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Bella POV

I lay on my bed, my eyes fixed on the little cracks in the roof above; it's what I have been doing for the past few months since Edward left me. I was numb, tired, so tired of everything. How could he do this to me? Was I not good enough for him?

"You… don't… want me?" I gasp out in pain as I stared at the man I loved in front of me.

"No. You're not good for me, Bella."

A sob escaped my chest as the harsh words repeated over and over again in my head, I wrap my arms around me tightly as the hole rips open with new agony.

"Personally I think he's the one not good enough for you" my eyes snap to the left as I jump up at the familiar voice. I rub my eyes unbelievingly as I stared at myself, not just myself, my old self, the one I used to be proud of, the one before Edward Cullen.

"I've finally lost my mind" I whisper with a rough voice as I close my eyes resigned.

"No, you haven't, I'm here to knock some sense into you." With a huff I sat up, my joints protesting at the sudden movement as I stared at myself, waiting for the explanation.

"Have you looked at yourself? Really looked at yourself?" She, no I ask myself, I shake my head causing her to huff, and appearing near the full length mirror covered in the corner, the sheet falls down, and I gasp. My eyes were sunken in, and I looked so pale and pretty much like a corps, my hair was dull and lost its natural shine, along with matted.

"See now look at me, look at what we used to be, I don't even know you anymore. We would have told him to go shove it, no man will ever break us" Old Bella tells me as she stands at my side. I gasp in horror at the difference, causing her to smile sadly.

"He wasn't worth it; he broke you on purpose, think Bella think. Remember what Jasper said, Mates can never leave their mate for a long period of time, and hurt them the way he did to you, it's against their nature!" She yells at me while pointing to us in the mirror, memories of Jaspers words flow through as I remember the one time we got to be alone.

"You're worth it Bella" his southern drawl echoes my mind as my eyes never leave my reflection.

"What do I do?" I whisper, I turn to see the old me smirking from the doorway.

"Find me Bella, find me and embrace me again. You'll be strong then, with a new look on life" She tells me before disappearing before my eyes with a smirk. She was... No I was… The old me was right, mates would never do this, break their other half into a zombie, the old me would never put up with it.

I owe it to myself to become someone tougher, someone who I used to be. Not the spineless Isabella that seemed to show up when Edward was around, no the old Isabella was a tough bitch who took no shit, and swore like a sailor while at it.

With a determined mind, I get my ass out of bed and take a shower, washing away the grime and sweat before heading downstairs to cook some damn food. Charlie should be home in half an hour, and by god I'm going to make it up to him for all this bullshit that was caused by Cullen.

Checking the fridge and cupboards I find that I didn't have enough food to make anything and I sure as fuck am not cooking up the fish in the freezer. So opting out of cooking I call up the pizza place and get them to bring me two of Charlie's favourite pies and two with everything on it pizzas. I was starving and fuck choosing something simple, something healthy. With Edward everything was eat this it's more healthy, dress like this, talk like this, now that the old me pointed out shit I can see everything Edward was doing with a clear mind. Fucking controlling asshole.

I paced around a bit cleaning up every now and again till the doorbell interrupted me; I grabbed some money from the rainy day fund in the freezer before answering the door. I smirk at Tyler as he stares at me in shock before grabbing the pizza, throwing him the money and slamming the door in his face.

I knew Monday was going to be gossip centre but if they wanted to gossip about me, I'll give them the real Isabella and something to gossip about.

"Bella?" I stop mid chew turning with a smile as I stare at Charlie. He looks like a ghost just jumped out and screamed SURPRISE!

"Hi Dad, I got two of your favourite pizza's" I tell him while holding out the boxes in one hand and waving them. His eyes never move from me as he takes the boxes from my hand.

"You okay Dad?" I ask with a mouthful, manners be dammed I was starving.

"Huh? Yeah kiddo I am, more than okay" he tells me with a smile as he walks into the lounge muttering something I couldn't make out.

"Hey Dad, is it okay if I go to La Push tomorrow?" I ask after another slice of pizza, he looks up from the TV at me with a smile, his eyes twinkle slightly and I frown internally at myself as I've realised he looks like death warmed over. He had huge bags under his eyes and has lost a little weight; he too had suffered from the decisions of Edward Cullen.

"Sure thing kiddo, have fun" he tells me softly as I retreat to my room.

I pushed the door open slowly and looked into my room. It was bare and had a sense of melancholy clinging to every surface of the dark room. How did I even manage to stay in here? I feel so suffocated from just standing at the door.

With a sigh I push myself past the unknown barrier and lay down, how could I let a boy rule me this way? Make me weak and pathetic, I stifled a sob as I realised that I still feel so weak and pathetic even though I'm close to myself.

"No you're not" my eyes popped open and I was staring at myself again, I groaned while flipping on my back.

"You're still here." I sigh; it seems that's all I'm doing.

"Yep and I will always be here till you find me. You have a long way to go yet, now you need some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long fucking day." And with that my old self was gone again with a smirk playing on her... my lips.


With a huff I get up, I wish I could say that I slept like a baby, but alas the sandman is a mean old man who wouldn't come to me. I was up most of the night tossing and turning, thinking about everything, and where I should go now.

"Bells?" Charlie's voice reached my ears with an accompanied knock to my door.

"Yeah Dad?" I ask, opening it to speak to him; he was dressed up in his work uniform. I frowned confused; it was a Saturday he shouldn't be working, unless something bad had happened.

"What's going on Dad?" I ask looking back up into his eyes once more.

"I got called into work, another hiker is missing. There's been a lot of bear sightings lately a few claiming they were wolves, but we just assume it's a bear because of the size. I need to go to work." He tells me softly with a sigh, my head started spinning with the information.

Wolves and missing hikers? There has to be something more added to this.

"Bella?" I shook my head and looked up at a worried Charlie.

"I know you're going to La Push but stay out of the forest okay kiddo?" he tells me and I give him a smile telling him I understood.

"I don't know when I will be home, so don't wait up, bye kiddo" he tells me as he walks back downstairs.

"Bye Dad" I yell after him before quickly close the door too my room. I grabbed some random clothing and rush to the shower, it was still early and hopefully a trip to La Push would get me out of my funk a little bit more.

"Another legend claims that we descended from wolves — and that the wolves are our brothers still." I jump slightly, quickly gripping the shower door as Jake's words filtered into my brain.

"We have a treaty with the Wolves in La Push, we're not allowed to cross the border" This time it was Edward's voice, I was still frozen griping the frame with all my might.

"What are you talking about?" my voice echoes the room.

"There are stories of the cold ones as old as the wolf legends, and some much more recent. According to legend, my own great-grandfather knew some of them. He was the one who made the treaty that kept them off our land." Jake tells me seriously causing me to laugh.

"Cold ones? You mean vampires?"

"Yes! You see, the cold ones are the natural enemies of the wolf—well, not the wolf, really, but the men that turn into wolves, like our ancestors. You would call them werewolves."

I gasp and quickly get out of the shower as the words repeat over and over themselves in my head, images and slight memories flooded through the more I thought about it. The snuffling noise as I lay on the cold ground before Sam came out of the forest, the eyes that glowed in the dark as I stared out the window. The howls one night, sounding as if they were talking to each other.

Werewolves... But they don't exist… but vampires exist...

I quickly threw on my clothes and raced down stairs and out the door, managing not to trip amazed me slightly but that didn't matter, no, I needed to get to the Black Residence and speak with Billy. Half way to La Push I couldn't help but let out a curse as I realised I had no clue on where I was going, I was ready to turn around and go back home when I saw directions sitting on my dash from Charlie. I shook my head and let out a small laugh before continued my way to Billy's, how was I going to tell him I knew his secret, it all made sense now. Why Sam asked me had I been hurt and the way Billy treated me the way he did, with the subtle vampire jabs.

The rest of the way to Billy's I thought of how I was going to break it to him that I knew. I knew for sure that Jake will have to leave, even though he was the one who told me the legends, for some reason he just couldn't know yet.

The little red house came into view slightly blurred by the rain, the door swung open and there stood Jake with a wide smile on his face. I couldn't help but return it, though it wasn't as enthusiastic as his. I was hoping he wouldn't be here, now I have to make up something to get him to leave, I love Jake I really do, but as a brother, nothing more and I know it will never be the way he crushes on me. That was obvious, too obvious.

My door was suddenly yanked open and I was being crushed in the arms of Jacob.

"Bella! You're here!" he yelled while I tried to gasp for air.

"Jake… Can't… Breathe..." I gasp out and I instantly felt air rush back into my lungs, after a few deep breaths I looked up to a sheepish Jake with a mock glare.

"Sorry Bells." He says while rubbing the back of his neck smiling sheepishly.

"S'okay" I tell him still somewhat breathless.

"So, what you doing here Bells? Not that I mind of course" he rushes out quickly, a blush darkening his cheeks further.

"Well actually, I'm here to see Billy, there's something I need to discuss with him" I tell him seriously.

"Oh… What about?" he asks curiously as we walk back towards the house.

"Sorry Jake, I can't tell anyone but Billy" I tell him softly while looking up at him, begging with my eyes to understand.

"Oh, that's okay… Tell dad I'll be at a friend's then" he says sadly before disappearing outside once more.

"Billy?" I call from the foyer; I heard the TV mute and the sound of his wheels squeaking on the floor.

"Bella? What are you doing here?" he asks as he takes in my soaked form standing in his foyer.

"I know Billy." I blurt out; I didn't want to beat around the bush. I knew this would be a long fucking day, and I didn't want to make it longer by dancing around the elephant in the room.

"Excuse me, I don't quite understand?" he asks, his face full of confusion, but I see the spark of recognition in his eyes.

"Look, I don't want to fuck around Billy, I KNOW!" I yell in frustration, stressing the words I know to prove my point. His eyes widened in shock and horror before morphing into one of anger.

"Those leeches broke the treaty!" he hisses so human like that I couldn't help but snort. Of course he would blame the Cullen's, sure they had faults but they love this shitty town and wouldn't risk that.

"You're so wrong Billy, so very wrong. Now you best make a phone call because I want answers to all the shit going down in Forks! Murders Billy MURDERS!" I huff out before pushing my way past his shocked form and plonking myself on the couch.

I heard hushed frantic whispers from the kitchen that lasted a whole two minutes before the sound of Billy's wheelchair moving towards the lounge. I faintly heard a howl in the distance followed by two more; they were the same howls I heard not long ago.

"The boys will be here soon" Billy tells me with a sharp tone as he places himself in what seemed to be his usual spot.

We sat in silence for a few minutes until the door slammed open and three very tall, very burly and half naked native men stalked in the room, two were passive and one was furious as all fuck, though something familiar was about him.

"Bella this is Sam Uley, the Alpha and the one who found you in the forest" Billy says gesturing to the man sitting in front of me.

"Why are we here Billy? Better yet why is the Leech Lover here" the man who looked strangely familiar snarled at me from his spot at the door.

"PAUL!" Sam growled low and in warning.

"My, my Paul, way to treat a friend" I snark at him, he was a year older than me but just like Jake, we grew up making mud pies.

"I would never be friends with a leech lover" he growls low at me.

"Really, hmm just like you would never admit you were a backstreet boy fan or did your furry problem fuck with your head" I taunt him and his eyes widened in horror as he really looked at me. While he did that the unknown man near the window burst out laughing his ass off.

"Little Swan?" Paul utters horrified before leaving the house. With a sigh I faced Sam again who seemed to be getting impatient.

"Right I want information, have you been killing off hikers like they say you are or are you hunting something, the thing that is?" I ask seriously while leaning forward slightly, his eyes darken slightly and flickered to Billy before looking at me again.

"No we have been hunting a leech. She taunts us by leaving bodies on the treaty line sometimes, other times she comes on our land and then tracks back. We can never get her; she always seems to slip past us." I never noticed how deep his voice was, but flashes of fiery hair and a sadistic laugh echoes in my mind. I opened my mouth to ask who it was they were chasing, hoping it wasn't the sadistic woman who was with the tracker that tried to kill me.

"Who told you of our kind?" He demanded.

"Was it the leeches?" the unknown male asks curiously, a little hatred mixed in his tone. With a deep sigh I knew this needed to be done, even though I was throwing Jake to the wolves.

"No, Jacob told me" I stated and several things happened at once.

Billy yelled outraged and in disbelief of my claims, a calm Paul who had just entered the room exploded into a huge silver wolf, shattering the small couch and coffee table and well, I fainted.

When I come to, the debris in the house has been cleared, and two other men sat in the remaining chairs. The clock tells me I have been passed out for an hour, fuck, I may be okay with supernatural, but seeing a man burst into a horse sized wolf was just too much.

"Bella?" my eyes went to Billy, he still seemed somewhat pissed.

"Yes?" I sigh out before rubbing my eyes with the palm of my hands.

"This is Harry Clearwater and Old Quil, the other two elders." I nod in their direction before resting my head in my hands.

"Now tell us the truth girl, who told you of the wolves?" Old Quil demanded; he was an angry old fucker.

"Jacob Black, he told me the legends of the cold ones, and the protectors." I tell him with an exasperated tone.

"Why now, to let us know?" Harry asks politely, the only one of the bunch who seemed rational at this current time.

"Because I put everything together, Sam's question when he found me, the howls at night that seem to answer another, why the Cullen's never came here" I said offhandedly causing the three elders and Sam to share a look.

"Look, if you're worried about me telling, don't. I only came here to get answers, my father is working these cases, and I don't want him dead." I finish off angrily, huffing.

"Tell me of this leech as you so equivalently put it, her looks." I ask Sam with an eye roll.

"I explained what she has been doing" he huffs out with a slight growl. With a sigh I'm starting to think that these boys lost all brain cells when they turned into giant fluff balls.

"I asked about her looks" I sigh out.

"She has vibrant red hair, and red eyes. She looks wild, feral." He told me, causing me to stiffen in rage and fear. That woman, the one with the tracker.

"We need to do something about Victoria!" Jasper snarled, hands slamming on the table, splintering it.

"She wasn't a threat! I read her mind!" snarled Edward, before storming out the room.

"But they were mates! I FELT IT!" roared Jasper furiously before crushing the table under his hands. Splinters flew everywhere causing Esme to gasp and race to the room.

I shook my head clear of the memory to see everyone staring at me intently. My hand rubbed the mark on my wrist as I thought about it, she was his mate, and we killed him. She was after me, and it's all fucking Cullen's fault!

"I know her; not personally, we killed her mate… now she wants me, a mate for a mate" I tell them through gritted teeth. All eyes snapped to me in shock, horror or awe in the nameless guy's sake.

"What?" Paul asks, his body vibrating dangerously. With a huff I throw the pillow next to me at him, his hand snaps up and catches it as everyone watches in amazement as he stops shaking.

"Look, this Vampire is after me. I can lure her away from here to protect your people." I tell them while standing, the joints in my knees clicking, showing me I sat still for far too long.

"You can't leave here with her after you!" snarls Paul, shocking everyone but me. Even when we were kids he was protective of me.

I knew he was right though, but something in me was telling me that I had to leave, that I had to be somewhere else. I would be safe, changed, and well looked after where I had to be. I knew that if I stayed, I would be putting the wolves, the people of forks and the tribe in terrible danger.

"I sure as fuck can, if I need to get help I will! But I will not stay here and risk innocent people to be mutilated, because of my skinny white ass was dumb enough to be involved with vampires!" I yell angrily, my hands flying up in exaggeration.

With a sigh I rub my face with my hand. "Look, I just have to leave okay, I just feel like I need to be somewhere. And if I stay here, people will die. Are you going to help me or are you going to let people suffer?" I ask with a tired tone.

"Let us discuss this" Harry told me while Sam and the other elders lean into each other. Paul never took his eyes off me, I felt bad, and I really did. But my life was not worth 100 innocent people to suffer at the hands of a monster.

"What would you do if something happened to me?" my eyes shot over to the window behind everyone, there I was in class sitting next to Edward, his eyes staring at me. But I knew this conversation, it was the day we watched Romeo and Juliet.

"I'd go to the Volturi" he whispers, I saw my face morph into confusion.

"The Volturi?" I ask causing his eyes dart to mine, now as I was paying more attention I saw the slight roll as he did so. Fucking asshole.

"They are the rulers of the world, if I lost you, then I would go and ask them to kill me."

I blinked and now Carlisle's office was around me, I was staring at the image of the three rulers on the balcony. Caius, Aro and Marcus.

"We only have one rule Bella, to never tell a mortal what we are…"

"What happens if they find out?"

"We would be killed; you would either be turned or killed too"

I snap back to the present, pleasantly pleased by this new thing that has been giving me clues on what I should do. The elders were looking at me, wondering what I was staring at, I shook my head and gestured them to tell me their verdict.

"We want to help you leave; we will look after Charlie of course while you pack and leave." Billy explained, his voice still clipped but I could tell he was saddened by this too.

"I need someone to take me home, then to the airport. I will never come back Billy, where I'm going; I won't be human for long" I tell them while standing, Paul was already gone; he left right after Billy spoke in a fit of rage.

"Jared you take Bella to the airport and keep her safe till she is on that plane." Sam ordered and now the mystery man had a name. Finally. I was pretty sure that I would have to call him mystery for good. Well actually that's not a bad idea at all.

"Come on Mystery, we're going on a little car ride" I tease with a laugh as I walk out the door, I swear I heard a small chuckle come from Sam but that couldn't be right, that fuckers got the serious stick shoved far up his ass.

"I like you Bella, you got spunk" Mystery chuckles as he jumps in the passenger side of my truck. Snorting I turn to face him as I place it into drive, who the hell says spunk.

"Spunk, really? Hello 70's, you forgot to grab a giant ass fluff ball called mystery" I say while holding my hand to my head in a telephone way, I hummed and uhhuh'd randomly before looking back at him. "I'm sorry but the 70's said that a big giant fluff ball called mystery is already taken, and that it's wrong to be so cliché" I snort out with a smirk before driving off. Mystery was laughing his ass off half way to mine; I couldn't help but sigh in relief when he finally stopped.

"Gee, I thought you were literally going to pee in my car like a dog and THEN die of laughter" I sigh out sarcastically with a roll of my eyes.

This was a bad idea, because he just started laughing again. Though I guess it was a little refreshing, he reminded me a lot like Emmett, minus the brute, the coldness and the vampire tendencies of course.

With a sad sigh I continued to drive, my mind full of memories and why's.

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