Republic City's Night Life

Extended Summary: Stripper!AU. Eventually Korrasami. Republic City is the capital of the United Republic of Nations, located on the shores of the Yue Bay. Being a modern urban center, it boards significant high-rise development, such as the use of the automobiles, airships, and an elevated railway transportation—but despite its technological advancements: organized crime, drug trafficking, and political corruption have overtaken the city. Who's behind it all? Are the citizens of Republic City aware of any of it? Will this city, stained by blood, ever be clean? (Crime/Suspense/Angst/Drama/Friendship/Hurt/Comfort/Romance.)

Chapter Summary: Asami Sato works at her uncle's strip club "Babes." Her uncle, Tahno, has just hired a new pig/employee, Tarrlok.

Part 1: Underground Kings

"To establish ties with the enemy and the untrusted. That's how we will win, brother."

Welcome to Town (Part 1)

[Friday, July 5th]

11:38 PM.

Boom. Boom-boom. Boom. BOOM.

Puckering up, Asami applied a daring shade of ruby red lipstick to her lips. She hummed to the familiar bass track vibrating the walls of the locker room while making sure her make-up was perfect: touching up her blush, re-sculpting her eyebrows (not that they really needed to be re-sculpted,) and wiping off excess lipstick here and there. Satisfied, she studied her profile carefully, making sure she hadn't missed anything.

Glossy wavy hair that swept down her upper back; healthy, smooth skin; nice, natural eyebrows; a sculptured, yet delicate nose; plump lips; fierce, deep green eyes with a mysterious sparkle in them. Asami Sato was the definition of perfection; a goddess of divine beauty that needed to be worshiped.

The faintest of smiles reflected her approval as she winked to herself.

Standing up with the grace of a socialite, she walked over to a rack of suggestive outfits. On occasions such as this one, she would have preferred something mysterious; something that left you wanting more, but unfortunately, this outfit was pre-decided by the manager.

In this kind of "establishment", the manager's word was law.

The bass music suddenly came to a halt, signifying the end of an act. Moments later, other female employees walked into the dressing room, a range of different emotions on their faces. A few walked in with an air of confidence, while others looked hopeless and just plain tired of this shit.

Asami paid little to no attention to her other co-workers. She was too focused on the task at hand; changing into one of her many types of attires.

A man with headphones and a clipboard came by and knocked on the locker room wall urgently. Several heads turned, many of them half or fully nude, but the man didn't seem to notice. He pointed his clipboard at Asami with a fierce look in his eyes.

"Sato. On stage, midnight!" Before she could nod in confirmation, he scurried off.

Green, empty eyes glanced over to the digital clock that hung on top of the doorway.

11:47 PM.

Asami adjusted the straps of her attire as she began walking out of the dressing room. She personally didn't understand why they were allowed to wear something as skimpy as this. She was practically naked!

'Oh, that's right. I work at a fucking strip club.' She thought sarcastically. She rolled her eyes, why even bother.

With cherry red pumps, she strutted out of the locker room, a tad bit annoyed but her eyes only showed fierce confidence and determination.

As she turned right, down the hall towards one of the main stages, one of the other co-workers glared at her retreating form. When Asami was no longer within earshot, she spoke.

"Who does that bitch think she is? Walking around like she owns the place and shit." She whined, chewing her gum with sass. Another co-worker by the lockers replied with an envious tone.

"She doesn't even bother doing the third shifts anymore! Here I am, working my ass off, trying to make a living, and she makes more than I do! All those yuans stuffed in her outfits…" The first co-worker turned back in shock, her gum almost falling out of her mouth.

"Shut up! Are you for reals?!" The one changing by the lockers nodded as she changed bras.

"Yah, I'm for fucking reals! And she doesn't even bother to talk to any of us. Like she's all high and mighty or something." A third co-worker jumped into the conversation.

"I bet she doesn't even know our names." A few of the dancers listening in nodded.

"I bet she jealous of us and our good-looks." The one chewing gum replied. A fourth co-worker was hesitant at first, but decided to add something interesting.

"I've seen her come out of Tahno's office a few times this week." The one by the lockers scuffed.

"I bet she's fucking him. Have you seen the way he looks at her while she's on stage? There's something going on there." Several of the girls agreed to that.

For the second time, Asami had to adjust her top from falling off her breast. She had a great rack, but the damn thing was a little too low for her liking sometimes.

"Stop fixing it, I think it looks great on your body. Nice fit, too." Glancing over to her left, she quickly spotted one of the male crew members that had stopped working to make the suggestion. He was new.

"Fuck off." She threatened. He was a tall, dark skinned man with blue eyes and a built body. Threatening him might have been the bravest or stupidest thing Asami had ever done. But she's faced bigger.

The man stepped closer. He must have been deaf, or didn't know how to take a hint. He licked his lips hungrily while eyeing Asami's killer body.

"When and where?" He smirked for good measure. Deciding that it would have been easier if Asami just cut to the chase instead of arguing with newbie, she took a couple of steps forward. He wasn't fazed by her tough girl act, but more interested on her cleavage; the pig didn't even make an effort to hide it.

"Let me tell you something here, newbie. I slaughter pigs like you." She whispered angrily. He met her cold glare head one. In true lustful nature, he reached forward eagerly and grabbed her waist with both hands, bringing her towards him. He leaned forward before she had time to react.

"I can talk dirty, too." His hot breath tickled her ear, "I eat girls like you–"

She pushed him back with enough force to knock him off his feet. Caught of guard, he landed on his back, shocked that he had been rejected. That must have been a bruise to his ego.

Plopping himself up on his elbows, he wiped the corner of his mouth. He honestly hadn't expected that, but he liked it.

"I like 'hem rough." He blew her a kiss and a wink. Asami was livid as she stepped closer. She was just about ready to beat the crap out of this ass, totally forgetting that she had a show to do in just a few minutes–

"Come here. baby. Come to papa." He teased, signaling her closer with two fingers.

'Oh. He. Did. NOT.' She walked over to him, cracking her knuckles with each step. The newbie didn't look as enthusiastic as he did before. He almost looked scared.

Out of the corner of her eye, Asami noticed someone walking over. 'Good, let someone see me kick his ass.'

"What's going on here?" A man in a dark blue suit and black dress shoes asked as he came closer. Asami glanced over to him, her green eyes burning with disgust.

"You should teach your employees to keep their hands to themselves." Asami mentioned, lowering her fists to her sides. Her stance was still defensive as the manager walked over to her side.

She had worked for him since he opened the place up, but she still took every opportunity she had to study his profile. With steel grey eyes and wavy black hair that hung down one side of his face, he was definitely an attractive man, if he was your type. And his height only added to his astounding physical charm; Asami was in heels and she was still a head shorter than him.

Taking three steps forward, the manager glared down at the newbie still on the floor. Now that bastard had the audacity to look scared.

"Is this true?" He asked, his voice cold and his eyes colder. The man on the floor gulped but did not answer.

"Answer me now and you're job will be spared." He stated simply. Asami stepped in, irritated and annoyed again.

"Excuse me?! Tahno, this is ridiculous! He should be fired–" Meeting Asami's determined glare, he said nothing to defend himself. He didn't have to, because Asami knew the rules around here.

Huffing in frustration, she walked away from the incident. Blue eyes observed her silently.

With only five minutes before show time, Asami leaned against the railing, overlooking her audience, on an abandoned VIP lounge. This section of the club had been shut down for about four years already, and only a handful of people had the keys. Asami happened to be a part of the selected few.

With dark eyes, she watched everyone. Men were drunk, laughing and waving around money as if they were the kings of the palace. Others were sober, lustfully eyeing the girls as they walked by. Then there were the ones that she had come to name "the back roomers." They bought girls for the night, went to the backrooms that were set up for that sort of thing, and had their way with them. Asami hated them with a burning passion.

Before her thoughts could turn astray, she heard the door open and close shut. She grinded her teeth together, mentally preparing herself for whatever was to come.

The footsteps came closer until they were right behind her, then right beside her.

"Asami." Tahno stated as he took his place next to her, also observing his customers. His grey eyes showed nothing about what he thought of the men he entertained almost daily. Quickly glancing to her left, Asami sighed.

"Tahno." He smiled faintly at her response, his eyes still focused on his employees. He finally turned away, leaning his back against the railings with his hands in his pocket.

"Asami. You know how things work around here." She stayed quiet; making sure nothing slipped the walls she had put up. Yes, of course she knew how things worked around here, but that wasn't an excuse to cover up what they newbie did. She glared at a guy who pushed one of her co-workers up against the wall roughly, then passionately touched her. Things like that shouldn't be tolerated, no matter where a woman worked.

"Asami." Tahno stated firmly in order to draw her attention to him. She sighed, gave the railing one last squeeze before she stood up straight. Tahno remained leaning against it, his hands still in his pocket. She grinded her teeth, before she ran a hand through her hair, fluffing up her locks. A habit she had picked up when she was frustrated. Tahno stayed silent, waiting for her to respond. She inhaled slowly, getting her wits together.

"I have a show to do." For the second time, she walked away from her manager.

Tahno stayed behind for a few moments. Sighing, he also ran his hand through his hair.

"What am I going to do with her?"

"-ato! Sato! Where the fuck is Sato? She's on in two minutes!" The guy with the headphones and clipboard cried out. He was a short man, skinny with a mop of brown hair, sticking out from under his big headphones. He wore thick glasses that magnified a green, irritated, pair of eyes.

With urgency, he pushed past backstage crew members, frantically looking in all directions. No sign of Asami anywhere. Frustrated, he pushed his glasses up and pushed past more crew members.

"Has ANYBODY seen Sato?!" Someone chuckled.

"Relax would you? She'll be here." Tahno pushed off the wall he was leaning against to walk over to his producer. The shorter man huffed and rolled his eyes. This was almost a weekly thing between them.

"That doesn't change the fact that I need her, here, now!" Tahno broke his gaze with his producer to look over his shoulder. He smirked.

"Well, speak of the devil." Clipboard guy spun around instantly. Walking over, was his savior. Still irritated, he met her halfway, frantically pointing at her with his clipboard.

"Sato! It is about time! You're on in … fifty seconds! Get your ass ready and keep making us money!" The little man left the star with her manger, off to annoy someone else.

Tahno watched him go, rolling his eyes in amusement. That guy was just too funny. Crossing his arms, he shifted his gaze to Asami.

"Ready?" She momentarily met his gaze, before she looked away and nodded. Eyeing her carefully, he concluded that something was still bothering her. He would have to talk to her about that. The producer appeared and pointed at Tahno, the stage, then his wrist watch. Tahno got the message and nodded.

Walking over to the stage, he sent Asami a wink. She noticed.

"Kick some ass out there." Looking away, he put on his most charming smile and stepped out into his spot light.

[Saturday, July 6th]

12:00 AM.

" … Now! For the moment you horny son of a bitches have all been waiting for! Introducing," The DJ took his cue and started to play some heavy bass tracks with a few faders*. "Asami … SATO!" Tahno gestured behind him as he walked off the right side of the stage.

Asami immerged from center stage. Her lips were plump and glossy, her hair was swaying, and her eyes screamed sexy. The men who came to watch her were all "alert" and wet like the day they were born.

Finally reaching her designated area, she placed a hand on her hip and met everyone's gaze. The bass music started to fade out as another track began to play. That was her cue.

Her body began to sway, responding to the music. With each pound of the bass, her hands would go lower and lower. The men cheered, aroused at such a rare sight of a goddess touching herself.

The bass line began to fade out as another track was layered on top of it. She began to walk forward, making sure her steps were timed right so that they corresponded to the beat. Men started to cheer louder the closer she got to them and money began to pile up on the stage.

Having reached the end of the platform, she bent down and blew a kiss and a wink at the first few rows. Some of them took the chance to stuff a couple of bills down her cleavage. The music began to change again.

As she turned around and walked away, she knew she gave the audience a great show of her ass, and made sure to use it wisely. The track was about to fade out before her real performance began. Taking a deep breath, she stopped walking.

'Let's get this over with.'


So what did you'll think? Obviously, I added some more details, times and dates! Oh gosh. I was so frustrated that there were no dates, those are really important in this story. You'll understand what I mean in due time.

I know I cut it off a little early, but … that thought was amazing, so what an excellent way to end the chapter? (Plus I almost had an orgasm while writing it, so I needed to stop and hop into the nearest shower.)

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