Is she in my head, how in the hell did shee get in there? I spun around aimlessly, and I tried to close my eyes or roll them back but I think I managed to look insane. Cam was looking at me like I had finally lost it, maybe I had, but if loosing it meant I could hear or see luce, I would give it all even my sanity.

"Luce is that you?" I asked aloud

Yea, Daniel its me. Look this is hard to explain but just listen ok?

"alright." Said Daniel

I'm in the outer worlds. And I'm not alone, there is another angel here. He is even more powerful than Lucifer. He is Aleki. He was gods favorite until he tried to leave and he was the first to try. He got cast here thousands of years ago. And the only way out is to create a new dimension or world.

"Well why didn't he already make one?" asked Daniel in his mind

He cant, there has to be 5 angels to create one. The more angels the more powerful the world is. That's why Lucifer is so powerful with his immense numbers of followers.

"well lets do it now, we are all tired of the unfairness and oppression this lot all turned against god, we are separate from good and evil now, in the middle. We could have a world to love. lets do it right now. How?"

That's the problem, but we have an answer. See we all have to be together to say the ancient words. But Aleki has a way. We heard the end of your conversation with Lucifer. He said to help. Will you ask him to send you guys to the outerworld? Together we can say the creation words to create a new world. And with all of the creators together we can travel between worlds.

I turned to the others with a smile, everyone looked concerned. Lucifer looked , simply bored. But Penn she smiled and I knew she understood I was talking to her. I took a step towards them and shoved my hands in my pockets. I explained to them what she had just said, about a new world, new beginning and a new dimension in which we can make the rules. And about how we can travel the worlds be free.

They all looked shocked but cam was the first to speak.

"fuck yea! Aye, we doing this now? Lets start" he said stepping forward

All the rest agreed with smiles and excitement.

Then I turned to Lucifer "will you help us?"

"I have my own" he said in a matter of fact tone

"no luce told me to have you send us to the outerworlds, we have to be together to create" said Daniel

"I promised to help" said Lucifer

He raised his hands in the air, his face a storm as his power, his golden hair flying around in every direction. Lightning flashed across the sky and everything went black. It felt like falling at first then we were floating, in no gravity our bodys twirling and colliding. Winds blew fiercely and moved us until suddenly we were being pulled at a fast speed by an invisible force it almost felt like a vacuum. Then we were falling through the sky we all released our wings and began flying towards the ground. This place was amazing, everything looked surreal, and beautiful. Then I saw her, our eyes locked. And she broke into a breath taking smile. Her wings bursted out and we flew towards each other. When we met it was like we crashed into each other neither of us slowed desperate to be in each others arms. I grabbed her not to gently and pulled her in and hugged her against me. I finally had her and she was safe. I kissed every part of her face I would reach while still holding her so tightly. I planted gentle kisses on her head, forhead, cheeks, nose and finally her lips. When they toutched it was like something sparked my hands held her around her hips as we floated in the sky. Our mouths were desperate. Her hands looped around my neck, hands in my hair holding my mouth to hers. Someone cleared their throat but we were not even close to done,her head tilted back and I deepened the kiss sliding in my tounge. Our hands slid all over like we were trying to memorize each others bodies.

"HELLO! Are we creating a free world or not?" yelled cam smacking my shoulder.

At this moment I didn't give s shit about the world. But we reluctantly pulled back, I looked into her eyes and I kissed her for head.

"Never leave me again, I love you so much" I whispered

"I love you" she said

"And didn't I say I would always find you" I said with a chuckle

"you know I think I remember you saying that once" she said and kissed my nose

I laughed and held her hand as we went to the ground. Once we landed. Aleki smiled at me and I tried not to be jealous of her being here with him for days. I still gave him a smile

"Young love," he sighed "I remember when I was once in love myself"

"you were? When? To who ?" asked luce

"You might be shocked, but the throne was an angel, just a powerful one. Her name was Amabella, she was once my love, well until I was banished." He said in a sad tone

"that's terrible. Can you two ever be together again?" asked arrine

"maybe in the future, but for now I see no way" he said looking down and for some reason this angered me. I feel sorry for his loss, but for love anything is possible. Luce an I have overcame practically everything why should he give up. The women he loves never died thousand of times in his arms and leaving you crying.

"There is always a way, whether you choose to pursue it is your choice" I said trying to make myself sound sincere. All he did was nod.

"are you guys ready?" he asked suddenly

We all nodded and formed a circle. He gave us the words in out minds and we began chanting. Simultaneously. We continued the words. When we finished a light flashed from the ground into the sky, and formed a sort if hole. It was white in color. The ground shook and all of a sudden we were jerked up into the hole. We joined hands as we flew. And then everything flashed light. We were then on land. And I have never seen anything equivalent. this was a dimension and everything was so perfect it was amazing. I looked around taking in this place.

"Being new gods of a world you will all have a new development in your power." Said aleki.

As we tested this we found Aleki can now move things with his mind, my apparent compassion turned into being able to sense emotions and manipulate them, Luce can create anything, if she imagines it it will become real if she wishes it to be, cam can create and control fire. Roland can manipulate the earth, he can move or mold it into anything. Arrine can control, water and air. And Penn she has spirit. She can heal anything, and grow and living thing. We have made a new world of wonder. And are free to love. The thought makes me smile, I grab luces hand and she looks up at me and smiles, but there is something behind her eyes. She has a secret. I ask her about it but she shakes her head and pulls me towards the trees, we walk away from the others she stops once we are in the cover of the trees. And she looks up at me and she is happy yet worried

"Luce whats wrong?' I ask holding my palm to her cheek

She sigh's "Its not wrong, just I don't know how youll take it.' She said with a nervous look

"we are here luce, we can love forever. One lifetime isn't enough for me. No more suprises." I wrap my arms around her "Nothing will ever be wrong again"

"Im pregnant." She says suddenly. And I know she couldn't see me but my face breaks into a smile. A family. The thing ive never truly had. I hug her tighter

"I love you so much" I mumble against her hair

This is a end of the bad and a new beginning of family.

5 months later

Luce is huge, but if you tell her that she hits you… hard. She is almost 6 months now. And its not just our little group of 7 anymore. Many from hell and even heaven have grown tired of the feuding, we now have over a thousand angels living in our new world. We are powerful. and the powers we got from creating help us keep balance. But we never have fighting all is equal. And the people are content to be free. Heaven and hell still feud but it is on a low scale considering we hold most of the power now. Life of torture and spite is over, anew era has turned and a new life has begun.