Me: I didn't think anyone would notice that small reference to the Phantom of the Opera XD

Erik: I'm famous?

France: $u$ Of course your famous, mon ami! You come the beaituful land of Amour!

Erik: I'm ashamed to know you are the personification of France.

Me: Play nice, boys -_-

England: *Is secretly wishing for a fight*

Charlette watched closely as Canada walked up to his car with a passed out Amelia.

"If that bastard hurts our little sister I'm gonna fuck him up" Samika growled. Charlette looked behind her at Samika.

"Maple would bite off his head before he could lay a hand on her negatively"

Samika huffed


"Maple is doing very well" Charlette said proudly. A car engine was heards and the sound of rubber wheels rolling across the street pavement.

"She better or our plan will be ruined" Samika growled.

"It is time for the others to know the truth and for her to take her rightful place"

"And we'll all be happy fucking family again" Samika looked over at Charlette. Charlette nodded.

"Earth has kept everyone in the dark for too long and our country is starting to crumble without its rightful personified country" Samika laughed and scratched her neck nervously.

"Yeah, we kind of suck balls without-"

"She is the final piece we've been missing for centuries"

"And now it's time for her return" Samika smirked.

"Snickers! Erik!" Charlette called. The earth trembled and shook as the two large hounds came racing over. Each was the size of a pretty good house. Snickers looked happily at the two and bent down so the sisters could climb up. Samika hopped expertly atop and looked down smugly at Charlette. Charlette rolled her eyes and grasped Snickers soft mane. She groaned and clambered up. Samika laughed as Charlette lay panting next to her.

"You need to practice more, Char" Sam snickered. Charlette ignored her sister and sat up properly.

Erik scanned the area hopefully and looked down at his paws in despair.

No Amelia.

Samika looked over at the large dog sadly.

"Don't worry, she'll come home very soon" Erik snorted and began walking off without them.

"Don't you walk away from me, you bastard!" Erik looked back at Samika and huffed. Snickers caught up to the large male and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. Erik sighed and continued walking.

"She'll come home very soon" Charlette smiled softly. Erik howled sadly. Erik let Snickers take the lead for once and stuck his nose up in the air, trying to get just a small whiff of Amelia's scent. Erik closed his eyes, concentrating, trying to find that Blueberry and waffle scent Amelia always had following after her. It was a soothing mix of scents whenever he was near her. Erik's eyes snapped open. He's got it. He frowned and took another whiff. And…Beer? Erik rolled his eyes. It seemed his favorite friend had found the foamy yellow liquid known as beer. Erik barked triumphantly. He will soon find his lost friend.

"ERIK! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE, DUDE" Erik huffed and walked after Amelia's sisters. No matter how strange the two girls were they were still Amelia's family. And family of Amelia is family of his as well.