avoid for, well, the past four years! "Er, well, I'm kind of on a special program…"

Luna snorted. "Please. Do I look like an amateur, Geo Stelar?" she said. "I've never heard of such a 'program', and so that in itself is concrete proof that you're lying!"

Geo raised an eyebrow. "Um, how exactly is that 'proof'?"

Luna continued as if she didn't hear him. "Anyways, I doubt that Mr. Shepar will be very pleased to see you here at school. If you're lucky, I'll report you myself!" she said.

Geo groaned. "Gee, thanks 'Prez'…"

At that very second, a teacher entered the room. Geo assumed this was Mr. Shepar.

With a bright smile, Mr. Shepar made his way to his desk.

"Good morning, class!" Mr. Shepar said to the class. "If you would all take your seats, I would like to begin the attendance." After Mr. Shepar finished the class list, Geo noticed that he hadn't said his name. He was about to speak up when he realized he wasn't the only one who had noticed this.

"Excuse me, Mr. Shepar?" said Luna.

"Yes, Luna? What is it?" replied Mr. Shepar.

"I would just like to point out that you have missed a specific student in today's attendance," she said. Luna turned to Geo, flashing him a demonic grin.

"Hmm, have I? Oh dear me…who have I missed?" said Mr. Shepar as he scanned over the class list on his Green Dragon Transer. "Luna, the only name I haven't said was 'Geo Stelar', but you all know him. He's the one that never comes to-"

"Actually, sir, I am here," Geo spoke up from his desk.

Mr. Shepar looked around to find Geo in the desk at the back of the classroom, trying to hide his face.

"Geo? Uh, it's great to see you here today! Though I thought you…" Mr. Shepar trailed off. "Never mind. I think you would have to see Mr. Higgy, the school's director of admissions. You would have to talk to him to confirm your enrollment with him."

"Uh…okay," groaned Geo.

"Don't worry," said Mr. Shepar with a reassuring smile. "You're not in trouble."

Geo nodded as he began to exit the classroom. Before he left the room, he could hear some students say, "That's what all the teachers say". Shaking his head, he closed the door behind him.