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It's not enough! Panting, and sweating and thoroughly exhausted but it's not enough. The figure on the bed gave a frustrated half growl, half sigh, and threw the now broken toy across the room. Three times in a row, and it still wasn't enough. Reflective amber eyes glared up into the darkness of the bedroom, the gloom of the night outside indicative of the gloom floating through her mind. Body bare to the world and still glistening from her exertions, the wind from the open window brought goose bumps across her lightly caramel skin. Her hair, partially slicked down with sweat, had escaped the elastic tie to fan around her head across the pillow in a halo of amber and other hues of the sunset.

The bed dipped lightly as her companion made his presence known. Emerald eyes, as reflective as her own, peered out of the darkness near her feet, and a voice like crushed velvet practically purred, "You're going to have to go hunting."

"I know." She growl-sighed again, as he padded his way silently up her body to nestle on her breastbone and stare at her face. His tail swished and tickled her belly button, while his whiskers twitched in annoyance and he aimed both conical ears towards her.

He shifted slightly so that his weight was resting on his chocolate tabby colored haunches and he lifted a pristine white paw to clean. Mid-lick he cocked an ear and met her eyes with a serious disdain. "I'm serious, Ichigo."

"I know, Ulquiorra!" She groaned, flinging her arm over her face.

He climbed off of her chest to perch on her nightstand like a gargoyle, staring down at her through the darkened room, his gaze stony and not accepting anything less than perfect obedience from his target. After a few moments of this scrutiny, Ichigo squirmed and flung her arm back from her face to glare at him.

"What?" She exasperated.


"Ugh! You are so pushy!" She rolled her eyes and swung her legs off the bed, ignoring the clop of her feet on the floor and the swish of her tail behind her as it brushed the blankets back from where they'd been bunched at her hip.

These were dangerous signs, she knew, but there really was nothing she could do about it. She had to feed, and soon, or risk further changes. She'd nearly starved herself feral once when she'd first come into her powers, and it hadn't been a pretty sight bringing her back from the edge. Ulquiorra knew, he'd been there when her parents had gone feral, and it had been he who had rescued the child before they could kill her, leaving her with the humans who'd taken her in and raised her as their own.

He shook his head as he watched her dress; pulling on a red plaid pleated skirt that hung on her hips over rainbow tie-dyed thigh highs, a white baby-doll tee with a peek-a-boo slice across her cleavage, and a pair of chunky black knee high boots. She fastened a clunky, studded belt around her waist, roughly fifty gummy bands on each wrist, large hoop earrings with glittery blue stars hanging in the centers, and a ballet pink collar accented with rhinestones across the back and a rainbow pentacle on the D-ring. Finally, seeing as it was only just past the spring thaw, she grabbed a faux fur lined silver hoodie with cat ears. Her hair was piled in a mess on the top of her head, and held in place by a pair of fiberglass chopsticks with a glass bead on the ends.

"So? How do I look?" She spun around, letting her skirt flare a tiny bit, just enough to show that she wasn't wearing shorts underneath.

"Like a candy factory threw up on you." The feline sighed again, and hopped down from her nightstand. "But it will have to do. Now, go on, before your tail pops out again."

She almost pouted but held it in for the sake of getting out the door faster. If there was one thing she hated more than hunting, it was listening to Ulquiorra moaning about her not hunting. Stepping out of her apartment building into the brisk air of early March, she paused for a moment to inhale the frost on the air. Some of her previous tension lessened in the cold air.

For some reason she could go longer during the winter without hunting than the summer. Perhaps it had something to do with the way her parents had raised her, to enjoy the snow. Her feline familiar was shocked to learn that she enjoyed playing in the frozen white stuff, and had promptly locked himself in his cat tower the entire day after their first snowfall together.

Laughing at the memory, Ichigo made her way down the street to the club not too far from her home. Being this late it should be easy pickings. Most of the patrons who were looking for a good time off the bat would have left, but the ones who were trying to work up the nerve to ask someone to come home with them would just be cresting their alcohol induced buzz, settling somewhere between fuzzy and sloshed. That was just what she wanted. Some fairly innocent nobody that had either only ever slept with their partners or a virgin. Virgins were the most satisfying, having never been brought to orgasm by anyone before, their climaxes were always higher, and their buttons brand new. So to someone like her? It was like filet mignon!

The door opened easily enough, and the bouncer just inside, a large brute of a man with a weakness for kittens, nodded at her as she took off her hoodie. "Ohisa, Sado-kun!" She greeted him jovially and received a second nod.

She could already feel the thumping of the music downstairs, and around the curved staircase she could see the flashing of the lights. Shuuhei, the DJ, was in full swing, and Ichigo's hips just itched to be out in the throng of people. Why had she even tried to fix the problem herself?! This was so much better! Especially since the flashing lights and free-flowing alcohol let her relax her guard enough that none of the humans around her noticed that her amber eyes glowed gold as she drank in the sexual tension of the dance floor. Greeting the bartender and the DJ with a small wave she snagged and drained her first (of many) alcoholic drinks and let the Hunger take over.

Three hours into her partying, she was grinding against a man that looked like an ex-rock star with his chin length dirty blonde hair and scruffy chin, and with a woman that had skin the color of milk chocolate and eyes almost as yellow as her own. The music had the three locked in a battle of wills, and both women had all of their attention on the man between them. Ichigo's eyes flashed and the other woman grinned at her, revealing particularly sharp canines.

Like hell I'm gonna let some obaasan steal my Target, Ichigo thought, and she let her left hand ghost down the man's open army green button-up shirt to snake around the meeting of his cream colored wife beater and dark green cargo pants, her nails just grazing the skin. She knew that they would leave trails of fire where she touched, it was part of the spell to bring her Target as close to climax as possible, and judging by the tightness of the crotch of his pants, the war between the women was definitely driving him wild. Then the other woman pulled a dirty trick.

Ichigo just had the man turning towards her when the other woman used her claws to slice open his wife beater revealing a chest tattoo; a horizontal crescent moon enclosed in an equilateral diamond with four lines extending from the points. Around that was a pair of bisecting rectangles with jagged stars on each of the four furthest sides from the moon. All of this was done in the darkest black ink Ichigo had ever seen, and she snarled, eyes flashing and fury drawing her delicate umber brows into a deep glare.

"How dare you!" She screamed, though was barely heard over the music.

"Sorry, 'hime." The woman chuckled. "It was fun playing with you while we could, but this one's mine. Has been for a long, long time."

The man had the decency to look abashed at having led Ichigo on, before he pulled a rolled up bucket hat out of his back pocket and placed it on his head, covering his eyes and the faint staining of pink across his cheeks. "Sorry, love."

Ichigo huffed, and threw another snarling hiss over her shoulder as she stormed off the dance floor. It wasn't the first time she'd come across another one like her outside of her nakama, but usually they had the honor to inform her beforehand. Settling in for a class A sulk over a Tequila Sunrise, Ichigo huffed again, her tail lashing behind her. It was hidden under the curve of the florescent bar where she leaned so she could continue to glare at the pair of voyeurs still grinding wantonly on the dance floor.

The heavily tattooed bartender replaced her Sunrise as soon as she drained it, "Aw, don't let 'em get ya down, Ichigo-san." He rumbled behind her.

Cocking her head back over her shoulder, she took in his black wife beater that seemed to bleed out from the tribal lines adoring his biceps and pectorals. "Yeah, I know, Renji-kun. It just drives me crazy when they come out of nowhere. Especially like that!" She violently waved her arm at the still-grinding couple. A faint growl entered her voice, "And what's the big idea with bringing her Marked One out in public where anybody could try to take a bite out of him?!"

Renji sighed and ran a hand over his crimson ponytail, "I dunno, Ichigo-san. I dunno." He knew full well what the female Encantadas was looking for, but he also knew that he couldn't help.

Most of the workers at the club knew, but just like Renji, they couldn't help her. His tattoos weren't just for show. As with the man on the dance floor, Renji was a Marked One. Meaning he had a tattoo embedded in the skin of his chest marking him to all others that he was off limits for feeding. Shuuhei and Sado were the same way. It would be unbecoming to call their partners 'Master' but originally that was what the mark meant. These days the word 'Shujin' was more appropriate, as the bond between demon and Marked One was more balanced and equal than it had been in the past. There were those that still maintained the distance of Master to Servant but most were closer to their Marked Ones than even some of the members of their own Coven.

The bartender met the DJ's eyes across the dance floor. They had both witnessed Ichigo's failure, and simultaneously they sighed. Renji waved her off when she reached into her shirt to pay him, and the smile he got in return was almost worth bearing the sadness and Hunger in her eyes.

"I'm gonna head out, Renji-kun. Give my regards to Byakuya-sama." The young female sighed again, downing the last swallow of her fourth (fifth?) Sunrise, and moving away from the bar towards the exit.

She almost got out of the club in one piece, but as Sado held the door open for her she blindly landed in the arms of someone she could only describe as sex-on-legs. Her eyes flashed brilliant gold as she stared blatantly up into the deepest cerulean ocean she'd ever witnessed. There was a feral smirk on his face and one matching blue eyebrow arched as he felt her shiver through his hands on her elbows. Her jaw dropped, revealing canines that were slightly too long to be normal, and his smirk grew into a full on leer.

He steadied her on her feet, and rumbled in a voice that was more vibration than sound, "Hey there. Leaving so soon?"

She nodded slowly, suddenly finding her mouth extremely dry and her vocal chords seemed to have abandoned her. Without thinking she reached a trembling hand up to touch one of the wisps of sky blue hair that hung down into his face, and his leer softened as he accurately read the flecks of gold still swirling through the amber of her normal iris color.

He sighed sympathetically. "I'm sorry, little one, but you're barking up the wrong tree." At her confusion, he chuckled and continued, "You've got the wrong equipment to satisfy me."

With that he brushed past her and into the club, leaving the scent of mint and crushed pine drawing her back around towards the door. Sado raised another eyebrow at her, and without realizing it her tail swished back and forth behind her.

For the first time, the large bouncer spoke. "Ichigo-sama, he is gay."

"Yeah, I got that, Sado-kun. But you know as well as I that I can fix that problem." She gave him a knowing look, and he blushed deeply under his dark sepia skin, thinking about the way his Shujin liked to accommodate him. Her mood brightened considerably since running into her new Target, she spun on her heel and walked off her head high and a sway in her hips. Waving her hand in a dismissive manner next her head, she called, "Give my best to Uryuu-san!" And Sado's blush deepened.

Back at her apartment, Ulquiorra glared at her. "You said you were going hunting!"

"I did!" She giggled, and twirled around the living with her hoodie before flopping back on the couch. She sighed deeply, already spinning her mental wheels on how to entrap her Target.

She barely flinched when Ulquiorra leapt from his perch onto her stomach, but she did look down at him when he flexed his claws into her skin. "Then where is he?" He bared his teeth, disappointment all across his face.

"Oh! I can't get him like this." She rolled her eyes as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Ulquiorra growled softly, and she answered him with a huff, "I can't! He's gay." She rolled her eyes again, beginning to scowl at her Familiar. The stick in the mud was really starting to get on her nerves about this whole thing.

"What?!" He leaned as close to her face as he could get without touching her with his whiskers. His ears were pinned back and his claws extended painfully into her collar bones.

"He's gay. I have to switch genders to catch him." She sat up, dumping the feline menace onto her lap and crossing her arms under her chest. "I know you can help me do it."

Ulquiorra groaned. "Do you realize how complicated this is? How draining this will be?"

The scowl on her face deepened, "You mean you can't do it?"

"I didn't say that. It's just going to be complicated. You're genetically female, and you'll stay genetically female, no matter what gender you portray on the outside, you know that right?" The cat looked up at her with real concern in his emerald eyes. He sighed deeply, "Are you sure you want to do this, Ichigo?" The Encantadas scowled again, but her Familiar stopped the words already forming on her lips. "Because once you change you won't be able to change back until you feed. You won't have enough energy. You barely have enough energy now. There could be complications." He sighed heavily. "It will take several weeks to ensure everything is properly set up. You could very well go feral before I am ready to help you. So, please Ichigo," He put his paws on her chest again so that he could stare deep into her eyes, "are you absolutely sure?"

"Yeah. I want this, 'Quio. I could smell him, even after he left!" She got that dreamy, giggly look on her face again and she sighed unconsciously slipping into her male speech pattern. "I've never smelled anyone as delicious as him." She focused on Ulquiorra again, "D'you think he could be my One?!"

"I hope so, koibito." The feline sighed, bumping his head against her chin. His previous frustration drained from him with a small purr. She reached up and scratched his ears, letting her nails extend into her natural claws for a deeper sensation. His purr thrummed through her chest as he began to knead at her thigh and curl his tail around her arm.


Encantadas – Succubus/Incubus; pansexual demon that requires Essence to survive; able to Shift appearance in all ways including gender; Hunts humans; all but Marked Ones are killed when their Essence is drained.
Essence – human soul obtained through sexual gratification
Shift – changing one's appearance to match that of the Target's desires
Hunt – the act of selecting and attracting a Target
Target – the human an Encantadas has chosen to feed from
Marked One – special human that can be fed from without dying; sports a black tattoo on the chest that acts as a two way conduit sharing Essence between human and Encantadas; sometimes called a Mark.
Shujin – the name Marked Ones use for their Encantadas partner.
Coven – group of 6 Encantadas and 1 Elder
Elder – an Encantadas that has proven to be exceptionally strong, either through age, aura strength or number of Marked Ones
meshi – derogatory term for Targets, usually used after the act of feeding, similar to "trash"
Familiar – feline partner, advisor, and sensei; every Encantadas has one; not immortal but extremely long-lived; Ulquiorra is the oldest, but was only a kitten when Yamamoto's Original Familiar died. Familiars are trained by Elders.
High Council – Collection of the 8 Elder Encantadas and the Nyotei, though there has not been a Nyotei in all but Yamamoto's memory.
Nyotei – the Head Elder Encantadas
Ryoushi – humans that hunt Encantadas, a la Professor Abraham Van Helsing from Bram Stoker's Dracula