The Sanctuary

This is a form for the sequel Something Sinister that will come after Operation Mutant Registration. I know it's early and I've only gotten two chapters done so far but I like to plan ahead ok i think its good cuz otherwise I'll forget. I need characters now so I can start working on them and how they'll fit into the story.

The mutant characters you create will live in a place called the Sanctuary, I want you to understand that they are not at the Xavier Institute or Brotherhood. The only description I can give you now is that these mutants are teenagers-young adults ages 13-25. The mutants here have criminal pasts and can be anything from "disturbing the peace" (being a mutant basically) to murder. It's kind of like a mutant safe house for those who have committed crimes all living under one roof. They live in an abandoned house nicknamed the Sanctuary or is it really more than it looks. A brief history will be needed up to the point of their arrest. These mutants are abandoning any family they have ties to.

I need 8 oc's plus the founder of the sanctuary, which makes 9 oc's so I need 4 girls and 5 guys the founder, is a guy just like Xavier who founded the X-Men. The founder of the Sanctuary must be over the age of 20 and must be male.

I only have one rule for this submission form they must be a human mutant so no aliens or people from a different planet or galaxy or anything like that

Actually one more rule so I guess that's two rules no fairies, witches, wings demons, teleporting, shapeshifting. Basically all the powers that the X Men and the other oc's have are out meaning YOU CAN'T USE THOSE POWERS.

Be creative there are a ton of powers that haven't even been used in the x men if you need help thinking of a power here's a helpful website Super Power


Sanctuary submission form:

Real (human) name:

Gender Male or Female:

Mutant name:

Age 13-25:

Appearance (hair, eyes, height, general physical features, including physical mutations):

Personality description (be detailed):


Power discovery (how'd they find out, what happened?):


Feelings on humans:

Are you the founder of the Sanctuary yes or no question:


Crime or crimes committed:

Criminal History detailed account of your crimes:

History normal family history:

Leader or Follower:

Do they want to be a leader? Could they even lead?

Weapon of choice (besides their powers, what would they use?):

Uniform/mutant outfit description when fighting:

Would you ever leave the Sanctuary to join the X-Men Explain why? Yes or No question then explain why or why not.




Good at:

Bad at:

How do they like to spend their time? (hobbies):

Anything else?

Can I PM you if need be?

Happy submitting you may start now there is no deadline. Just so you know the oc's I didn't use for this story can't be used in the sequel there's a reason I didn't pick them in the first place.