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4/4: Miss You

Days had passed in what felt like years since you had received Lady Ina's letter. Though you two were not currently on the same side, you both felt a deep respect for one another as fellow female warriors.

The letter contained the news of Lord Yukimura. The letter did not disclose if he was alive or dead something she could not confirm or deny either way.

She had wrote that she believed he was alive, so you had went to all of the spots you knew Lord Yukimura had favored, even some you had. Unfortunately, you had come up empty handed. Not a single trace of him showed anywhere you went and you had come to the sad realization that you would never see him again.

Holding a bundle of various wildflowers, you snuck through the night towards the current residing of Lord Yukimura's spear. Someone's tall dark shadow in front of the spear made you drop the bouquet and bring your out sword in an offensive position.

"I don't know who you are but I suggest you leave before I rip you apart with my sword," you growled out. No one was going to take Lord Yukimura's spear!

The unknown figure turned around said spear in his grasp, but his face is what made you stop functioning.

"Lady Hana."