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Waiting For This Moment to Arise

Chapter 2: Trappings of Love

Today was the day, Rachel's welcome home party. Kurt had been planning it ever since Rachel left. And today it would all play out like planned. Rachel's dads, who already knew about it, would walk her into the house. She would be greeted with a big surprise, a bunch of colorful streamers and balloons, and her well missed Glee members.

Rachel was coming home after three weeks of searching for the perfect dorm, exploring NYADA's campus, and of course roaming around New York with her Dads. She had texted Kurt and updated him on what she was doing every day, just as Kurt had asked her too. He wanted it to seem like he was there with her. He was happy for Rachel no matter what, and he wanted to let her know that.

Blaine was coming over Rachel's early to help Kurt decorate while Finn was out picking up Rachel's cake and Puck. Puck had decided to stay in Lima and go to community college in the fall, instead of going to LA to follow through on his pool business.

Kurt was starting to prepare the pasta salad for the party when he heard the front door open. Blaine walked into Rachel's house with bag-filled hands. Kurt looked at him and pictured years from now, Blaine coming home from a long day at work, himself in the kitchen cooking dinner, and their kids in the other room watching cartoons.

"Hey cutie," said Blaine, walking in and giving Kurt a peck on the cheek.

"Hey honey," Kurt responded, taking the bags out of Blaine's hands and throwing them to the side, and giving Blaine a real kiss.

Blaine loved it, so he cupped Kurt's face in both of his hands and kissed him even more passionately. They quickly released as they heard the sound of the door opening. They panicked and moved back to their original places, Blaine changing his to the kitchen island to unpack the bag of groceries Kurt had asked him to pick up.

Finn and Puck were conversing until they both stepped into the house and saw Kurt and Blaine. Kurt and Blaine walked into the living room to greet the first party guest.

"Hey!" Puck blurted out with excitement.

Kurt and Puck weren't the closest of all the Glee club members, but he still dropped his guitar case and ran over to give Kurt a hug.

"I missed you, you little fruit cake," he joked.

Kurt smiled, but Blaine gave a disgusted look. He hated when guys messed with Kurt, joking or not. But then Puck walked over to Blaine and put out his hand out to give him a handshake. Blaine smiled after realizing Puck was harmless.

"Geez Puck, why are you in such a good mood?" Kurt asked still smiling at him as Puck pulled out his guitar to start tuning it. Puck sat down and responded,

"Dude, I've just missed glee club so much, and everyone from it, I'm just so excited to see everyone again."

"We all have missed it," Finn added. It's going to be weird next year.

"Let's not think about then," Kurt said, his mind flashing back to NYADA again. "Let's think about today!" He grabbed Blaine and brought him into the kitchen.

"Here," Kurt said handing Blaine a knife and a cutting board.

"Can you start cutting these strawberries for the fruit salad? I need to go clear a place in the fridge for the cake."

Blaine smiled. "Of course, on one condition though."

"What's the condition?" Kurt asked, smiling.

"After the party, you and I get to start from where we left off, my house." Blaine answered, whispering over Kurt's shoulder and into his ear so Puck and Finn wouldn't hear.

Kurt got chills when Blaine whispered in his ear, so he jumped a little bit when they ran down his spine.

"Of course," Kurt whispered back smiling and turning to face Blaine, "I thought you'd never ask."

Blaine shook his head and sneered at Kurt's comment as he started to cut up the fruit.

Finn brought the cake in the kitchen and set it down on the counter.

"Specially made for Rachel Berry," he commented. "Who wants to see it?"

Kurt was the only one that jumped to Finn to see the cake, probably because he did order it and did have it made special for Rachel.

"Let's see it," said Kurt opening the lid of the white box.

It was perfect. It had pink sugar frosting with gold trimming, gold stars and Welcome Home Rachel written in calligraphy with gold frosting.

"Wow," said Kurt. "They really nailed it!"

"Looks great," added Blaine, turning to look while still cutting strawberries.

The doorbell rang, and Kurt opened the door to see Mike and Tina. Soon after Artie, Sugar, and Rory came. Then Quinn and Joe came after. They had just been dating for just a week now. Mercedes and Sam came in not far off after, and Britney and Santana after them, holding hands the whole way in, then last but not least Will and Emma.

Everyone was sitting down asking about each other, reminiscing, and sharing memories and laughs. It was 4:30 and Kurt thought it was about time to tell everyone the whole plan.

He stood up on a chair and tapped a knife on a glass to get everyone's attention. Everyone settled down and all eyes were on him but the only one he really wanted to look at was Blaine.

"First off, I just wanted to say how great it is to have everyone from Glee club back together," Kurt said, and then everyone started to clap and cheer.

"But here's how it's all going down. Rachel's on the train right now with her dads. Both of them are updating me on everything and they are going to tell me when it's time. Everyone pick out your hiding places soon so we can be ready. When Rachel walks in she will see the decorations and her dad will say the line what's going on and that's our cue. Everyone jump out and scream welcome home Rachel. Then, Finn's going to sing to Rachel, something we practiced all day yesterday."

"What is it?" asked Santana.

"I'll Be, by Edwin McCain," Kurt responded.

Everyone smiled and looked at Finn. He smile and laughed.

"I could really use some good back up vocalists," he said.

"Rachel's dad said their getting in the cab now! Places everyone!" yelled Kurt

Just after Kurt said it, everyone shuffled to their spots and started to whisper. About 8 minutes passed and the door opened. Silence filled the air and Rachel looked at the pink and gold balloons and smiled with curiosity.

"What's going on?" Her dad said, and everything happened as planned.

Everyone shouted welcome home to Rachel, and Puck started playing his guitar. Finn came out, took Rachel's hand and started singing to her, bringing her around the room so she could give her glee family hugs as they sang back up harmonies for him.

The night kept going on and everything worked out just as planned. For a moment everything was perfect, everything was as it should be, and Kurt was so proud of himself. He looked over to Blaine and Blaine winked at him and flashed him a smile. Kurt felt like the luckiest guy in the world. He may not have had NYADA, but he had his friends, and he had Blaine. Kurt mouthed the words I love you to Blaine from across the room. Blaine got up and walked over to his boyfriend, without taking his eyes off him for a second.

"I love you too Kurt," he said, and he kissed his boyfriend in front of everyone.

Everyone cheered, because that was the first time Kurt and Blaine had kissed in front of all of them. And even though life seemed perfect for Kurt right now, if was going to get even better later that night.