X what floats X

Carefully avoiding the destroyed buildings that frequently block their path, Emma and Charles drive down as close as they can get to the waterfront. They need a way to get to the island. The anger he had been feeling earlier, dissipated and as they passed into the grey broken ruins of docks, a sadness clouded by a desperate worry grew in his heart. He closes his eyes and pushes his mind out trying to locate his school. It is like trying to push through sand… he gives up… the students should be safe… he had left Scott in charge.

"Where are the emergency services? The reporters, at least.."

Emma cuts off his theorizing, "The humans are not important Charles. It's our people I am here for no one else." Mystique. Her mind adds.

"Do you know how ridiculous that statement is? You are human Emma. I am human, even Erik is human." Not that he'll admit to that.

"Never the less Charles. I am here for our kind. I am not going to try to save a city."

He ignores her last statement. They could get to rest of the city after they found his team.

If he was alive, they had to be out there too. He tried to quell the worry that rose up, as he thought of them, Rogue had been far too young. It would help if the state had at least sent some firemen to clear the roads.

But perhaps the authorities have declared they city off limits until they have confirmed the outcome. Perhaps they're afraid. Afraid of what they have done to their own city. More likely they are frightened, Magneto is alive and well leading a city full of angry mutants. He allowed himself a grim smile.

Well at least one thing is clear Magneto did not succeed in creating an army of mutants. What remained unclear is the price he has paid for the attempt. The price they will all pay for this destruction would come later, and the consequences so far-reaching that he shuddered at the thought. He reaches out to a skeleton blackened tree, the twig crumbles in his hands. Charles took in the blackened expanse all around him, this was the end, a feeling of finality and grief brought tears to his eyes, as he realized for Erik there could be no coming back from this. He prayed the others were unharmed.

"It wasn't all his fault you know, the humans have wrecked this city themselves. If they hadn't been so afraid of what we are…" Emma replies catching his stream of emotive and unguarded thoughts.

Charles sighs, surprised at how comfortable he has become with his former one time enemy. "And how do you think the 'humans' as you put it, will feel about us now?"

"How they feel has never mattered to me. Come we must find a boat if we wish to reach the island." Imperious and ever practical, Emma ends the argument by stalking away. There is more to the argument. Emma should care, if she ever wanted to walk freely down the street with Mystique beautiful and blue. But he lets it drop, philosophical arguments have no place in this ghostly city.

Eventually they find a small tugboat. An old coal vessel, that has been converted to diesel. Sitting alone in a repair dock has protected the ship. Everything else has burnt to the water line. The dry dock controls and gates have been blasted open and the ship bobs eagerly in the water. Xavier reads the name emblazoned in red across the hull. The USS Forceful. Emma uncoils the long sea ropes and casts them off.

"You know how to pilot that?" Xavier is impressed.

"Among other things. I worked for a man who once owned an entire fleet."

Charles snorted a laugh. Emma smiles smoothly with her own perfect lipstick smile.

He had almost forgotten Shaw's predilection for water going craft of all types. Emma disappears inside the ship, lowers the gangplank and fortunately for Charles, he can just roll on board. The craft had obviously been modified for tourist ventures, and all the mod cons, including disability access to most areas of the ship. They get the ship underway. The mighty tug gently pushes the left over debris out-of-the-way, fording its away into the brackish habour water. Liberty Island here they come.