As the leaves started to fall off the trees and the air becoming cooler, Adeline couldn't help but feel exceptionally bored as nothing even remotely eventful happened in the past few weeks. It had been so dull in fact that she even noticed Severus was growing restless. Sure they were flirting with each other on a regular basis now along with some making out, and occasionally making eyes at each other when they passed in the hallway, but Adeline couldn't help but wonder if he was actually willing to take it to the next level. She was even unsure if she wanted to. Her thoughts were conflicted with uncertainty. Normally she would have no problem jumping in for just sex, but she felt this was different, and it kind of scared her from the unknown. She felt like she was jumping the gun and causing unnecessary stress.

Adeline sighed inwardly as she watched her students trying to change a small mouse into a large peacock feather. Though it was an uneventful few weeks she was rolling over Severus' words in her head about becoming a Death Eater to impress his friend who clearly wanted nothing to do with him after he called her that foul name. It wasn't that she was upset with the thought, it was the thought that there was more to his story, and probably more heart break that he didn't want to talk about. This thought also contributed to her conflicting thoughts. It wasn't her own feelings she was worried about.

Adeline was brought back to reality when a student's mouse started running around the room with a rather large pinkish feather sticking out of its bottom and caused some of the girls to scream.

"Settle down, settle down! It's only a mouse." Adeline flicked her wand that froze the mouse still before she levitated it back to one of her students. "A little more focus on the task at hand Mr. Sloan instead of concentrating on other things."

The young second grader with brown hair turned bright red as he failed to conceal a note from the girl who sat in front of him. It even had small little hearts on the paper. Adeline didn't need to embarrass him further, and actually thought it was quite cute that they were passing little love notes to each other.

A peck on the window from a barn owl had managed to distract the entire classroom causing a massive eruption from the girls once again as the mice started to run around. Some looked like a peacock feather with legs, and others were only the color of the feather. Adeline shook her head as she let the owl in and froze all the mice in place. "Everyone pick up your mice. Remember our very first lesson when you came into my class. Focus is everything. When you lose your focus, you pay the price. Continue to practice."

The owl hopped onto a gold perch and dropped a letter into Adeline's hand as she gave it some food and water, gently stroking it as she opened up the letter addressed to her. She opened it up and smiled seeing it was Severus' handwriting.


I believe since nothing is happening, I will start your two weeks of servitude soon. I suggest you get your best granny panties ready.


Adeline frowned, he didn't have two weeks did he? No, that couldn't be right. They had agreed on one week of him being a manservant and one week of her in her underwear for him. She continued to frown down at the letter as she sat down at her desk, reading it over and over again. He didn't say double or nothing, and he didn't correct her when she said one week of him being a man servant. What a sneaky, sneaky man. She had misunderstood his words and it had worked in his benefit. That meant two weeks of her prancing around in her underwear for him, doing whatever he wanted. Adeline shivered unconsciously as she grabbed a piece of parchment and began writing her reply.


When and where would this enticing occasion take place?

What color for the granny panties?


Adeline rolled up the parchment and tied it with a piece of string before handing it to the owl and telling it where to go. She noticed that some of her students were eavesdropping and couldn't help put smirk as she flicked her wand toward the whiteboard, and immediately her classroom filled with groans as the homework appeared on the board.

"Have any of you changed your mouse into a peacock feather?" Adeline inquired, folding her arms across her chest.

Her class was silent in reply. "In that case, your homework will be what's on the board. One roll of parchment on the basics of focusing while performing any sort of magic and on the second page I want a list of things that could possibly break ones focus. I expect them on my desk by Monday next week. Class dismissed."

Adeline watched her students leave the room in a grumbling matter and couldn't help but wonder if Severus was starting to rub off on her. She was taking some pleasure in their misery. She never considered herself a bully but she was definitely strict but fair. After the students had left it wasn't for another ten minutes before her next set of students had come in. These students were more experienced as they were in their final year. Luckily for her, these students didn't lose their focus so easily. They were beginning to learn Untransfigurations which was incredibly difficult as you had no idea what the item was originally which made it hard to transform it back. Adeline could remember clearly how difficult it was to do, but these students of hers were getting better every day. On a positive note, they didn't even bother looking up when the same owl had returned to Adeline.

Chuckling inwardly, Adeline took the letter and opened it immediately without sitting down. She couldn't help but grin when she read the words 'Up in your room tonight. Surprise me.' Perhaps it was time to go through her skanky underwear and see what would be appropriate. Well, as appropriate as could be to make that man drool.

Severus hadn't been sleeping for the past few weeks. Dreams of Adeline touching and teasing had been driving him mad with want and then of course would disappear, being replaced with that fire spectral bitch. He had half expected to see the annoying creature or at the most have appeared to Adeline. He had finished every creature book in the library because he was worried but because he found he had time. The students at this school were terrified of him, and made every single effort to not piss him off. Their homework was always on time, and no one ever talked in his class. Although he did enjoy throwing them off occasionally asking questions they couldn't of course know. He found he didn't want to assign any detentions just so he could be around Adeline. Having heated make out sessions in the potions room was as exhilarating as dangerous. They accidentally knocked over a cauldron with a potion brewing that ended up turning the table into a rather large toad. Adeline of course thought it was hilarious when the toad gave a low croak and started hopping around the room, covering the cobblestone in slime.

Severus shook his head at the thought but found it rather amusing once he was finished cleaning slime off of the bottom of his shoes. Regardless the overall mood was ruined and Adeline had retired to her room leaving Severus high and dry. He was in dire need of a release.

It was impulsive when he wrote his note to Adeline. However he had no intention of forcing himself upon her, he had something else completely in mind but hoped that Adeline's sense of humor didn't get the best of her. Granny panties were not Severus' thing.

It wasn't until lunch time that Severus was able to see Adeline. In fact when she sat next to him he swore she had a slight blush creeping across her face.

"I trust you got my note." Severus smirked while he dished up food onto his plate.

"I did. It definitely made things interesting in my class. All my second graders were trying to change mice into peacock feathers, and they all lost their concentration when the owl came."

"I imagine several of the children were screaming."

"Of course they were." Adeline sighed. "Screaming girls mostly, however one boy screamed as well. I almost mistook him for a girl with his scream."

"That does sound like you had an interesting morning."

"Well your note happened to make it more interesting. Although, I can't decide which color I should prance around in first. I'm probably going to have to go shopping seeing as I don't own any granny panties."

"Adeline, why are you talking about panties?" Bodine huffed as he shuffled into the seat next to her. "This is highly inappropriate dining conversation."

"I believe any conversation is appropriate at the dining table. Would you prefer me to talk about toad pus? It's quite slimy you know and excellent for indigestion." Adeline grinned deviously at Bodine who just glared back.

"Go back to talking about panties." He growled before turning his chair a little more to Mrs. Jones.

Adeline sat cutting up some chicken with a large grin across her face. She didn't mind making Bodine uncomfortable, especially if he was going to butt into the conversation.

"I thought he was partially deaf. I'm amazed that he even managed to hear that." Severus chuckled.

"He hears what he wants." Adeline paused, "Honestly, he probably needs to see some granny panties. I can't imagine the last time he's even slept with anyone—on second thought, let's change the subject. Thinking of Bodine boinking some granny actually makes me lose my appetite." Adeline wrinkled her nose as she set her fork and knife down.

"I had a question before we start your servitude."


"Are there any set rules?"

"Yeah, no anal." Adeline smirked as Severus choked on his drink. "And if I say no, I mean no."

"Fair enough, although I have no intention of anal."

"Ah, such a proper Englishman. I must admit I was surprised when you wrote my room for this blessed occasion."

"I have no intention to bed you—right away." Severus muttered as Davis walked by and clapped both of them on the back before making his way to his seat.

"Is that so? What exactly is your reasoning?"

"Merely that I want to see what your breaking point is."

"Oh? And what of your breaking point?"

"I know how to handle myself. I'm the master of patience."

Adeline laughed, "The master of patience? We'll see about that. I bet I can crack you within the first week."

"I bet I can crack you in three days."

Adeline let out a gasp, slightly insulted, "Oh you're on, tough boy. You won't even be able to contain yourself when you see these granny panties."

"We'll see." Severus grinned as he watched Adeline go back to eating her food in silence.

It wasn't until after classes that Adeline had decided to go to the closest Victoria Secret. No offense to witches or wizards alike, but their underwear was a little too peculiar. She had remembered going to the lingerie store in Jinxpoint Market and found it horribly old fashioned. When it came to witches and wizards, they were a little behind on the fashions.

As she cleaned up her classroom, her thoughts were interrupted by Bodine.

"Ah, Bodine. To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Save the pleasantries, Adeline. We need to talk about your relationship with Mr. Prince."

Adeline frowned as she turned to fully face him, "Excuse me?"

"It would shame this school if you were caught sleeping with another teacher."

"How?" Adeline asked, crossing her arms out of displeasure of the situation.

"What happens when things go wrong? The students here aren't dumb, they will catch on quickly. It wouldn't surprise me if some of them already haven't."

"What happens when things go wrong?" Adeline repeated, tapping her finger on her arm to refrain from blowing something up. "Honestly Bodine, I don't see how this situation is any of your concern. First and foremost, this school is my home, and me shaking my tail feather wouldn't slander this school in anyway shape or form. Second, if I was sleeping around I would be very careful not to do it in the public eye."

"You are Davis' niece. You are in the public eye. The American Ministry watches this school like a hawk after what happened in Europe with the Dark Lord."

"So you're saying that the American Ministry watches people have sex, and compares it to the Dark Arts?"

"No, you foolish girl! I'm saying that if anything messes up here at the school, your Uncle Davis pays the price!"

Adeline rolled her eyes, "Are you quite finished being dramatic? You've become paranoid with your age. Bells Academy hasn't even rolled out a dark wizard in the last century."

"That we know of." Bodine growled before turning to walk out of the classroom, "Just don't do anything stupid."

"Oh I promise to not shake my ass in front of the entire school." Adeline yelled, waving him off angrily before grabbing her own things and heading to her living quarters. She took deep breaths the entire way up, focusing on not losing her temper anywhere near the students. It was important that they didn't see her temper flare.

She had managed to make it to her room before lunging herself onto her bed, exploding a rather large pillow full of feathers. Adeline pinched the bridge of her nose out of frustration and counted back from ten.

"It's okay Adeline, he's just a cranky old man who hasn't had sex in decades. He just wants to spoil your fun." Adeline said out loud as feathers drifted across the room.

Sighing Adeline got up from her bed and magically put the feather back into the pillow. If she and Severus were going to have any fun tonight, it was going to be without a blizzard of feathers. Plus they made her sneeze.

Adeline changed into a pair of dark denim jeans and a black turtleneck. If she was going to a Victoria Secret she was going to need to look like a muggle. She grabbed a purse and put a few hundred dollars worth of muggle cash into a wallet before sliding her wand into an invisible holster around her waist. She normally never had a problem shopping in the muggle world but she knew some people couldn't help but try to steal ladies purses.

It didn't take Adeline very long to pick out some lingerie. In fact she might have bought most of the store, taking one of everything. She certainly made the ladies who were working that evening happy. Once no one was around she stuffed her purse with several bags of goodies so she didn't have to carry so many bags. Thank Merlin for magic; how muggles carry around so much, Adeline would never understand.

Adeline made it back in time for dinner, and couldn't help but glare at Bodine as she joined the other teachers at the table.

"Is everything alright?" Severus asked as Adeline sat down next to him.

"It's fine. Just some people sticking their noses in other people's business where it doesn't belong." Adeline glared at Bodine once more before turning her attention to the meal that was spread out before her. She helped herself to a glass of wine to ease some of her irritation.

"What did the cranky old man say?"

Adeline shook her head, "Tarnishing the reputation of the school by sleeping with you. Honestly, it was the most asinine conversation I've had so far this year."

"Well don't let it ruin your evening. He's full of rubbish anyway."

"That was the most British thing I've ever heard. Say it again." Adeline grinned causing Severus to raise an eyebrow.

"He's full of rubbish? Is it really that British?"

"Well I'm sure Canadians say it too, but that word, rubbish, we don't say rubbish."

"What do Americans say then?"

"He's full of shit." Adeline replied without missing a beat.

"Oh yes, that is much more eloquent than rubbish."

"It is more eloquent than rubbish. It honestly doesn't do him any justice. Shit on the other hand does."

"Your American ways are so very attractive." Severus raised his eyebrow noticing Adeline had now gone through another glass of wine.

"I do love sarcasm. It is such a turn on."

Severus chuckled, "Perhaps we should continue this conversation later so you can actually start eating."

"That might be a good idea; the wine is starting to give me a buzz."

After dinner Adeline went back up to her room and started a bubble bath to unwind from the day. Everyone had their Monday ritual when they came home from work. Some get right to cooking dinner, others sit for an hour in front of the television, some made cookies, but Adeline had a bubble bath every Monday, conjuring little floating stars or galaxies to provide some light in the darkness. She poured in a blend of lavender and vanilla oils into the water to make her skin soft and luxurious. Plus she really enjoyed how the bubbles foamed higher than the bath tub.

She rubbed a special blue liquid all over her legs before proceeding into the bathtub. If she was going to be sitting in lingerie for Severus' enjoyment she was going to at least going to have smooth and satiny legs. As a witch she had already magically removed the hair under her armpit, but found it could be a painful procedure that only took one hour in comparison to what the muggles had to go through. Thankfully, new magical oil was invented that you only had to put on once a month, immediately stopping the growth of hair for a month.

Adeline let out a small moan as sat in the hot water. The hot water felt amazing and instantly relaxed her body as she leaned back, resting her head against the edge of the tub. She was trying to convince herself that she wasn't nervous about the first evening. She was failing miserably as she tried thinking of the most inane things possible to calm her nerves. In the end she just managed to bore herself and was still stressed out. Adeline pulled at one of her long curls and stared at it emptying her head. She looked at the bright red color with highlights of orange. Her Uncle often called her his little firecracker. Her hair when it was in loose waves reminded her of a dancing flame in the wind. Blazing hot fire.

Adeline snapped back to reality feeling like someone was watching her suddenly, whispering something. Frowning Adeline looked around the room, seeing nothing but the floating stars she had conjured earlier. She leaned over the side, grabbing her wand and whispering Lumos. The room lit up instantly and still Adeline saw no one there.

"I must be going crazy." Adeline sighed as she set her wand down and dunked her head under the water.

Her bath did nothing to ease her mind she thought bitterly as she dried herself off before putting on some lotion. She looked over at the lingerie that she had planned to wear tonight. It was a whim that she had decided to buy this set. It was dramatic, and meant for a fashion show by the looks of it. Adeline put on the silky thong that came with it as she magically applied her mascara and some lipstick. The black silk teddy was the last to be put on. It showed off her stomach but draped its way down to the floor like a train on a dress. Adeline stared at herself in the mirror. She frowned at her curled hair thinking it was just too much before magically making subtle waves. A soft knock at the door had Adeline's stomach doing small flips.

Severus had let himself in half expecting Adeline to be having a shower or getting ready. What he saw surprised him, leaving him speechless at the sinful siren that stood before him. The contrast between the black and her pale skin stood out considerably. His mouth went dry as he looked her up. The dark silk hid her wonderful curves but showed off her wonderful thighs. She was exposed, and her outfit left little to the imagination, even if the teddy seemed to create the most magnificent cleavage. She was breath taking with her hair cascading down her body in loose waves.

"Uh." Adeline broke the silence first. "This is just downright embarrassing. I honestly have no idea what I should do."

Severus watched as a deep set blush spread across Adeline's cheeks.

"Well, I would assume that I need to give you something to do." Severus said casually taking a step forward. Adeline seemed extremely nervous, taking a step back. The arrogant and forthright Adeline had been turned into a scampering rabbit.

"Get out your sketching supplies."

Adeline nodded grabbing her wand from a side table and flicking it. Her sketching supplies came floating out and set itself down in the middle of the room.

"What am I going to be sketching, Severus?"


Adeline let out a snort, "Like some kind of Titanic thing?"

"I am not a ship."

"Hah, no. I mean the movie called Titanic. The main character Jack sketches a nude drawing of Rose."

"I won't be nude for the first drawing." Severus said sitting across from where Adeline stood on a fairly comfortable while couch.

"For the first drawing? How many drawings will I be doing?" Adeline inquired as she sat with her sketch book in hand.

"However many you think you can take."

Adeline rolled her eyes as Severus sat up straight. "Well, at least get yourself comfortable. It will be a boring sketch if you just sit there stiff as a board. Lounge or something."

Severus was nervous as well, though he didn't show it like Adeline. He sat back against the couch, crossing a leg over the other.

"So this is how you're going to crack me is it?" Adeline asked feeling rather smug but still aware that she was very exposed.

"I have a plan."

"Care to share your plan with the class."

"You'll figure it out. You're a smart woman."

"Gee thanks." Adeline said watching him as he looked back at her. His gaze was alarming. She could tell he liked what she was wearing. A lion about to eat a gazelle; however instead of pouncing he was just watching her. His eyes were focused and heated occasionally looking up and down in a languid fashion. His straight hair had grown recently, nearly reaching his shoulders, she noticed as she began drawing his face. He looked completely different from when she met him. He looked more at ease, and less sickly. He wore what looked like the same thing every day. Black trousers and black robes with a high collared shirt and jacket underneath.

She had drawn him for nearly an hour before she said she was finished the drawing. Severus took a look at it, marveling at Adeline's gift before wishing her a goodnight and leaving her quarters. Adeline sat mystified unable to think of what Severus had in store for the next two weeks. If she was going to make him crack she was going to have to try harder. Although perhaps he had noticed how nervous she was and didn't want her to feel scared.

The next evening Adeline had put on dark blue halter baby doll, and Severus had once again asked Adeline to grab her sketching supplies and had sat on the couch, but this time had removed his robe. Adeline had dropped her pencil several times, bending over or parting her legs. If Severus was interested, he was good at keeping himself composed, however his eyes gave him away. She could see the desire boiling under him. Once she had finished the drawing she had showed it to him, but before he could leave she pulled him into a kiss. Severus held Adeline's waist as she stood on her tip toes, her hot mouth pushing against his. He pulled away after a moment, kissing her once more before saying good night and leaving her to her thoughts.

This happened for the next two weeks, where Severus would remove a piece of clothing, bit by bit becoming more exposed until one evening he only had his high collared shirt and his black boxers. Adeline had busted out all the stops wearing a purple lace merry widow with garters attached to the lace topped stockings that sat mid thigh along with sinfully high purple heels.

"Mind if I ask you a question?" Adeline asked as she sat with her legs tucked in a rather lady like way as her sketchbook sat on her lap.

Severus continued to stand as he began taking off the various layers. "Go ahead."

"Why leave your shirt second to last?"

Severus continued to strip until it was just his boxers and shirt again before he answered, "I should think you would have already figured it out."

"Well I came to the conclusion of you being self conscious about your chest or something to that extent, but I don't know why."

"I'll show you why." Severus hesitated as he began unbuttoning his shirt.

Adeline sat patiently seeing a shimmer of something on Severus' neck. Once he removed his shirt completely Adeline could see the large silver scars across his neck. She put her sketchbook down and walked over to him. He refused to look at her, instead looked to the side as she stood next to him. Slowly she brushed her finger across the scars, looking closely at them.

"Puncture marks." Adeline whispered as her heart raced with dread in her stomach. A set of puncture marks were right where his jugular was. "These aren't vampire marks. They are too far apart."

"It was a snake."



"He tried to have you killed." Adeline said softly.

"He nearly did." Severus said taking Adeline's hand. "I was ready to accept death however it was a letter from your Uncle with a special potion that I had to take at least an hour in advance. It was a remarkable potion that he gave me, however his letter was misleading. I was certain his letter had said that the potion would make the pain go away, and it would be like falling asleep."

"My Uncle sent you a letter?"

"He owed a wizard that I knew a favor."

"Why are you self conscious about them?"

"Aside from these hideous scars? I'm not exactly a handsome man already." Severus asked raising an eyebrow.

Adeline frowned shaking her head, "That's not how I feel."

Severus felt his heart lurch forward as Adeline's lips pressed gently against his neck. It was beautifully tender, so much that Severus was speechless as he closed his eyes. He pulled Adeline closer, wanting more of those soft butterfly kisses that fluttered across his scars and up his jaw. Those gentle and small hands brushed lazy circles up his back, igniting an ache for more within Severus.

Adeline took his hand leading him to her bed, sitting him down and cupping his face in her hands. Leaning forward Adeline pressed her lips against his. It was soft and yielding as her fingertips trailed into his hair, pushing her body against him. Severus groaned as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her into his lap to deepen the kiss. A moan erupted from both of them as Severus' tongue stroked the inside of her mouth, aching to dance with hers.

Adeline's head was spinning as his wonderful tongue swirled around hers. The spinning increased as Severus' hands trailed up her legs only to stop at her thighs to play with the edge of her stockings, tormenting her more by going back down her legs. His touch made her skin ache, and only increased her desire for more. Severus held onto her as the couple fell back onto the bed with a clunk noise of Adeline's shoes falling off. Severus rolled Adeline onto her back while he gently nuzzled her neck, occasionally nipping softly on her ear.

Arching up against him, Adeline could feel the throbbing heat pushing against her. She felt feverish as his hands stroked down her curves. Swallowing almost nervously Adeline took in a breath as Severus released her stockings from the outfit's garters, gently rolling the stockings down her legs, kissing wherever his fingers met her skin. Adeline shivered against his touch as his hands found the zipper to the barrier that was blocking him. His eyes were dark with desire as they locked with Adeline's. Her body shivered with anticipation as he slowly pulled the zipper down. Adeline's heart hammered in her chest as the zipper clicked, now released from its other side. Severus continued to watch her as he trailed a finger along the naked skin where the zipper was. It was painfully slow as Severus peeled the outfit away from her body revealing inch by inch her pale skin.

Severus' desire roared as he pulled the outfit away. He couldn't take his eyes off her luscious curves and her wonderful breasts. Hungry to taste her he flicked his tongue over her nipple causing it to harden into a peak. Severus dipped his head lower, sucking her hardened nipple into his mouth, teasing her as his tongue continued to swirl and flick at her.

"Severus." She whimpered softly as she arched up against him.

Her arousal was filling the air as Severus continued to assault her breasts with blissful pleasure, pushing his hand underneath her panties and finding her ready and wanting. Abandoning her nipple, Severus trailed wet kisses down her stomach to her thighs, feasting his eyes on a small triangle of red curls and her slick folds. He wanted to satisfy her on every level. He needed her to tremble with need and scream his name. Severus positioned himself, kissing the curls all the way to her sensitive nub causing Adeline to gasp.

"Severus! Wait! You don't have to do that!"

"I want to do this." Severus all but growled before flicking his tongue against her, causing her breath to halt and her hips to arch up against his hot mouth. Severus pressed his mouth against her, lapping at her exquisite juices and exploring her wet folds.

Adeline clenched the bed sheets as Severus' tongue penetrated her, wiggling its way inside as his hand played with one of her nipples, rolling the hardened peak between his fingers. The pleasure was almost too much to handle as Adeline began to quiver with ecstasy.

Feeling her clench up, Severus slowed his motion, he didn't want her to have release without him. He kissed his way back up to her mouth, branding her with a searing kiss as he rested himself on her. With a slow, deliberate motion, Severus grinded himself against her, swallowing her gasp as her fingers dug into his skin.

"Severus, please!" Adeline whined, wiggling her hips upwards.

"Please, what?" Severus asked using his thumb to circle her nipple.

Adeline growled as he gave her a small tug, "I need you inside me! Now!"

Severus smirked as he stood up and pulled his boxers off, allowing his throbbing erection to spring free. He made a low growl in his throat as he gently parted her legs and rested the head at her wet entrance. Moaning, Adeline rocked her hips towards him, all but begging for more.

Sucking in a breath Severus pushed himself into her liquid heat with a slow motion, eliciting a soft cry from Adeline as he filled her. Severus held her close as he continued to slowly sink deeper into her, focusing on the hum of her skin and the scent of her perfume.

"I'm not hurting you am I?" Severus asked taking another breath.

"It's okay. I'm just not used to uh—this much."Adeline moaned as he completely buried himself.

"I'll do my best to go slow."

With slow, deep strokes, Adeline arched up against Severus, fisting her hands into his hair. He was careful not to hurt her as he continued to worship her body but he was getting closer with each stroke as her warm sheath clamped him like a luscious vise. He withdrew causing Adeline to whine with despair. He sat up and pulled her into his lap before plunging himself deep inside.

"Severus!" Adeline rasped wrapping her legs around his waist, raking her nails down his back.

She clenched his throbbing member as her hips rocked back and forth, causing him to stroke her innermost walls. Her body began to tremble as he gripped her hips, plunging himself deeper, rocking her back and forth, closer and closer to release. He needed this, this blinding and all consuming fire.

"Faster, Severus, faster!" Adeline begged. Severus' fingers bit into her hips harder as he steadily pumped himself into her.

Adeline cried out Severus' name as her body exploded with a wave of pleasure. She saw nothing but stars as her body quivered, each wave rolling through her body, sucking Severus deeper.

"Adeline!" Severus moaned as he gave one hard final thrust, pouring himself deep inside. Adeline and Severus fell onto the bed exhausted. Their pants filled the room along with smell of sweat and heated lovemaking. Severus held Adeline close to him, lightly stroking her mass amount of curls.

"I win." Adeline whispered as she tried to catch her breath.

"I would like to think we both win."

"Probably." Adeline agreed as she curled up against him. "So I would like to congratulate you by the way."

"For what?"

"For being the first man to ever get me to orgasm."

Severus' eyes went wide, "What? Are you saying your previous lovers never—"

"Not once." Adeline chuckled, "Mind you, Severus, you are very well endowed. You know how to rock the boat."

A small smile crept across Severus' lips as Adeline looked up at him, "Are you ready for round two?"

"Bring it on! I don't need to walk tomorrow." Adeline chuckled.

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