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Chapter 20: Sam and Emily

Me and Jacob stood still for the tiny second it took for this to sink in. Sam and Emily's house was in the middle of the woods, close to society, but far enough away so that they weren't bothered. The fire department wasn't here because nobody knew yet. Jacob and I blurred into motion. Jacob stopped close to the door and he put his hands on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eyes. "Stay right here, Renesmee Carlie Cullen. Do not move from this spot. Do you understand?" He said fast and urgent. Never before had Jacob almost made me cry. He was yelling, and I knew he wasn't mad at me, but it still hurt. I had never once been yelled at, and being yelled at by one of the most important people in your life stung. I nodded, not trusting my voice.

He turned and ran the rest of the way to the door. Right before he went in, I lost it. "Jacob!" He turned around, his eyes raging. The thought of his friend and his friend's fiancée burning in a house was probably killing him, and I shouldn't keep him waiting. "Please be careful. Come back to me as soon as possible" I said weakly. "Of course, Ness. But I have to get in there. I'll be right back; stay there!" he said as he sprinted into the burning house. I was waiting to hear a snap, the house caving in with Jacob's weight, but I heard nothing except for the wood of the house crackling as the flames licked their way up.

My heart was hammering, and I was counting. When I got to 5 minutes, I started panicking. But, just then, Jacob jumped out of the second story window landing lightly on his feet. He looked at me with tear-filled eyes. "They're not in there" He said dejectedly. I leapt into his arms and stroked his cheek, trying to comfort him. Then a thought occurred to me and I was surprised Jacob hadn't thought of this. "Jacob" I said softly, not continuing until he looked at me hesitantly. "Maybe they got out. Sam wouldn't let anything hurt his Emily, you know that. Maybe Sam and Emily got out before it got bad" I said, trying to soothe him.

He got a sparkle in his eye that wasn't a tear. "You might be right, Ness! Thank you so much!" He said hugging me close. I smiled; this was the Jacob I knew. "I need to check, so I'm gonna phase, you stay right here!" He said, prying me from him. He set me down, smiling at my disgruntled face. He jogged through the trees and then the Jacob-wolf appeared with his clothes tied around his ankle. He jerked his massive head, gesturing for me to get on. I smiled and crouched down, then sprung up onto his back.

He took off into the woods, dodging the trees, racing to find his ex-alpha. He stopped, and tilted his head up into the air, sniffing. He did that for a minute and then he made a left turn, running at full speed again. He broke through a grove of bushes into a very tiny opening, and we saw them sitting down on a fallen tree, with Sam rocking Emily while she cried. Sam looked up and nodded at us, but Emily was too lost in hysterics to notice our arrival. That, and we were so quiet and she was a full human… I leaped off of Jacob's back and he barreled through the trees, coming back one minute later. It probably would've been sooner, but Sam and I could hear him muttering "Damn buttons" as he was getting dressed.

Jacob ran back into the trees. "Sam what happened?" He said, and Emily jumped and looked up. I ran over to hug her and she hugged me back. "Emily was making me lunch, and when she took the pot off of the burner, she forgot it was still hot and laid a kitchen towel on the stove" He said, with no hint of anger or fear. Emily let go of me and shrank back into Sam's side. I inched over and hugged Sam, and he hugged me back with one arm, very briefly.

"Why didn't you put the fire out?" Jacob asked. "My instincts kicked in and my only concern was getting Emily away from the danger." Sam said, and Jacob nodded. "I'm sorry 'bout your house, man" Jacob said, going over to give Sam a very brief hug with one arm, and then Jake moved over to Emily, and she latched onto him, still sobbing with fear, probably. "As long as Emily is safe, I don't really care." Sam said honestly.

"All of our stuff, our clothes, our food, and our pictures, gone" Emily sobbed after she let go of Jake. "I know, darling. It will be fine" Sam said, and he used his finger to lift her chin up gently, forcing her to look at him. "I love you. That's all that matters" He said, so sweetly, and leaned down to kiss her softly. "I love you, too" She stated, and I was about to cry. I went to sit down beside them, but Jacob plopped onto the forest floor in front of him. He grabbed by arm and yanked me, gently, backwards, making me plop onto his lap. "Im sorry" I said, looking back and forth between both of them. "Thank you, Nessie" They said together.

"Where are you going to stay until your house is fixed?" Jacob asked.

"Billy said we could stay at your house, but we'll probably only stay there a few days, because it's so small" Sam answered. Emily had calmed down a little, and it seemed to make her more beautiful, seeing that after all her crying, she didn't look like a wet raccoon, because she was way too beautiful for make-up. She saw me appraising her and she held her arms open to me. Jacob squeezed my torso gently once, before releasing me to go to her. I walked at a human pace, and she pulled me onto her lap, and hugged me. "It is so good to see you, Renesmee" She said. "It's nice to see you, too" I said, and it was the truth.

"Why don't we go put that fire out" Jake said to Sam. He nodded and they stood up. We stayed sitting, waiting for our guys to come back as wolves. They appeared again, walking side by side. Because Emily was only human, she couldn't jump to get on Sam's back like I could. I got in my position on Jacob's back, and turned to see how Emily would pull this off. Sam lay on the forest floor, and waited patiently as Em cautiously threw her leg over Sam's back and slid the rest of the way on. Emily patted his side twice, letting him know she was ready. He stood straight up, not wobbling at all. Emily smiled when she was on his back and I understood. Being on their backs was amazing. For one, the height is awesome, for two, the speed is absolutely amazing, and the third and most important, being with one of the ones you love.

The wolves, with us on their backs, started to make their way back to the burning house. Sam wasn't running, he was only trotting with Emily on his back, and Jacob slowed to match Sam's pace, trotting also.

They both slowed to a walk, and I used my heightened senses to take in the scenery. I could see each tiny grain of moss as it covered the fallen trees. I could hear flying insects buzzing around something that was dead. I could smell the carcass of the dead thing they were flying around. But the most obvious thing was the wolves' trails; some old and some new. I noticed Seth's scent didn't appear as much as the others'.

I could hear the mother birds kicking their chicks out of the nest, teaching them to fly. I could see each water droplet on the leaves of every tree. I could see and hear and smell a lot of things, but not as much as my parents or family. I was so wrapped up in my surroundings and thoughts, that when I snapped back into reality, we were back at Sam and Emily's burning house, and they were staring at me, waiting for me to hop off. I blushed lightly, probably unnoticeable against my rose petal cheeks, and jumped off of Jacob's back. I stood beside Emily and held her hand as the wolves headed to phase.

They came back human and they said "Stay right here" at the exact same time. "We will" We sighed back, at the same time. We were just outside of the cover of the trees, nowhere near the house. They went to the tiny shed in the back of the house and got a hose. Sam came around front with the hose, and I'm guessing Jake stayed there to turn it on for him. "GO!" Sam yelled and water shot from the hose. He kicked the door in and sprayed, walking in after the fire was extinguished there. He sprayed everything else, and Jacob went to get the rather large fire extinguisher from the kitchen, and made his way up the stairs. After the fire was all the way out, the both walked out the door with ashes smeared on their faces. We both ran and hugged them, and Jake yanked me from the ground spinning me around.

We all sat down at the table and lawn chairs and talked. We talked for hours on end about what they had been up to, how the fire started, what they were going to do about the house, what we had been up to and so on. We talked until the sun was in the western corner of the sky. We stood up and said our goodbyes when Jacob saw my eyes get droopy. After I hugged Sam and Emily, Jacob picked me up and I latched my arms around his neck, and my legs around his waist, resting my head on his chest. He could've let go of me and I wouldn't fall off. The last thing I remembered was reaching the edge of the dark forest.

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