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1/4: Life or Death?

Leaning on a tree near a bridge outside Inabayama Castle, you gave up your search for Hanbei.

"Now where can that kid be?" you mumbled, looking across the field.

"You know I don't appreciate being called a kid when your shorter than me," a voice said right by your ear causing you to gasp and put your pair of sais against their throat. Seeing the upside down face of Hanbei you grabbed him by his white sleeve and glared at him as he smiled.

"The only reason I am out here is to tell you that Lord Tatsuoki declined to meeting with you," you stated before walking off back into Inabayama Castle. Hanbei quickly caught up with you, a small frown showing on his face.

"Of course. He is too occupied with alcohol and women to defend the castle from Nobunaga's attacks."

"I would much prefer that peace would hurry and come to this land, but things don't seem to work out that way," you sighed stopping before Hanbei, "I think I am going to leave the Saito and join Hideyoshi. The Saito is destined to fall so there is no reason to stay here unless I wish for death."

"Must you always sound so depressing?"

You gave him an angry expression. "Of course I sound depressing! We are in the middle of war."

Suddenly his palm was on your cheek causing your face to flush.

"That look is not fit for your pretty face." He murmured really close to your face.

"W-well I…"

"Well I've got some business to attend to." he said as he walked off waving his hand in the air.

"That- that… Hanbei!"