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Kashino Makoto was almost emotionless.

At least, he lacked the most enjoyable emotion, which was happiness. Despite having multiple reasons to smile, like great friends, top-of-the-class grades and remarkable patissier technique, his straight face refused to look softer, or even offer the slightest of grins.

In the back of his mind, he always thought smiling was pointless. He always seemed to look on the downside of things, looking at the things that gave him no reason to smile at all.

His family didn't support his dream, so he had to remain number one at everything. Koshiro Miya along with other girls wouldn't stop running after him, or give him personal space.

They would go so far as taking pictures of him without his permission. Kashino continued to focus on one sole thing, which was his dream to be a top-rank patissier, no matter what the cost.

Thankfully because of this he has always been able to drown out all the horrible things that come in his way. But at the same time, he didn't notice all the great things he has… the things he has to smile about.

"Maa-kun, you need to smile more." His childhood friend, who specializes in Japanese-Western fusion sweets, would tell him this.

"Kashino, smiling shows your true beauty." The green haired narcissist would give his advice. At least something like that. He wasn't entirely sure. After all he wasn't really listening because he was focused on his tempering.

Kashino was always like this. Always. Until the new school year came by. A new member was added to the A Group, even though she has absolutely no experience.

Strangely enough however, he found himself looking where he shouldn't be, making more mistakes, and oddly expressing himself by drawing in his notebook.

Slowly he began to realize he was falling, hard yet gracefully for a joyful, cake-loving brunette.

This weird feeling was stubborn, it didn't want to leave no matter what happened. Like studying abroad in Paris with this girl, opening up a shop with her, receiving a hug from her after a victory.

The feeling parked itself permanently after his lips met hers one winter day.

After that, Kashino seemed different. Something about him changed dramatically. He did something you would never think he would do.

He smiled.