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Stella laughed, flinging another snowball at me. It hit me straight in the eyes, and I pretended to cover my face in pain. Stella ran over, looking distressed.

"Ow – oh, God -"

"Are you ok?" Stella bent down lower to check my face out, and I smiled beneath my hands. Grabbing her around the waist, I tackled her to the ground.

I leaned closer, and kissed her on the nose, which was covered with little snow crystals. She giggled, pulling her bright orange parka tight around her. I unwrapped the bright scarf she was up to her nose, and kissed her softly – her lips were almost frozen.

God, I loved winter.

We didn't really get much of it up in Arizona, but me, Stella, Lemonade Mouth, and our families had traveled to Minnesota for Christmas Break. We were staying in Duluth, a small town with lots of brightly colored colonial houses, and a cute area in the middle filled with vintage stores and strung with decorations.

This was where we were right now – in town, right outside the hotel where everyone was staying.

"HOT CHOCOLATE!," screamed Wen, banging down the hotel door, "If you two can keep off each other for two seconds, you can come and get some!"

I leapt up, tugging Stella to her feet too. She wrapped her arms around me, and I realized – with a smile – that Wen was right. We really couldn't keep off each other for more than two seconds.

Ever since camp, we had been inseparable.

Also, it had been kind of hard to keep off each other, if you get what I meant. Oh, sure, we'd been close to doing it – well, not that close, but both me and Stella wanted our first time to be special, and probably when and if we were married. But that was pretty far off, and right now I just wanted to focus on the present. We were now Seniors – the trip to camp had been last year, at the end – almost summer.


It was really hot inside the hotel, because the couple who ran the tiny place – Frank and Linda, old people who were really nice – had used to the gas stove in the kitchen to make dinner. It was late. A few other groups of people sat around in the living area, but Lemonade Mouth and all the relatives sat farther away, on the enclosed porch. Me and Stella grabbed hot chocolate and some Lucky Charms to share, and went to sit with them.

"RAY!" My little sister, Abby, flew into me and gave me a huge hug. Her long blonde hair tickled my arms, and I spun her around in a circle before putting her down gently next to my dad. Abby waved at Stella with a huge smile on her face, and then went back to playing a game with dad. Six-year-olds were so easily entertained.

"Ray, man, where you been?" Scott clapped me on the back, spilling hot chocolate all over his sweater. "Oh, damn, there it goes…"

"Hey, language," warned Mo, coming up behind him.

I sat down on the floor – honestly, all the porch seats were taken – and Stella laid down on my shoulder, taking all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms. I grinned at her, and she grinned back.

"You too are so cute it makes me want to throw up," grimaced Wen, an arm wrapped around Olivia's waist. She had just gotten word from home that her grandmother had fallen and sprained her back, so she was a little emo. Ahem. Sorry, not emo, just sad.

"Two-shay," I shot back at him. Me and Lemonade Mouth still had that old rivalry, but it had gotten better over time, as our bands started to hang out more.

Charlie and his girlfriend, Cassie, were hanging out by the fireplace. Her long, chestnut-brown hair was braided down her back, and tucked into a knitted hat. She also wore glasses, and was a bit of a dork, but was really sweet and nice to everyone. She handled all the craziness in Lemonade Mouth well. Every once in a while, the old fireplace would POP, and Cassie would shoot back. Everyone got a good laugh out of it.

Frank hobbled into the room with his cane, smiling a wrinkly smile. "You folks a-OK in here?"

Everyone yelled a huge YEAH! and Frank beamed, walking back over to the kitchen.

It was quiet for a few minutes, with just a some low conversations. I looked over at Stella, who's eyes were fluttering closed, and I yawned. So did Abby, Cassie, Stella's little brothers, and the other little family members the group had brought along. Wow. Those things really were contagious.

"I think it's bedtime," sing-songed Mo, rounding up all the kids, including Scott's little brother, Max.

Mo and the parents went up to the rooms, gathering all the kids, and getting them in bed. Abby gave everyone a hug – which took a while – and finally went too.

I kissed Stella softly when no one was looking, and her eyes blinked open. She smiled, and shook out her hair, which had gotten quite frozen.

Tomorrow, we were going Christmas shopping.

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