Chapter 1- Octavo Dia

It was a desolate place. In the old days there wasn't a single street or alley in Tokyo that was ever empty. Now, since Hell's Gate had appeared, there were places in the city that were always empty. Places that never knew the light of day or happiness. It was sad and unfortunate, especially since the empty street looked so pretty in the light snow. Little flakes of snow shimmered in the street light and looked like diamonds. For Saya they were as costly as diamonds and far more beautiful. It was a great sadness that no one was around to see the beauty.

"That damn gate," she murmured to herself and wrapped the purple scarf tighter around her neck. Her breath looked like icy mist. With a sigh, she started walking, feeling pity that the perfect snow was marred by her footsteps. Her long hair was pulled into a side braid and hidden under a woolly hat against the cold.

A shadow appeared then. It stood just across the street and drew her gaze. The green coat and faded jeans stood out almost garishly against the brilliant white snow. Both of them stopped walking and he froze when he sensed her gaze. He looked familiar; that dark messy hair and the way it fell into his eyes, his damned mournful eyes. She knew them; she had seen them before. All at once the memory came rushing back; at the ripe age of ten with a Mickey Mouse band aid on her knee, she had run from her father's office to greet the new neighbors whom happened to have a small boy her age. Before he could disappear, the girl hoped over the railing and ran across the street with a pleased smile on her face.

"Are you...?" she asked, recognition clear as day on her face, "I don't know if you remember me-"

"I do. The name's Li now." The reply was quick and almost regretful, "It's a little late out."

"I was just-"

"You shouldn't be out here." Swiftly, Li wrapped a firm grip on her wrist and forcefully persuaded her to walk with him. Some sort of strange feeling of protectiveness surged in him. Maybe it was because she was part of one of the few memories he had that were before the gate catastrophe, before everything fell apart. She was something pure and usually anything with even the tiniest bit of light went out near the gate. It was a curious feeling, but at the moment he decided to let it play as normal. It was dangerous this close to the gate, despite the nonchalance Saya was showing to the whole matter. In fact at the moment there was a dead contractor on a roof not too far away, "What are you doing out here anyway?"

"Nice to see you too." She retorted smartly, not resisting his grasp, "I was just visiting the old haunts."

"No not that, why were you wandering around so close to the gate?" he rephrased briskly.

"The snow just looked pretty," she shrugged lightly as though it was a matter of no importance, "It's just a little sad no one was around to see it." The city became more and more changed every time she visited. Shibuya Psychic Research was still afloat, the logic being that demons were more common now than ever with everything that happened and ghost hunters were high demand. The rumors of contractors and dolls always reached Naru, her boss and adopted uncle, first and he passed that information along to his colleagues, to keep them safe and away from dangerous jobs, "What are you doing here?"

He internally cringed; of course she would ask that. Saya Lin always had been a particularly contrary person. If he said yes, she would say no. If he said 'let's get ice cream' she wanted hot chocolate.

"Just out for a walk."

"So close to the gate?" she mimicked his tone almost perfectly and earned herself a small glare that looked mildly menacing in the dull light, "Sorry, sorry!" Shaking his head, he shoved onward, "Pressing on: Where are we going?"

"Dinner." The word was as curt as every other syllable he had spoken. Ten years had changed them greatly, but they had kept track of each other through their various sources. He was well aware that she had studied Brahmin Hinduism in India, and philosophy at Harvard. Even molecular genetics at Oxford for a short time. Vice versa, she was aware that Li had disappeared off to South America during the Heaven's Gate incident and then she lost track of him after that. This was the first time she thought about him years.

"Why? To catch up?"

"If you want."

He seemed far more sad and lonely than he had all those years ago; very much like that beautiful street that no one gave the light of day too. It made her sad.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?" Curiosity. It was the first genuine feeling she had seen light up his features.

"For whatever you lost." Her explanation wasn't very elaborate, but he understood it anyway, "I'm sure you must've lost something. You haven't smiled once since we met."

"There isn't much to smile about anymore."

"What about Xing?"

"She died." He spoke with the same indifference that Naru had once spoken with when he told them Gene, his brother, was dead. It infuriated her a little bit, and made her nostalgic mostly, "What about your family?"

Saya looked thoughtful at first, "Well Mai, Naru and Monk run SPR together and it's international now." Mai, Naru's significant other, and Naru were watching were balancing their time between their twins and the business, "Believe it or not, Ayako and Masako opened a shrine together in Kyoto and John is working in the Vatican now." SPR was spread far apart, but Saya made sure she saw everyone of them at least once or a twice a year.

"And your father?"

She swallowed, her throat felt tight at mention of him; "He lives in London now."

Now she was the one with the brisk answers. Li was sure there was more to the story, but didn't bother her for answers. Unlike Saya, he didn't need to fill the air with as much chatter as possible; he attributed that particular quirk to the fact that her father was an incredibly silent man and in response she needed to talk to fill up the silence. Just because he understood it didn't mean it wasn't ever so slightly annoying.

"We're here." He stopped in front of a small apartment complex.

"What?" she raised an eyebrow.

"We're having dinner a'la Li tonight," he explained heading up the stairs. After a single glance back at the empty street, she followed him up and they stopped in front of room 201. After fishing for keys, Li swiftly opened the door and led her inside. She deposited her coat on a hanger next to where he placed his trench and followed him into the kitchen.

"A home cooked meal," she mused with a small smile. Last time she ate a home cooked meal was during Christmas break when Mai plopped a large freshly bake apple pie in front of her right after a large and scrumptious meal. The entire Davis family had been in attendance and even Lin and Monk joined them. It was during that dinner that the incident happened. The reasons she was avoiding a home cooked meal, "Sounds better than all the ramen I've been eating."

"Ramen," Li scoffed. That was hardly a means of sustenance. True enough he ate out often, but even he ad standards of some sort. Expertly he chopped up some chicken and nudged it into a wok with some rice. A trained hand flipped the food inside the wok.

"Yeah, it's pretty sad, but my experience with a wok is heavily lacking," Saya explained settling comfortably on the counter nearby. She swung her feet as they dangled over the edge and swung them back and forth a little bit. Childish yes, but the counter was high...or she was just short.

"So you skipped out on that height stuff huh?" The insult was drawn with the same empty voice as almost everything else he said. She was almost tempted to blow a raspberry at him in a fit of childish fury, but she resisted. No doubt more mocking would follow if she did. Admittedly she wasn't too short, not like Yin, but still she wasn't super model tall either and Hei had spoken the sentence in an attempt to make her feel more comfortable.

"Well you took my share." She retorted with a slight huff in her voice. The boy she once knew had grown quite tall...and muscular if she was seeing correctly through that white shirt. Shaking her head, she stopped ogling him. It was the first time she had had direct contact with him in early ten years. Sure they'd emailed back and forth for a while and then he disappeared off the face of the fucking world, but past that they were just old acquaintances, "Look I'm sorry for practically jumping you out there. I should probably just go back to my hotel."

"If you want," he shrugged. Any food he made would be finished regardless of whether she stayed or not, "But the snow's starting to get worse and dinner will be ready in a bit." The food was starting to smell pretty good and the weather outside was indeed getting worse. There was a sliver of sky still visible outside where a few stars twinkled weakly.

A few stars shone through and Li followed her gaze, "A star's falling." If the rumours were true that meant a contractor just died. She shuddered, "it's funny. They're not shooting stars anymore, they're falling stars."

"What do you think of it?" he asked her curiously. For some reason her opinion on the subject mattered, even if he couldn't pinpoint why.

"I've never met a contractor," she replied shrugging, "so I can't really have any sort of opinion can I?"

"People have opinions regardless of knowledge," it was a hard truth that he knew. Most people were of the opinion that contractors were unfeeling bastards with not a care but their own self preservation.

"Well, I'm well aware that there's no way to tell the difference between contractors and humans," she replied revealing a bit of information that not many knew. In fact it was highly classified and Saya knew this and ignored the look of mild surprise in his eyes, "And who knows, maybe I have met a contractor. I think when anything dies it's a tragedy but it's a bigger tragedy that contractors are used only as assassins." She looked up at the sky again, she couldn't find the hole that the falling star had left in the sky, "I think this whole 'system' that's formed since the gates appeared is wrong. And I miss the sky, the real one."

The last bit seemed irrelevant, but important none the less. It was an opinion he himself shared. He too missed the sky. The simple fact that even through the dark vastness one could still find familiar points of light. He didn't like that all those old points of light, the constellations of his childhood that were so familiar, simply vanished.

"I miss it too." He started pouring the food out into dishes and plates and bowls. Almost every piece of kitchenware he had was being used up, but he never bought anymore, "Can I ask how you know all that information about contractors and stars?"

"Rumours, just like you must've found too," she shrugged. Li didn't bother to correct her; better that she not know she was facing a real life contractor, "Not even Naru can get real information from Pandora or any other government or organization. We work mostly off rumours and leaks."

"What do Ghost Hunters have to do with the gates?" he wondered aloud.

"Well the gate is supernatural, so those that work with supernatural entities and tend to be mostly successful are in high demand now," she replied with a small smile playing on her lips. It was how she made quite a few large stacks of cash. Consultant work was now a booming business especially for those with a good reputation, like the SPR had.

"So basically you should be treating me to dinner," he concluded sarcasm oozing in his voice.

"Too late, you offered, I'm eating." She settled at the table and snatched the first helping out of his hands.

"How eloquent."

"Thanks a bunch," she retorted, her words slurred a little bit because of the food in her mouth. Grabbing a glass of water she swallowed it whole, "So what are you up to nowadays?"

"Nothing too impressive, just odd jobs here and there," he explained, speedily eating his own food with only a little bit more dignity. It seemed his appetite hadn't changed in years. Instead, if anything it seemed to have increased. She let out a small chuckle and took another bite of her own plate. It was a little chilly in the apartment, but she didn't seem to mind it then. For the first time in a while she felt comfortable in a place, completely at ease, "Are you in town on a job?"

"No, I'm actually going to be living here for the foreseeable future," she replied once again looking thoughtful. It went noted that she did not mention why she was staying in Tokyo, especially when none of her family were living in the vicinity, "I have an apartment and everything."

"You're living in a place that could disappear tomorrow." The gate disappearing was always a very real possibility. The entirety of the city could be annihilated in the blink of an eye, flattened taking every single person with it. It was a thought that had passed through his mind more than once.

"Well, when the world does end, I just hope is goes out with a whimper," she shrugged nonchalantly. Death frightened her and the gate destroying everything frightened her more, but both those things were inevitabilities and Saya refused to live life according to death and destruction, "It would be great if all the destruction and drama stayed to the minimum."

She was one to talk about keeping drama to the minimum. She loved theatricality more than anyone else he could remember. Li kept his opinion to himself however. Her opinion was quite valid; he'd faced the hullabaloo of an apocalypse before and it was nothing he wanted to see again. Li knew the chaos that would follow. It would be easier if the world died quietly. But that was the opposite of what intuition told him; survival was something that had to fought for, even if it was someone else's. It was something Li fought for almost every time he walked out his front door.

"Do not go gentle into that good night, rage rage against the dying of the light," he quoted quietly.

"You don't agree?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No I don't," he replied simply, "I would always fight for life."

After a moments deliberation she spoke, "How about this, when the world ends comes I'll fight to keep some little piece of it alive."

"And I'll fight for the rest of it," he acknowledged.

"Speaking of hypothetical apocalypses, what happened in Heaven's War?" she asked the question that he should have been expecting. She was proving to be cleverer than he had imagined she could have been. When he first met her, Saya had been a ten year old with big wide questioning eyes and a very loud mouth. They argued everyday for the entirety of the time that his family rented out an apartment next to SPR's offices and he couldn't say that he ever won any of those arguments. It seemed like vain hope that he would be able to deter now.

"I can't remember the details," he lied instead, "Though I'm pretty sure that's how P-Xing died."

"Hm, I see," she replied slowly and lazily leaned back on her hands.

After what seemed like and eon the snow slowed down a bit. In that time, they had consumed the entirety of a cheesecake and shared several glasses of tea. The conversation had its peaks and lulls, but Li didn't feel it was ever odd or awkward when talking to her and he didn't have to lie as often either. Whenever a certain question seemed to make him hesitate she immediately changed the conversation. Knowing when to drop a topic was one of Saya's good habits and she managed to keep a near constant stream of interesting topics which kept him engaged.

"Ready to go?" she asked him with a smile. Wrapped up in a scarf and a thick coat, she was waiting just outside his doorway with her boots pulled on and her gloved hands stuffed in her pockets. Despite what he was, even Li believed in a certain measure of propriety; he could hardly let her walk all the way back to her apartment alone. Locking his door, he followed Saya as she bounded down the stairs and ran tracks into the freshly fallen snow.

"Is that really necessary?"

"Yup!" she smiled falling in step with him as they walked down the street. For the briefest of seconds a true smile appeared on the Black Reaper's face. Something which he thought died a long time ago.

Weeks went by and things became rather routine. Saya hadn't bumped into any other old acquaintances and for that matter she hadn't seen Li again either. Instead she spent her time working with scientists from Pandora, the police, and a few researchers around the city. On this particular day she had been summoned to a crime scene. After pushing her way past reporters and people alike, she found herself barred by a few officers and yellow crime scene tape. A young officer in a red coat met her on site.

"I'm Saya Lin," she introduced handing her ID to the man. He observed it for a second before smiling at her.

"Nice to meet ya, name's Yukata Kono," he explained and held up the crime scene tape for her. Obligingly, she ducked under it and followed him. They were in the warehouse district this time, apparently some contractor had made a mess in some abandoned old building and left behind enough blank spots that she was needed to explain it. Along with her obvious abilities as a spiritualist, she had one other useful skill; Saya could use psychometry, "Gotta warn you though, this is a bad one."

What he meant by 'bad one' was automatically apparent when they walked into the warehouse. The blood spatter was enough to make Saya automatically wince. The bodies were enough to make her a little sick. They were mangled and disfigured. What from what she could see, someone had sliced open their torsos vertically leaving the heart, lungs and ribs on display. Things that should remain in the body were left in the dirt. From the quick glance she got, it seemed like someone had been searching for something inside the bodies of those men. She shuddered visibly. The farther they walked, the more pronounced the blood got.

"Ms. Lin, I'm Chief Misaki Kirihara," a female officer in a suit and glasses swiftly walked towards them. Though she looked all business, her eyes softened as they spotted the pain in Saya's eyes. Despite having seen some pretty awful things, she hadn't directly seen something quite so gruesome, "If you don't look, it won't bother you." The advice was solid and Saya averted her eyes, "We have a few items from the men who died, could you possibly tell us anything about their death or who they were?" blinking, she nodded and held out her hand. The first item she was handed was a cross wrapped in a small Ziploc bag. She didn't take it out, but moved her fingers over the smooth plastic.

A dripping sound. Water?

The silver of a knife, a k-bar slicing through flesh. Wincing, Saya continued searching, looking for a relevant and far less painful memory.

"Give it to me."

"No, never." One of the victims was speaking. He was staring at a man who was shrouded in the shadows of the warehouse. He couldn't make out the face properly, but that voice was familiar. It was the same one who killed his comrades. A glance to right revealed the two mangled bodies of his colleagues.

Bile rose in his throat.

"I suggest you hand over the drug."


"I guess I'll have to find it myself."

A knife struck before he could react.

With a loud gasp, Saya dropped the cross and took a decided step back.

"A contractor was after a drug of some sort," she explained taking a quick breath, "he seemed to think that these men had the drug inside them."

"That explains their wounds," Kirihara commented lightly, "Did you find any names or what the drug was?"

If only they could be so lucky. Dead people tended to keep their secrets as religiously as living people did and it wasn't different here.

"No, but a contractor was definitely involved," she replied, "and I have a feeling this is bigger than what it looks like right now. The man who wore this cross, he had a feeling of..." she thought for a second trying pinpoint the right word, "Like he was worried for the common good of something bigger." It was vague but it was all she really had, "The drug had test subjects. The contractor thought these men had the drug inside them. Apparently he was wrong."

"I see," Misaki nodded. This was why Saya liked working with the police; they didn't discount what she said even if it wasn't always clear. Especially Officer Kirihara, they had met on a few prior occasions and Saya found that though she was a bit cold, she was very kind, "Kono, take her down to the station and get her statement." Misaki surveyed the girl once more, "And buy her lunch." She looked dead on her feet.

"Yeah, I was working in a lab until about four in the morning, I haven't been home yet," she explained her rather haggard appearance as meagrely as she could. The various organizations around the city were certainly taking advantage of Saya's abilities.

"Well, you have the day off once you've given us your statement," Misaki assured, offering her one small smile. With a nod she followed Kono out of the warehouse and past the yellow crime scene tape to his car. The officer was of a good natured spirit and followed his boss's order to a tee; she had a large burger and fries sitting in her lap before they pulled in any police station and he insured that she ate at least a few bites before leading her inside.

"You know I never believed any of this stuff," Kono commented lightly as they sat at his desk. Spiritualists, ghosts, monsters; these things were always fiction and Kono always had a good grasp of fact. Heaven's gate and later Hell's gate changed that. She was just reading over the statement one last time before signing it, "The gate appearing changed a lot of things."

"Yes it did." She scribbled her name at the bottom in pen and handed the papers back him, "I'm sorry that it took a gate disaster for you to see the merit of what we do."

"Well, I'm glad you're here now," the young officer commented. He was probably her age, and he looked as tired as she did and had probably been working far longer.

"Have a good day, Detective," she nodded at him with a knowing smile on her face before she left.

Just as the police realized the importance of people with the unique abilities that Saya had, others with more nefarious and unpleasant purposes realized the same thing. What the police could take advantage of so could the underworld. It was unfortunate that currently, a certain young woman just painted a large target on her back. It was far easier to find things when someone could draw out a map and with the right tools Saya could. Even as she wandered back to her apartment, there was a deceptive tail following her. No one would have spotted it, but Hei was working, this time at a second hand book shop. Lucky for Saya, she spotted him and stopped for a chat. Narrowing his eyes while Saya spoke, Li spotted the tail and noted the overall profile of the driver.

"I didn't know you worked here," she commented looking amid the shelves and old books. Her hand touched a leather bound book of poetry and she wondered if this was where he found that Dylan Thomas quote he whispered to her at dinner.

"Yeah, I just started recently," he returned his attention to the woman before him and found she looked a little bit different than the last time he saw her. Her hair? Yes, she got it cut, she had bangs now. It was a pleasant look on her face and Li tilted his head a little bit, "How's work?" Saya looked beyond overworked.

"It's going," she shrugged not to keen of getting into the specifics of her sometimes unpleasant job. The scene from this morning stuck out prominently in her head. The colour of blood was stay on her mind for weeks to come, Saya was sure of it, "You?"

"Everything's fine." He too wished to remain mum on the subject of his 'work' which consisted mostly of illegal things including the occasional assassination. He too was overworked, but at least last night he had a full night's sleep. Lifting the poetry book out of his hands, she studied the cover and flipped through some of the aged pages.

"Could you ring this up for me?" Holding the book out, Saya looked at him imploringly. Though he couldn't fathom why she would buy the thin book, he nodded and set his stack down. Walking behind the counter he quickly inputed the book number and told her the price. With a wry smile on her face, she passed him a few bills and accepted the book and her change.

"Well I guess I'll see you around," Li waved just as she was about to leave. Right back outside to the tail who was probably watching her for less than nice purposes. Contractors were supposed to believe in nothing but self preservation, but if he had a conscious, Li was sure he would stop her and probably escort her home. Regret filled him as she waved back and disappeared into the cold street. It twisted at his stomach and was almost physically painful. Guilt, he mused, must also be the sign of a conscious.

When she reached her apartment, Saya set her bag, coat and gloves down on her couch and set about boiling water for tea. Her very bones were ice popsicles and only a good strong cup of Early Grey would probably defrost her toes. After scouring her cupboards for a bit while the kettle heated up, she also found some biscuits. It was the sort of tea time that the elder Mrs. Davis would have scoffed at, but honestly it was just impressive that Saya had managed to successfully make tea without breaking a cup. Her apartment was always a few degrees colder than she liked and Saya attributed it to the fact that she had high ceilings and a rather large gloomy hallway. In fact the only rooms in the apartment that she used were the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen into which she had dragged a couch so she wouldn't have to venture into the other lonely rooms. There were two spaces heaters in her bedroom to keep her warm at night and a thick blanket in her kitchen. Just as she was about to settle on her kitchen couch, a knock on the door drew Saya's attention.

"Yes?" she asked pulling the door open. Standing in front of her doorway was a debonair looking man with a white suit and a cigarette at the end of his fingers. Blonde hair framed a pale face and there was a dry smile on his face.

"My name is Jack Simpson, Ma'am, I'm with the British Secret Service," he introduced with an English accent that surprised her. The familiarity of it reminded her of London and Oxford and the gloomy rain and warm biscuits fresh from the oven. Of a sense of home. Shaking her head, Saya brought her attention to what the man had just told her.

British Secret Service

... "You're a spy..."

"And they said you were clever..."

"Can I see your identification?" she asked sharply, not taking kindly to the insult. Obligingly, he handed her a card that plainly stated both his name and the title 'British Secret Service'. That meant there was no chance she could punch him the face without causing an international incident, "And you want what again?"

"Ms Lin, we've been alerted to a situation," he explained silkily, flicking some ash onto the ground making Saya roll her nose at the smell. Trying to be inconspicuous, she tried to nudge the ash out of her apartment with her foot, but he saw her and paused for a second, "Apparently you're recent work around the city has caught the attention of all the wrong people."

"Such as?"

"Well now, that's classified," he sent her another clever smile that wasn't altogether unpleasant looking. He was charming if nothing else.

"And they want what with me?"

"When we find that out, it will be classified."

Another smile. It was maddening.

"So persons unknown are interested in me, and the British Secret Servant sent you to...?" she coaxed for more information.

"Ah yes," he nodded with another smirk gracing his lips, "There is a car parked across the street from your building, they've been watching you since this morning when you went to that ugly little crime scene. We can only assume they want you for some purpose. Probably not a pleasant one." Thrusting his ID back into his hands, she left Jack Simpson standing there and hurried to her window. Indeed parked across the street was a green Toyota with a single man inside. Spotting her at the window, he immediately started his car and swerved into traffic before disappearing down the street.

Definitely surveillance.

"Alrighty, now what?" she turned. Jack had made himself at home and was helping himself to her tea and her cookies.

"This pathetic tea," he commented taking a sip of it.

"Excuse me, could we stay on track?" Saya asked darkly.

"Yes, yes, we're going to take you to a safe house until we can figure out the motives of these unknown persons who probably wish you harm."


"Mostly likely," Jack replied standing up, "Here's your coat and gloves." Murmuring curses under her breath, Saya pulled on her jacket and gloves. Grabbing her bag and keys she was about to leave when she stalled and ran back to grab the poetry book. Shoving it in her large bag, Saya followed Jack out the back door where a black car was waiting with a dark skinned woman and a small child. Like the gentlemen he was, Jack held open the door for her.

Shooting him a hard look, she settled in the back of car, "this is your team?"

"Yes," he replied, "The child is not my own if you're wondering. I'm completely available."

"Eyes on the road, jagoff." She retorted swiftly crossing her arms into a pout. Irritation was as clear as day on her face and April snickered lightly from the front the seat.

"You have quite a way with women," she commented with a smirk on her face.

"You know it love." He was incorrigible.

"A shipping container?" she looked at the rusted box of metal with two parts pissed offishness and one part curiosity. Her glare was directed at the Mr. Simpson who had a pleasantly amused look on his face, "And a portable toilet?"

"Yes, perfect for anonymity."

"These two things do not equal a safe house."

"Sorry love, my math's always been a bit off."

After a tortuously slow drive through Tokyo traffic they had arrived at the Port of Tokyo and rather than staying at one of the fancy hotels less than five minutes away, her escorts had driven through security and drove right up to the water. Out of an immeasurable number of shipping containers they stopped at one that was painted an obnoxious yellow colour and expected her to step in without a single query or complaint. Well Saya would damned if she went so quietly. Not even in their darkest times had the SPR ever lowered themselves to sleeping in rusted metal containers. Now April was willing to bet a hundred quid that the little woman would pop a cap in November 11's ass if he did not start back pedaling very quickly. Of course he didn't so it was just lucky that Saya didn't have any caps to pop into asses.

"Alright." She took a deep breath and quelled the urge to kick this man in his non de plumes, "I'm going to walk to a hotel and book a room. Farewell you ass clown." With a mock salute, Saya turned heel and started walking away. The agents looked at each other with varying degrees of amusement.

"You get to fetch her, since you pissed her off." April quickly washed her hands of this situation and July tagged after her.

"This suit's just been dry cleaned," he whined. With a low growl, he lowered on his haunches and then took off. With an almighty dash, he rugby tackled Saya to the ground and simultaneously covered her face to muffle any yell that might alarm the guards. Turning on his side, he ensured that she would remain mostly uninjured and they landed hard on the ground. For a few seconds Saya was still with shock. Then she came back to life.

"OW! Jesus, you bit my hand!" Jack sounded incredibly insulted and the palm on her face quickly disappeared.

"Get the FUCK of me!" she growled, starting to fidget and kick. When her knee got dangerously close to talking out his family jewels, Jack let go. Scrambling to her feet, Saya glared at him menacingly.

"Come along darling, we don't have all day."

It was clear that if she tried to walk away again, she would meet similar results. For the moment, she was outnumbered and alone. That and there were probably bad guys out there out for her blood. She had no choice but to agree with this buffoon's plan and sit in the dingy container until the danger had passed. Letting out a loud curse, she followed him back to the shipping container and with after receiving a coaxing glance, she went inside.

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