Title: "Where did you learn that?"

Fandom: Prometheus

Rated: T, possibly M for later chapters.

Characters/Pairings: David 8/ Elizabeth Shaw.

I do not own Prometheus of any of the characters. This is merely fanfiction, and nothing more. No profit is gained at all.

Eyes a clear blue, skin as real as any human's, and a smile that could melt away the brain of any woman or man... This blonde android was the one keeping her still sane, for they were so far out in deep space.

This was farther than Elizabeth Shaw may have ever been in her entire lifetime. Past the planet LV-223, where so much history had happened. She was the last survivor of the crew of Prometheus, Meredith Vickers would have been with her, had she just rolled with her as the Engineer's ship crashed around them.

'Who would want her company, though...' Thought Elizabeth as she stared into the shining map onboard the stolen Engineer cruiser. She sighed, and guessed that anything would be better than having just a robot as her company. A robot, who's cheery attitude and yet sometimes could shift just like a human's. A robot that had killed her boyfriend, infected him, like how she was infected! 'Oh, how I hate him!' She cursed to herself mentally, and physically pounded her fist onto the grooved dashboard. A glowing substance beaming to life.

David grabbed her wrist carefully, now next to her suddenly- 'When did he get there?' Shaw thought as he broke the silence and spoke so calmly to her, making eye-contact.

"Dr. Shaw, I think it is not too wise to be doing that to yourself. You could be harmed, rupture a blood vessel with how hard you hit things... Never knew you had that much strength." He smiled right at her and gently took her hand in his, taking a cloth out from his pocket and going to wrap it around her bleeding palm.

Shaw wrenched her hand away. "Do not tell me what is wise, David, please! I think I have the mind to know what is or isn't wise." She snapped at him, then put that hand to her lips and apologized over and over again to him. "Forgive me, David... I did not mean to... yell at you. I was-"

"I know, Dr. Shaw. You were only reacting to the pain, still." His hand reaching down to lightly press against her stomach. "Does this still sting at night?"
Elizabeth was startled by his placement of his hand, and stood up slowly, pushing his arm away gently with her shaking delicate hands. "I- I do, but... David, please do not do that again. It makes me feel uncomfortable."

"I know, Dr. Shaw." He smiled, eyes following her as she stood, and following her when she had stepped backwards.

"And please, call me Elizabeth. How many times must I tell you?" She stepped back until she had reached the wall behind her, back pressing to it. His hand pressing to the wall by her head, fingers splaying out there.

"Oh, forgive me, Elizabeth. I am sorry if I had made you uncomfortable with my inappropriate hand-placements." His smile still remaining as he leaned his body up closer to hers, waist pinning against her small frame.

"David..." Shaw's voice tensing and her body going almost rigid, confused by his actions. "What are you doing?" Her head jerked back when suddenly his lips were upon hers, and she could not move away, noticing that his other hand had reached around to grab her waist. Shaw was absolutely stunned. 'Was this in his programming? How did he know about kissing or being so intimate? Did he- no.'

When he pulled his lips from hers, he took notice to her expression. "My, what is on your mind, Elizabeth?"

"I..." Catching her breath. "..am curious, David... Where did you learn to do that? And why did you?"

He simply smiled and tilted his head a bit, releasing her waist and moving to stride away. "Why, from you and Dr. Holloway, of course." Not even bothering to answer her other question.

(To be continued or not?)