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We spit each other's names with as much venom as you can possibly put into a single word. We stand across from each other, glaring, with our respective butlers smirking behind us.

"So, what brings you here?" I cross my arms and watch the seething boy in front of me sneer and begin to no doubt make a snide comment, but get interrupted by his butler.

"We have received orders from the queen to investigate recent disappearances," Claude says, pushing up his glasses.

"Well, isn't that just great," I roll my eyes, voice dripping with sarcasm. "We have orders to do the same."

"Does that mean we're working together, then?" The blond boy asks with a groan, while simultaneously attempting to burn holes in my head with his eyes.

"It would appear that way," Sebastian puts in with his characteristic smile, not one to be left out of a conversation such as this.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get this over with," I demand, walking perpendicular from the nonexistent path the older boy's laser eyes made. He huffed, turning to his butler.

"Claude, let's go, the quicker we do this the sooner we get to leave them," he spits the last word, turning back to face me and Sebastian.

"Yes, your highness," his butler agrees, bowing, but still looks longingly at my back before casting his eyes downward.

I frown, walking away from the disgusting building, sighing, "Well that was a complete waste of time."

"Are you sure about that?" Sebastian asks, somehow appearing immediately behind me without a sound.

"Yes, what sort of good could you get from any of that?" I ask, turning to look at him and then promptly slap my palm to my face, shaking my head. "Never mind, I don't need an answer. Just… whatever."

I groan, turning around again to continue walking, keeping my eyes peeled for Edward and his butler.

Sebastian grins, running his hand soothingly down the young kitten's back. "Would it be acceptable for me to keep this beautiful feline at the manor?"

This time I stop walking completely to glare at him. "If you must," I say curtly, more annoyed than actually angry. Honestly, I'll never understand what he finds so amazing about cats.

"I'll be sure to keep him out of trouble, and I'll manage any problems with him possibly shedding," Sebastian says, carefully hiding the delight in his voice.

"And be sure to keep him away from Pluto. But how to you plan on bringing it with us until we return to the manor?" I ask, walking over towards to figures that I assume are the people we're looking for. Sebastian doesn't answer, but he doesn't need to because by the time we've reached the Spider I've noticed the cat sitting on his head, clinging to his hair for dear life.

"So did you find anything?" Edward asks, somehow completely ignoring or not noticing the poor cat and its cries for help.

"Of course," I state, trying to sound as least cocky as possible. "Did you?"

"Actually, we believe we may know who has been kidnapping the disappearing persons," Claude says, cutting off Edward, who was about to say something, probably sarcastic, also not acknowledging the cat.

"And who might that be?" Sebastian asks, feigning interest. I frown, our butlers seem to have a bad habit of taking over the conversation.

Edward apparently noticed this also, because he answers Sebastian before Claude can. Or maybe he just wants to show off.

"Well we don't know the name, but we have a description and that's what's important. Supposedly a few people have noticed a tall man with brown hair and a moustache hanging around the houses of the missing a few days before they go missing. Usually he wears long coats and a hat. One person said they heard him talk and that he has a very deep voice. Did you find anything else useful?" He ends with a smirk.

"Actually, we think we know where he has been keeping the people he takes. On more than one occasion people have heard strange crying noises emanating from the woods on the other side of this town. So now we know where to go and who to look for. This is too easy," I say, successfully bringing the conversation back to me and the blond.

"Well then, let's go! Claude, fetch my carriage," he demands, not even looking as his butler bows, "Yes, your highness."

"Sebastian, fetch mine, quickly!" I snap, feeling weird ordering it after the other had just done so.

I cross my arms and face him, seeing him with his arms also crossed across his chest, I lower mine and place them on my hips.

"Why do you hate me?"

I gape openly at him, the question catching me completely by surprise. "I- eh- What?" I ask, regaining my calm and composed demeanor in time to glare at him while he answers me.

"Why do you hate me so much? You don't even try to hide it," he looks at me, all smugness and contempt wiped from his features.

"But, you hate me…" I say, at a loss of words, completely confused.

"I've only hated you since I realized how much you hated me." He states, sounding hurt.

"But, I don't really like anybody. I'm just… mean."


And at that my world shatters. I don't know why, this is nothing new. I'm the Earl Ciel Phantomhive, an orphan and will stop at nothing to get what I want. Revenge. Everyone around me is nothing but a pawn and I will not hesitate to destroy them if needed. I use them, and there is nothing they can do about it.

That's why.

But why can't I have someone else to turn to? I could never turn to Sebastian, for although he is my butler he wishes only for my soul. Lizzie… Lizzie is too innocent and knows nothing of what actually goes on and would be no help. But Edward is in a situation much like mine. No parents, a demon butler… and the similarity ends there. He is too good to be anything like me.

That's what keeps me separate, different from everyone else. They are good, and I am bad. Although, perhaps that would not be the correct term. I don't believe I consider myself to be evil or bad, just… dark.

If he is light then I am dark.

I open my mouth to tell him this, them quickly stop myself, realizing that this is not an adequate excuse. After all, the dark needs the light to exist, and if there were no darkness then light wouldn't be anything, for there wouldn't be anything for it not to be. So, why hate something you're stuck with?

Instead of commanding my pawns, perhaps I could… get to know one and talk strategy with him.

"I don't" I finally say, looking back up to weigh his reaction.

"But… Yes, you do," the blond says, confused at this turn in the conversation.

"Not anymore."

"…" he just looks at me for a minute, as if trying to figure out why I would be lying. Eventually he must find that there is no really good reason why I would be and decides to trust me. "Okay," he says quietly, as we turn to be helped into our newly arrived carriages.

Maybe I could deal with the light, as long as it didn't blind me.

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