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Yet again, another story has come to my mind. I have been inspired to do a crossover, which of some I do not like, but read one crossover and I LOVED it. So, I thought I would do one of my own and see where it takes me.

This story will be AU of course, it's a crossover (duh...).


Prologue: Thoughts of Death

Pain. Excruciating pain.

Something burned inside of him. It was a feeling that he had never felt before. This burning sensation that coursed through his body was unbearable. He felt the fire running through him. His arms and legs lay immobile, numb by the pain that was never ending. But that wasn't all, he felt like his chest was being ripped apart. Something inside of him was clutching onto him hardly and with a fierce force that he couldn't understand what it was. And just when he thought his chest would burst, he felt the burning entwine with the sensation that was clinging desperately to his chest. It was a sudden feeling the spread like fire throughout him.

Why... What did I do to deserve this...

He screamed.

It wasn't long before he felt the feeling calm, as if wrapping him in a warm and comforting embrace, soothing him gently.

It wasn't long before he fell in to the darkness, flashes of faces that brightened in his life, smiling and laughing with him. He caught glimpses of sad and horrifying images, whispering harsh words in his ears. He felt tears being shed, and a lonliness that drained him to exhaustion.

Please... Make it stop. I can't take it anymore.

Was this his punishment? Was this pain to be his demise for all the wrongs he had done in his young life? He was still considered a child in the eyes of many, some who knew him too well. But then, what had he done? Was it because he did not save the people who had died for him? Was this his punishment for not being strong enough?

If it was, was it so wrong for him to ask for forgivenss?

Could he be forgiven for all that he had done?

He only wanted to rid the world of the plaguing evil that had befowled the world with his dark and ragious lust for death to those that were impure in his eyes.

He only wanted something, anything to make this feeling of such intense sadness and loneliness to leave him. He prayed for someone to help him, even if he had been helped far too many times before.

He wished for Death to come and take him, so that he may rest and join those he loved in the other world. He wanted to see those who had died and left the world he knew and join them where their would be no war, no pain, no sadness.

Please, I wish to die... I'm finished in this world. I have tried and now want to rest...

He wanted to to go home.

To go to the place where he belonged.

A cold, skeletal pale hand gently caressed his cheek as the raven haired boy twitched in agony. A intrigued gleam glistened in hidden black eyes, "Fear not child. You will not die here. It seems Fate has set yet another chain of events for you. However, I must admit, this life could be a little more interesting than your previous life." A dark sinister smirk stretched across the pale, hooded figure that held on to the boy's body in a cold yet comforting embrace.

"Yes, very interesting indeed."

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