I was frustrated by the lack of Dajan stories on the My Candy Love forums and the lack of one-shots. So I wrote this.

PC* - Player Character

NPC* Non-Player Character

Dajan is the character of the creators of 'My Candy Love'. Kaurana is my Player Character

The Basketball Court

Early September, Thursday, Post-Club Hours, Gymnasium, Sweet Amoris High

With a basketball under her arm and her sports bag, which doubled as her school bag on her shoulder, Kaurana walked into the gym, dressed in a green tanktop, gray basketball shorts, black sneakers. She was relieved to find that she was alone. There were times when she just wanted to have some time to herself. She after he, she dumped her bag onto one of the bleachers and strode to the middle of the court.

She dropped the ball between her feet and raked her fingers through her short platinum blonde locks before kicking the ball up into her hand and throwing it through the hoop. It made a nice swishing sound as it went in and thudded to the ground once before she scooped it up and looped around the court, shooting a shot from the center line of the gym.

She frowned as the ball bounced off the rim; she went back for the ball and dribbled for a moment before jumping and dunking the ball into the basket.

She got caught up in improving her shots, changing the angles, how she approached the basket so much that she didn't notice she had an audience until he started clapping when her latest shot swept into the hoop.

Her head whipped around towards the door as the ball bounced on the basketball court floor, forgotten.

It was Dajan with his sports bag on his shoulder in his red and white basketball shirt and shorts from earlier that day and clapping.

"Kaurana, was it? You're very good,"

Kaurana grinned and went to retrieve her basketball which was rolling away.

"Thanks." she said retrieving the basketball and tossing it from hand to hand. "How long where you standing there?"

He smiled. "Long enough."

"Ah," she spun the ball on her finger. "You're one of 'those people'. The kind that give 'not an answer' answers,"

Dajan set his own basketball on one of the benches and laughed. "And you're the sarcastic type. To think you were so nice earlier,"

"I believe in good first impressions. And being nice to people who aren't complete bitches to me the second I walk in the doors," Kaurana turned and shot the ball, smiling as it swept through the net and thunked to the ground with a satisfying sound. This time the ball conveniently rolled towards her instead of forcing her to chase after it and she stopped it with her foot.

"You've met those kind of people I take it,"

"This school is fine but it does have it's downsides." she admitted, turning to face him again. "So, what are you doing here?"

"Came to practice," Dajan said. "But I wouldn't mind a partner,"

"Okay," Kaurana kicked the ball into her hands as they took up positions across from each other. "Half court? We can play 21. First to get 21 points wins,"

"Sounds good."

"Then show me what you got," Kaurana threw the ball into the air and both of them jumped for it. He had the height advantage and his fingers clasped the ball as hers grazed it. They landed heavily, Dajan running down the court but Kaurana quickly caught up with him. blocking his path to the hoop. He ducked left and then right then feinted to the right again and quickly ducked left, ducking under her arm.

She darted in front of him again, batting the ball out of his hand, snatching it up and dribbling down the court, closing the distance between them and the basket.

She dodged his advance, threw the ball into the air and ducked under his arm, jumping for the ball and slamming it down into the net with a whoop of triumph.

The ball rolled to Dajan and he caught it. "A slam dunk. Very impressive jump,"

"Thanks," Kaurana let go of the basket and dropped down. "3 points for me,"

The dark-skinned basketball player let a grin flash across his face, almost-white teeth bright against his skin. "Then let's keep going," Dajan challenged, dribbling the ball and dodging around her. They looked like vanilla and chocolate, moving around the basketball court, twisting, running and dodging - psychically they couldn't look more un-alike.

The game moved quickly with each of them rapidly gaining points but occasionally, Kaurana would steal the ball and make a shot putting her ahead by 9 points.

The score stood at Dajan – 15 and Kaurana 19 when Dajan stole the ball, dodging around her, executing a spin and throwing the ball over his shoulder. Kaurana jumped for it, but the ball swooped through the net before she could catch it. "Damnit,"

Dajan stopped the ball with his foot. "You're very good. Considering going for your school basketball team?"

"Maybe, I just got here," she said as Dajan started dribbling the ball again. He went left but Kaurana darted in front of him, scooping the ball up and into her hand and dodging around him, laughing. She went for the hoop, spinning and dodging Dajan's attempts to block her and spun towards the basketball hoop for a layup and as she threw it, her foot slipped, a nasty crack echoing in the gym and with a curse she hit the ground, twisting her body so her side hit the ground properly but she skidded too.

The sound of the ball bouncing off the hoop rim went unnoticed as Dajan rushed over to help her.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," she winced as Dajan helped her sit up. "Thanks. Just a scrape," Her right arm had an angry red scrape and with Dajan's help she tried to stand but her foot protested and she shrieked, sitting back down again. "Damnit, I think I twisted my ankle..." she muttered, cradling the injured foot. "Guess I haven't been stretching enough."

"Lemme see it," Dajan said. Kaurana drew her hands away and leaned back on them as Dajan took look at her ankle, brushing calloused fingers on it. Kaurana let out a pained hiss and Dajan looked up at her frowning.

"It doesn't look too bad, but it is swollen. Here, I have something in my bag." Dajan helped her up, looping her arm around his shoulder and looping one arm around her waist. She lifted her foot off the ground and with Dajan's help, hobbled over to the bleachers and his bag.

"Why do you have a pharmacy in your bag?" she wondered.

Dajan smiled. "My teammates and I have gotten enough minor injuries make me learn that I should be prepared. Keeps my mother happy,"

"Convenient. I'd hate to drag myself to the nurse's office only to find she isn't there,"

"Put your ankle up," Dajan directed. Kaurana obeyed putting it on the bench, using both of her hands to manage it without shifting the swollen muscle. Dajan took off her shoe and sock then rubbed a cool clear cream on it, making Kaurana let a sigh of relief before he tightly wrapped an ace bandage around it like a pro and used a clip to keep together.

Only when he treated her ugly scrap did he allow her to stand up and test the 'splint'.

"Dajan, you're fantastic," she grinned jogging the length of the bench across the gym floor.

Dajan chuckled. "Glad I could help," he said as something growled. Kaurana frowned, looking around for the sound and laughed when she realized it was Dajan's stomach.


He grinned without shame. "Starving," he dug his cellphone out of his bag and frowned. "It's later than I thought - 7," he glanced outside - the sun was setting but not quickly. "It's an hour drive to my house," he grumbled.

"There's always the diner." Kaurana offered. "My mom's out of town and I live in fear of my aunt's cooking,"

Dajan raised an eyebrow at her. "Are you asking me on a date, Miss Kaurana?"

"If that's what you would like to believe," she said, matching his playful sarcasm. "I'm simply offering food that will be in your growling stomach sometime in the next fifteen minutes,"

"Now how could I turn down such a generous offer?"


He doesn't.

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