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Waiting For This Moment to Arise

Chapter 1: Summer's A New Routine

Kurt woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. It was 7 in the morning. He usually woke up at 5:30, but since it was summer, he decided to push his wake up time forward an hour and a half. Knowing that he had a two hour routine to complete, he got right to work.

Kurt's morning routine consisted of showering, moisturizing, picking out his outfit for the day -which sometimes took up a whole hour, and sending his boyfriend a lovely wake up text, even though Blaine wouldn't get it till 2 hours later, when he usually woke up.

After completing his routine Kurt walked down stairs only to be greeted by the empty family room and kitchen. Finn was still upstairs sleeping, and Burt and Carole had been gone all week, since Burt had been busy with winning the election. Kurt let out a sign because the vacant kitchen made him feel lonely. He felt like something was missing and he knew what it was. He knew it ever since he opened his letter from NYADA.

Kurt didn't belong in Lima. Not when he was supposed to be in college in two months. He wanted to be roaming the streets of New York City with Rachel and go shopping at all the top brand name stores he loved. He wanted to sit down in the Gershwin to watch Wicked and reminisce on how him and Rachel stood right there only a year ago before regionals. He just wanted to get out of Lima and get to New York so badly.

Kurt snapped out of his daydream when his phone started to vibrate. It was Blaine answering to his text from earlier that morning.

Wait, Kurt thought. Blaine. As disappointed as he was about not getting into NYADA, it meant also he would have one more year with Blaine. Blaine was the love of his life no doubt. And maybe it was just fate. One more year with Blaine would mean one more year for their relationship to grow stronger, if that was even possible.

Kurt unlocked his phone and read over the text he had sent this morning.

Good Morning Mr. Anderson. I hope you slept well, because today you and I are going to be out and about, because you know what tomorrow is. But if you want, I'll pick you up before and we can go to Lima Bean to get your french vanilla mocha latte. Text me as soon as you wake up. Love ya Blaine.

The Kurt placed his eyes on Blaine's message. He loved reading Blaine's text messages because they always put a smile on his face. He took a deep breath in, let it out, and then started to read:

Good morning sweetheart, I miss you. Oh yeah I completely forgot about tomorrow! And I would love to go to Lima Bean with you. If I don't you'll be dragging me around all day, and we wouldn't want that now would we? It's a date. Pick me up at 10. Can't wait to see that gorgeous face of yours. Love you more cutie pie. (;

By the time he was done reading the text, Kurt had a huge grin on his face. He checked the time. It was only 9:15, and it took him about 15 minutes to drive to Blaine's. What was he supposed to do for those extra 30 minutes?

He looked up at the empty kitchen. Even though Lima Bean sold breakfast, he was too hungry to wait that long and he thought he would cook something quick for Finn to eat too. So he ran upstairs and opened Finns door only to see Finn's sheets on the floor and him sleeping like a baby in his briefs. Kurt thought maybe he should go out and knock, but 30 minutes was ticking away. So instead he decided to jump on the bed and shake Finn.

Finn let out a yawn, and then a big moan. He turned and jumped when he saw Kurt.

"Geez Kurt, you scared me half to death." Finn murmured, and closed his eyes.

"Sorry. Blueberry or Chocolate Chip Pancakes?" Asked Kurt.

Finn's eyes opened wide. "Chocolate Chip." Finn loved his pancakes.

"Okay, they'll be ready in about 10 minutes. So wake up. I'm picking up Blaine to go to Lima Bean and then we'll swing by and pick you back up."

"For what?"

"Finn, Rachel's coming home tomorrow, we have to pick up decorations for her welcome home party. Don't tell me you forgot."

That's when Finn jumped out of his bed.

"Oh my God! It slipped my mind! I've got to get her a gift and we have to invite everyone. They probably won't come on such short notice."

"Finn, I already sent out invitations. One's with little gold stars on them. Everyone's coming. Now shower up. We've got a lot of work cut out for us today."

Finn let out a smile, and a sigh of relief.

As Kurt walked up to Blaine's house, he hoped one of his parents wouldn't answer the door. He was always nervous to talk to them because he felt like he would say something wrong to make them dislike him. Especially Blaine's dad, since he wasn't all about Kurt and Blaine dating. Yeah he could of texted Blaine from the car, but Blaine would never do that to him. Kurt placed his fist in position and pulled it back, but before he could knock on it the door opened and Kurt saw his lovely boyfriend. Blaine was dressed in a red, short- sleeve button up with one of his signature bowties, a pair of navy cropped pants, and a pair of loafers. Kurt wished he could dress him in Chanel and Vera Wang sometimes, but he also thought Blaine's little sense of fashion was adorable.

Before any words were spoken, smiles were exchanged between each other.

"So how about that date?" Blaine asked, grabbing Kurt's hand and running him to the car.

Kurt parked across the street, so Blaine picked Kurt up off his feet and carried him across the street. He set him next to the door, opened it then motioned him to get in. Kurt did, and Blaine shut the door behind him. After he got in Kurt started the car up and placed his hands on the wheel.

"So are we ready?" Kurt asked Blaine.

"No" Blaine answered.

Kurt looked as him with curiosity.

Blaine softly touched Kurt's cheek and slowly moved his hand down to his neck, looking into Kurt's glasz eyes.

"You are perfect, Kurt." Blaine whispered and then went in for the kiss. Kurt's hands grasped the steering wheel tighter until he released it and moved his hands onto Blaine. He grabbed Blaine's neck pulling him in tighter into the kiss, and with his other hand he grabbed Blaine's shirt.

Blaine stuck his tongue in Kurt's mouth and slowly traced the inside of it. He then kissed Kurt two more times, softly, slowly, and passionately, and then pulled away from him. As he pulled back he smiled as Kurt, and snickered a little bit. Blaine then got comfortable in his seat. He buckled his seat belt and took a deep breath, then looked at Kurt again, pretending as if nothing just happened.

"Okay," he said. "Now I'm ready."

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