Posted: March 18, 2013, Monday

I wrote this awhile ago. Just polishing it up and posting it here. Helps me relax as I attempt to get my thoughts together.

Disinterested in 'Girl Talk'

"So who do you like?" Melody asked.

Kaurana blinked when Rosalya playfully batted her with a pillow to get her attention. Kaurana just turned her head and blinked again. "What?"

Melody & Capucine giggled while Iris and Rosalya just looked amused. Violette played with her pillow. "I said..." said Melody patiently. "Who do you like?"

"As in one of the boys?" she asked.


"There's a lot of boys at our school," Kaurana said coyly as she reclined against the foot of Melody's bed with a pillow tucked behind her. She was clad in white on green qipao inspired pajamas of cotton. "You'll have to be more specific,"

Melody huffed impatiently and Rosalya stepped in. "I think you know - the boys you hang out with most often,"

"I don't hang out with any boys!" Kaurana protested.

"Sure you do," Iris said.

"Not outside school anyway" Kaurana corrected. "But if you insist - Nathaniel, Castiel and Lysander - they're the ones I associate with most often besides Ken and he's gone," *And Dajan,* she added mentally. *Who doesn't even go to our school*

"I've always thought Castiel was...prickly..." Violette muttered almost to herself.

"Yes, thank you!"

The girls laughed at Kaurana's overenthusiastic agreement and she flopped back on her pillow and allowed her pile of sheets to drape over her.

"So, who do you like?" Melody prodded.

"Who do you like?"

"She asked you first" Capucine said smugly. "Don't turn it around,"

"Yes - don't turn it around Kaura," Rosalya agreed and Kaurana glared at her.

"Aren't we suppose to be sisters?" she complained tugging her silver locks which was a darker silver than Rosalya's - more of a silvery storm-gray color.

"Sisters tease each other all the time," the older girl replied, smiling serenely.

Kaurana sighed. "Traitor. Nathaniel's a good conversationalist - Castiel and me seem to be more confrontational than anything and Lysander's rather quiet. I don't think like any of them in the way you mean,"

"I think you and Lysander would get on rather well," Rosalya interjected.

"Of course you would say that," Kaurana was well aware of her sister's recent attempts to coax her into a relationship - of the friendly or romantic variety, either was welcome - with Lysander and she was %100 sure it was because of Leigh.

"What about..." Capucine looked thoughtful. "That odd boy with the swirly glasses?"

"Ken? Long gone, annoying and clingy," Kaurana sighed. "I do wish I hadn't been so mean to him but being nice seemed to encourage him too much. He *followed* me from my other school! It's just too much,"

"Well, he's definitely loyal," Melody chuckled.

"I still write him sometimes," Iris volunteered and Kaurana raised an eyebrow.


"Yeah, he asks how you're doing -"

"Of course he does,"

"Where did he go?"

"Military school," Iris & Kaurana said.

"He says the training's really intense. If he does well, his father will let him come back to Sweet Amoris,"

"Why would any father like that let his son go to a school called 'Sweet Amoris'?" Kaurana wondered. "Hey, what's his address?"

"Ah ha!"

"I just want to apologize for being so mean to him," Kaurana explained, giving Melody a look.

"Can I get a piece of paper?" Iris asked and Melody found one and a pen to give her.

"Thanks," As Iris wrote down the address, Capucine turned to Violette.

"What about you Vi?" she asked, turning the conversation to Violette. The girl huddled deeper into her pillow muttering to herself.

"Well...there was this one..."

Rosalya cast a side-long glance at Kaurana and smiled. "What about Dajan, little sister?"

Kaurana blinked as if she was caught in headlights and to Violette's immense relief, the conversation swerved back to Kaurana's love life as all eyes redirected at the younger platinu haired girl.

"Who's Dajan?" Melody asked, leaning forward as Kaurana buried her face in her pillows with a groan of annoyance.

"Rosa, you are a horrible traitor. A traitor, I tell you,"

"Don't keep us in suspense," she urged.

"You're executing your revenge,"

"What revenge?" Rosalya said loftily.

"Never mind," Kaurana muttered, realizing if she said anything else, she'd just dig herself into a deeper hole. She sank into her pillows in an attempt to ignore the other girls. Iris handed her the paper, ruining her attempts.

"Who's Dajan?" Melody pressed.

"Don't mind her - Kaurana barely noticed boys before she came here." said Rosalya. "She's still getting use to the idea of 'girl talk'."

"But you're sisters," Cacupine said in confusion.

"We grew up together but I came to live with Aunt Agatha two years ago," Rosalya explained. "I was getting sick of the city life,"

"And they decided to go jet-setting around the world and left me here," Kaurana moaned.

"Which brings us back to the topic at hand - Dajan?"

"I will say nothing," Kaurana huffed. "He's a friend. I play basketball with him. Nothing to tell,"

The other girls looked disappointed.

"Don't be ridiculous." said Rosalya. "He's such a gentleman - he even walked you home the other day when you couldn't even stay awake,"

All eyes turned towards Kaurana and they were startled when she abruptly stood up, scattering blankets about.

"Let me know when you're done prying into people's personal lives." she said loftily. "Because this is just ridiculous and cliché and I refuse to take part in this desperate attempt to see romance everywhere and make others squirm when you attempt to make them discuss such things." And with those words, she stalked out of the room, evading Rosalya's attempts to stop her by weaving and dancing around her and out of the door.

"Huh," Melody said in the silence after her departure. "Is she celibate or something?"

"Disinterested, I suppose," Iris said.

"I'm going with her," Violette said, scurrying after her.

Despite being a girl, I know nothing about sleepovers or gossiping about guys. The closest I came was scribbling my thoughts on the topic a piece of paper and handing it to my friends so they could read it.

Not much Dajan in this piece but what do you expect?

But never fear - there will be more.

Bonus: It is my headcanon that Violette is interested in Jade.