A/N: This is my first Hetalia Fic so please don't be mean if I get something wrong. Beware, I have an obsession for insects and fluff :3

"Move it!" A petite girl was shoved roughly against a locker.

"Wanker" she muttered under her breath. The girl crouched down to rescue her fallen materials. 'At least It's my least year' She optimized.

She tucked in a stray piece of her brown curly hair behind her ear. She huffed in annoyance and continued on to her first period.

'History. My favorite subject!' She walked into her classroom, taking a seat in the front row. 'I always did love the front because there was no distractions.' She folded back her purple featherless wings and took some paper out for today's notes. The bell rang as the last few students walked in.

"Okay we all know that the the reason the Roman Empire fell was because.." Mrs. Jaydon let the sentence drag. The girl held up her hand eagerly. Mrs. Jaydon crossed her arms and looked at her with an exasperated expression, to which the brunette was oblivious to.

"Yes Miss Smith?" she said whilst raising a dainty eyebrow

"PIE!" Mrs. Jaydon sighed and the person behind her whacked her with their white feathered wing.

"OW! IT WAS THE PIE!" The girl cried D:

My name is Amelia Smith. That's how my pretty much all my high School years went. I was whacked and ridiculed for speaking my mind. I wasn't stupid. I actually graduated at the top of my class. Not that anybody noticed. I was completely different from everyone else in both looks and personality. While everyone else had beautiful white feathered wings, perfect straight hair, Blue eyes, halos above their heads, and white straight teeth. I was the complete opposite. I had red eyes, purple featherless wings, curly brown hair that harbored a disobedient curl that stuck up into the air defiantly, black pointed horns, and three inch long fangs . Everyone else was social, polite, and normal. I was naturally shy, but rowdy and random when you got to know me, I also had to be the most curious person you'd meet. This is the description my best friend Stripes used on me.

This is why I was ignored and beaten for. For being different. I have the scars to prove it.

I was found unconscious, bloody, bruised, and tied to a pole in the woods as a child. Earth found me and cared for me as my wounds healed. I was diagnosed with Amnesia. The only thing I remember was my name. Earth took me in and many others to raise in her palace. Err I mean 'Home'.

I bet your probably wondering why everyone resembles 'Angels' physical wise. Well it's a bit complicated but I'll do my best to explain. Earth has experimented with many different species. She made the dinosaurs, Nations, and humans. Nations were based upon the stereotypes of the people who lived in their represented landmass. So when humans find a whole new nation a new nation is born. Only her favorite species survived. Earth has a thing for cute things (I guess that's where I get it from) so by pure luck a meteor struck Earth and caused many creatures to die. Including her not so favorite species. Earth is the only one in her solar system capable of experimenting with life, though Saturn's moon Titan is currently trying to develop something that could live in such cold conditions. Anyways back to the point.

Earth decided to personify the nation's and she is basically the creator of all that lives on Earth. Along the line there came a race called the PENNATUS. Earth favored these group of kind beings and made a separate realm for them and herself to live in. Humans weren't fond of umm..what's the word? Unusual? Yup, I think that's the one! But the kind factor is kind of lacking in my peers. I guess I came out deformed?


"WHOOOO! GONNA BLOODY PARTY ALL DAY!" Everyone gave Amelia a o_O look before throwing their caps in the air. Some did somersaults and loops in the air in joy.

"You sure are excited" Stripes laughed playfully. Stripes was a small black widow with oddly blue colored stripes on his fangs.

"I sure am! I even wore my favorite pair of underwear!" Stripes face-palmed

"Please tell me you aren't wearing one with that Britain flag" She nodded her head proudly, the ever present purple stuffed bear, Maple, bouncing up and down.

"I totally am!" Stripes shrugged his shoulders

"Eh, British accents are sexy "Stripes said in defeat. He had gotten used to her oddness over the years and spontaneous obsessions. Amelia nodded in agreement

"You bet your ass they are!" 8D

Present Day. Two years after graduation

Amelia was sitting on her bed shuffling through her music on her new iPod, when a blonde girl knocks and walks in.

"Earth would like to speak to you" The blonde said in a snobbish tone, slamming the door close. Amelia sighed. It has been two years since graduation and She still couldn't find a permanent job. They always took one look at her and threw her out. There were some jobs willing to take her, but no way in hell would she reduce herself to being a prostitute. No job means no money. No money means Amelia will not be able to leave, which in turn will make the others mad since they all want her gone. Amelia can't imagine why.

~Flashback :D~

"PINEAPPLES AREN'T EVEN APPLES!" Amelia wailed in Earth's arms at two in the morning.

"It's okay. I've got you" Earth cooed, rocking the small child in her arms. Amelia sobbed into Earth's shirt. Not that Earth cared. She had plenty more shirts.

"It doesn't make sense!" Amelia wailed.

"SHUT UP, YOU STUPID BRAT!" Shouted some of the others that resided in the house.

"WANNA COME OVER HERE AND SAY THAT AGAIN IN FRONT OF ME?" Earth shouted in rage. Amelia sobbed harder, making Earth's already damp shirt even more wet.

"Amelia, look!" Amelia rubbed her wet eyes and looked at Earth curiously. Earth held a medium sized purple polar bear in her arms. Amelia squealed and reached for it with small chubby hands. Earth laughed and handed the now exited girl the polar bear. The polar Bear opened it's eyes, revealing a pair of bright brown eyes. It yawned and placed a paw on Amelia's cheek.

"He'll keep you safe from nightmares" Earth tucked Amelia back in. Before leaving, Earth leaned down and whispered quietly into the polar bear's ear.

"I want you out of her room by sunrise. She's too young to know" The polar bear nodded softly. Earth kissed Amelia goodnight and walked out.

"Maple" The bear whispered so silently that Amelia barely heard it.

The bear was gone the next morning when Amelia had woken up.

(More flashbacks)

Everyone was following a suspicious trail of mud footprints that stopped in front of a door.

"The all white sparkly room" Everyone said in awe. That room was where all things, white, squeaky clean, and shiny were worshiped or stored. They opened the door and Amelia smiled happily at them in the midst of making a pie.

"Wanna make some mud pies?" She asked innocently. They stared in horror at the muddy footsteps around the room and mud smears that were smudged in random places. The two blonde girls, who had lead the group, looked at each other and nodded in silent agreement. Two older boys that were standing behind the two girls, came and tossed Amelia out of the room.

"Mew!" Amelia sniffled in her corner as everyone yelled and tossed objects at her.

(End of flashbacks)

Amelia sighed, getting up from her comfortable position on her beanbag/bed. Amelia walked over to the door, grabbing her purple stuffed bear in the process.

Amelia walked through the long marble hallways silently. The occasional servants and residents of the house would walk by her, ignoring her and avoiding her like the plague. Afraid they'd catch her looks.

Amelia stopped in front of two large wooden oak doors.

This was it. Either she would be cast aside for being worthless as so many had told her so or she would be invited for a polite chat with Earth.

She hoped desperately for the latter.

Amelia mustered up all her courage and knocked on the heavy oak door.

"Come in!" A strong feminine voice called. Amelia turned the brass knob slowly, poking her head through the crack.

"Y-You wanted t-t see m-me" Amelia stuttered nervously. 'Damn nerves'. She thought bitterly.

Earth smiled kindly from her position behind her desk.

"Please, sit down" She gestured to a plush blue chair on the opposite side of her with the wave of a manicured hand. Amelia timidly closed the door and took a seat, clutching Maple tightly.

"Okay I'm going to go straight to the point" she said after a few moments of silence. Amelia nodded her head.

"I know you've been having trouble finding a job so I have a little proposition for you" Amelia relaxed considerably, but she was still nervous. 'What could Earth have in mind?'Amelia pondered. Earth was unpredictable. Amelia had learned the hard way. Never again will she open presents without a safety suit first. She didn't want rabid bunnies jumping and nipping at her again. Earth rested her head upon folded hands. A thoughtful expression splayed upon her soft face.

"What kind of proposition?" Amelia asked curiously. Earth smiled tiredly.

"I'm a very important figure and I have my own meetings to attend with all the other planets which leaves me very little time to attend to my business here. My fellow planets suggested I find myself a representative and I thought you would be the legible because I trust you" Amelia gasped, eyes bugging out.

"Me?" She squeaked pointing at herself. Earth laughed and nodded her head.

"There is no one more capable of this job than you. Besides I know you're one smart cookie!" Amelia gasped. 'Could it be possible she actually cares enough to look at my report cards?'

Earth laughed at the look on Amelia's face.

"Yes I know, you sneaky little girl" she waved a joking accusing finger "I know you graduated at the top of your class" Earth smiled slyly. Amelia blushed looking at her purple converse clad feet. Amelia knew she was smart, but could she really be qualified to represent the most important person on this planet? Earth watched as Amelia's face changed with each thought and doubt. She may not notice, but Amelia was her favorite daughter. She was better than most of the self obsessed beings in the this realm.

"I know you can do it. I believe in you" Earth whispered softly, reaching for Amelia's hand and giving a comforting squeeze. Amelia's face went from one of doubt to one of confidence

"I accept the challenge!" Amelia chirped. Her face one of determination. An expression that Earth had seen many times before. Earth smiled happily, but her smile faltered just a bit. Amelia titled her head.

"What's wrong?" Earth smiled at her nervously.

"There is just one thing I forgot to mention, but I believe you will not mind" Amelia gestured for her to continue.

"I'm your boss so you'll paid and the such, but in order to work for me you'll have to move to Earth-" Amelia smiled and sprung into the air excitedly

"YESSSSS! BYE BYE MEANIE PEOPLEZ!" She yelled, as she ran around the room with her disobedient curl bobbing up and down ,as if excited by the idea of moving away from the the hateful people of this realm. Earth chuckled watching her daughter's antics.

"Settle down, Amelia! I'm not done!" Earth chuckled. Amelia eventually calmed down enough and resumed her placed in the plush chair.

"Okay, One of the Nation's offered to take you in and I'll let you know now, that I trust him completely not to ...um..take advantage of you" She finished. Amelia nodded slowly. Would this person like her? Or would he ignore her and make fun of her like the others? She decided to wait and meet him before making assumptions. Besides, If Earth liked him then he probably wouldn't be too bad.

"I'll take care of the transportation and you need to pack" Earth grinned. Amelia nodded.

"Thank you!" She exclaimed and proceeded in giving Earth a bone crushing hug.

"You know it's considered rude to kill your boss" Earth wheezed. The girl was stronger than she looked. Amelia blushed and let go of Earth.

"Sorry" She muttered and grabbed her forgotten bear. Amelia walked out of the room happily.

"I can't believe it" She gasped, as she walked in her room.

"I'M GOING TO EARTH!" She then fist pumped and rolled about the floor, muffling her squeals with Maple. Stripes watched curiously from the web he made in the corner of the ceiling. He sighed and decided to take a nap

"I swear she's from a different planet" He murmured. Oh who would have guessed how close Stripes was to guessing Amelia's origin.