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The Return

A year ago…

(Emily's POV)

I didn't know what would happen on that day. I was with my family with Cody and Jaden and I felt the Phoenix's power surging. I could almost hear this woman's cry and she wanted for her lover to killer her in order to save the world. Cody asked worried, "Sis you okay? What's wrong?" I said strenuously as I fell on the ground, "Something's wrong, Cody. This power…it's too much." The pain in my head stopped and I look up to see that it was raining and Jaden said worried and sadly as he looked through the window, "Someone…is dead."

I looked through the window and said sadly, "Yeah…someone did die."


(Cody's POV)

It's been a year since my sister and brother went to Japan and I haven't a word from them in six months. I looked at the photo where my father, Alexander Rose, was with his friend Charles Xavier and I knew I had to call the Xavier Institute. I called the number and I heard his voice on the other end on the line. "Hello, who is this I am speaking to?" I said worried and concerned, "Hi Professor Xavier. I'm Cody Rose, you know my father, Alexander Rose…" Professor Xavier said happily and concerned, "Yes. I know him we studied Egyptology in college together. Is he in trouble?"

I said worried and looked at the photo of my sister and brother, "No it's my sister and brother. I haven't heard from them since six months ago. I need the X-Men's help to find them." Charles Xavier said seriously and concerned, "Come to the Institute. I'll contact the team and reunite them if I can." I said with a happily and relief, "Thank you, Professor." I hanged up the phone and looked at the photo of my sister. I said with confidence as I grabbed the photo of her, "Hang on sis. I'm coming to save ya."

I transformed into my werewolf form and headed for the Xavier Institute. I wondered what happened to them…could it be that they lost someone…? I just hope that they can help me find my big sis and bro. After all, I need them…I don't wanna be alone again. I picked up a scent and it smelled funny but it felt safe. I looked up to see it was an orange fiery looking bird flying up into the sky. I asked curiously and wondered, "What was that? Could it be…?"

I shook my head and headed towards the Institute and I saw Charles Xavier for the first time in person. He said with a grin as he rolled over to me in his hovering wheelchair, "Welcome to the Institute, Cody." I chuckled in my werewolf form and said with a grin as I changed back, "It's good to be here, Professor." I picked up a scent and it looked like a dark skin woman with white hair coming down to us. My guess to me it was one of the X-Men and it was Ororo Monroe aka Storm. She was wearing an orange t-shirt with a dark jacket and white jeans. She was wearing brown shirt boots. She even had a chocker necklace and said with a smile as she landed, "Hello Charles."

Charles said with a smile as Ororo walked towards him and kissed each other's cheeks, "Welcome home Ororo." Ororo said with a smile, "I missed you." We heard a motorcycle come up and I made a big grin to see who was coming up and it was Logan aka Wolverine. Logan gruffly said as he pulled up, "You know some of us has got things to do Chuck. I was supposed to be on my Madrapore." Logan then asked gruffly with a grin, "So how's it going? Still bald I see."

Professor Xavier said with a grin as I stood by his side, "Logan, Welcome." I saw a black car pulling up and Hank McCoy aka Beast came out with glasses and in a tuxedo. Hank said happily as he took off his glasses, "I can't tell you how happy I was to get your call. Between faculty meetings and dining hall food, academia can get rather dull." Professor Xavier said as I looked at X-Men in awe, "It's good to have you all back again."

I saw that Ororo was looking around thinking and I asked curiously as I looked up to the Professor, "But where is Cyclops?" Professor Xavier sighed and said sadly and worried, "It would seem he's not quite ready to return to us yet." I then looked around them and noticed that everyone looked worried and I asked without thinking, "Where's Jean Gray?" I then noticed everyone was sad and Professor Xavier said sadly as he rolled away, "Cody there is something you must see…"

I followed the Professor and saw Jean Gray's grave. I said sadly under my breath, "So Jean Gray was the one who died." Professor Xavier asked curiously and concerned, "How did you know about Jean's death?" I explained sadly as I touched her grave plate, "My sister is telepathic and that's only one of her powers. My brother he has heighten senses like Logan and I. My sister and brother left for Japan to find and help mutants."

Professor Xavier rolled to my side and asked with care and concerned, "And you haven't heard from them since?" I shook my head and said worried and sadly as I looked at Jean's grave, "I just hope they're okay."


The Professor showed on the screen a girl with raven hair and light skin. She looked kind of cute in that photo with those cats around her. Professor Xavier explained about the photo, "Last week, a teenage girl named Hisako Ichiki went missing in Tohoku. The northeastern part of Honshu, Japan's main island. The police have run into some…problems. So her parents contacted me."

I asked curiously to look at the Professor, "If they called you, Professor does this mean she is…?" The Professor said seriously and concerned as he looked at me, "Yes…One of us. Though she only exhibited her powers one time when she was young." Hank said with ponder and curiously, "That's unusual." The Professor explained as he showed another image on the screen with a section of Japan, "While the X-gene runs in her family, neither her father, who's an old friend of mine, nor her mother have any mutant powers. Nevertheless they're keenly aware she does. And they fear her disappearance might have something to do with it."

Logan said gruffly as he looked at the Professor, "Probably a runaway. Why don't we let the cops handle it?" The Professor explained as he was ready to set up the picture of my sister and brother, "The problem is every detective has been assigned to the case has met with a sudden and untimely demise. That's why no progress has been made."

Hank explained seriously as I looked at him, "The obvious reason is being someone doesn't want this girl found." I said angrily as my hands turned into fist, "Someone's hunting mutants…" The Professor said as he looked at me and everyone with concern, "According to the girl's father, there's been a surge of mutant activity near the area recently. Furthermore, and even more puzzling, I detect no such activity when I use Cerebro."

Logan chuckled and said with a wolfish grin, "Big deal. Your gizmo probably got a worn out doohickey or something. And you ain't getting younger yourself Charlie." Ororo said annoyed with her eyes closed, "Oh, grow up." I laughed a little bit and Logan said after he chuckled, "Keep your wig on. I'm just pulling his chain." The Professor gave a small chuckle and Hank asked honestly as I spaced off for a bit, "Professor are you suggesting that we should go to Japan ourselves? Look into the matter?"

The Professor said sternly and seriously, "I find it very difficult to believe that everything has happening is merely the product of random coincidence. So yes I want the X-Men to go to Japan and find this girl and Cody's siblings." Ororo said in agreement and sternly, "I agree something has to be done, Charles. But what about Scott? We're not the X-Men without Cyclops."


The next day, I went with Logan and Ororo to see Scott Summers aka Cyclops. I had a bad feeling in my gut something was gonna go wrong but we have to bring Cyclops back and even though I'm not an X-Man…I still wanna help him.

Logan sniffed the air and said as Logan and I rode on his motorcycle, "I got his scent." Ororo flew with us and asked, "So why do you go to the Professor?" I yelled at her to make sure the engine wasn't louder than me, "The Professor and my father were best friends. My father died as did my mom and only my big brother and big sister took care of me."

Logan said gruffly as we headed to where Scott was at, "Kid your sis and bro have better be worth it." I laughed and said with a grin, "Trust me, when you see my sister you'll have your jaw hanging." When we reached to where Scott was at Logan said as we hovered over him, "Unbelievable. Don't tell me you've been hanging out here this whole time." Logan jokingly asked with a grin, "Where'd ya take a dump?"

When I saw Scott for the first time he looked like a mess, but it wasn't the first time I saw this look…I saw this look from my sister. She looked like this when our mother was murdered. Scott got up and looked away and said sadly, "I can't fight anymore. You need a reason to fight, and I've lost mine." Ororo said concerned and worried, "Scott snap out of it. Who said anything about fighting? We're just going to look for a missing teenage girl and this boy's siblings." Logan said gruffly with his arms crossed, "If Emo boy wants to spend his life, crying about something happened a year ago let him."

Ororo said sternly and annoyed as she turned to look at Logan, "Logan." Logan said gruffly as he looked at me, "Oh, come on. Listen to him, will ya? Full of self-pity. He'd be useless to us anyway." I took a big gulp as Logan continued, "He acts like he owns her. Like Jean meant nothing to the rest of us." I could tell Logan was pushing his button as he continued on, "Well there's one thing I know for sure, bub. Jeannie would die all over again if she saw the way you're acting."

Scott then fired his optic blast at Logan but I transformed into my werewolf form to block it as I yelled in pain, sending me into a pillar of cement. The pained healed due to the same healing abilities like Logan. Ororo said sternly as she looked at me, "Stop this!" I growled and said in a distorted voice, "Next time try aiming for the head and maybe you might get a clear shot." Scott said sternly and angry as he was ready to fire again, "Get out of the way, kid."

I said seriously and sternly as I stood my ground, "No I won't, blasting Logan will not solve anything. I understand what you're going through but if Jean saw you like she would give ya her high heel shoved up your ass and telling ya to knock it off." Scott was about to shot another optic blast and I was about to charge at him in my werewolf form. Ororo said sternly and seriously as she blocked between of us, "That's enough!"

Ororo said seriously and concerned, "Cody, I know right now you feel bad and if your sister saw you like this…? What would you think she'll say…?" I growled and slowly went into my human form again. Ororo walked towards Scott and said sincerely and worry then with a smile, "Please, we have to find them. They're out there somewhere all alone. If we don't find them, nobody will. There are still people who you Scott…The X-Men still need need you. You know it's what Jean would have wanted."

Scott said nothing and Ororo said as Logan started to walk away, "Well, you know where we'll be." Before I started to walk towards them, I looked back to see Scott one last time and get on Logan's motorcycle as we headed for the Institute. I yawned as I got into my new room I said with a smile as I looked at the sun setting, "Just you wait Emi…Jaden…I'm gonna find ya guys with the help of the X-Men." Night fell and I looked up at the stars and thought of what my sister said before she left.

Emily said with a smile as she looked up at the stars, "Cody someday I'll watch humans and mutants co-exist. No more fighting and finally be at peace. Maybe I can be with someone who cares about for just me being me." I laughed and said with a grin and a thumbs-up, "I'll be there to see it sis."

I said to myself with a smile, "Yeah, I'll be there to see it." I then go into bed and fell asleep waiting the day to go to Japan.


It was still nighttime and Ororo woke me up as I said after I yawned, "Okay Storm. I'm getting up." Ororo handed me and X-Man uniform it was navy black with a big yellow x on my chest. My arms and legs were not covered and I didn't get any shoes whatsoever. I managed to catch up with the others.

I took a whiff in the air as Ororo asked curiously, "What is it?" I said as I turned around, "It's Scott. He came back." Logan said with a smirk as he saw Scott, "Well, Well, if it isn't the guy who brought shoulder pads and tights back in fashion."

Scott said coolly as he walked up to us, "Yeah, well, I couldn't miss a minute of your uh witty parte." Logan smirk and I grunted with a grin. The Professor said seriously and with concern, "The X-Men have received a call for help. And we answer every call, wither from mutant or human. Right now there are young people in Japan who desperately need us."

Scott nodded his head and the Professor said with a smile as he looked at Cyclops, "Welcome back, to the X-Men." Scott and Ororo started the Blackbird and started to take off. I asked curiously and with humor, "You sure you're okay? This isn't some crazy death wish is it, Cyke?" Scott laughed and said coolly, "huh the lousy way you handle that fight and you're worried about my driving?" I sulked and said annoyed, "Yeah, yeah."

We then took off and headed for Japan and on somehow I knew from that day on my…our lives were about to change that day.

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With Cyclops back on board, the X-Men travel through Japan to find Hisako Ichiki, Jaden Rose, and Emily Rose. And the truth behind their disappearances. Their investigation uncovers more than they've bargain for when they run head long into the U-Men. A group of Anti-mutant fanatics. Fighting every step of the way the X-Men continue to their search for Hisako and Cody's siblings. A search that that ultimately leads them to a horrifying secret.

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