When I arrived at Arland the first thing that came to my mind was to visit my teacher. My legs took me straight to her workshop. With a swift turn of the doorknob the door opened and I almost yelled out my teacher's name but in just in nick of time I saw her sleeping figure on the sofa. I didn't want to interrupt her sleep so I tried to leave but I heard loud footsteps approaching the workshop and in the spurt if the moment I hid myself behind the door. A tall scary man came storming in and yelled with a menacing voice "Rorona!". On a second look though I recognized the man as Sterk. I sighed in relief and was about to come out from my hiding place when I saw Sterk gently gazing at my teacher's sleeping face and decided that it was not the right time. Sterk slowly kneeled down beside her and his hand gently brushed some hair strands of Rorona's face. My teacher happily giggled and made a content face. He poked her cheek and smiled sheepishly at her happy face. He looked around with a nervous face and then lowered his face. Sterk gently kissed my teacher. I was so surprised that I accidently kicked over my teacher's creation and it fell down with a loud thump. He stood up startled and turned around with an embarrassed and startled face. When his eyes spotted me he stared at me with wide eyes. "Y-you!" He pointed at me with his shaking index finger. "Hello Sterk." I stared at him with an awkward face. His face lit up in a deep red color. I swear I could see the steam coming out of his ears. "You saw nothing! Erase everything you saw!" He ran towards the door and disappeared. Just as he left my teacher woke up from her surprising deep slumber. She sleepily stood up and stretched her arms. "Totori? Was Sterk here? I think I heard him". I couldn't believe how clueless she was. "You are an Airhead, teacher". I walked to my cauldron and started on my synthesizing . My teacher looked at me with a confused face.

Meanwhile when Totori wasn't facing her teacher….

I didn't know why she said that I was an airhead. That statement made me confused. I touched my lips and remembered while I was sleeping I felt a pleasant touch on my mouth. I wonder what that touch was.

On the other hand Sterk in the nearby woods…

Why did I do that? I should have looked more carefully! Ahhhh she must think I'm a pervet! Kissing her important teacher in secret was the worst thing to do. I'm the worst person that she probably ever encountered. "Rorona! Rorona! Rorona!" My pigeon came flying and started saying her name. Well I expected that since I taught it to say it. Just hearing her name made me, feel warm inside. Now in the contrary it made me feel sick. Her student must have told her and now she will have the worst impression of me. That innocent girl doesn't even know what a real kiss is.

Sterk was in the woods deep in his thoughts till morning.